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The Gentle Giant

Author : Yusef Lateef
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George the Gentle Giant

Author : Adelaide Holl
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Gentle Giant

Author : Paul Stump
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Gentle Giant acquired a large cult following worldwide, with a string of successful LPs displaying an extraordinary mixture of rock, classical and mediaeval music. Tours in Europe and America became ever more grandiose and elaborate—and then along came punk. However, Gentle Giant’s music has endured over time and new generations are as entranced by their intricate sound as were audiences of thirty years ago.

John Charles

Author : Mario Risoli
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‘Whenever I look at him, it is as though the Messiah has returned.’ That's how Jimmy Murphy, manager of Wales’ 1958 World Cup side, described John Charles. In Italy, where he played for Juventus and Roma, Charles was known as Il Gigante Buono – the Gentle Giant – because of his placid temperament. One of the greatest footballers Britain has ever produced, Charles left his native Swansea at 16 to join Leeds United, where his phenomenal strike rate helped the club reach the First Division for the first time in its history. His goal-scoring exploits at Ellan Road then attracted the attention of Juventus, who paid a British record of £65,000 to take him to Turin in 1957. Charles went on to score an incredible 105 goals in 178 appearances for I Bianconeri – the Black and Whites – and helped them to win three Series A titles in five years. In contrast to his humble upbringing in South Wales, he enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle in Italy. However, it was not all glory. A disasterous return to Leeds United in 1962 was followed by a spell at Roma, where he struggled to recapture his past form. The man who was treated as a god in Turin wound down his playing career with Cardiff City before turning to management in the Southern League. This detailed and engrossing biography contains candid interviews with former teammates and family members and follows Charles’ life after football, detailing his failed business ventures and his brave fight against cancer.

Chandu the Gentle Giant

Author : Anju Pillai
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Author : David Lawday
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Danton: Gentle Giant of Terror In this new biography, David Lawday, author of the acclaimed Napoleon's Master, a life of Talleyrand, turns his focus to the life of Georges-Jacques Danton, tragic hero incarnate. A beefy six-foot bull of a man, with a rude farmyard face to match, Danton was destined to bring a violent end to an absolute monarchy that had ruled for a thousand years.But it was not his alarming physique that placed him at the head of the Revolution.His weapon of revolt was his voice - a perpetual roll of thunder that spurred men to action without his quite knowing where he intended to drive them.To hear Danton was to hear the heartbeat of revolution.Together with the puritanical Robespierre - his rival to death and in most every way his opposite - Danton brought about something rare in history:a change in the human social order.The reckless ride from monarchy to republic was a mass social revolution that upended the most populous country in Europe - an upheaval so uniquely radical in spirit that formed the root - if not quite of that liberty and equality its makers dreamed of - at least of the liberal, democratic society in which a good part of the world is fairly content to live today.What manner of man makes such stupendous things happen? With prose that is immediate and engaging, Lawday examines the personalities and the associations that inspired and fuelled the Revolution.The power of Danton's oratory, and his charismatic appeal, led him to the centre of power at the height of a period of turbulent change.But he was to become a victim of Revolution himself, facing the guillotine - defiant to the end - at the age of thirty-four.


Author : Ethel Agnes Kanganas
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"A fable that promotes environmental awareness by recognising the importance of trees set on the Greek island of Kastellorizo. It is a story about loneliness and love, remorse and forgiveness as Orlif the giant is washed up on a mountainous part of the coast of Turkey and travels to Kastellorizo seeking refuge."--Provided by publisher.

Gentle Giant

Author : Michael Morpurgo
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When a stranger gives out magic stardust for the villagers to catch bigger fish, the beautiful silvery lake turns green with slime, and a misunderstood giant tries to remedy the situation.

The Faces of the Gentle Giant

Author : Taylor Morris
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For 17 years of my life I have always been tall and or a big kid for my age, hence the "giant" and sometimes the bigger you are, people like your family members don't expect you to have a lot of feeling towards things. In my daily life, I've been able to express my emotions a lot better. That really helped me when I went from happy, hopeful, and carefree to distraught because a sudden change from socializing outside, playing with friends, visiting family, dancing in practice, and planning for trips for this summer to a quarantine. I'm being in quarantine with no idea of how bad things were about to get with friends, family, and the world! I have never been on punishment for something I didn't do for 30 Days. So of course, I had so many emotions. Well here is how I gently deal with my many emotions/faces during this pandemic and crisis of my time called COVID-19.

My Gentle Giant

Author : Teresa Marie Guindon-Mader
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There are some giants who are tall and green, some giants who are friendly, and some giants who should never, ever climb down a beanstalk. But no giant was as notorious as Gadzooks. Gadzooks and a talkative little girl visit a neighboring village, but the huge giant soon finds out that beyond the stone wall is now a modern day city. Will he be welcomed by those who live there? This charming book teaches children how love and faith can even transform a giant-sized heart. This beautifully illustrated story shows the transformation of an unkind giant into a present-day gentle giant who is loved by all. My Gentle Giant is sure to bless the inner child in all of us.

The Gentle Giant

Author : Felicia Allen
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Mel Ott

Author : Alfred M. Martin
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What baseball player had more hits than Babe Ruth, a better batting average than Willie Mays, a better slugging average than Ty Cobb, and more bases on balls than Stan Musial? This is the inspirational story of Melvin Thomas Ott, who at the strapping age of sixteen became a major league baseball player under the tutelage of the legendary manager of the New York Giants, John McGraw. Beyond the statistical record of this truly great baseball player, this book focuses on Mel Ott's personal life, his strong family ties, and the contributions which he made to the game of baseball. This volume is enhanced by intimate contact with the Ott family, particularly his daughters Lyn and Barbara, both of whom contributed to the story.

The Gentle Giant

Author : Pete Marchesi
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It appears incongruous at all times now. I look at a thing. I cannot reflect. The war goes on. It is a war I do not want. But it is imposed on me. I can do nothing about it. We go into The Gentle Giant. I reflect on the weapons of this thing. I am a peaceful man. I need to appease. It is not working. The experience of this life is a special thing. And I am losing it. Losing my life. As it is wasted for me, there is my... family. I cannot go near. I am not sure what is happening. I do not want to know.

The Gentle Giant s Lady and Her Friend

Author : Veronica Boulter Toynbee
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This collection of letters chronicles a sixteen-year friendship between Lois Wiegardt Whitaker and Veronica Boulter Toynbee, wife (and then widow) of historian Arnold Toynbee. The letters also record the contemporaneous development of Whitaker's own family of three children, one of whom became the well-known Spanish-language scholar, Daniel S. Whitaker.

Days of a Gentle Giant Toa

Author : Darlene Chong
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Days of a Gentle Giant ~TOA This book is based on a true story of a very shy and humble boy, who just happens to grow a lot faster than other children his age. Toa has to learn to help children and adults to see that he is a very loving and kind boy despite his appearance. The daily challenges that Toa faces and how he over comes them using his kind heart, will help others to see his true qualities of kindness and love. Days of a Gentle Giant ~ Toa, is book of triumph and inspiration of a child of enormous size, both children and adults will enjoy reading- over and over again.

The Gentle Giant

Author : Samantha Guzman
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From the moment they looked into each other's eyes, it was love at first sight. The Gentle Giant follows the lifelong bond between a daughter and her father as they travel through life and its milestones together. The book expresses the love, emotion and special relationship that girls and their gentle giants share

The Gentle Giant of Dynamite Hill

Author : Helen Shores Lee
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These are the firsthand accounts of sisters Helen and Barbara Shores growing up with their father, Arthur Shores, a prominent Civil Rights attorney, during the 60s in the Jim Crow south Birmingham district—a frequent target of the Ku Klux Klan. Between 1948 and 1963, some 50 unsolved Klan bombings happened in Smithfield where the Shores family lived, earning their neighborhood the nickname “Dynamite Hill.” Due to his work, Shores’ daughter, Barbara, barely survived a kidnapping attempt. Twice, in 1963, Klan members bombed their home, sending Theodora to the hospital with a brain concussion and killing Tasso, the family’s cocker spaniel. The family narrowly escaped a third bombing attempt on their home in the spring of 1965. The Gentle Giant of Dynamite Hill is an incredible story of a family’s unfair suffering, but also of the Shores’ overcoming. This family’s sacrificial commitment, courage, determination, and triumph inspire us today through this story and the selfless service, work, and lives of Helen Shores Lee and Barbara Sylvia Shores.

The Gentle Giant and the Beauty Queen

Author : Mj Michael
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The following story that I’m going to share is true. It illuminates the impossible that can become possible when there is: • A loving and accepting family • Mother’s and Grandmother’s prayers • Strong presence of the Judeo Christian work ethic • Attitudes of Victory vs. Victimhood This is a story of love and the tragedy of others that made for this Developmentally Disabled couple’s independence. You’ll observe contrasting family attitudes and the unbelievable circumstances in others’ lives that are beyond comprehension. We’ll walk through some lives to celebrate their victories through love and determination. You’ll cheer the contentment, happiness, and love of this special couple. But you’ll also be challenged as we see our own evaluations and prejudging of things and people that are different. This book makes all of us look at ourselves and question our own tolerance levels in many areas of life. By the end of this story, most of you living in or visiting Steubenville, Ohio will think a little differently and smile as you see David (7’ tall) and Ruthy (5’ tall) sauntering down the sidewalk, holding hands as always. You’ll be inspired by secrets of triumph over odds and you’ll feel the small victories and blessings that we should celebrate every day. My hope is that your experience in reading this book will be as enjoyable as the laughs and tears I’ve experienced as I interviewed and met the remarkable characters that you’re about to meet in this true saga. We may even have to ask, “Do we love enough? Do we have what it takes to make lemonade out of our lemons?”

Suffolk Punch The Gentle Giant For Kids

Author : K. Bennett
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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1The Gentle Giant Chapter 2 An Amazing Horse Chapter 3 A Few Suffolk Punch Facts Conclusion Nature's Great Wonders Author Bio Introduction “Majestic. Calm temperament. Hard worker. Beautiful. Energetic. Willing to serve.” *** The Suffolk Punch is an amazing horse with kind eyes and a willing spirit. However, unlike other horses, it is not well known. Have you ever heard of the Suffolk Punch before? Maybe not! This beautiful horse goes by many names like Suffolk Horse and Suffolk Sorrel. As a draft horse, they are tall, strong, and have a beautiful Chestnut coat. But the spelling of the color is different than you might think. Instead of Chestnut, it is spelled CHESNUT with a missing letter T. So, the color is Chesnut and not chestnut! As mentioned, the Suffolk Punch is a draft horse. This is a horse that “draws” or “hauls” something. It is also called a work horse or heavy horse, because it works hard and pulls heavy loads. However, these types of horses are strong, docile, easy to work with and very patient. The more recent history of the Suffolk Punch goes back many years to World War I. During those years, this horse became a work horse on big farms. One reason why farmers liked this horse so much was because of its personality. Their calm and patient nature was exactly what farmers needed to help them work better. Farmers also loved this horse because they are hard workers!

Dandelions and Dog Days The memoirs of a gentle giant

Author : J E Thompson
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Louis. A giant dog with a huge personality. This is his story, told by him. Follow his endearing account, from the moment he took his first tentative and clumsy steps into the lives of his human companions, and through all of his subsequent misadventures. Sit back, relax and let this gentle giant entertain you with his heart warming tale. A humorous collection of anecdotes about a Leonberger for animal lovers of all ages.