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Get Over I Got It

Author : Elayne Fluker
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Too many ambitious women strive to accomplish all their goals alone, leading to dangerous levels of stress and anxiety. Learn how a strong support network and meaningful connections are crucial not only to your long-term success, but to your peace of mind. Today’s women are ambitious and excelling in every way. But many still believe that asking for help along the journey is a sign of weakness, ignorance, or incompetence, so they go it alone. Author and podcaster Elayne Fluker believes this mindset is partially responsible for the increase in suicide rates for girls and women and the reason so many women end up depressed, overwhelmed, isolated and unfulfilled. To combat this alarming trend, Fluker helps women learn how to build their own networks, make meaningful connections, and understand how even some of the most successful women in the world, like Oprah Winfrey and Spanx founder Sara Blakely, had tremendous support networks that helped them achieve their dreams. Get Over "I Got It": Shares the lessons Fluker learned throughout her own struggles with learning how to ask for and accept support. Provides anecdotes from women professionals, interviews with health professionals, and current research demonstrating the tangible ways women can ditch the dangerous go-it-alone philosophy. Offers proven, real-world ways for women to embrace the proven health and career benefits of a stronger-together approach. Ultimately, this book helps women overcome their psychological hurdles to asking for help, giving them a surefire strategy—and the confidence—to seek support. They’ll then be positioned to join other women’s support networks, uplifting them in a way that will transform both individual lives and communities.

You ve Already Got It

Author : Andrew Wommack
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God can do anything, but did you know He has already done everything? Instead of asking the Lord to do something for you - revive you, heal you, bless you, prosper you - accept what He has already done for you through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God has left you precious promises in His Word and those promises belong to you right now through Christ. As you see for yourself what God has already done for you and in you, your walk with Him will become a joy and an adventure you never thought possible. Your faith in Him will be quickened, your heart encouraged, and your feet firmly set on His pathway of victory.

It s Just an Experience Get Over It

Author : Karma Rae
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Karma Rae has lived with a family secret—she was being abused. She would later have three near-death experiences her first being at the age of eight. Her “energy body” was guided from her physical body by her grandfather, who had passed over when she was only three months old. She was shown many things about what the journey here in this physical world was about. She made a decision to return into her physical body to continue this experience. Karma Rae returned from her near-death experience with gifts of hearing and seeing Spirit. She could also feel emotions in people around her. Not fully realizing the purpose of these gifts, she lived within a world that was everything opposite of what she was shown. She has knowledge that we have chosen experiences, lessons, and growth to advance our spiritual consciousness. That is where her life ended and her spiritual journey began.

Can t Get Over You

Author : Shirley Jump
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Travel back to the loveswept world of Fortune’s Island with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shirley Jump. His voice pierced the darkest corners of her heart. Waitress Jillian Matheson needs a life makeover. The first thing on her “Get it Together” to-do list is breaking up with her fiancé, Zach Gifford, a struggling rocker who refuses to grow up. With Zach on the sidelines, Jillian pursues the dream career she’s secretly craved for decades and finds romance in the arms of a hot, mysterious visitor on Fortune’s Island. There’s just one kink in her plans. Zach’s band has a regular gig at The Love Shack where she works. And, she can’t deny the effect of his velvet-cloaked voice, a voice that can still reach places she no longer allows his hands to touch. She’s the only song he ever wanted to sing. Zach thought he had everything figured out—a music career on the edge of a breakthrough and a gorgeous fiancé—until Jillian left her engagement ring on his amp one night and walked out of his life. He is sure that he can get her to remember their shared passion and realize that they belong together, until a new man enters the picture and begins to sway Jillian’s heart. Is it ever too late for true love? Just as Zach begins to break down Jillian’s walls of resistance, a dark secret from his past comes to light and threatens to ruin their second chance at love. With shattered trust pushing them farther away from each other than ever before, can these two wounded hearts find their way back to each other before the last song?

How Can I Get Through to You

Author : Terrence Real
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"What happened to the passion we started with? Why aren't we as close as we used to be?" PROBLEM: If you are a woman who is unfulfilled in your marriage...if you feel unheard or overburdened...if you quietly live in a state of slow-burn resentment... PROBLEM: If you are a man unhappy that your partner seems so unhappy with you...if you feel bewildered, unappreciated, or betrayed... This book offers a solution Bestselling author and nationally renowned therapist Terrence Real unearths the causes of communication blocks between men and women in this groundbreaking work. Relationships are in trouble; the demand for intimacy today must be met with new skills, and Real -- drawing on his pioneering work on male depression -- gives both men and women those skills, empowering women and connecting men, radically reversing the attitudes and emotional stumbling blocks of the patriarchal culture in which we were raised. Filled with powerful stories of the couples Real treats, no other relationship book is as straight talking or compelling in its innovative approach to healing wounds and reconnecting partners with a new strength and understanding.

I ve Got it All

Author : Carllisa Boyce
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....I thought about a family life; husband, kids, a dog. I thought it just was not me, wasn't' my style. What use was it to have kids if I'd leave them with a nanny, because I definitely couldn't take care of them with my schedule. Making it home everyday early enough to make dinner for my husband and read bedtime stories. There were nights that I came in after 10 from a dinner meeting. A man expecting everything from me. Expecting me to be a WIFE. What a four-letter word that was...

It s not about you So Get over it

Author : Sharon Muggivan
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This book has the potential to change lives, resolve anger and resentment therefore giving you the chance to be truly happy. Understanding why people behave the way they do can open your world to forgiveness and free you from the past. The key to happiness is in understanding what makes us do the things we do. “It’s All About Me” explains human nature to a tee. Everything we do, say and think is based on our own fi lter system. Our own beliefs, values and life experience create our unique fi lter system. If you understand that one simple concept “it’s all about me” then you will open your mind and your heart to allow people to be people. You will understand and make peace with your past concepts of what has happened to you. This book is truly liberati ng. You can’t change the people around you but you can change how you respond to the people and situati ons you encounter on a daily basis.

Get Over It

Author : Iyanla Vanzant
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Get Over It! is a tool and a process that offers readers a path to dominion over their most powerful asset: their mind. In today’s turbulent climate, it can be challenging to stay on top of what is going on around us day-to-day, such as economic shifts, societal breakdowns, and lifestyle changes. We have become disconnected from our personal power, the intuitive light created by our autonomous thoughts. Through Get Over It!, a prayer book with a therapeutic underpinning, Iyanla offers practical tools based on the scientific theory of neuroplasticity, so we can transmute the dominant negative thought patterns (DNTPs) that threaten our sanity and spirituality on a daily basis. In Get Over It!, Iyanla identifies 42 common DNTPs and breaks them down into three key elements: 1. The train of thought that produces the pattern 2. A prayer and affirmation to neutralize the pattern 3. Self-directed spiritual practices (including meditations) that support the neutralization of the pattern in the mind and bod Through becoming aware of and neutralizing our DNTPs, we will up our “wattage”: our ability to see and live beyond the influences and turbulence of our external environment.

Get Over Yourself

Author : Tonya Pinkins
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Most of us think we know what we want, and even why we can't get it. In her frank and inspiring book, Tonya Pinkins, star of television and Broadway, shows readers techniques and exercises that help them develop their own processes for obtaining their goals. This is tough love, Tonya style. In addition to being an actress and singer, Tonya has helped hundreds of people with her catalytic motivational seminars. She herself has seen the heights and the depths: from teen star to Tony Award winner to divorced mother on welfare to spiritual student to soaring success and unstoppable celebrity, delivering her magnificent solo performance at the 2004 Tony Awards show. In Get Over Yourself!, she takes the principles that helped her to succeed and puts them into a book that reaches out and grabs readers searching for a better way of life.

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Author : Paul Sheppard
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Unity. Jesus prayed that his followers would experience it. The apostles worked hard to achieve and maintain it. Christians today rarely enjoy it. God's desire is for our churches, marriages, families, and interpersonal relationships to be characterized by unity and agreement. But all too often, strife and discord prevail instead-why? Because we fail to realize that our differences-be they doctrinal debates, generational clashes, or other personal preferences-don't have to create division. Unity and unison are two entirely different things. The key to practicing biblical unity is to "build a bridge and get over it!" Drawing insight from key passages of Scripture as well as years of leading a dynamic and diverse congregation, this author explains in very practical ways how we can improve our relationships and deal constructively with our differences and disagreements as followers of Christ. Paul Earl Sheppard has been senior pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California since 1989. Under Paul's visionary leadership, this church has become one of the largest and most racially diverse congregations in northern California. He serves as speaker for Enduring Truth, a popular daily radio program heard on stations and networks around the country. A native of Philadelphia, Paul has studied at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Urban Theological Studies, and the Southern California School of Ministry. He holds a Master's degree in Ministry and a Doctorate of Divinity. Paul sits on the board of directors of NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) and is a highly sought after speaker and conference leader. He was married to his wife, Meredith, in May 1982. They have two adult children, Alicia and Aaron.

Get Over Being Humiliated

Author : Leesa Ward
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Get Over Being Humiliated guides women through the overwhelming and difficult process of returning to the real world when they feel as if they were rejected from it. After experiencing career humiliation in 2006, Leesa Ward embarked on a journey of growth, discovery, and personal development. She discovered that her calling is to help people move on from being humiliated and shamed by their careers. In Get Over Being Humiliated, women learn how to: Practice gratitude and thankfulness as a way of healing Create the best support system of people who inspire them Change their mindset from one of guilt and self-deprecation to one of empowerment Forgive themselves and ask forgiveness from those around them Develop a vision and direction for the future

Got It Going On

Author : Stephanie Perry Moore
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In a sorority, reputation is everything, and Cassidy Cross has a lot to prove. . . Even though Cassidy Cross is captain of the dance squad and gets good grades, it's her boy-crazy rep that makes her stand out on campus?and not in a good way. Hoping for a fresh start, she decides to pledge Beta Gamma Pi. But the sisters are determined to make Cassidy earn her letters. It's rough going--until her pledge sister, Isha, convinces her she's just got to find her faith. For the first time, Cassidy starts looking within her heart--and discovers some long-hidden secrets from her past that will teach her the true meaning of forgiveness, friendship, and what it really means to have it going on. . .

We Got It From Our Daddy

Author : Brandy Linn
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Have you ever looked at your precious but squirrely child in awe? Have you ever stood in awe of their innocence, in awe of their wonder, or in awe of their curiosity of seeing the world for the first time? Or have you ever just stood there and stared at their little face, just mesmerized by their beauty and adorableness, vowing to protect them from the world, including their future self? Have you ever had to correct your child out of love, and it really did hurt you more than them? Have you ever provided and sacrificed for them, so they would not go without? Of course, we have, and it is because that is God's nature to love, adore, protect, and provide for us""His children. Not only does He look at us in adoration and through the eyes of love, protection, and provision, but also, He went a step further. He gave us an inheritance. He left us a legacy to follow. He gave us His parental DNA to love, adore, protect, and provide for our children and for all His children all around the world.

You Can t Get It Cause You ve Already Got It

Author : Stash Serafin
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Courage You ve Got It

Author : Sky M. Armstrong
File Size : 34.15 MB
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Practical & Effective self-defense techniques: designed by women for women. Learn skills to lower your risk & defend yourself against sexual assault, kidnapping, rape & violence towards females.

Get Over It and On with It

Author : Michelle McKinney Hammond
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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We all have dreams and expectations of life. But life is unpredictable. No matter what we do or how we live, we are certain to encounter trials and setbacks, frustrations and real suffering. The question is, how are we to respond when we are blindsided by troubles? What can we do when life knocks the wind out of us? If you’re like most people, when hardship hits you can think of countless situations you’d rather be in. Yet the secret of making it through is in learning how to make right choices and thrive in the middle of difficulty. In Get Over It and On with It!, outspoken Bible teacher Michelle McKinney Hammond finds contemporary application in the ancient stories of several men and women who took the path from suffering to overcoming. Their journeys teach us how to press through hardship and get to the other side of our disappointment.

Got It Bad For An Atlanta Boss 2

Author : Tay Mo'nae
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Loyalty has always been important to Nico and Taj and now that secrets have been exposed they are looking at Raquel and Brielle in a whole new light. Did the girls set them up or is everything just a coincidence? Can they continue to trust the twins with their lives, or should they just use them to send a message to the gang responsible for trying to bring them down? Brielle wants nothing more to do with Nico. She believes in if a person shows you who they are believe them. When they?re forced to work together to try and get control on both of their lives will they both be willing to wave the white flag and make it work? With all the drama in their personal lives, Nico and Taj still have to worry about business and their street dealings. Someone is working with SMC and feeding information to the enemy. When the snake is revealed everyone will be shocked. Who could want to hurt the twins, Nico and Taj like this? Someone will have to pay the ultimate price in the end but who?

I ve Still Got It I Just Can t Remember Where I Put It

Author : Jenna McCarthy
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Welcome to Middle Age! Please check your functioning internal thermostat and razor-sharp memory at the door and pour yourself a nice, stiff drink... Jenna McCarthy might be forty-something, but she doesn’t feel forty-something. She certainly doesn’t look forty-something. (Actually she does, but she’s in denial so maybe don’t mention it?) And between complaining about how tired she is, trying to remember what she came in here for and wondering whether she drinks too much, she does not have time for a crisis. She has, however, had time to crack the mysterious midlife code. She’s figured out how to tame her muffin top, keep the spark in her marriage and probably not die a fiery hoarder’s death. She’s learned the trick to looking ten years younger and the secret to feeling ten times happier (and it only cost $14.99 plus shipping and handling). And she’s discovered the one thing she will need to do for the rest of ever if she’s going to continue to refuse to “dress her age.” Tackling everything from cosmetic surgery and financial panic to skinny jeans and the meaning of life, I’ve Still Got It... is a middle age manifesto filled with hilarious misadventures, humiliating confessions and occasional (hot) flashes of genius.

Got It Bad

Author : Mary Kay McComas
File Size : 85.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Infatuation smolders in a quarantined laboratory, as rival scientists fight to survive—and to control their overwhelming desire Dr. “Mack” McKissack, a renowned scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is certain Dr. Kurt Andropov is hiding something in his fortress of a laboratory. Suspecting that the maverick genius’s work involves deadly bacteria, she storms into his lab demanding answers. But the renegade researcher stonewalls her—until a shocking laboratory accident forces them into a two-week isolation period. Quarantined with a man she despises, Mack can’t believe she feels attracted to him. And with each passing hour, their longing only grows deeper—even while the threat of a catastrophic outbreak rises. Will Mack risk a final chance at love with a man she barely trusts? This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.

How We Won the Ryder Cup

Author : Norman Dabell
File Size : 25.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Ryder Cup battle between Europe and the USA is one of the biggest events in the golfing calendar and in 2006, the former underdogs showed they are now the dominant force in the biennial matches. It was another marvellous example of teamwork, and the caddies have played no small part in Europe overcoming the odds. The players hit the shots; their trusty caddies share the hopes, the glory and, occasionally, the misery. What was it like being beside Sam Torrance when he holed the winning putt and shed his tears on that historic moment at The Belfry in 1985? Fast forward to 2006 and a highly emotional appearance by Darren Clarke. What was it like being by his side? What was the story behind Colin Montgomerie's right-hand-man returning to his bag to help lay to rest the ghost of 1999? How do you cope when Seve Ballesteros is in full cry against the 'old enemy', especially when you are an American yourself? In 1991, a spike mark cost Europe the tournament, but what really happened behind the ropes? Who knew his man had had a vision he would beat Tiger Woods in 1997 - and saw it come true? What was it like witnessing those awful scenes at Brookline up close and personal in 1999? Who knew exactly which line to take when Paul McGinley sank his memorable winning putt in 2002? How We Won the Ryder Cup covers all the drama that has unfolded in the competition over the years and includes the action from the 2006 tournament at The K Club, County Kildare in Ireland, which saw Europe storm to a third successive victory.