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Author : Cathy Cassidy
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The stunning new novel by Cathy Cassidy, author of Dizzy, Indigo Blue and Driftwood, now in paperback.


Author : Anita Alexander
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A collection of daily affirmations on subjects including friendship, patience, and courage, and infused with references to notable African Americans who have come to strength through adversity.


Author : Delorys Welch-Tyson
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Gingersnaps: A Novel weaves together the lives of six African-American women in an emotional, humorous, and realistic tale that focuses on their romantic relationships. These six baby boomers—Aletha, Desiree, Veronica, Debra, Janeen, and Louise—cross each other’s paths, adding more interesting twists and turns into the story. This novel not only has romance but an element of mystery mixed into the story. This is a must for those who enjoy reading about characters who remain strong regardless of the situation or challenges.

Ginger snaps

Author : Fanny Fern
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Vignettes of nineteenth century life, chiefly in New England, covering such topics as dinner parties, the bride's new house, mourning attire, choosing presents, female clerks, English notions about women, women as speakers, servants, hospitality, men and their clothes, travel, family life and children.

Adventure Pom

Author : Sean Dryden
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Join Captain Henry Gingersnaps on his most amazing adventure in search of the Pals he needs to finally face the Cranky Kitties! Follow along on the adventure with Henry as he searches the beach, trails, parks and a mysterious farm, meeting fun new pals along the way. Photography and rich dialog in this children's comic book help the story come alive making it enjoyable for kids of all ages and adults who love animals too.

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor

Author : United States. Bureau of Labor
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Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor

Author : United States. Department of Labor
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Ginger Snaps videorecording

Author : Fawcett, John
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"The Fitzgerald sisters are a team - best friends and self-styled out-casts. Obsessed with dying and bound by a childhood pact to stay together forever, they loathe their mind numbing existence in the suburb of Bailey Downs. Then, one night Ginger is attacked by a snarling Rabid beast that generates a tremendous 'change' in Ginger ..." [box cover note].

The gates ajar or A glimpse into heaven

Author : Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
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The Unitarian Register

Author :
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Ginger Snaps

Author : Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio
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Ginger Snaps

Author : Dian Ritter
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Tall Trees Tall People

Author : Rex Southwell
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A rugged climate breeds a rugged people, and the Southwells were no exception. Grover, the son of a ship's carpenter, is the victim of a broken marriage and is sent to Coldwater Orphanage. Made a ward of the state, he is placed with a merciless farmer who won't let Grover stop working long enough to go to school. His father returns for him on his eighteenth birthday, only to find an embittered young man. Grover's story of forgiveness, financial struggle, family love, and salvation encompasses more than just a woodsman's tale of the early twentieth century, it chronicles the settling of the vast northern reaches of a harsh land and the sacrifices that were made to tame it.

Great Home Cooking in America

Author : Farm Journal Editors
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Five Star Families

Author : Carol Kuykendall
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Before children entered your life, did you dream about the kind of family you wanted? And have those lofty dreams come crashing down somewhere between managing chaotic schedules and refereeing sibling squabbles? As a mom, you have lots of dreams for your family--and the influence to make them come true! But it's hard to balance the widening gap between dreams and reality, so Five-star Families will help you focus on the five qualities that matter most: love, fun, loyalty, growth, and faith. With real-life examples, Scripture references, and practical yet fun advice, Carol Kuykendall will show you how to express and experience each of these qualities to the fullest. Her powerful insight and thought-provoking questions will inspire you to become a family who wants to be together, grow together, and stay together--a family who will shine from one generation to the next!

The Complete Bread Cake and Cracker Baker

Author : J. Thompson Gill
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Zum Angedenken

Author : Alvin Wood Chase
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Best of Gourmet

Author : Gourmet
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An anthology culled from issues of Gourmet magazine features menu plans for intimate and formal entertaining, and recipes for hors d'oeuvres, breads, soups, main dishes, side dishes, sauces, and desserts, as well as special presentations on the foods of specific areas

The All American Cookbook

Author : Judith Ferguson
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Provides recipes for New England-style, Southern, Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex, and California dishes

John Fawcett s Ginger Snaps

Author : Ernest Mathijs
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Few studies of Canadian cinema to date have engaged deeply with genre cinema and its connection to Canadian culture. Ernest Mathijs does just that in this volume, which traces the inception, production, and reception of Canada's internationally renowned horror film, Ginger Snaps (2000). This tongue-in-cheek Gothic film, which centres on two death-obsessed teenage sisters, draws a provocative connection between werewolf monstrosity and female adolescence and boasts a dedicated world-wide fan base. The first book-length study of this popular film, John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps is based on the author's privileged access to most of its cast and crew and to its enthusiasts around the world. Examining themes of genre, feminism, identity, and adolescent belonging, Mathijs concludes that Ginger Snaps deserves to be recognized as part of the Canadian canon, and that it is a model example of the kind of crossover cult film that remains unjustly undervalued by film scholars.