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Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : Dezso Sera
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Overviews operation, design, control and grid integration of photovoltaic energy Photovoltaic (PV) technology is one of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world, with the potential to become the most important renewable energy technology globally. Having reached grid parity in some countries, it is expected that the continuous reduction in system costs will continue to accelerate industry growth. As such, there is an increasing need for qualified professionals with more understanding of the design, operation, control, and grid integration aspects of photovoltaic power. Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems contributes to this need, taking a uniquely holistic look at the generation and integration of photovoltaic energy into the grid. The key elements of the photovoltaic system are described, together with modelling and control methods. These are applied to exemplify the design and optimization of a PV power plant. Finally, the process for integrating the PV energy into the grid is detailed, including grid requirements, plant control and grid support functionalities. Key features: Overall view on PV power systems, from panels to grid integration. Comprehensive and structured overview of PV modelling and PV inverter technology. The latest grid integration requirements along with grid support functions. Additional material provided in the form of Matlab and PLECS simulation models, as well as a collection of slides, freely available via a companion website. Prepared by leading experts in energy conversion, this resource is essential reading for graduate students with a background in electrical engineering, as well as professionals in the PV systems industry.

Grid Connected Solar Electric Systems

Author : Geoff Stapleton
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Solar electricity – or photovoltaics (PV) – is the world's fastest growing energy technology. It can be used on a wide variety of scales, from single dwellings to utility-scale solar farms providing power for whole communities. It can be integrated into existing electricity grids with relative simplicity, meaning that in times of low solar energy users can continue to draw power from the grid, while power can be fed or sold back into the grid at a profit when their electricity generation exceeds the amount they are using. The falling price of the equipment combined with various incentive schemes around the world have made PV into a lucrative low carbon investment, and as such demand has never been higher for the technology, and for people with the expertise to design and install systems. This Experthandbook provides a clear introduction to solar radiation, before proceeding to cover: electrical basics and PV cells and modules inverters design of grid-connected PV systems system installation and commissioning maintenance and trouble shooting health and safety economics and marketing. Highly illustrated in full colour throughout, this is the ideal guide for electricians, builders and architects, housing and property developers, home owners and DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs a clear introduction to grid-connected solar electric technology.

Performance Analysis of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : A Elbaset Adel
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PV is one of the most promising renewable energy resources that converts solar energy into electricity with environment friendly manner. The aim of this book is to study, design and performance analysis of grid-connected PV system as follows: System modeling; that is composed of two-diode model to describe the I-V and P-V characteristic curves of PV system performance. Modeling of PV system represents the main goal in the design and performance study of grid-connected PV system using accurate parameters of PV module. Improving the efficiency of grid-connected PV system to operate at maximum power point (MPP) with the aid of perturb and observe (P&O) tracker via DC/DC converters. Although, P&O algorithm is widely applied due to its simplicity, costless and easy implementation, it suffers from instabilities, and oscillation around MPP at steady state. This book presents a modified P&O algorithm to overcome such drawbacks and improve MPPT performance of PV system under rapidly changes of weather. Investigating the design performance of grid-connected PV inverter that suitable for low voltage appliance of distributed grid network at 220V and 50HZ."

Utility Aspects of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : Bas Verhoeven
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Design and Power Quality Improvement of Photovoltaic Power System

Author : Adel A. Elbaset
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This book presents a case study on a new approach for the optimum design of rooftop, grid-connected photovoltaic-system installation. The study includes two scenarios using different brands of commercially available PV modules and inverters. It investigates and compares several different rooftop grid-connected PV-system configurations taking into account PV modules and inverter specifications. The book also discusses the detailed dynamic MATLAB/Simulink model of the proposed rooftop grid-connected PV system, and uses this model to estimate the energy production capabilities, cost of energy (COE), simple payback time (SPBT) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for each configuration. The book then presents a comprehensive small signal MATLAB/Simulink model for the DC-DC converter operated under continuous conduction mode (CCM). First, the buck converter is modeled using state-space average model and dynamic equations, depicting the converter, are derived. Then a detailed MATLAB/Simulink model utilizing SimElectronics® Toolbox is developed. Lastly, the robustness of the converter model is verified against input voltage variations and step load changes.

Emerging Converter Topologies and Control for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Author : Dmitri Vinnikov
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Continuous cost reduction of photovoltaic (PV) systems and the rise of power auctions resulted in the establishment of PV power not only as a green energy source but also as a cost-effective solution to the electricity generation market. Various commercial solutions for grid-connected PV systems are available at any power level, ranging from multi-megawatt utility-scale solar farms to sub-kilowatt residential PV installations. Compared to utility-scale systems, the feasibility of small-scale residential PV installations is still limited by existing technologies that have not yet properly address issues like operation in weak grids, opaque and partial shading, etc. New market drivers such as warranty improvement to match the PV module lifespan, operation voltage range extension for application flexibility, and embedded energy storage for load shifting have again put small-scale PV systems in the spotlight. This Special Issue collects the latest developments in the field of power electronic converter topologies, control, design, and optimization for better energy yield, power conversion efficiency, reliability, and longer lifetime of the small-scale PV systems. This Special Issue will serve as a reference and update for academics, researchers, and practicing engineers to inspire new research and developments that pave the way for next-generation PV systems for residential and small commercial applications.

Advances in Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Conversion Systems

Author : Yongheng Yang
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Advances in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Conversion Systems addresses the technological challenges of fluctuating and unreliable power supply in grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems to help students, researchers, and engineers work toward more PV installations in the grid to make society more sustainable and reliable while complying with grid regulations. The authors combine their extensive knowledge and experience in this book to address both the basics of the power electronic converter technology and the advances of such practical electric power conversion systems. This book includes extensive, step-by-step practical application examples to assist students and engineers to better understand the role of power electronics in modern PV applications and solve the practical issues in grid-connected PV systems. Offers a step-by-step modeling approach to solving the practical issues and technological challenges in grid-connected PV systems Provides practical application examples to assist the reader to better understand the role of power electronics in modern PV applications Extends to the most modern technologies for grid-friendly PV systems

Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation

Author : Peter Gevorkian
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Covering technical design and construction aspects as well as financial analysis and risk assessment, this professional reference work provides a comprehensive overview of solar power technology. Whether or not you have a technology background, this essential guide will help you to understand the design, construction, financial analysis, and risk assessment of solar power technology. The first two chapters present an uncomplicated overview of solar power technology physics, solar cell technology, applications, and equipment. In subsequent chapters, readers are introduced to fundamental econometric analysis in such a way that will allow anyone, whether or not they have a background in finance, to become familiar with the fundamental costing and financing of large scale solar power programs. This book is essential reading for anyone involved with solar power project development, and is suitable for both graduate students and professionals.

Testing and Commissioning of Grid connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : Sulaiman Shaari
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Photovoltaic Power System

Author : Weidong Xiao
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Photovoltaic Power System: Modelling, Design and Control is an essential reference with a practical approach to photovoltaic (PV) power system analysis and control. It systematically guides readers through PV system design, modelling, simulation, maximum power point tracking and control techniques making this invaluable resource to students and professionals progressing from different levels in PV power engineering. The development of this book follows the author's 15-year experience as an electrical engineer in the PV engineering sector and as an educator in academia. It provides the background knowledge of PV power system but will also inform research direction. Key features: Details modern converter topologies and a step-by-step modelling approach to simulate and control a complete PV power system. Introduces industrial standards, regulations, and electric codes for safety practice and research direction. Covers new classification of PV power systems in terms of the level of maximum power point tracking. Contains practical examples in designing grid-tied and standalone PV power systems. Matlab codes and Simulink models featured on a Wiley hosted book companion website.

Grid connected Photovoltaic Power Systems Design

Author : Ahmad Maliki Omar
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Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : Dr. Sundaravadivelu S, Mr. Suresh R. Norman, Dr. Johnsi Stella I, Dr. Suresh Kumar A
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This book is a solar energy technical manual - a road-map for solar energy professionals and amateurs. It is also written for the use of engineers & consultants , polytechnic , graduate & post-graduate engineering students, and industry technicians. The reader is introduced to the theoretical concepts of solar cells and also the practical working of solar cells, solar modules, solar panels and solar arrays. Also discussed are the components of a photo-voltaic power system such as MPPT charge controllers , storage battery systems and solar converter circuits. For the benefit of the reader, solar Photovoltaic systems are discussed , along with examples of existing systems . Numerical examples and exercises are not included since it is not designed based on any University curriculum nor meant to be an academic text. If a few solar energy systems professionals and amateurs are benefited by this book , the Authors would be thankful that the purpose of this book has been served ! Salient Features • This book introduces the reader to the theoretical concepts and practical aspects of solar cells • Imparts a working knowledge of solar cells, solar modules, arrays and panels to engineers and technical students • The principles of MPPT charge controllers , storage battery systems , solar converter circuits and solar Photovoltaic systems are discussed , along with examples of existing systems • This book is easy to read and clear to understand • Many drawings and photographs have been used to make it interesting to read and easier to grasp and apply

Automatic Manufacturing Systems II

Author : Run Hua Tan
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). This work on the topic of automatic manufacturing systems consists of 302 peer-reviewed papers. The papers are grouped into ten chapters: Virtual Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing; Digital Manufacture and Quality Monitoring; Systems Analysis and Industrial Engineering; Supply Chain and E-Commerce Systems; Computer-Aided Manufacturing Engineering; Mechatronics; Transmission and Control of Fluid; Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology; Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment; Computer Application Technology.

Grid Connected PV Systems

Author : Global Sustainable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
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Dynamic Simulation of Dispersed Grid connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Author : Oleg Wasynczuk
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San Diego County

Author :
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Control and Interfacing of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Author : Ahmed Said Khalifa
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Solar power is considered a very promising source for electric power generation. The abundance of sunlight over a large area of the earth surface gives rise to several applications of photovoltaic systems. Electricity can be generated from sunlight either directly by employing the photovoltaic effect, or by using energy from the sun to heat up a working fluid that can be used to power up electricity generators. These two technologies are widely used today to provide power to either stand-alone loads or for connection to the power system grid. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a very important consideration that is taken into account when building a new photovoltaic power system. This is needed in order to extract maximum power output from a PV array under varying atmospheric conditions to maximize the return on initial investments. Several techniques have been used to tackle this problem including perturb and observe (P & O), incremental conductance (IncCond) and fuzzy logic based algorithms. Judging between these techniques is based on their speed of locating the maximum power point (MPP) of a PV array under given atmospheric conditions, besides the cost and complexity of implementing them. The P & O and IncCond algorithms have a low implementation complexity but their tracking speed is slow. Fuzzy logic techniques are faster but suffer from high implementation complexity. One of the goals of this thesis is to present an MPPT algorithm implementation that is based on the fractional open circuit voltage method. This technique is easy to implement and offers a fast tracking speed for the MPP of a PV array. It provides an approximation within 4-5% of the maximum power point, which is a tradeoff between the speed and accuracy of operation around the MPP. It offers a speed advantage in grid connected PV systems. The P & O algorithm, which is very common, is difficult to implement under these conditions due to its poor response time.

Medium Size Photovoltaic Power Plants

Author : H.L. Durand
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Proceedings of the EEC/DOE Workshop hosted by the Commissariat à L'Energie Solaire, held in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 23-24 October 1980

Applied Photovoltaics

Author : Stuart R. Wenham
File Size : 55.11 MB
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The new edition of this thoroughly considered textbook provides a reliable, accessible and comprehensive guide for students of photovoltaic applications and renewable energy engineering. Written by a group of award-winning authors it is brimming with information and is carefully designed to meet the needs of its readers. Along with exercises and references at the end of each chapter, it features a set of detailed technical appendices that provide essential equations, data sources and standards. The new edition has been fully updated with the latest information on photovoltaic cells, modules, applications and policy. Starting from basics with 'The Characteristics of Sunlight' the reader is guided step-by-step through semiconductors and p-n junctions; the behaviour of solar cells; cell properties and design; and PV cell interconnection and module fabrication. The book covers stand-alone photovoltaic systems; specific purpose photovoltaic systems; remote area power supply systems; grid-connected photovoltaic systems and water pumping. Applied Photovoltaics is highly illustrated and very accessible, providing the reader with all the information needed to start working with photovoltaics.

Technology Manufacturing and Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Author : Guangyu Wang
File Size : 20.11 MB
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A unique guide to the most important technical aspects of photovoltaic power generation with comprehensive analysis and author industry-experience Unique from other books in the area in that it explains profound theories in simple language, introduces widely used production equipment and processes for industry professionals, and explains the complete PV industry chain from material to power generation Has originated from the author’s practical industry experience, enabling the use of up-to-date information during this time of new development in the Chinese PV industry Content includes approximately 255 illustrations and 46 tables to help clarify complex theories.