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Heavenly Hugs

Author : Carla Wills-Brandon
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Does life end at death? The answer is no! The nearly 2,000 cases of departing visions and visitations from deceased relatives and friends collected by the author prove that there is life after death. At the moment of physical death, departed loved ones return to the dying to ease travel from this life to the next. Friends, family, and healthcare workers also report seeing these loving spiritual travel guides. Such encounters—reported by individuals from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds—clearly illustrate that the personality, soul, or consciousness does not disappear or “die.” To live our lives to the fullest, we must relieve ourselves of the false notion that death is the end. Departing visions help us do this. Heavenly Hugs will introduce you to both historical and modern-day departing visions, proving: The dying have been reuniting with the departed—for centuries Departed loved ones escort the dying to the other side or next dimension Something has often been seen leaving the physical body at the moment of death Famous people have experienced beautiful departing visions

Heavenly Hugs

Author : Hannah Grace
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Guardian angels watch over sick children, sharing God's love.

Heavenly Hugs Grief Healing Grayscale Photo Coloring Book

Author : Anne Manera
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Take a look inside this book https: // The loss of a loved one can be difficult to overcome. Many people turn to coloring to help manage their emotions. Each page has an uplifting phrase: -I Still have so much to say to you-I wish heaven had visiting hours-I was never ready for you to leave-Each night I fall asleep with you in my heart-Each time the wind blows I think of you- With you went so much of me-An Angel is watching over me- I touched you. I could feel you, I drank in your sweet smell. My dream was perfect.-I miss you- Feel me in your heart-There's so much more I need to say to you-Heaven has gained an angel- I never imagined my life without you-Each night I fall asleep with you in my heart-There is no substitute for you-Sending you a great big hug in heaven-I miss the me I was when you were here-My life is more beautiful just for having loved you-Today is going to be a good day !-Sending my love to heaven-Grief comes in waves-Treasured memories, sadly missed-Where there is deep grief there is great love-Some say when a cardinal appears it is a loved one visitingThis grayscale coloring book features an uplifting phrase on every page. 24 pages to color are included with 2 copies of each page so you can color twice or share with a friend

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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God s Love Speaks

Author : Samuel Jackson
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"God's Love Speaks" is a collection of inspired poems about God's love and truth.Inspired by God, who is love and truth.To love God above all. To love all above self.To love the same, as God loves.To be love, even as God is love.God loves us, let us love God and one another.

Heavenly Mail Words Encouragment

Author : Philis Boultinghouse
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Paraphrased scriptures and insightful prayers bring a refreshing awareness of God's presence and power in your everyday life. Whether for yourself or to give a friend, this beautiful book will be a meaningful and memorable treasure that will be kept close at hand and cherished for years to come.

Heavenly Mail Words of Love

Author : Philis Boultinghouse
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In this beautiful, deeply personal book, you will discover the profound devotion that lives in God's heart for you. Prayer-letters to heaven share questions, doubts, fears, and concerns from an earthly perspective. Then in heaven's compassionate and loving response, your heart will soar as you experience God's everlasting and unconditional love expressed in personalized scriptures paraphrased just for you. Whether for yourself or a special friend, this beautiful book is a meaningful and memorable treasure that will be kept close at hand and cherished for years to come.

Lively Bible Lessons for Grades K 3

Author : Group Publishing
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10 Minute Time Outs for Busy Women

Author : Grace Fox
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Real-life stories and Scripture-based prayers encourage women to understand their true value, respond realistically to other people's expectations, and overcome bitterness, worry, and fear. Original.

Renew Your Faith

Author : Susan W. Blum
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The Princess Journal A 365 day Devotional Challenging Women to Settle for Nothing Less Than God s Best

Author : Sarah Holland
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This book is a Christian, daily devotional challenging women of all ages to settle for nothing less than God's best for them.

The Many Ways We Talk about Death in Contemporary Society

Author : Margaret Souza
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The theme of this collection of essays is the perception and experience of death and dying in America in the early 21st century. The authors touch on the most salient current issues surrounding these matters and move the discourse forward into the second decade of this century. The essays are based on papers presented at an interdisciplinary conference, "The Pulse of Death Now", at Columbia University in March 2008.

Time Out for Tired Moms

Author : Judy Crawford
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Mom, Are You Tired? Tired of Laundry! Tired of Multi-tasking! Tired of Boys Belching in the Backseat of Your Mini-Van! Have you ever sent your kids to their rooms for a Time-Out and wondered…When is it MY TURN?! Well, Today it is finally Your Turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM! Time-Out for Tired Moms is a devotional that gives you the break from the chaos of kids that you rightfully deserve. Eight distinctive Time-Out categories highlight creative ways you can incorporate time-out into the everydayness of Mothering. Daily Devotionals lighten your load while drawing you closer to God, the true refresher of a Mother’s soul! So sit back and enjoy! Today Mom, it is finally Your Turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM! It could have been titled “Time-out for a good laugh out loud!” Judy Crawford delightfully combines real-life situations where all Moms have found themselves, masterfully intermingles them with practical insights as to how to apply God’s principles to resolve them, and goes a step further by giving us Bible texts to guide us into a new realm of possibilities for loving on our children. For a busy Mom who doesn’t think she has enough time to read this, she needs to think again! She will be rejuvenated and invigorated by taking this important time out from her busy schedule!

Holiday Hugs

Author : Jane Cabaniss Jarrell
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Featuring pastel watercolor artwork, "Holiday Hugs" helps take stress out of the holidays with a cornucopia of practical, inexpensive, time-saving ideas to help recapture the spirit of Christmas through prayer, food, kind words and good deeds. It includes easy-to-follow holiday recipes, tasty low-cost treats, creative gift ideas, children's crafts and tree-trimming themes.

Hell on Earth

Author : Mike Wild
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¿Show me your sins¿ are the last words heard by the town of Boswell before it is incinerated by a powerful force in 1944. Old news until the biblical being buried by the wartime Q Department is awoken by Helen Earth's apocalypse cult. Facing explosive leylines, the reanimated dead, troglodytes and a fallen angel intent on bringing about Judgement Day, it's a busy day at the office for Caballistics Inc.

Adventist Review

Author :
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The Fabulous Snobby Cats of Heavenly Hills

Author : Lynne Westwood
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We Snobby Cats definitely live up to our cat curiosities. We get into mishaps and situations that only true friendship, trust, loyalty, and love can get us out of. Discover the goals, ambitions, and accomplishments of us sophisticated cats and see how we follow our hearts and make our dreams come true.

Your Love Signs

Author : Russell Grant
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The End

Author : G. Allison Weaver
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The End is a novel based on a short story The End,copyrighted in 2010. This is a trilogy of stories about a character named Albert, nicknamed the Owl. Each story examines a question. The fi rst story, The End, examines the idea of whether or not a person’s life actually passes before them as they die. The second story, The Endgame, is when Albert the Owl enters heaven and faces his Judgment Day. It is here that Albert the Owl sees the whole of the life just lived on Earth and discovers what judgment is and who is to judge. Through this process, Albert identifi es and initiates an act of redemption that might just fix everything that went wrong in Albert’s life on earth. The third book, Endless, contains the result of Albert’s act of redemption.

Hugs for Scrapbookers

Author : Stephanie Howard
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Stephanie Howard is a gift book for scrapbookers, filled with uplifting messages, encouraging stories and poignant sayings.