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Author : Jean Fritz
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The accolades speak for themselves:"Fritz draws the readers into scenes from her youth in the turbulent China of the mid-twenties. One comes to appreciate the generous affection of her nurse/companion Lin Nai-Nai, the isolating distance in her mother's grief over losing a second child, the dynamics of a suffering population venting its hostility on foreigners, and most of all, the loneliness of a child's exile from a homeland she has imagined constantly but never seen....A remarkable blend of truth and storytelling." --Booklist, starred review"An insightful memory's-eye-view of her childhood...Young Jean is a strong character, and many of her reactions to people and events are timeless and universal." --School Library Journal, starred review"Told with an abundance of humor--sometimes wry, sometimes mischievous and irreverent--the story is vibrant with atmosphere, personalities, and a palpable sense of place." --The Horn Book"Every now and then a book comes along that makes me want to send a valentine to its author. Homesick is such a book....Pungent and delicious." --Katherine Paterson, The Washington Post


Author : Lyn Venable
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What thrill is there in going out among the stars if coming back means bitter loneliness?


Author : Roshi Fernando
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Each story in this series offers a poignant glimpse of family life ? the ties we cling to; the ties we try to sever; and the ties that make us who we are. Told from a myriad of perspectives, from a dazzling array of some of the finest short story writers of our generation (including Jhumpa Lahiri, George Saunders, Jon McGregor and Elizabeth Gilbert), Family Snapshots gives us a fresh, empathetic and moving insight into the meaning of family. Homesick is taken from Roshi Fernando's powerful collection of short stories by the same name, Homesick.


Author : Bart Millard
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There are days when we feel homesick. Days when we have strayed far from the plan that our Father has set for us, times when we simply want to feel at home and know that our pilgrimage has purpose. This beautiful, full-color book is accompanied by a DVD featuring MercyMe's performance of "Homesick."

Homesickness Cognition and Health

Author : Shirley Fisher
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Functional cerebral specialisation is a phenomenon of considerable relevance not only to those investigating normal brain function, but also to scientists who study and treat clinical populations. This special issue of Laterality brings together contributions both from researchers studying human populations and those using animal models, and includes a discussion of the current important issues in the field of lateralisation of function. The papers address the origins of laterality, and the nature of lateralised functions in various species as well as relations among the different forms of lateralisation. Included are such topics as lateralised memory processes, early experiential effects on laterality, the genetic basis of handedness, perceptual processing in the haptic or visual domain, and learning. Comparisons between human and nonhuman primate findings and implications of these findings for our understanding of the

Homesick and Happy

Author : Michael Thompson
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An insightful and powerful look at the magic of summer camp—and why it is so important for children to be away from home . . . if only for a little while. In an age when it’s the rare child who walks to school on his own, the thought of sending your “little ones” off to sleep-away camp can be overwhelming—for you and for them. But parents’ first instinct—to shelter their offspring above all else—is actually depriving kids of the major developmental milestones that occur through letting them go—and watching them come back transformed. In Homesick and Happy, renowned child psychologist Michael Thompson, PhD, shares a strong argument for, and a vital guide to, this brief loosening of ties. A great champion of summer camp, he explains how camp ushers your children into a thrilling world offering an environment that most of us at home cannot: an electronics-free zone, a multigenerational community, meaningful daily rituals like group meals and cabin clean-up, and a place where time simply slows down. In the buggy woods, icy swims, campfire sing-alongs, and daring adventures, children have emotionally significant and character-building experiences; they often grow in ways that surprise even themselves; they make lifelong memories and cherished friends. Thompson shows how children who are away from their parents can be both homesick and happy, scared and successful, anxious and exuberant. When kids go to camp—for a week, a month, or the whole summer—they can experience some of the greatest maturation of their lives, and return more independent, strong, and healthy.

Homesick Creek

Author : Diane Hammond
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Diane Hammond’s beautifully rendered description of life in the fictional small town of Hubbard, Oregon, won her plaudits for Going to Bend, her debut novel. In Homesick Creek, Hammond returns to Hubbard and captivates us once again with a cast of characters so vivid we feel like we’ve known them all our lives. Anita and Bunny have been friends since high school, when Anita was a beauty queen runner-up and Bunny a sweet single mother with average looks. They were both taken by surprise when the handsome, charismatic Hack Neary chose Bunny to be his wife. A natural-born salesman, Hack now works his charms at the local car dealership, and he and Bunny enjoy a very comfortable life. But after sixteen years of excusing Hack’s white lies, Bunny is more shaken than she’d like to be by his dangerous new flirtation and her rising suspicions that Hack never meant to put down roots in Hubbard. Anita has also married, but unlike Hack and Bunny, she and her husband are barely scraping by. Bob isn’t ambitious enough to properly support his wife and daughter. He is, however, constant in his love: for Anita, still beautiful in his eyes despite the toll of age, work, and poverty; for his daughter and granddaughter, who need more than the couple can provide; and for Warren, his best friend since they were poor and unwanted children in the same trailer park. Facing a future that seems increasingly difficult, the friends turn to one another and find reserves of love and strength that help heal the wounds they inadvertently inflict on each other. At the deepest point of her grief, Bunny realizes, “If you loved somebody once, no matter how long ago, that had to be worth something.”


Author : Jenny Lauren
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This startlingly plainspoken and unflinching first-person account by the niece of fashion icon Ralph Lauren details a wrenching struggle with anorexia and bulimia -- and speaks powerfully to a widespread failure by the medical community to understand eating disorders. With captivating blue eyes and dark hair, Jenny Lauren looked as though she'd stepped out of one of the glossy ads for which her uncle is famous. It was not long, however, before Jenny found herself in a world where it was easy to see herself as less than perfect. As a young dancer, she felt insecure that her muscular frame did not seem to measure up to the slim figures of the other girls. She was ten years old when she first starved herself. Although there were brief periods of recovery, Jenny spent much of her teens and early twenties bingeing, purging, and compulsively exercising. In 1997, her body finally broke down after years of relentless ravaging; her small intestine herniated. She could barely walk. But physician after physician told Jenny her ailments were largely in her head. Eventually Jenny's condition was connected to her eating disorder and the resulting strain on her digestive system, but it was too late -- irreparable damage appeared to have been done. Although Homesick centers around Jenny's struggle with an eating disorder, as well as the dramatic surgery she was forced to undergo as a consequence, it is a much larger story that focuses on universal issues: the intricacies of family ties, the pressures of society, the search for selfhood, and ultimately, the power of finding hope. From the New York fashion shows to the art galleries of Santa Fe, from the Mayo Pain Management Clinic in Minnesota to the healing sanctuaries in Brazil, Jenny takes the reader on a cinematic odyssey to self-discovery. With flashes of wit and a knowing beyond its young writer's years, Homesick is a riveting and emotionally complex story of pain and tentative, hard-won recovery.


Author : M. Ruggiero
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Set in the heart of Philadelphia, Homesick is an account of lives ruined by very much reality or distorted by a lack thereof. Thirteen loosely connected stories of men and women living life with their fingers crossed - hoping and lying. Some find comfort in the bad habits of love, others in the bad habit of books. Whatever their escape, the city trails them, "like an incompatible accomplice, like a shadow of a different shape." From the center city skyline to the streets of "South Philly," Homesick is a stunning debut collection by Philadelphia's own, M. Ruggiero.


Author : Eshkol Nevo
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It is 1995 and Noa and Amir have decided to move in together. Noa is studying photography in Jerusalem and Amir is a psychology student in Tel Aviv, so they choose a tiny flat in a village in the hills, between the two cities. Their flat is separated from that of their landlords, Sima and Moshe Zakian, by a thin wall, but on each side we find a different home - and a different world. Homesick is a beautiful, clever and moving story about history, love, family and the true meaning of home.

Homesick Mosque

Author : Reza Jalali
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“While he walked on the dim path next to the donkey carrying Zarin, Musa pondered his new fate. In the distance, the tall dark mountains stood with their jagged tops, puncturing the blue-black sky. With a fresh sadness, Musa reflected that on the Iranian side of the same high hills—the town where he was born, got married, and ran into trouble with the secret police—was also waking to a new day. He figured that, for years to come, probably till he died, he would miss the place and its people as he would move farther away, in opposite direction, with more mountains and oceans in between, to separate himself from his home. As they climbed a knoll, Musa stopped to survey a cluster of mud homes in a beehive-like village, surrounded by patches of brown wheat and barley fields, farther ahead. To his side, the donkey, with its head down and the beads jingling, blinked its long eyelashes to keep the unseen flies away. The tall plane trees, their tops touched by the glowing sun, stood solid like a wall. Somewhere in the still dawn, a man from an invisible minaret called the faithful to pray. A pair of hoopoes flew over their heads, heading east for the high hills. Musa watched them with a sudden longing.” Excerpts from The Gravedigger.

Skating Is Hard When You re Homesick

Author : Julie Gassman
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Alicia becomes homesick while on a school trip to Triumph Mountain, but with help of her friend, she achieves her goal in ice skating.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

Author : Anne Tyler
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “Funny, heart-hammering, wise…An extremely beautiful book.” —The New York Times “A Book that should join those few that every literate person will have to read.” —The Boston Globe Abandoned by her wanderlusting husband, stoic Pearl raised her three children on her own. Now grown, the siblings are inextricably linked by their memories—some painful--which hold them together despite their differences. Hardened by life’s disappointments, wealthy, charismatic Cody has turned cruel and envious. Thrice-married Jenny is errant and passionate. And Ezra, the flawed saint of the family, who stayed at home to look after his mother, runs a restaurant where he cooks what other people are homesick for, stubbornly yearning for the perfect family he never had. Now gathered during a time of loss, they will reluctantly unlock the shared secrets of their past and discover if what binds them together is stronger than what tears them apart. Soulful and redemptive—full of heartbreak and hope—this portrait of a family will remind you why Anne Tyler is one of the most beloved writers working today. “[In Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Tyler] has arrived at a new level of power.” —John Updike, The New Yorker “Marvelous, astringent, hilarious, [and] strewn with the banana peels of love.” —Cosmopolitan

A Study Guide for Anne Tyler s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A Study Guide for Anne Tyler's "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Clearwater Homesick

Author : Al Rennie
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Linc wants to quit school; Joe investigates Judge Parcells 'deal with the devil'; Jeremy tracks down an old guy who is trying to find his high school sweetheart; CHIPs looks for a Saudi kid who may have taken off for Syria; Mia has a confession to make to Joe; Sam announces her new life decision; Luke is back from the 'sandbox'; Joe might end up being committed; it's another romp in the Florida sun.

Homesick Herbie

Author : Shelley Swanson Sateren
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Alfie Wolfe and his twin sister Alfreeda enjoy helping out at the family's Hound Hotel--but this time they have very different ideas about what to do with a Yorkshire terrier suffering from separation anxiety.

Homesick Penguin

Author : Ken Bowser
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Penguin likes to visit his friend Duck. But he begins to miss some of the things at home. How can Duck cheer up his homesick friend? Concept: Empathy/Caring for others. Book features: Big Words and Big Questions; original illustrations.

Homesick Witch

Author : Sean O'Reilly
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Witchitaw is leaving for the Salem School of Witchcraft, a special school that will have her away for the entire summer. The Mighty, Mighty Monsters are sad to see her go, but Witchitaw is excited to learn all new sorts of witchery. A few days after she leaves, they receive a letter from Wichitaw saying that she's monstrously miserable! The gangimmediately hits the road to save their sorrowful friend from summer school.

Live from the Homesick Jamboree

Author : Adrian Blevins
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Live from the Homesick Jamboree is a brave, brash, funny, and tragic hue and cry on growing up female during the 1970s, “when everything was always so awash” that the speaker finds herself adrift among adults who act like children. The book moves from adolescence through a dry-eyed, poignant exploration of two marriages, motherhood, and the larger world, with the headlong perceptiveness and brio characteristic of Adrian Blevins’s work. This poetry is plainspoken and streetwise, brutal and beautiful, provocative and self-incriminating, with much musicality and a corrosive bravura, brilliantly complicated by bursts of vernacular language and flashes of compassion. Whether listening to Emmylou Harris while thinking she should be memorizing Tolstoy, reflecting on her “full-to-bursting motherliness,” aging body, the tensions and lurchings of a relationship, or “the cockamamie lovingness” of it all, the language flies fast and furious. As the poet Tony Hoagland wrote of Blevins’s previous book, The Brass Girl Brouhaha, “this is the dirty, trash-talking, highly edified real thang.”

Maman s Homesick Pie

Author : Donia Bijan
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For Donia Bijan’s family, food has been the language they use to tell their stories and to communicate their love. In 1978, when the Islamic revolution in Iran threatened their safety, they fled to California’s Bay Area, where the familiar flavors of Bijan’s mother’s cooking formed a bridge to the life they left behind. Now, through the prism of food, award-winning chef Donia Bijan unwinds her own story, finding that at the heart of it all is her mother, whose love and support enabled Bijan to realize her dreams. From the Persian world of her youth to the American life she embraced as a teenager to her years at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (studying under the infamous Madame Brassart) to apprenticeships in France’s three-star kitchens and finally back to San Francisco, where she opened her own celebrated bistro, Bijan evokes a vibrant kaleidoscope of cultures and cuisines. And she shares thirty inspired recipes from her childhood (Saffron Yogurt Rice with Chicken and Eggplant and Orange Cardamom Cookies), her French training (Ratatouille with Black Olives and Fried Bread and Purple Plum Skillet Tart), and her cooking career (Roast Duck Legs with Dates and Warm Lentil Salad and Rose Petal Ice Cream). An exhilarating, heartfelt memoir, Maman’s Homesick Pie is also a reminder of the women who encourage us to shine.