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Robot on the Loose 11

Author : Henry Winkler
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Hank, the star of the bestselling easy-to-read series, is back! This time, he has to learn the nuts and bolts of making a robot--and making a friend! Hank's school is hosting its first-ever Build-a-Robot competition and Hank is ready to win. There's just one problem: he completely forgot about the contest! While other kids have been working on their robots for a month, Hank has just two days to create an amazing robot that will wow the judges and win him the trophy. To make matters worse, there might be another problem, too. Hank has no idea how to build a robot! With help from Jaden, a robot expert at his school, Hank and his friends construct their robot, Stanley, just in time. But on the day of the competition, Stanley malfunctions! It will take Hank, Frankie, Ashley, and their new friend Jaden to get it back on track. Forget winning the trophy--Hank has to stop a robot on the loose!

The Obsoletes

Author : Simeon Mills
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In this “inventive, moving, and funny” (Jess Walter, #1 New York Times bestselling author) coming-of-age novel, two human-like teen robots navigate high school, basketball, and potentially life-threatening consequences if their true origins are discovered by the inhabitants of their intolerant 1980s Michigan hometown. Fraternal twin brothers Darryl and Kanga are just like any other teenagers trying to make it through high school. They have to deal with peer pressure, awkwardness, and family drama. But there’s one closely guarded secret that sets them apart: they’re robots. So long as they keep their heads down, their robophobic neighbors won’t discover the truth about them and they just might make it through to graduation. But when Kanga becomes the star of the basketball team, his worrywart brother Darryl now has to work a million times harder to keep them both out of the spotlight. Though they look, sound, and act perfectly human, if anyone in their small, depressed Michigan town were to find out what they truly are, they’d likely be disassembled by an angry mob in the middle of their school gym. “Curious, sweet, heartbreaking, and redemptive” (Delilah S. Dawson, New York Times bestselling author), this is a funny, poignant look at brotherhood, xenophobia, and the limits of one’s programming.

Brother from a Box

Author : Evan Kuhlman
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Matt Rambeau finds out what it is like to have a brother when his father creates a robot kid that goes to school with Matt, shares his feelings and ideas, plays, does chores, and becomes a part of the family.

Making Simple Robots

Author : Kathy Ceceri
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Making Simple Robots is based on one idea: Anybody can build a robot! That includes kids, school teachers, parents, and non-engineers. If you can knit, sew, or fold a flat piece of paper into a box, you can build a no-tech robotic part. If you can use a hot glue gun, you can learn to solder basic electronics into a low-tech robot that reacts to its environment. And if you can figure out how to use the apps on your smart phone, you can learn enough programming to communicate with a simple robot. Written in language that non-engineers can understand, Making Simple Robots helps beginners move beyond basic craft skills and materials to the latest products and tools being used by artists and inventors. Find out how to animate folded paper origami, design a versatile robot wheel-leg for 3D printing, or program a rag doll to blink its cyborg eye. Each project includes step-by-step directions as well as clear diagrams and photographs. And every chapter offers suggestions for modifying and expanding the projects, so that you can return to the projects again and again as your skill set grows.

Giant Robot

Author :
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Screw It

Author : Aubrey Smith
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Have you ever wondered how you'd survive without a man to attend to the odd jobs around the house? Have you ever wished you knew how to put up a shelf or check the oil in your car? And, more importantly, not have to call a man round? Then this is the book for you! From changing a car tyre and checking brake fluid and coolant to building a campfire and making a compost bin, Screw It! features all the traditionally male skills that a woman should learn to make her life that much easier. Divided into sections focusing on vehicle maintenance, the home, the garden and the great outdoors, each task is succinctly explained and accompanied by beautifully illustrated instructions with a traditional feel. Never again will you need to rely on the man in your life!

Boys Life

Author :
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Children s Magazine Guide

Author :
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How to Raise an MVP Most Valuable Person

Author : Ambrose Robinson
File Size : 52.73 MB
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Anecdotes of the authors' family life accompany advice on dealing with such parenting issues as honesty, academics, curfews, and anger


Author :
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He s All That

Author : Janet Quin-Harkin
File Size : 57.88 MB
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Twins Tia and Tamera take drastic measures to avoid losing a couple of cute boys, with Tia going out on a double date with her mom, and Tamera agreeing to a night out with the neighborhood nerd. Original.


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The New Era

Author :
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New Scientist

Author :
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College Essays That Made a Difference

Author : Princeton Review (Firm)
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Presents examples of 123 real essays by college hopefuls along with advice from admission officers from top universities on what they look for when evaluating essays and applicants

Lego with Dad

Author : Warren Nash
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Break out the bricks, it's time for awesome family fun! LEGO bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now dads can join in and help build amazing new creations. LEGO® With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your LEGO supplies to make creative new projects. No expensive new sets required! With detailed instructions on the basic LEGO techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.

Featuring step-by-step lessons for fun projects including:

Customized rocketship

Robot with movable parts

Menagerie of colorful animals

Helicopter with rotating blades

And much, much more! Whether you and your kids are LEGO novices or aspiring Master Builders, this book will show you how to explore the world of bricks together to create amazing projects and lifelong memories.


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Bricks

Chapter 2: LEGO how-to’s

Chapter 3: Classic Creations

Chapter 4: Fun for Everyone

Chapter 5: For Adventurous Builders

Chapter 6: LEGO in Motion

The Robot People

Author : Eve Bunting
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Magnus, one of two robots programmed to work in an underground nuclear operation, possesses a hatred of all humans and forms goals of which the scientists are unaware.

Rights of the Hearing Impaired

Author :
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American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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Dreams and Decisions Student text

Author : Carl Bernard Smith
File Size : 78.76 MB
Format : PDF
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