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Physics of the Human Body

Author : Irving Herman
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This book comprehensively addresses the physical and engineering aspects of human physiology by using and building on first-year college physics and mathematics. It is the most comprehensive book on the physics of the human body, and the only book also providing theoretical background. The book is geared to undergraduates interested in physics, medical applications of physics, quantitative physiology, medicine, and biomedical engineering.

Human Body

Author : Nicholas Harris
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Get close-up and personal with the human body! Imagine you could shrink and zoom down inside a person's body. You travel through the skin, into the bloodstrea, into the blood cells and eventually reach the DNA and genes that are the very stuff of life!

Investigating the Human Body

Author : Connie Jankowski
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Readers will learn about the way our body works to keep us moving and healthy in this stimulating book that features a variety of colorful, vivid images, easy-to-read text, a helpful glossary and index, and fascinating facts. This book will have readers captivated as they learn about the various systems in our bodies, including the digestive system, skeletal system, circulatory system, muscular system, endocrine system, and immune system. An engaging lab activity is featured to aid in further understanding of how our bodies help us in everyday activities!

The Anatomy of the Human Body

Author : John Bell
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Dante and the Human Body

Author : John C. Barnes
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The essays in this volume explore Dante's interest in the human body from various intellectual standpoints, the contributors being a mixture of historians, literary scholars, and theologians. They are: 'The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body in the Commedia' by Simon A. Gilson (University of Warwick); 'Dante, Medicine and the Invisible Body' by Vivian Nutton (Wellcome Trust Centre, University of London); 'The Scientific Context of Dante's Embryology' by Joseph Ziegler (University of Haifa); 'Sanatio and Salvatio: 'Body' and Soul in the Experience of Dante's Afterlife' by Simone De Angelis (University of Berne); 'Nostalgia in Heaven: Embraces, Affection and Identity in the Commedia' by Manuele Gragnolati (Somerville College, Oxford); 'Divina anatomia: Laying Bare Body and Soul in the Commedia' by Elizabeth Mozzillo-Howell (formerly of the University of Cambridge); ''La rosa in che il verbo divino carne si fece': Human Bodies and Truth in the Poetic Narrative of the Commedia' by Vittorio Montemaggi (Churchill College, Cambridge); and 'World and Body: A Study in Dante's Cosmological Hermeneutics' by Oliver Davies (King's College, London).

Human Body Systems

Author : Daniel D. Chiras
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· Senses.

Human Body Composition

Author : Timothy Lohman
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The 2nd edition of Human Body Composition includes updated information and new chapters. The editors and 35 contributors are well respected researchers in the field of body composition science. This is one of few texts that provides comprehensive coverage of body composition research. The primary intent is to present current information on research methods. This book can serve as a textbook for those who are students or new researchers. Descriptions of various methods and background information are imparted in great detail with numerous references. New chapters address energy expenditure, animal body composition, molecular genetics and body composition as it relates to disease states of cancer, HIV, obesity and certain inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This book is recommended for students and new researchers in the field of body composition research who need to learn various methods, histories and practical applications--Publisher's description.

The Human body

Author : Henry Newell Martin
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The Human Body

Author : Karen Seinor
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The human body is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues and subsequently organ systems. It comprises a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and feet. The various systems within the human body allows us to function and move effectively, to relate to others and to live a happy life. Author and teacher Karen Seinor takes the young reader on a wonderful journey as she explains the systems and organs of the human body and their functions. With wonderful illustrations and diagrams, The Human Body is a valuable addition to the Young Reed library.

The Human Body The Facts Book for Future Doctors Biology Books for Kids Revised Edition Children s Biology Books

Author : Baby Professor
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Lessons on the human body deserve a review, especially when you’re training future doctors. This is revised edition of a popular biology book. New and better images were added to encourage the imagination while reading. The easy-on-the-eye design will definitely keep a learner’s attention. Grab a copy in print, hardcover and digital format today.

The Human Body Skeletal Muscular Systems

Author :
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The Image and Appearance of the Human Body

Author : Paul Schilder
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling

Author : Thomas T. Samaras
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Several books have been published on scaling in biology and its ramifications in the animal kingdom. However, none has specifically examined the multifaceted effects of how changes in human height create disproportionately larger changes in weight, surface area, strength and other physiological parameters. Yet, the impact of these non-linear effects on individual humans as well as our world's environment is enormous. Since increasing human body size has widespread ramifications, this book presents findings on the human species and its ecological niche. In biology, an ecological niche' refers to the role played by a species in its community and how the species interacts with its environment. Thus, a few chapters provide an ecological overview of how increasing human body size relates to human evolution, fitness, health, survival and the environment. This book provides a unique purview of the laws of scaling on human performance, health, longevity and the environment. Numerous examples from various research disciplines are used to illustrate the impact of increasing body size on many aspects of human enterprises, including work output, athletics and intellectual performance.

Human Body

Author : Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc
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Documents every part, organ, and system of the human body and explains how they work, and includes descriptions of common disorders and ailments, a glossary of terms, and more than seven hundred color illustrations with captions.

Introduction to the Human Body

Author : Gerard J. Tortora
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Introduction to the Human Body combines exceptional content and outstanding visual, auditory, and interactive presentations for a multimodal and comprehensive learning experience. This digital course gives students the ability to learn and explore anatomy and physiology both inside and outside of the classroom.

Reading the Human Body

Author : Mladen Popović
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Offering new reconstructions and interpretations of physiognomic and astrological texts from Qumran in comparison with Babylonian and Greco-Roman texts, this book gives a fresh view of their sense, function, and status within both the Qumran community and Second Temple Judaism.

Drawing the Human Body

Author : Giovanni Civardi
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Overflowing with sketches that capture a wondrous repertoire of angles and poses; this is the ultimate guide to drawing people “to life.” The author shows the male and the female body from multiple positions; reveals typical proportions; describes each part of the skeleton and each muscle; extensively comments on physical morphology; and offers a plethora of gestures and actions. A unique combination of technique and imagination.

The Story of the Human Body

Author : Daniel Lieberman
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In this landmark book of popular science, Daniel E. Lieberman—chair of the department of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University and a leader in the field—gives us a lucid and engaging account of how the human body evolved over millions of years, even as it shows how the increasing disparity between the jumble of adaptations in our Stone Age bodies and advancements in the modern world is occasioning this paradox: greater longevity but increased chronic disease. The Story of the Human Body brilliantly illuminates as never before the major transformations that contributed key adaptations to the body: the rise of bipedalism; the shift to a non-fruit-based diet; the advent of hunting and gathering, leading to our superlative endurance athleticism; the development of a very large brain; and the incipience of cultural proficiencies. Lieberman also elucidates how cultural evolution differs from biological evolution, and how our bodies were further transformed during the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. While these ongoing changes have brought about many benefits, they have also created conditions to which our bodies are not entirely adapted, Lieberman argues, resulting in the growing incidence of obesity and new but avoidable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Lieberman proposes that many of these chronic illnesses persist and in some cases are intensifying because of “dysevolution,” a pernicious dynamic whereby only the symptoms rather than the causes of these maladies are treated. And finally—provocatively—he advocates the use of evolutionary information to help nudge, push, and sometimes even compel us to create a more salubrious environment. (With charts and line drawings throughout.)

Ownership of the Human Body

Author : H.A. Ten Have
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This is the first book in healthcare ethics addressing the moral issues regarding ownership of the human body. Modern medicine increasingly transforms the body and makes use of body parts for diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive purposes. The book analyzes the concept of body ownership. It also reviews the ownership issues arising in clinical care (for example, donation policies, autopsy) and biomedical research. Societies and legal systems also have to deal with issues of body ownership. A comparison is made between specific legal arrangements in The Netherlands and France, as examples of legal approaches. In the final section of the book, different theoretical perspectives on the human body are analyzed: libertarian, personalist, deontological and utilitarian theories of body ownership.

Human Body

Author : Beverly McMillan
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Enhanced by microphotography, advanced medical imaging, and annotated illustrations, offers an introduction to the struture and functions of all the systems that make up a human body.