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Hunters of the Dusk

Author : Darren Shan
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Leaving the enclave of Vampire Mountain, Harkat, Darren and Mr Crepsley are shadowed by a creature of the night, do battle with the vampaneze, meet the mysterious Evanna and pay a visit to some old friends at the Cirque Du Freak.

Hunters of the Dusk The Saga of Darren Shan Book 7

Author : Darren Shan
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Darren Shan, Mr Crepsley and Vancha Marsch, are the hunters of the dusk. Their quarry – the Vampaneze Lord. But friends old and new may stand in their way...

Cirque Du Freak 7 Hunters of the Dusk

Author : Darren Shan
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The pursuit begins....Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, leaves Vampire Mountain on a life or death mission. As part of an elite force, Darren searches the world for the Vampaneze Lord. But the road ahead is long and dangerous-and lined with the bodies of the damned.

Cirque Du Freak The Manga Vol 7

Author : Darren Shan
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Setting out from Vampire Mountain, Darren embarks on a mission as part of an elite quartet sent to find the Vampanese Lord. Along their journey, though, they are imparted an ominous prophecy: "...If you have face the Vampaneze Lord four times and fail to kill him, only one of you will live to witness the fall of the vampire clan."


Author : Christine Hallfeldt
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Eons ago, the galaxies of the universe were conjoined. These super galaxies were the result of atoms merging as the universe was born in a tight cluster. As time passed, the galaxies started to tear and drift apart, creating the Voids. In the year 3001, the universe continues to expand, but now, riftsthe by-product of the galaxies separationthreaten to tear the universe to bits. On Earth, Sean Mathewson Caleb was once a sergeant in the famous Non-Existent Wars. He plans to finally retire and live out his life in peace. Then, an unexpected visit from an alien life form changes the course of his destiny, and a letter from his late father gives him the tools he needs to fight the oncoming darknessbut will it be enough? Meanwhile, in another galaxy, mysterious attacks are making people question whats really out there. Something dark looms in the Voids. They are Dark Matter Entities, ironically nicknamed Sprites. These non-corporeal beings rain death and destruction on anything that is an affront to their existence. With the threat of these beings and with the universe falling apart, it seems a cataclysm is on its way unless a few brave souls can stop it.

Taken at Dusk

Author : C. C. Hunter
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At Shadow Falls, teens with supernatural powers bond, fall in love, and learn to harness their abilities. But a shocking revelation changes everything these teens thought they knew about Shadow Falls, and each other... Kylie Galen wants the truth so badly she can taste it. The truth about her real family, the truth about which boy she's meant to be with—and the truth about her emerging powers. But she's about to discover that some secrets can change your life forever...and not always for the better. Just when she and Lucas are finally getting close, she learns that his pack has forbidden them from being together. Was it a mistake to pick him over Derek? And it's not just romance troubling Kylie. An amnesia-stricken ghost is haunting her, delivering the frightful warning, someone lives and someone dies. As Kylie races to unravel the mystery and protect those she loves, she finally unlocks the truth about her supernatural identity, which is far different—and more astonishing—than she ever imagined. Don’t miss the third book in C. C. Hunter’s riveting, New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series, Taken at Dusk!

Dusk The Dire Wolves Chronicles 2

Author : Alyssa Rose Ivy
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After you have sacrificed your freedom what else is there to lose? Mary Anne has given her word to Hunter that she’ll stay as his mate, but every second she spends with him takes her further away from Gage when he needs her the most. Caught between love and duty, Mary Anne discovers that her troubles are just beginning, and that sometimes love comes at a great price. *New Adult Paranormal Romance*

The Dream Hunters Epoch

Author : Shirley G. East
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THE PALEO INDIAN SERIES: CLOVIS THE DREAM HUNTERS EPOCH A frightened abandoned child struggles to survive the terrifying perils of the Pleistocene Llano Estacado to become a powerful woman, protected by Spirit Mammoth Mother; her only friend a huge Dire Wolf. Set against the panoramic backdrop of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and Llano Estacado of Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, the reader will thrill to meet the majestic Columbian Mammoth, shiver with fear at the attack of a fi erce Saber Toothed Tiger and come to love a very special Dire Wolf. She seeks and fi nds Th e People only to be threatened by an evil Dreamer who recognizes her as a threat and seeks her death. Th e Dream Hunters series will both captivate and educate the reader as they learn about the Clovis people, that early Paleo-Indian culture which has so intrigued and eluded the archaeologists for decades. Th e author has applied her fi rst hand experience as continued to back fl ap

Dawn Dusk and Deer

Author : Emmitt J. Nelson
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Dawn, Dusk and Deer is about memories. Fond memories. It is my belief that one of the principal things gained from deer hunting is the host of great memories that one can visit, at will, year after year. All one has to do to get into a very enjoyable conversation is find another deer hunter to share memories with. True deer hunters not only love to hunt deer, but they also love to tell about and hear others tell about hunting deer. Deer hunting is patriotic sport. The Native Americans were here and hunting deer when Europeans arrived. The settlers then hunted deer until they were almost extinct in many parts of America. With conservation they have recovered in population. And many Americans still practice the sport of their ancestors. I do. And I like to hear the stories of other hunters and to tell the stories that came to me on my deer hunting trail. The story recorded here is not so much about harvesting of deer for food but about the many experiences that come along on the deer trail. Some good and some bad.

Dusk Runner

Author : Mathias G. B. Colwell
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In the midst of chaos and darkness, Elliyar and his companions fight a losing battle to defend their homeland, the fallen elven kingdom of Andalaya. They fight against a dangerous alliance of dark elves and human invaders. Arrows loosed from the shadows and violent ambushes characterize his people's existence. Yet the young elf, Elliyar, can't help but wonder if this meager resistance is really all that is left for them or if there is something more in store for his people.It is in this war-torn land that an ancient power, a power that was thought lost for centuries, is rediscovered, and a primal evil begins to arise once more. Will Elliyar have the strength and ability within him to protect the ones he loves, especially the beautiful Miri, and shift the course of the war? Dusk Runner is the story of battles and last stands, a tale of love and betrayal. It is the telling of one young elf who comes of age during the dusk of his people's existence and of his desperate fight for their survival. It is a story of the power of love to inspire and give hope even in the darkest times.

Dusk with a Dangerous Duke

Author : Alexandra Hawkins
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Dusk with a Dangerous Duke Alexandra Hawkins They were children when the Duke of Huntsley was introduced to Lady Grace Kearly. The young duke—nicknamed "Hunter"—took one look at his future bride and thought only of escaping his responsibilities to his family. Marriage was for grown-ups and Hunter still had years of skirt-chasing ahead of him. But now the time has come for Hunter to heed the call: if this Lord of Vice hopes to keep all of his inheritance, he'll have to claim his long-neglected betrothed... With her twenty-first birthday approaching, Lady Grace dreads the thought of marrying the duke she has met only once—especially since he's grown into a notorious rake who will probably beget his heir and abandon her in the country while he pursues fresh game in London. So when Lady Grace coolly decides to call the wedding off, even Hunter is surprised by his refusal to let her go. Suddenly, the notion of claiming and taming this green-eyed beauty is one challenge he cannot resist...

The Airgun Hunter s Year

Author : Ian Barnett
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"You will not find a more experienced and enthusiastic airgun hunter than Ian Barnett who, in this new book, takes the reader on hunting forays to field, wood and farm in search of rabbits, squirrels, corvids, pigeons, rats.As the year progresses, he describes the many tactics needed to pursue particular quarry, he offers countless technical tips, looks at the pros and cons of using certain airguns and pellets and offers some excellent recipes!To read this is to discover the thrill and fascination of airgun hunting, enjoying the great outdoors from the depths of winter to high summer. "

From Dawn to Dusk

Author : Sara McDaniel H. Kemp
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Born shortly before the beginning of the Great Depression, Sara Hall Kemp recalls the story of her life, full of success, tragedy and family bonds. At an early age she learns the hard lessons of loss and personal strength. Moving from farm to farm along the Glade near Acworth Georgia, the family was supported by her fathers farming and odd jobs. Farmers were hit hard during the Depression in the 1930¿s. But for many, farming was the only way their families could be fed. As her family perseveres through countless hardships and tender moments, Sara speaks of the love that holds a family together. It was very hard for farmer¿s children to get an education; everyone had to work. Her determination to finish school was not to be denied. She sometimes had to walk four miles to and from school. Through her military service and later career, Sara stands up for her own convictions. Here, she passes on those convictions and a faith in God to her own family and to the reading audience. Strength and determination taught Sara how to live her own life and put her trust in God. There is much to learn from such a strong woman.

The Bleeding Dusk

Author : Colleen Gleason
File Size : 30.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The third volume in award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason's International Bestselling Gardella Vampire Hunter Series. "Gleason is really on a roll!" —Publishers Weekly "Gleason keeps upping the ante with each novel, weaving the characters around her readers with each engaging conversation and narrative, every stage set of all the appropriate gothic gloom and melting beauty." —Book Fetish "Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jane Austen." —The Book Standard Now the undead of Rome race to unravel an ancient mystery--and only one woman can stop them... As Rome prepares for its Carnivale, the new leader of the city's vampire hunters, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy--must prove herself as never before. For, in order to gain access to the secrets of a legendary alchemist, Rome's vampires have allied themselves with creatures as evil and bloodthirsty as they are. Reluctantly, Victoria must turn to the enigmatic Sebastian Vioget for help--just as Max Pesaro arrives to help his fellow slayers, no matter what the price. Desire puts Victoria at the mercy of Sebastian, while loyalty binds her to Max...but can she trust either man? Especially when a seductive vampire begins luring her into the shadows... _______ This is a five-book series about Victoria Gardella, Vampire Hunter. The series should be read in order to avoid spoilers. The series is: The Rest Falls Away Rises the Night The Bleeding Dusk When Twilight Burns As Shadows Fade All five books are now available.

On the Move

Author : Sue Boinski
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Getting from here to there may be simple for one individual. But as any parent, scout leader, or CEO knows, herding a whole troop in one direction is a lot more complicated. Who leads the group? Who decides where the group will travel, and using what information? How do they accomplish these tasks? On the Move addresses these questions, examining the social, cognitive, and ecological processes that underlie patterns and strategies of group travel. Chapters discuss how factors such as group size, resource distribution and availability, the costs of travel, predation, social cohesion, and cognitive skills affect how individuals as well as social groups exploit their environment. Most chapters focus on field studies of a wide range of human and nonhuman primate groups, from squirrel monkeys to Turkana pastoralists, but chapters covering group travel in hyenas, birds, dolphins, and bees provide a broad taxonomic perspective and offer new insights into comparative questions, such as whether primates are unique in their ability to coordinate group-level activities.

The Source

Author : James A. Michener
File Size : 38.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In his signature style of grand storytelling, James A. Michener transports us back thousands of years to the Holy Land. Through the discoveries of modern archaeologists excavating the site of Tell Makor, Michener vividly re-creates life in an ancient city and traces the profound history of the Jewish people—from the persecution of the early Hebrews, the rise of Christianity, and the Crusades to the founding of Israel and the modern conflict in the Middle East. An epic tale of love, strength, and faith, The Source is a richly written saga that encompasses the history of Western civilization and the great religious and cultural ideas that have shaped our world. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Praise for The Source “Fascinating . . . stunning . . . [a] wonderful rampage through history . . . Biblical history, as seen through the eyes of a professor who is puzzled, appalled, delighted, enriched and impoverished by the spectacle of a land where all men are archeologists.”—The New York Times “A sweeping [novel] filled with excitement—pagan ritual, the clash of armies, ancient and modern: the evolving drama of man’s faith.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer “Magnificent . . . a superlative piece of writing both in scope and technique . . . one of the great books of this generation.”—San Francisco Call Bulletin

Cry at Dusk

Author : Lester Dent
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A college football star’s dark past catches up with him when his uncle is murdered Johnny Marks knows all about running, and not just because he’s a standout on the football field. Ever since he was twelve, he’s been raised by his shady Uncle Walter, moving from town to town and using a different name each time, until forged transcripts land him a place at a top-tier college. Johnny, now going by the name Oliver Stringer, doesn’t know why he and his uncle are on the run, only that the reason is somehow connected to his late father. Stringer thinks that by being in the public eye, no one will suspect his past identities. But when he appears on a sports newsreel, the wrong people notice him. Soon Jennifer appears, an angelic-looking but dangerous dame who had caught Stringer in a love triangle a year ago. The third point of that triangle was Herman Bouncett, a sadomasochistic bookie who’s hunting Walter. When his uncle is found shot to death, Stringer is convinced that Bouncett and the bookie’s crony, Pedro Tamus, are behind it. Now he must chase down two diabolical characters, as well as his own family secrets.

A Dusk of Demons

Author : John Christopher
File Size : 30.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ben must uncover the secrets of his home, the strange demons that lurk in dark corners, and his destiny as the Master of Old Isle in this adventure from the author of the Tripods series. Ben lives a carefree life on Old Isle, far away from horrible demons that terrorize the people on the mainland. He shares his home with Mother Ryan, Antonia, Paddy, and the Master. They’re not his real family, but they’re the only family he’s ever known. Then, in a single day, Ben’s quiet existence is turned upside down. After the Master dies and reveals a startling connection, Ben becomes the new Master of Old Isle. And when demons burn his house to the ground and his family leaves their home, Ben is forced to stay behind. Soon Ben manages to escape and begin a journey across the sea and the countryside to learn the secrets of his heritage. But he is being pursued by people who wish to use his power for their own selfish purposes, and time is running short for him to make things rights.

Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn

Author : John Lars Zwerenz
File Size : 59.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn takes the reader on a mystical journey through both the brightest of days and the darkest of nights. This collection of poetry, written with spiritual language uses both classical rhyme and meter to express what is ineffable in the ethos of the human experience. In this anthology the poet pays homage to many of his grand piers in the form of several odes. This volume is comprised of a preface written by the author and eighty-four new sonnets. The sonnets which are to be found within this book represent the best in contemporary American verse. Publisher: Xlibris Format: Softcover Page Count: 93 Ebook

The Redwood Stumper 2001 2009

Author : Paul Feist
File Size : 70.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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