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I m Not Bad I m Just Mad

Author : Lawrence E. Shapiro
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By working through the activities in I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad, children with anger control problems can develop better emotional and behavioral control. Kids will learn how to identify the things that make them angry, become better problem solvers, talk about their frustrations, and much more.

I Feel Mad Tips for Kids on Managing Angry Feelings

Author : Donna Shea
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The I Feel Mad anger workbook provides simple, actionable and proven strategies to help kids manage angry feelings. In thisworkbook, your child will learn:* the anger rule to follow and what he or she can or cannot do when he or she is feeling angry;* that anger is a normal emotion we all have, but managing anger appropriately is a critical life skill;* how to identify the physical sensations of anger and implement strategies before it becomes too hot to handle;* a menu of safe strategies to choose from when angry situations arise;* and effective problem-solving skills and specific reactions to replace an angry response.

Godey s Lady s Book

Author :
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Includes music.

The Complete Parenting Book

Author : David A. Stoop
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Expert parenting advice on everything from choosing the right education option to helping your child deal with grief and loss.

Books in Print 2009 2010

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Observing Development of the Young Child

Author : Janice J. Beaty
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Observing and recording the development of young children ages two to six years old in an early childhood classroom setting.

Rodale s Book of Shortcuts

Author : Cheryl Winters Tetreau
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Offers practical advice on vitamins, first aid, nutrition, exercise, cooking, interior design, child rearing, cleaning, investments, and vacations

The Little Book of Parenting

Author : M. Elizabeth Tracey
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The Parent Book

Author : Harold Bessell
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The Publishers Trade List Annual

Author :
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Treating Abuse Today

Author :
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The Parenting Survival Kit

Author : Aleta Koman
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Offers advice on such parenting issues as attachment and bonding, child development, child care, communication, discipline, financial planning, health, bereavement, play, schedules, sibling rivalry, sleep, stress, and self-esteem.

The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy Baby Care

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The first illustrated practical handbook for new parents & parents-to-be, complete with color photographs every step of the way. The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy & Baby Care is the most complete & fully illustrated guide to parenting ever published. As natural as having a child is, there are still thousands of questions to be answered. Good Housekeeping does just that, by showing you, in 800 glorious, wonderful, adorable, captivating color photographs, real parents caring for real children. No question, however small or elementary, goes unanswered or appears without illustration. In its inimitable style -- confident, caring, down-to-earth -- it takes you through every step of pregnancy & childcare from conception to age three. In the section on pregnancy, you'll find a thoughtful, up-to-the-minute lesson in prenatal planning, exercise, nutrition, labor, & birthing alternatives. A unique month-by-month photographic diary of one woman's pregnancy will help you understand what changes your body & emotions undergo. Chapters on baby care offer step-by-step photographs & explanations on every imaginable subject: How to bottle-feed, breast-feed, express milk; How to change diapers, choose a layette, buy a car seat; How to dress, undress, feed, & bathe your baby; How to deal with crying spells, sleepless nights, diaper rash, potty training. In the section on health care, everything you need to know to recognize & treat common childhood illnesses is presented in a clear, no-nonsense, easy-to-find & follow format, along with a guide to childhood first aid, growth charts, & immunization timetables. Authoritative, clear, practical, & comforting, The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy & Baby Care will be your indispensable companion through the first three years of your baby's life.

Jerry Wurf Labor s Last Angry Man

Author : Joseph C. Goulden
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The leader of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Union reflects on his successful efforts to organize and keep his union growing, on his failures, and on his disputes with other labor leaders

Rules for Raising Kids

Author : Robert I. Lesowitz
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"Rules for raising kids is a book about prevention. It is a guide for parents, teachers, physicians, and will be extremely helpful for anyone who deals with children. This book tells how to raise kids so they won't have problems at a later time. And more importantly, it is a book that shows how to deal with minor problems so that they don't become major problems. Unlike so many that have come before, Rules for Raising Kids is understandable, readable, humorous, and most of all, it is sufficiently concrete and specific to help people deal with the problems of raising children."--Back cover.

How to Read Your Child Like a Book

Author : Lynn Weiss
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This is an explanation of why babies, toddlers and pre-school children behave the way they do and how to deal with them. It examines issues such as why toddlers act in a self-centred way. The author discusses the five key stages of a child's development and the key to behaviour at each.

Psychiatry and Social Science Review

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Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

Author : M. Gary Neuman
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The creator of the Sandcastles Divorce Therapy Program presents a practical guide to help children deal with divorce, including suggestions for parents on what to say

Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

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The Father s Almanac

Author : St. Clair Adams Sullivan
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A perennial bestseller, now revised and updated for a new generation of fathers, this readable, inspiring guide to the world of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is an indispensable treasury of advice, ideas, and suggestions.