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I m Not Bad I m Just Mad

Author : Lawrence E. Shapiro
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By working through the activities in I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad, children with anger control problems can develop better emotional and behavioral control. Kids will learn how to identify the things that make them angry, become better problem solvers, talk about their frustrations, and much more.

Living With Anger Issues

Author : Dr Daniel Fung
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Format : PDF
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How do you help a child who has difficulty controlling his temper? The definitive guide to understanding and dealing with the different mental health issues that may affect children.Written by leading professionals in the field.

The ADHD Workbook for Kids

Author : Lawrence E. Shapiro
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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In The ADHD Workbook for Kids, an internationally-recognized child psychologist presents more than forty ten-minute games and activities children with ADHD can do to learn to make friends, gain confidence, and manage out-of-control behaviors.

Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges

Author : Deborah Vlock
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Written by a mother, expressly for other parents, this work supports parents as they help their kids manage life with mental illness. It offers insight into the various life “hurdles” every mom or dad must guide their children over—but which loom higher and more frightening when a child’s emotional disorder is thrown into the mix.

Cool Calm and Confident

Author : Lisa M. Schab
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Self-assured, assertive kids are not only less likely to be picked on by their peers, they're also less likely to bully others. But it's not always easy for children to find a healthy middle ground between passivity and aggression. If your child is a frequent target for bullies, or has begun to tease and take advantage of other kids, the easy and effective activities in Cool, Calm, and Confident can help. These simple exercises help children stand up for themselves without coming across as aggressive, learn to be both kind and assertive, and develop self-confidence and a positive self-image. Using this workbook is an easy and effective way to instill self-esteem in both passive and aggressive children-a strength that will prove invaluable in childhood, in their teenage years, and throughout their lives. Help children to: Learn the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior; behave in ways that discourage teasing; understand their rights and stand up for themselves; stay calm and learn skills for managing anger; and make real and lasting friendships.

Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens

Author : Anita Bohensky, PhD
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Too much anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. Most kids and teens can use their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens reduces levels of anger, especially in provocative situations. Kids and Teens will learn effective coping behaviors to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts. Graduated homework assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens employs the three major anger control interventions by using model presentations, rehearsal, positive feedback and promoting. The Workbook is designed especially for adolescents and pre-adolescents.

I Feel Mad Tips for Kids on Managing Angry Feelings

Author : Donna Shea
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The I Feel Mad anger workbook provides simple, actionable and proven strategies to help kids manage angry feelings. In thisworkbook, your child will learn:* the anger rule to follow and what he or she can or cannot do when he or she is feeling angry;* that anger is a normal emotion we all have, but managing anger appropriately is a critical life skill;* how to identify the physical sensations of anger and implement strategies before it becomes too hot to handle;* a menu of safe strategies to choose from when angry situations arise;* and effective problem-solving skills and specific reactions to replace an angry response.

The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids

Author : Children's Bible Hour
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A collection of devotions for each day of the calendar year, including readings, illustrative stories, memory verses, and questions to internalize the messages.

The Big Fat Bitch Book

Author : Kate Figes
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Why do women excel at bitching? And are there ways to do it well? In this unique and entertaining book, Kate Figes explores girltalk, the way bitching erupts amongst teenage girls, the tenacity of female stereotypes as well as essential guidance on being the best kind of bitch - strong and self-assured rather than the bitch that needs to put other women down to feel stronger. Packed with witty anecdote, etiquette, interviews and contributions from strong bitches such as Kathy Lette, Wendy Holden and Virginia Ironside this is a must read for all women on the most delicious, yet dangerous of verbal art forms.

Books in Print 2009 2010

Author :
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Anger Management Techniques

Author : Bob Scott
File Size : 58.34 MB
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Anger outburst is among the emotions that interpret bitterness and reaction to upsetting situations. But anger outburst as a whole can be threatening to your personality, how you are being perceived and ultimately the kind of relationship you will have with people. Anger is not the only way to convey strong negative emotions. But often people use anger to convey their emotions and end up giving the wrong message. As a consequence, the adversaries are allowed the chance to become the victors. Anger Management Techniques book is dedicated to people with the in-depth desire to control their anger, to channel it into productivity and to make sure that the expression is not harmful to people. Anger emotion will be displayed safely, and you will get the reaction you desire. Also, this book provides ways you can curb anger without the need to be forceful about your feelings. Suppression is never a good method of controlling the emotions, so you should not expect any suppression mechanism. All the techniques shared in this book are focused on control and regulating reaction in upsetting situations. You will learn several ways to understand your anger and to channel it into positivity, making sure that you don't get hurt, even as you reduce the chances of getting angry in the future. Tags: anger management for teens workbook, anger management workbook, anger management for kids, anger management for women, anger and resentment, anger and depression, anger management for men, taming a powerful emotion

Peaceful Parent Happy Kids

Author : Laura Markham
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A groundbreaking guide to raising responsible, capable, happy kids Based on the latest research on brain development and extensive clinical experience with parents, Dr. Laura Markham’s approach is as simple as it is effective. Her message: Fostering emotional connection with your child creates real and lasting change. When you have that vital connection, you don’t need to threaten, nag, plead, bribe—or even punish. This remarkable guide will help parents better understand their own emotions—and get them in check—so they can parent with healthy limits, empathy, and clear communication to raise a self-disciplined child. Step-by-step examples give solutions and kid-tested phrasing for parents of toddlers right through the elementary years. If you’re tired of power struggles, tantrums, and searching for the right “consequence,” look no further. You’re about to discover the practical tools you need to transform your parenting in a positive, proven way.

Lily Tames the Angry Monster

Author : Daddy Dan
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Do you make these TOP-7 mistakes in raising children? (Some of them are inherent even in good parents.) (Mention: based on research of Northeastern University): #1. Placing a ban on the expression of emotions. Children's negative feelings should be avoided altogether. #2. Believing the child should be liked by teachers, friends... A child with anger issues is not acceptable. He should always strive to please others. #3. Falsehood from parents. True toddler anger should not be hidden behind a fake smile (this is a bad way for an angry toddler). Falsification of a kid's anger adversely affects adulthood. #4. When parents try to be an ideal example and avoid talking about mistakes, it subconsciously blocks true life and the toddler's feelings #5. Parents believe that getting high grades is the most important key to a successful adulthood. But learning to manage your toddler's emotions is important too. #6."Boys don't cry." "Don't be angry." "That's bad." Sometimes anger in children appears about things that look silly to adults. Downplaying a child's feelings is not good. #7. Anger management with children is stressful. When your children share their feelings, for goodness sake, don't contradict them. How can parents avoid these mistakes? "How do you deal with anger issues in children?" - Alice "Is there a guide - a kid's book about feelings?" - Lillian "Do toddler anger issues exist?" - Lewis Let's getting ideas from a feelings book for children (children's book about anger)? This book is a great anger management book for children that can help you and your young child understand their emotions. "This emotions book for children is relatable!" - Anna "I did not know you could manage emotions for kids THAT easily!" - Jane "What a useful children's book on anger for ages 3 - 5!" - Alexa This anger book for kids walks you through conversation on how to recognize and deal with anger. It is good for parents to use in dealing with anger in children. Resolve anger issues in toddlers by teaching your child to use anger as a signal. It is also a great children's book about calming down, with anger control techniques for kids. "I enjoyed reading this emotional book for babies!" "My son can also read this as a book about feelings for boys." "I feel like the mom in this anger book for children." Reading this kids book about emotions will help your child learn how to self-regulate emotions. It can help child boost emotional intelligence. "What a superb emotions book for preschool!" "I have used this anger book for preschool classes!" "This book will be useful for preschool anger management sessions." "Lily Tames the Angry Monster" is a perfect children's book about impulse control! It can help in facilitating how preschoolers manage their feelings. This picture book about emotions suitable for young preschoolers in understanding emotions and even for children with a speech delay! "Wow, this toddler's book about feelings and emotions just hit the spot." "How I wish we had this anger management book for preschoolers back then." "As a new parent, I now feel equipped to deal with anger in childhood." Get this children's book about self-regulation today to help your child have a comfortable future! Click BUY NOW to add all the secrets of this children's book about feelings to your parenting experience!

Living on the Ragged Edge Workbook

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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In the never-ending quest for fulfillment, we sometimes convince ourselves that life would be better if we just had a different career . . . more education . . . a new spouse . . . a fresh start in another location. The solution to life's challenges, we think, is just around the corner, a few steps ahead?always just out of reach. Living on the Ragged Edge Workbook opens the pages of an ancient journal?the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. In this very personal, unbelievably honest book, King Solomon chronicles his search for satisfaction, experiencing everything the world offered. The wisest man who ever lived, he certainly had the intelligence and the vast resources to pursue whatever his heart desired?from personal riches to sexual pleasures. Solomon had it all. He did it all with abandon. And he came to the end of his days with the ultimate secret for the "good life." Do you want to know the secret? Do you want to know how to find joy and peace in this world gone mad? In this bestseller Charles Swindoll delivers his characteristic insights and wisdom in an exploration of the book of Ecclesiastes and brings home to you Solomon's powerful message for living at its best.

The Manufacturer and Builder

Author :
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The Complete Parenting Book

Author : David A. Stoop
File Size : 73.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Expert parenting advice on everything from choosing the right education option to helping your child deal with grief and loss.

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics E Book

Author : Karen Marcdante
File Size : 58.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The resource of choice for pediatric residencies, clerkships, and exams, Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics continues to provide a focused overview of the core knowledge in pediatrics. Succinct, targeted coverage of normal childhood growth and development, as well as the diagnosis, management, and prevention of common pediatric diseases and disorders, make this an ideal medical reference book for students, pediatric residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Get an effective overview of pediatrics with help from concise text, a full-color design, high-yield tables, and numerous images. Take advantage of a wealth of images that capture the clinical manifestations and findings associated with Kawasaki disease, lupus, lymphoma, stroke, and many other disorders seen in children. Efficiently review essential, concise pediatric content with this popular extension of the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics (ISBN: 978-1-4377-0755-7). Focus on the core knowledge needed for your pediatric clerkship or rotation with coverage that follows the COMSEP curriculum guidelines. Easily visualize complex aspects with a full-color layout and images, as well as numerous tables throughout the text.

Job Readiness for Health Professionals E Book

Author : Elsevier
File Size : 53.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You might know how to properly bill patients, draw blood, or code in a professional work environment, but are you prepared to find and keep your next job? Using an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow format, Job Readiness for Health Professionals: Soft Skills Strategies for Success gives you an advantage in the job market by guiding you through what you need to know to master the essential soft skills — such as professional habits, attitudes, and personality traits — needed for every entry-level healthcare job. If you want long-term success as a working professional, then this book is for you! Critical thinking exercises woven throughout skills include multidisciplinary scenarios from the field. What If? boxes feature short scenarios for the you to think about how you would handle a situation in the workplace. Case studies use fictional vignettes to illustrate the issues involved with the specific skills. Down a Dark Road vignettes illustrate what can go terribly wrong when a skill is ignored or not mastered. Behavioral objectives provided for mastering each skill. Worktext format with journaling activities give you opportunities for self reflection on your skills progress. Experiential Exercises are actions or experiments that you can perform on your own to gain a deeper appreciation for the skill. Cross Currents with Other Skills cross references related skills, pointing out the synergies and connections between them.

Please Understand Me I Am Your Child

Author : Henry Mainville
File Size : 44.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This Book is an expert guide for parents to achieve understanding and gain knowledge of ways to help their child with ADHD. This guide will also be valuable to teachers and other professionals who work with ADHD children. --How do you know if your child has ADHD? --How do you help your ADHD child function better at home and in school? --How do you help your ADHD child make and keep friends? --How do you help your ADHD child learn better in school? --How do you accept that your child might have ADHD?

Group Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Author : Joan M. Farrell
File Size : 77.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Group Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder represents the first treatment manual for group schema therapy and is based on the only group ST model validated by published empirical evidence. Presents an original adaptation of schema therapy for use in a group setting Provides a detailed manual and patient materials in a user-friendly format Represents a cost-effective ST alternative with the potential to assist in the public health problem of making evidence-based BPD treatment widely available Includes 'guest' chapters from international ST experts Jeff Young, Arnoud Arntz, Hannie van Genderen, George Lockwood, Poul Perris, Neele Reiss, Heather Fretwell and Michiel van Vreeswijk