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Information Fusion for Cyber Security Analytics

Author : Izzat M Alsmadi
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This book highlights several gaps that have not been addressed in existing cyber security research. It first discusses the recent attack prediction techniques that utilize one or more aspects of information to create attack prediction models. The second part is dedicated to new trends on information fusion and their applicability to cyber security; in particular, graph data analytics for cyber security, unwanted traffic detection and control based on trust management software defined networks, security in wireless sensor networks & their applications, and emerging trends in security system design using the concept of social behavioral biometric. The book guides the design of new commercialized tools that can be introduced to improve the accuracy of existing attack prediction models. Furthermore, the book advances the use of Knowledge-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to complement existing IDS technologies. It is aimed towards cyber security researchers.

Information Fusion and Analytics for Big Data and IoT

Author : Eloi Bosse
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are hot topics in the world of intelligence operations and information gathering. This first-of-its-kind volume reveals the benefits of addressing these topics with the integration of Fusion of Information and Analytics Technologies (FIAT). The book explains how FIAT is materialized into decision support systems that are capable of supporting the prognosis, diagnosis, and prescriptive tasks within complex systems and organizations. This unique resource offers keen insight into how complex systems emerge from the interrelation of social and cognitive information, cyber and physical worlds, and the various models of decision-making and situational awareness. Practitioners also discover the central notions of analytics and information fusion. Moreover the book introduces propos such as integration through a FIAT computational model and applications at the systems level. This book concludes with a list of prospective research activities that can contribute towards the required FIAT integration for critical application domains such as: energy, health, transport and defense and security.

The NICE Cyber Security Framework

Author : Izzat Alsmadi
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This textbook is for courses in cyber security education that follow National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) KSAs work roles and framework, that adopt the Competency-Based Education (CBE) method. The book follows the CBT (KSA) general framework, meaning each chapter contains three sections, knowledge and questions, and skills/labs for Skills and Abilities. The author makes an explicit balance between knowledge and skills material in information security, giving readers immediate applicable skills. The book is divided into seven parts: Securely Provision; Operate and Maintain; Oversee and Govern; Protect and Defend; Analysis; Operate and Collect; Investigate. All classroom materials (in the book an ancillary) adhere to the NICE framework. Mirrors classes set up by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Adopts the Competency-Based Education (CBE) method of teaching, used by universities, corporations, and in government training Includes content and ancillaries that provide skill-based instruction on compliance laws, information security standards, risk response and recovery, and more

Applied Soft Computing and Communication Networks

Author : Sabu M. Thampi
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Knowledge Science Engineering and Management

Author : Weiru Liu
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This two volume set of LNAI 11061 and LNAI 11062 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, KSEM 2018, held in Changchun, China, in August 2018. The 62 revised full papers and 26 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 262 submissions. The papers of the first volume are organized in the following topical sections: text mining and document analysis; image and video data analysis; data processing and data mining; recommendation algorithms and systems; probabilistic models and applications; knowledge engineering applications; and knowledge graph and knowledge management. The papers of the second volume are organized in the following topical sections: constraints and satisfiability; formal reasoning and ontologies; deep learning; network knowledge representation and learning; and social knowledge analysis and management.

Computer and Network Security Essentials

Author : Kevin Daimi
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This book introduces readers to the tools needed to protect IT resources and communicate with security specialists when there is a security problem. The book covers a wide range of security topics including Cryptographic Technologies, Network Security, Security Management, Information Assurance, Security Applications, Computer Security, Hardware Security, and Biometrics and Forensics. It introduces the concepts, techniques, methods, approaches, and trends needed by security specialists to improve their security skills and capabilities. Further, it provides a glimpse into future directions where security techniques, policies, applications, and theories are headed. The book represents a collection of carefully selected and reviewed chapters written by diverse security experts in the listed fields and edited by prominent security researchers.

Modern Theories and Practices for Cyber Ethics and Security Compliance

Author : Yaokumah, Winfred
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In today?s globalized world, businesses and governments rely heavily on technology for storing and protecting essential information and data. Despite the benefits that computing systems offer, there remains an assortment of issues and challenges in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of these databases. As professionals become more dependent cyberspace, there is a need for research on modern strategies and concepts for improving the security and safety of these technologies. Modern Theories and Practices for Cyber Ethics and Security Compliance is a collection of innovative research on the concepts, models, issues, challenges, innovations, and mitigation strategies needed to improve cyber protection. While highlighting topics including database governance, cryptography, and intrusion detection, this book provides guidelines for the protection, safety, and security of business data and national infrastructure from cyber-attacks. It is ideally designed for security analysts, law enforcement, researchers, legal practitioners, policymakers, business professionals, governments, strategists, educators, and students seeking current research on combative solutions for cyber threats and attacks.

Open Problems in Network Security

Author : Jan Camenisch
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the IFIP WG 11.4 International Workshop on Open Problems in Network Security, iNetSec 2015, held in Zurich, Switzerland, in October 2015. iNetSec is the main workshop of the IFIP working group WG 11.4; its objective is to present and discuss open problems and new research directions on all aspects related to network security. The 9 revised full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 13 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: network security; intrusion detection; anonymous communication; and cryptography.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Author : Malek Mouhoub
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 30th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Canadian AI 2017, held in Edmonton, AB, Canada, in May 2017. The 19 regular papers and 24 short papers presented together with 6 Graduate Student Symposium papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 62 submissions. The focus of the conference was on the following subjects: Data Mining and Machine Learning; Planning and Combinatorial Optimization; AI Applications; Natural Language Processing; Uncertainty and Preference Reasoning; and Agent Systems.

Advances in Cyber Security

Author : Mohammed Anbar
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Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Author : Xiaofeng Chen
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Machine Learning for Cyber Security, ML4CS 2019, held in Xi’an, China in September 2019. The 23 revised full papers and 3 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 70 submissions. The papers detail all aspects of machine learning in network infrastructure security, in network security detections and in application software security.

Business Modeling and Software Design

Author : Boris Shishkov
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design, BMSD 2018, held in Vienna, Austria, in July 2018. The 14 full papers and 21 short papers selected for inclusion in this book deal with a large number of research topics: (i) Some topics concern Business Processes (BP), such as BP modeling / notations / visualizations, BP management, BP variability, BP contracting, BP interoperability, BP modeling within augmented reality, inter-enterprise collaborations, and so on; (ii) Other topics concern Software Design, such as software ecosystems, specification of context-aware software systems, service-oriented solutions and micro-service architectures, product variability, software development monitoring, and so on; (iii) Still other topics are crosscutting with regard to business modeling and software design, such as data analytics as well as information security and privacy; (iv) Other topics concern hot technology / innovation areas, such as blockchain technology and internet-of-things. Underlying with regard to all those topics is the BMSD’18 theme: Enterprise Engineering and Software Engineering - Processes and Systems for the Future.

Handbook of e Business Security

Author : João Manuel R.S. Tavares
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There are a lot of e-business security concerns. Knowing about e-business security issues will likely help overcome them. Keep in mind, companies that have control over their e-business are likely to prosper most. In other words, setting up and maintaining a secure e-business is essential and important to business growth. This book covers state-of-the art practices in e-business security, including privacy, trust, security of transactions, big data, cloud computing, social network, and distributed systems.

Research Anthology on Rehabilitation Practices and Therapy

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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The availability of practical applications, techniques, and case studies by international therapists is limited despite expansions to the fields of clinical psychology, rehabilitation, and counseling. As dialogues surrounding mental health grow, it is important to maintain therapeutic modalities that ensure the highest level of patient-centered rehabilitation and care are met across global networks. Research Anthology on Rehabilitation Practices and Therapy is a vital reference source that examines the latest scholarly material on trends and techniques in counseling and therapy and provides innovative insights into contemporary and future issues within the field. Highlighting a range of topics such as psychotherapy, anger management, and psychodynamics, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for mental health professionals, counselors, therapists, clinical psychologists, sociologists, social workers, researchers, students, and social science academicians seeking coverage on significant advances in rehabilitation and therapy.

Design and Implementation of Healthcare Biometric Systems

Author : Kisku, Dakshina Ranjan
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Healthcare sectors often deal with a large amount of data related to patients’ care and hospital workforce management. Mistakes occur, and the impending results are disastrous for individuals’ personal identity information. However, an innovative and reliable way to safeguard the identity of individuals and provide protection of medical records from criminals is already in effect. Design and Implementation of Healthcare Biometric Systems provides innovative insights into medical identity theft and the benefits behind biometrics technologies that could be offered to protect medical records from hackers and malicious users. The content within this publication represents the work of ASD screening systems, healthcare management, and patient rehabilitation. It is designed for educators, researchers, faculty members, industry practitioners, graduate students, and professionals working with healthcare services and covers topics centered on understanding the practical essence of next-generation healthcare biometrics systems and future research directions.

5th International Symposium on Data Mining Applications

Author : Mamdouh Alenezi
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The 5th Symposium on Data Mining Applications (SDMA 2018) provides valuable opportunities for technical collaboration among data mining and machine learning researchers in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Middle East region. This book gathers the proceedings of the SDMA 2018. All papers were peer-reviewed based on a strict policy concerning the originality, significance to the area, scientific vigor and quality of the contribution, and address the following research areas.• Applications: Applications of data mining in domains including databases, social networks, web, bioinformatics, finance, healthcare, and security.• Algorithms: Data mining and machine learning foundations, algorithms, models, and theory.• Text Mining: Semantic analysis and mining text in Arabic, semi-structured, streaming, multimedia data.• Framework: Data mining frameworks, platforms and systems implementation.• Visualizations: Data visualization and modeling.

Frontiers in Neurorobotics Editor s Pick 2021

Author : Florian Röhrbein
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Wired Wireless Internet Communications

Author : Yevgeni Koucheryavy
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 15th IFIP International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, WWIC 2017, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in June 2017. The 27 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 76 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: network analysis and dimensioning; 5G communications; network design and planning; network protocols; information technology; and circuit design.

Cyber Security Analytics Technology and Automation

Author : Martti Lehto
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The book, in addition to the cyber threats and technology, processes cyber security from many sides as a social phenomenon and how the implementation of the cyber security strategy is carried out. The book gives a profound idea of the most spoken phenomenon of this time. The book is suitable for a wide-ranging audience from graduate to professionals/practitioners and researchers. Relevant disciplines for the book are Telecommunications / Network security, Applied mathematics / Data analysis, Mobile systems / Security, Engineering / Security of critical infrastructure and Military science / Security.

Intelligent Circuits and Systems

Author : Rajesh Singh
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ICICS-2020 is the third conference initiated by the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Lovely Professional University that explored recent innovations of researchers working for the development of smart and green technologies in the fields of Energy, Electronics, Communications, Computers, and Control. ICICS provides innovators to identify new opportunities for the social and economic benefits of society. This conference bridges the gap between academics and R&D institutions, social visionaries, and experts from all strata of society to present their ongoing research activities and foster research relations between them. It provides opportunities for the exchange of new ideas, applications, and experiences in the field of smart technologies and finding global partners for future collaboration. The ICICS-2020 was conducted in two broad categories, Intelligent Circuits & Intelligent Systems and Emerging Technologies in Electrical Engineering.