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Inside Intranets and Extranets

Author : J. Callaghan
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This book provides a unique insight into the use of intranets and extranets. Corporate intranets and the use of internet technology are relatively recent phenomena and the development of these technologies is now fuelling the most significant changes in corporate infrastructure since the development of the PC. The impact is likely to be even greater and is heralding radical changes in the way organizations operate.

Practical Guide for Implementing Secure Intranets and Extranets

Author : Kaustubh M. Phaltankar
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This volume provides hands-on methodology for designing effective network-level security systems for your corporate intranet or extranet. Using real-world examples and referencing intranet and extranet technology, this guidebook for IT professionals shows how to configure network and security elements such as routers, switches, servers and firewalls to achieve top-notch security. Components of effective security are critically reviewed in detail, including different types of firewalls, such as Packet Filters, Stateful and Application level proxy devices, and encryption schemes, such as DES, RSA, and IPSEC. Secure data transport and data access are also discussed, as well as the use of remote intelligent agents on network devices and servers. The book discusses how to evaluate security options based on requirements such as cost, complexity, and performance, and network and service management issues. It seeks to close the gap between theory and implementation by featuring detailed case studies and an interactive approach with diagrams and configurations.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Healthcare Financial Management

Author :
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Some issues accompanied by supplements.

Health Management Information Systems

Author : Joseph K. H. Tan
File Size : 36.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For a thorough, timely, and distinctly effective overview of how information systems are being used in the health care industry today, turn to HEALTH MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Methods and Practical Applications, Second Edition. Skillfully revised for both content and format, this exceptional teaching and learning tool gives students a solid command of vital information to set them on the path to professional success. Each chapter opens with a scenario that introduces students to a particular HMIS problem to be understood and overcome; new emphasis on application aids in helpful understanding to readers; graphics and tables throughout the text illustrate concepts for fast comprehension; plus, five major cases based on real-life experience.

Mastering Netscape SuiteSpot 3 Servers

Author : Robert P. Lipschutz
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SuiteSpot 3 is Netscape's comprehensive package of platform independent Web, Intranet, and groupware servers. This book covers the entire SuiteSpot package, and special emphasis will be given on advanced topics such as SuiteSpot security and applications development. Online updates will be available from the Sybex Web site.

Extranets and Intranets

Author : Bohdan O. Szuprowicz
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This report examines how intranet and extranet technogies help new business and communication channels, focusing on E-commerce and its business potential. A number of case studies are included.

The Survey of Law Firm Information Technology Usage and Acquisition Strategies Communications technologies

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Understanding Intranets

Author : Tyson Greer
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A powerful overview for technically savvy managers, entrepreneurs, and information professionals, this guide explores Intranets from the organization's point of view. Case studies sharpen the picture, and plenty of instructive diagrams and illustrations quickly make complex issues clear.

Top Secret Intranet

Author : Fredrick Thomas Martin
File Size : 27.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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TOP SECRET INTRANET How U.S. Intelligence Built INTELINK - The World's Largest, Most Secure Network The never-before-published story of Intelink An inside look at the U.S. Intelligence Community's worldwide, super-secure intranet The U.S. Intelligence Community has built one awesome intranet. "Intelink" integrates and disseminates virtually every piece of information that goes into intelligence gathering, reporting, and analysis at the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, FBI, and eight other top secret agencies to their "customers" - from the White House to the Warfighter. It's just about as secure as intranets can be. Now, for the first time, here's the inside story of how they did all that. Sure, there are a few things they can't tell you, but what they can tell you is utterly fascinating - especially if you've got your own intranet to build or manage. Building a maximum-security extranet to connect multiple independent organizations Implementation: what went smoothly - and what didn't Case studies: extending Intelink to new intelligence agencies and customers Security: encryption and access control issues U.S. Government network security efforts Cooperation with foreign governments Relevance to business covered in every chapter Future intranet tools Someday your intranet will handle terabytes of data; Intelink is doing it right now. Discover how they've made their intranet secure, integrating HTML, SGML, XML, metadata, pull and push technologies, and collaboration tools to get exactly the right data to the right people at the right time. Then preview the U.S. Intelligence Community's revolutionary strategic plans for managingthis information - and discover how you can use the same ideas to achieve competitive advantage. There's even a CD-ROM containing a demo of the actual Intelink interface, plus demo software, tools, metadata standards, training, and other information straight from Intelink. So put on your trenchcoat and dark glasses: you're going inside!

Electronic Health Records

Author : Margret Amatayakul
File Size : 64.20 MB
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Revised and updated to include the latest trends and applications in electronic health records, the third edition of Margret K. Amatayakuls Electronic Health Records: A Practical Guide for Professionals and Organizations offers step-by-step guidelines for developing and implementing EHR strategies for healthcare organizations. New chapters include: Information Systems Theory and Life Cycle EHR Project Management EHR Bridge Strategies, Acute Care EHR Applications, Ambulatory Care EHR Applications Momentum for Health Information Exchange. New Appendixes include: Case studies: CPOE, PHR, Patient Education and References, Document Imaging for Clinician Access Practice briefs: Legal, Hybrid, Data Quality Management Model, EDMS This is the most important EHR resource for all health information management students and educators as well as for all healthcare professionals. Margret K. Amatayakul, MBA, RHIA, CHPS, CPHIT, CPEHR, FHIMSS, is president of Margret\A Consulting, LLC, specializing in computer-based patient records and HIM standards, including HIPAA. A leading authority on EHR strategies for healthcare organizations, she also serves as adjunct faculty with the College of St. Scholastica and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

i Net Certification For Dummies

Author : Ron Gilster
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So you want i-Net+ Certification, but you don't want to spend every waking hour studying? Have no fear -- i-Net+ Certification For Dummies is here. Delivered in plain language and in a fun, entertaining style, this book can shorten your study time and help you pass the i-Net+ certification exam. The book reviews the essentials of the Internet and helps you hone your test-taking skills. Plus, i-Net+ Certification For Dummies includes a companion CD-ROM loaded with hundreds of practice questions, the entertaining QuickLearn® sci-fi study game, and several test-prep software demos. Each chapter features reviews of key study subjects, self-assessment tests to see what you already know, and tips to help you manage and save time while studying or taking the exam. This book can really help you get up to speed on Internet technology! Covers: Exam IKO-001

Extranet Design and Implementation

Author : Peter Loshin
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Extranets are currently a hot topic in TCP/IP internetworking. "Extranet Design and Implementation" solves real business needs. It discusses how to design, build, and administer successful extranets. The book includes full coverage of extranet security.

Technology in Action

Author : Alan Evans
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Managing Your Internet and Intranet Services

Author : Peter Griffiths
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Designed for the library and information professional, this non-technical textbook is not intended to be a website design manual, but focuses on planning and establishing a website and identifying appropriate information for display.

Foundations of Net Enhanced Organizations

Author : Detmar Straub
File Size : 32.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Essential e-business strategies in the networked economy Now you can get the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to do business in the networked economy. FOUNDATIONS OF NET-ENHANCED ORGANIZATIONS explores the ways in which organizations, particularly profit-making organizations, can become technically and operationally proficient in an increasingly networked world. Covering a broad range of topics, this latest addition to Wiley's new series on Net-Enhanced Organization (NEO) provides you with valuable insights into why the revolution in networked enterprises makes sense from an economic standpoint, presents a layman's view of how the underlying information technologies actually work, and equips you with corporate strategies, business models, and marketing tactics for introducing successful net-enhanced systems. Features * Covers a broad selection of topics. * Presents integrated coverage of technology and business models for the net-enhanced organization. * Focuses on proven models and strategies, rather than going into depth on e-business technologies. * A robust Web site presents frequent updates to the text's contents. What's NEO? New technologies, new strategies, new terminologies... The NEO series is designed to help students respond to the latest changes and trends in the rapidly developing field of e-business. The Wiley Series on Net-Enhanced Organizations (NEO) gives students the resources they need to develop a comprehensive understanding of e-business and its technologies underpinnings--essential knowledge in the Internet age.


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Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems

Author : Cajetan M. Akujuobi
File Size : 34.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book covers the concepts and components of both standard and emerging broadband communication network systems.

Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering Computing for Practice

Author : B. H. V. Topping
File Size : 64.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contains a selection of papers presented at The First International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology and The Fourth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, held in Edinburgh from 18-20 August 1998.

Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Author : Patrick Tisseghem
File Size : 31.7 MB
Format : PDF
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Provides information on developing intranets, extranets, and Web-based applications using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.