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Inventing Byzantine Iconoclasm

Author : Leslie Brubaker
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Byzantine 'iconoclasm' is famous and has influenced iconoclast movements from the English Reformation and French Revolution to Taliban, but it has also been woefully misunderstood: this book shows how and why the debate about images was more complicated, and more interesting, than it has been presented in the past. It explores how icons came to be so important, who opposed them, and how the debate about images played itself out over the years between c. 680 and 850. Many widely accepted assumptions about 'iconoclasm' - that it was an imperial initiative that resulted in widespread destruction of images, that the major promoters of icon veneration were monks, and that the era was one of cultural stagnation - are shown to be incorrect. Instead, the years of the image debates saw technological advances and intellectual shifts that, coupled with a growing economy, concluded with the emergence of medieval Byzantium as a strong and stable empire.

Literary Circles in Byzantine Iconoclasm

Author : Óscar Prieto Domínguez
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Iconoclasm was the name given to the stance of that portion of Eastern Christianity that rejected worshipping God through images (eikones) representing Christ, the Virgin or the saints and was the official doctrine of the Byzantine Empire for most of the period between 726 and 843. It was a period marked by violent passions on either side. This is the first comprehensive account of the extant contemporary texts relating to this phenomenon and their impact on society, politics and identity. By examining the literary circles emerging both during the time of persecution and immediately after the restoration of icons in 843, the volume casts new light on the striking (re)construction of Byzantine society, whose iconophile identity was biasedly redefined by the political parties led by Theodoros Stoudites, Gregorios Dekapolites and Empress Theodora or the patriarchs Methodios, Ignatios and Photios. It thereby offers an innovative paradigm for approaching Byzantine literature.

Iconoclasm from Antiquity to Modernity

Author : Kristine Kolrud
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The phenomenon of iconoclasm, expressed through hostile actions towards images, has occurred in many different cultures throughout history. The destruction and mutilation of images is often motivated by a blend of political and religious ideas and beliefs, and the distinction between various kinds of ’iconoclasms’ is not absolute. In order to explore further the long and varied history of iconoclasm the contributors to this volume consider iconoclastic reactions to various types of objects, both in the very recent and distant past. The majority focus on historical periods but also on history as a backdrop for image troubles of our own day. Development over time is a central question in the volume, and cross-cultural influences are also taken into consideration. This broad approach provides a useful comparative perspective both on earlier controversies over images and relevant issues today. In the multimedia era increased awareness of the possible consequences of the use of images is of utmost importance. ’Iconoclasm from Antiquity to Modernity’ approaches some of the problems related to the display of particular kinds of images in conflicted societies and the power to decide on the use of visual means of expression. It provides a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the phenomenon of iconoclasm. Of interest to a wide group of scholars the contributors draw upon various sources and disciplines, including art history, cultural history, religion and archaeology, as well as making use of recent research from within social and political sciences and contemporary events. Whilst the texts are addressed primarily to those researching the Western world, the volume contains material which will also be of interest to students of the Middle East.

The Cross

Author : Robin M. Jensen
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The cross stirs intense feelings among Christians and non-Christians alike. Robin Jensen takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the 2,000-year evolution of the cross as idea and artifact, illuminating the controversies and forms of devotion this central symbol of Christianity inspires.

The Illuminated Psalter

Author : Frank O. Büttner
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The 150 Psalms of the Old Testament were the most important work of devotional literature in the Middle Ages. The Book of Psalms came to be transmitted not only as part of the Bible, but also, in the form of the psalter, as a text in its own right. The psalter came to be illustrated-often profusely-as an aid to devotion at an early stage in is history, and it was a book which was frequently found in the possession of lay people. This volume brings together 28 contributions dealing with the 800 years between the mid-eighth and mid-sixteenth centuries, a period in which the psalter was increasingly owned and used by the laity in the form of richly illuminated manuscripts. As early as the Carolingian period, the illumination of psalters went beyond a mere textual illustration, and developed a narrative iconography with biblical or hagiographical content, and it was largely this autonomous iconography which connected the Old Testament texts with the tenets of the Christian faith. Also the frequent scenes or cycles of King David do not present illustrations of the psalms, but rather of events told elsewhere in the Old Testament. Renderings of individual Christian believers can also be found from the Carolingian period onwards, and represent some of the most original achievements of fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century psalter illumination. This book includes an index of psalter references, a topographical list, 460 illustrations, and a register of some 800 manuscripts.

Inventing Latin Heretics

Author : Tia M. Kolbaba
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Focusing on the ninth-century beginnings of Byzantine writings against the Latin addition of the Filioque to the creed, Inventing Latin Heretics illuminates several aspects of Byzantine thought-their self-definition, their theology, their uniquely constituted state-based both on what they had to say for themselves and on modern approaches to the study of group identity, religious conflict, and sociology of knowledge. The book introduces the concept of heresiology in general, defining terms, summarizing a vast body of secondary scholarship, and bringing the history of Byzantine antiheretical texts down to the ninth century. It discusses relations between Latin and Greek Christians before and into the time of Photios, as well as his knowledge of Latin customs. The next chapters examine the transmission, form, and contents of the three anti-Filioque texts attributed to Photios and other texts that exemplify what ninth-century Byzantines were saying about Latin errors, raising textual questions that cannot be ignored and ultimately providing a window onto Byzantine mentalities.


Author : Polyainos
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Polyainos schrieb f�r die r�mischen Kaiser ein Werk �ber Stragetika, �ber strategische Tricks. Er sammelt dazu aus der ganzen antiken Geschichte Beispiele daf�r, wie durch den Einsatz von �berredung und �berraschung, von Werbung und Angstmachen, aber auch von List und T�cke Erfolge m�glich wurden. So bietet das Werk einen einmaligen Einblick in das antike Denken und zugleich viele hundert strategische Tricks nicht nur von M�nnern, sondern auch von Frauen - und heute nicht nur f�r Schiffs-, sondern auch f�r Wirtschaftskapit�ne.

Knotenpunkt Byzanz

Author : Andreas Speer
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"This volume casts a new light on Byzantium as a geographical and cultural intersection. For nearly a millennium, Byzantium was an important crossroads where cultures, people, and institutions from the entire Mediterranean area came together. Key subjects of interest explored by this volume include reciprocal cultural and epistemic processes of reception and transformation and the forms of knowledge associated with them."--Publisher's website.

Vergangenheit und Vergegenw rtigung

Author : Helmut Reimitz
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This volume examines the role played by the medieval past in its many representations up to the present day. Continuing the theme of Volume 8 of the same series, which examined the early medieval search for origins in relation to building a sense of identity and social memory, this volume focuses on the modern appropriation of the early medieval past. The early Middle Ages played an important role in the creation of a sense of identity for modern European nations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a process was begun of delineating Europe according to peoples and nations. This conception of people and nations as quasi-natural forms of social organisation, often claimed as being historical but ultimately considered to be a trans-historical phenomenon, still survives in modern Europe and unfortunately seems to be increasing in importance in the political disputes in certain areas. Most of the contributions in this volume deal with the appropriation of the early Middle Ages from the perspective of national histories. A few contributions examine strategies of using the early medieval past in other contexts. It is thereby possible to identify patterns of how, in the varied social contexts of modern Europe, images of the Other have been transmitted or the sense of belonging has been legitimised.

Morphogrammata The lettered Art of Optatian

Author : Michael Squire
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Inventing Norman Cantor

Author : Norman F. Cantor
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Cults and the Sanctity of Women in the Vita retable of Late Medieval Italy

Author : Elizabeth Robin Dunn
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Critical Review of Books in Religion

Author :
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The 17th International Byzantine Congress

Author :
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Byzantine Art

Author : David Talbot Rice
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Studies in Iconography

Author :
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Textual Transmission in Byzantium

Author : Juan Signes Codoñer
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A workshop was held in February 2012 in Madrid to stimulate a debate on textual criticism centred on the analysis of Byzantine texts and their modes of publication, rewriting and diffusion. The main aim was to provide future editors or scholars of the history of texts with a rich typology of concepts to guide their task, such as interpolation, paraphrasis, metaphrasis, quotation, collection, amplification or falsification, among others, but always taking into account that the principles upon which the discipline of textual criticism was founded needed to be reconsidered when dealing with the transmission of Byzantine texts. The present book brings together the different case studies produced by the participants of the workshop into a coherent whole and distributes them into five different sections according to their methodological approaches: 1. Language and style; 2. Virtual libraries and crossed readings; 3. Philosophical treatises and collections; 3.The sources of history; 5. Law texts and their reception. The results of the different approaches put forward by the contributors offer a broad palette of methodological strategies that are, to a great extent, complementary, and will, so we hope, illuminate the task of the future editors with new reflections.

Bulgarische Jahrb cher

Author :
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Orientalia Christiana Analecta

Author :
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Author : Howard Clark Kee
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Written by contributing scholars who are experts in specific facets of developing Christianity, this survey provides a well-rounded introduction to the history of Christianity and is ideal for anyone interested in the impact of Christianity of world culture down through history. It shows how Christianity emerged from its original Jewish context and developed into a worldwide religion, offering perceptive studies on how its origins and development were influenced by the changing social and cultural contexts in which the founders and leaders of this tradition lived and thought. Provides detailed evidence of the influence of Greco-Roman and Jewish religious concepts and religious movements on the origins of Christianity, considers the structuring of the church conceptually and organizationally in Europe, and discusses Christianity's spread and growth in America and throughout the world. Looks at the profound impact of the culture of the later Roman and medieval world on the development of Christian doctrine and intellectual traditions and helps readers understand the reasons for the divisions between Catholic and Protestant traditions.