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Next Steps in Israeli Palestinian Peace Process

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia
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The Israeli Palestinian Peace Process

Author : Robert L. Rothstein
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This book, the third in the series Studies in Peace Politics in the Middle East, is an expert assessment on what went wrong with the Oslo peace process - a process that began in euphoria and degenerated into disaster. The contributors provide a wide-ranging, albeit very different, retrospective of the pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian peace, and analysis of how negotiations should best proceed from here on. Contributors include: Mustafa Abu Sway, Professor and Director of the Islamic Research Center, Al Quds University, an eminent authority on the Islamic position on the Arab-Israeli conflict; Yossi Ben-Aharon, an Israeli ambassador and former Deputy Director General of the Foreign Ministry; Abraham Diskin, former Chairman of the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and advisor to several Israeli prime ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Knesset; Manuel Hassassian, Professor of International Relations and Executive Vice-President of Bethlehem University; Aaron D. Miller, Deputy Special Middle East Coordinator for Arab-Israeli Negotiations at the State Department; Ron Pundak, who played a decisive role in the secret track of unofficial negotiations that culminated in the Oslo Accords, and advised on the blueprint for Final Status Negotiations; Robert L. Rothstein, Harvey Picker Professor of International Relations at Colgate University; Moshe Ma'oz, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Senior Research Associate of the Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ziad Abu Zayyad, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority; and Khalil Shikaki, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Palestine Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah. Although the terrorist strategy has greatly increased the psychic insecurity of daily living and the virtual disinitegration of the peace proces that had nearly brought the Palestinians a relatively good settlement at the end of the Clinton admintstration, breaking out of the cycle of violence and retaliation requires knowdge not only of why Oslo failed, but also some preliminary judgments about the complex interactions between Al-Qaeda's terrorist assaults and the windows of opporutnity that may open in the Middle East. Understanding the Oslo process under present cirucmstances is crucial.

Israeli Palestinian Peace Negotiations 1999 2001

Author : Gilead Sher
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Written by Gilead Sher, Israeli Chief of Staff during the tumultuous 1999-2000 peace negotiations, this book provides a fast paced description and analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Presenting an overview of the core issues of contention, the various key ‘players’ and the possible solutions formulated during the peace process effort, the book sheds new light on the events of that period. An important contribution to the current literature, it provides a fresh understanding of the link between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the current global threats of Islamic fanaticism and international terrorism.

The Palestinian Authority Israel and the Peace Process

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa
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The Future of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Author : Joseph Alpher
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The United States Institute of Peace's Project on Arab-Israeli Futures is a research effort designed to anticipate and assess obstacles and opportunties facing the peace process over the next five to ten years. Stepping back from the day-to-day ebb and flow of events in the Middle East, this project examines broader, "over-the-horizon" developments that could foreclose future options or offer new opportunities for peace. The effort brings together U.S., Israeli, and Arab researchers. In this report Yossi Alpher identifies which local, regional, and international trends will have the greatest impact on Israel's relationship with Palestinians in the coming years.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Shattered Hopes

Author : Josh Ruebner
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Argues that the Obama administration has not been successful in its efforts to broker peace between Israel and Palestine because of the President's deferment to Israeli policy.

United Nations International Meeting in Support of Israeli Palestinian Peace

Author : United Nations. Division for Palestinian Rights
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How Israelis and Palestinians Negotiate

Author : Tamara Wittes Cofman
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Refreshing and revealing in equal measure, this innovative volume conducts a critical/self--critical exploration of the impact of culture on the ill-fated Oslo peace process. The authors negotiators and scholars alike demolish stereotypes as they construct an unusually subtle and sophisticated understanding of how culture influences negotiating styles. Culture, they argue, did not cause the Oslo breakdown but it did play an influential, intervening role at several levels: coloring the thinking of political leaders, shaping domestic politics on both sides, and affecting each side s evaluation of the other s beliefs and intentions.After an overview by William Quandt of the history of the Oslo process and the impact of international factors such as U.S. mediation, the volume presents a detailed analysis of first Palestinian, and then Israeli negotiating styles between 1993 and 2001. Omar Dajani, a former legal advisor to the Palestinian team, explains how elements of Palestinian identity and national development have hobbled the Palestinians ability to negotiate effectively. Aharon Klieman, a distinguished Israeli analyst, traces a long-standing clash between diplomatic and security subcultures within the Israeli political elite and reveals how Israeli identity has helped create a negotiating style that opts for short-term gains while undermining the prospects for a lasting agreement. Drawing on these insights, Tamara Wittes concludes the volume by offering not only a fresh appreciation of culture s influence on interethnic negotiations but also lessons for future negotiators in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Read the review from Foreign Affairs."

Palestinian Israeli Peace Process and Turkey

Author : Bülent Aras
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This book aims to analyse the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis in relation to the systemic changes in international relations.

Israeli Palestinian Peace Documentation Series

Author :
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Author :
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The Routledge Handbook on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Author : Joel Peters
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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most prominent issues in world politics today. Few other issues have dominated the world's headlines and have attracted such attention from policy makers, the academic community, political analysts, and the world's media. The Routledge Handbook on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the most contentious and protracted political issue in the Middle East. Bringing together a range of top experts from Israel, Palestine, Europe and North America the Handbook tackles a range of topics including: The historical background to the conflict peace efforts domestic politics critical issues such as displacement, Jerusalem and settler movements the role of outside players such as the Arab states, the US and the EU This Handbook provides the reader with an understanding of the complexity of the issues that need to be addressed in order to resolve the conflict, and a detailed examination of the varied interests of the actors involved. In-depth analysis of the conflict is supplemented by a chronology of the conflict, key documents and a range of maps. The contributors are all leading authorities in their field and have published extensively on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/peace process. Many have played a leading role in various Track II initiatives accompanying the peace process.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Author :
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An author and subject index to selected and American Anglo-Jewish journals of general and scholarly interests.

Shattered Dreams

Author : Charles Enderlin
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Discusses the multitude of negotiations between Israel and Palestine to secure peace in the Middle East, including secret negotiations in Sweden, the meetings at Camp David in 2000, and the peace talks between Israel and Syria.

Peace in Tatters

Author : Yoram Meital
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Peace in Tatters was born in a set of questions with which the author, an Israeli scholar, has struggled for some years: What went wrong in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process before the July 2000 Camp David summit and during the crucial negotiations? How have the dominant narratives about the collapse of the peace process been crafted? Does the ongoing crisis mark the end of the road for the idea that the conflict can be settled on the basis of a two-state solution, with Palestinians and Israelis living as peaceful neighbors? Yoram Meital offers a powerful explanation of how and why the peace process developed, evolved, and ultimately fell apart. Though rich in historical context, Peace in Tatters focuses primarily on the critical years of 2000-2004. Meital examines the major developments in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the evolving public-political discourse in Israeli and Palestinian societies, and, unflinchingly, U.S. policy in the Middle East. He also explores the dramatic repercussions of the aborted political process for Israelis and Palestinians, and for their opinions about the failure of the negotiations and the eruption of violence. went wrong, but also to see present events in an essentially different way.

Dictionary of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Author : Claude Faure
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Presents 1,500 alphabetized, cross-referenced articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, covering its history, causes, major figures, and other aspects, and includes time lines, a glossary, and a bibliography.

American Foreign Policy and Treaty Index

Author :
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Brokers of Deceit

Author : Rashid Khalidi
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Winner of the 2014 Lionel Trilling Book Award An examination of the failure of the United States as a broker in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, through three key historical moments For more than seven decades the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people has raged on with no end in sight, and for much of that time, the United States has been involved as a mediator in the conflict. In this book, acclaimed historian Rashid Khalidi zeroes in on the United States’s role as the purported impartial broker in this failed peace process. Khalidi closely analyzes three historical moments that illuminate how the United States’ involvement has, in fact, thwarted progress toward peace between Israel and Palestine. The first moment he investigates is the “Reagan Plan” of 1982, when Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin refused to accept the Reagan administration’s proposal to reframe the Camp David Accords more impartially. The second moment covers the period after the Madrid Peace Conference, from 1991 to 1993, during which negotiations between Israel and Palestine were brokered by the United States until the signing of the secretly negotiated Oslo accords. Finally, Khalidi takes on President Barack Obama’s retreat from plans to insist on halting the settlements in the West Bank. Through in-depth research into and keen analysis of these three moments, as well as his own firsthand experience as an advisor to the Palestinian delegation at the 1991 pre–Oslo negotiations in Washington, DC, Khalidi reveals how the United States and Israel have actively colluded to prevent a Palestinian state and resolve the situation in Israel’s favor. Brokers of Deceit bares the truth about why peace in the Middle East has been impossible to achieve: for decades, US policymakers have masqueraded as unbiased agents working to bring the two sides together, when, in fact, they have been the agents of continuing injustice, effectively preventing the difficult but essential steps needed to achieve peace in the region. From the Hardcover edition.

Image and Reality of the Israel Palestine Conflict

Author : Norman G. Finkelstein
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First published in 1995, this polemical study challenges generally accepted truths of the Israel-Palestine conflict as well as much of the revisionist literature. This new edition critically reexamines dominant popular and scholarly images in the light of the current failures of the peace process.