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Italy Thru My Lens

Author : Michael Belardo
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Michael Belardo paints a beautiful picture of scenic Italy in his new book Italy, Thru My Lens: A Photographer’s Guide to Italy. The author has traveled throughout Italy for the last 28 years, and as a photographer, each trip posed another challenge to capture this magical country and its picturesque regions. He says, “I put together a travel book that is photo based. The concept is from the south to the north, each photo represents a place that I hope you will want to visit. The photography for me is very important, and I wanted to give you a little more than a regular travel book. My photos are all places you can visit. Use the images as an inspiration to explore Italy. It’s a magical country and you can never go there too often.” “Michael is not just a great photographer. In his photos, the images, people, places, and scenes come to life, through his vivid depiction and careful attention to detail. You always feel a ‘sense of place,’ and want and need to be in that place. Through ‘his lens,’ Michael shares with you his experiences and emotions as a photographer and story teller.” – Bob Lipinski, founder, Bob Lipinski Consulting “His albums of Italy describe familiar places, with fresh stories to tell. Even the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo of Florence, and il Colosseo in Rome look different from the postcards. Having an Italian background obviously makes a difference!” – Frank E. Johnson, author and importer

Through the Lens

Author : Angela Dowin
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Two travelers discover their passion for photography on a trip of a lifetime. Through The Lens: Italy is filled with their photography from the country that inspired them to become photographers to begin with. Angela Dowin shares her experiences and entries made in her journal during that eight month European excursion. She writes, "You get to pull yourself out of your ordinary and jump into someone else's ordinary. You live life just as before, but you get a new set of eyes through which to experience life." With experiences like this Angela takes you on a journey through the lens of Dowin Photography.

Italy Through the Red Lens

Author : Gianluca Fantoni
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This book offers the first comprehensive analysis of the role of cinema in the communication strategy of the Italian Communist party (the PCI). It examines the entire period during which the party had a systematic and organized approach to cinematographic production, starting with the early experiments in 1946 and concluding with the closure of PCI film company Unitelefilm at the end of the 1970s. Its analysis sheds light on a range of issues, such as the relationship between the party and Italian intellectuals, the Stalinist imprint of the Italian Communist Party and the historical significance of the Salerno turn, the PCIs relationship with the student movements in 1968 and 1977, and the PCIs response to the rise in political violence in the 1970s. Ultimately, the book demonstrates that cinema was essential to the PCIs propaganda effort. .

Through the Lens of the Reader

Author : Lilian R. Furst
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Through the Lens of the Reader is a sequence of ten essays exploring European narrative from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. It covers a wide spectrum of authors ranging from Goethe through Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, George Eliot, Henry James to Rilke, Thomas Mann, and Kafka. The essays are unified by a particular mode of reading, in which the lens of the reader becomes the filter through which texts are constructed in accordance with the signals emitted by their narrational and linguistic strategies.

Feminism Violence and Representation in Modern Italy

Author : Giovanna Parmigiani
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Can the way a word is used give legitimacy to a political movement? Feminism, Violence, and Representation in Modern Italy traces the use of the word "femminicidio" (or "femicide") as a tool to mobilize Italian feminists, particularly the Union of Women in Italy (UDI). Based on nearly two years of fieldwork among feminist activists, Giovanna Parmigiani takes a broad look at the many ways in which violence inflects the lives of women in Italy. From unchallenged gendered grammar rules to the representation of women as victims, Parmigiani examines the devaluing of women's contribution to their communities through the words and experiences of the women she interviews. She describes the first uses of the word "femminicidio" as a political term used by and within feminist circles and traces its spread to ultimate legitimization and national relevance. The word redefined women as a political subject by building an imagined community of potentially violated women. In doing so, it challenged Italians to consider the status of women in Italian society, and to make this status a matter of public debate. It also problematized the connection between women and tropes of women as objects of suffering and victimhood. Parmigiani considers this exchange within the context of Italian Catholic heritage, a precarious economy, and long-held notions of honor and shame. Parmigiani provides a careful and searing consideration of the ways in which representations of violence and the politics of this representation are shaping the future of women in Italy and beyond.

Through The Eye Of My Lens

Author : Joseph B. Hendrix
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The travel photography I have chosen to share with you in my book has very special significance to me. Each image was taken with the greatest skill and determination that I have to offer. As you will see, there are very few images with people in them. It's not because I don't like people (I love people); it just wasn't the way I wanted to capture the views. Funny, my wife and daughter accompany me on my photo shoots and always ask "Dad; how long are you going to stand there and wait for those people to move out of your picture?" Actually, I hate to put them through that but, hopefully you will see the results of my labor as you maneuver through my website (

Imagining Terrorism

Author : Pierpaolo Antonello
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"This book originated in the conference 'La violenza illustrata: The Rhetoric and Representation of Political Violence in Italy, from 1968 to the Present day', held at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge, in November 2004."--P. [ix].

Art History Through the Camera s Lens

Author : Helene E. Roberts
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First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Italian Mind

Author : Marco Sgarbi
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The Italian Mind explores Italian vernacular logical textbooks and shows their fundamental contributions to the thought of the period, which anticipated many of the features of early modern philosophy and contributied to a new conception of knowledge.

Gramsci Migration and the Representation of Women s Work in Italy and the U S

Author : Laura E. Ruberto
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Examining films, literature, songs, and photographs with an emphasis on a feminist materialist interpretation, Producing Culture considers the representations of different kinds of labor historically performed by women in Italy and the U.S. in order to reassess dominant narratives about the history of Italy and of Italians in the United States.

Race Nation and Gender in Modern Italy

Author : Gaia Giuliani
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This book explores intersectional constructions of race and whiteness in modern and contemporary Italy. It contributes to transnational and interdisciplinary reflections on these issues through an analysis of political debates and social practices, focusing in particular on visual materials from the unification of Italy (1861) to the present day. Giuliani draws attention to rearticulations of the transnationally constructed Italian ‘colonial archive’ in Italian racialised identity-politics and cultural racisms across processes of nation building, emigration, colonial expansion, and the construction of the first post-fascist Italian society. The author considers the ‘figures of race’ peopling the Italian colonial archive as composing past and present ideas and representations of (white) Italianness and racialised/gendered Otherness. Students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including Italian studies, political philosophy, sociology, history, visual and cultural studies, race and whiteness studies and gender studies, will find this book of interest.

The Legal Treatment of Muslim Minorities in Italy

Author : Andrea Pin
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Islam is a growing presence practically everywhere in Europe. In Italy, however, Islam has met a unique model of state neutrality, religious freedom and church and state collaboration. This book gives a detailed description of the legal treatment of Muslims in Italy, contrasting it with other European states and jurisprudence, and with wider global tendencies that characterize the treatment of Islam. Through focusing on a series of case studies, the author argues that the relationship between church and state in Italy, and more broadly in Europe, should be reconsidered both to secure religious freedom and general welfare. Working on the concepts of religious freedom, state neutrality, and relationship between church and state, Andrea Pin develops a theoretical framework that combines the state level with the supranational level in the form of the European Convention of Human Rights, which ultimately shapes a unitary but flexible understanding of pluralism. This approach should better accommodate not just Muslims' needs, but religious needs in general in Italy and elsewhere.

China through the Lens of Comparative Education

Author : Ruth Hayhoe
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In the World Library of Educationalists series, international experts compile career-long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces – extracts from books, key articles, salient research findings, major theoretical and practical contributions – so the world can read them in a single, manageable volume. Readers will be able to follow the themes and strands and see how their work contributes to the development of the field. Ruth Hayhoe is a distinguished scholar in comparative education and higher education, as well as one of the most highly regarded experts on Chinese education in the world. Extremely well respected throughout China, she has authored about 75 articles and book chapters, as well as several books on Chinese education and East-West relations in education. This selection of 15 of her most representative papers and chapters documents the most significant works of her research on Chinese education, higher education and comparative education. The three sections cover: comparative education and China higher education and history religion, culture and education. The collection not only helps foreign scholars understand Chinese education development in its cultural context comprehensively and systemically, but also provides a fresh point of view for education practitioners and policy makers in China. Podcast of Professor Ruth Hayhoe's interview at New Books Network discussing this book and her distinguished career:

The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe

Author : Michael Hollington
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The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe offers a full historical survey of Dickens's reception in all the major European countries and many of the smaller ones, filling a major gap in Dickens scholarship, which has by and large neglected Dickens's fortunes in Europe, and his impact on major European authors and movements. Essays by leading international critics and translators give full attention to cultural changes and fashions, such as the decline of Dickens's fortunes at the end of the nineteenth century in the period of Naturalism and Aestheticism, and the subsequent upswing in the period of Modernism, in part as a consequence of the rise of film in the era of Chaplin and Eisenstein. It will also offer accounts of Dickens's reception in periods of political upheaval and revolution such as during the communist era in Eastern Europe or under fascism in Germany and Italy in particular.

The Benefits of Peace Private Peacemaking in Late Medieval Italy

Author : Glenn Kumhera
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In The Benefits of Peace Glenn Kumhera offers the first comprehensive examination of private peacemaking in late medieval Italy, from its critical role in criminal justice to what it reveals about honor, vengeance, gender, preaching and reconciliation.

National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Greece Italy Portugal and Spain

Author : Carol Yeh-Yun Lin
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In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the biggest event of worldwide proportion was the 2008 global financial crisis, which was caused primarily by ineffective governance, failed surveillance systems, and implementation flaws. While fiscal and monetary policies succeeded in pulling many countries out of a financial freefall, most economies have performed beneath pre-recession levels as governments continued to struggle with their finances. Examining the financial crisis from the viewpoint of intangible assets provides a different perspective from traditional economic approaches. National Intellectual Capital (NIC), comprised mainly of human capital, market capital, process capital, renewal capital, and financial capital, is a valuable intangible asset and a key source of national competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy. The authors—pioneers in the field—present extensive data and a rigorous conceptual framework to analyze the connections between the global financial crisis and NIC development. Covering the period from 2005 to 2010 across 48 countries, the authors establish a positive correlation between NIC and GDP per capita and consider the impact of NIC investment for short-term recovery and long-term risk control and strategy formulation. Each volume in a series of SpringerBriefs on NIC and the financial crisis provides in-depth coverage of the impact of the crisis, the aftermath, future prospects, and policy implications for a regional cluster. This volume focuses on Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Equivocal Subjects

Author : Shelleen Greene
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A thorough study of the portrayal of race in Italian cinema, from the silent era to the present, illuminating issues in contemporary Italian society.

The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism

Author : Steven G. Kellman
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Though it might seem as modern as Samuel Beckett, Joseph Conrad, and Vladimir Nabokov, translingual writing - texts by authors using more than one language or a language other than their primary one - has an ancient pedigree. The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism aims to provide a comprehensive overview of translingual literature in a wide variety of languages throughout the world, from ancient to modern times. The volume includes sections on: translingual genres - with chapters on memoir, poetry, fiction, drama, and cinema ancient, medieval, and modern translingualism global perspectives - chapters overseeing European, African, and Asian languages. Combining chapters from lead specialists in the field, this volume will be of interest to scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates interested in investigating the vibrant area of translingual literature. Attracting scholars from a variety of disciplines, this interdisciplinary and pioneering Handbook will advance current scholarship of the permutations of languages among authors throughout time.

Encompassing Gender

Author : Mary M. Lay
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From Beijing to Seattle, women's movements within academe and in local-global communities are growing at an unprecedented rate, raising pointed questions about paradigms of Western feminism, development, global trade, and scholarship. Despite this growing visibility, the perspectives of far too many women, especially from the Global South, are still excluded from mainstream U.S. scholarship. Presented with the task of preparing students for life in this new and rapidly shrinking world, many scholars have found themselves overwhelmed by the need to cross disciplinary and geographic borders. But some faculty are leading the way -- often in defiance of academic traditions and prejudices -- to a curriculum that reflects consequences of globalization. Encompassing Gender is the long-awaited anthology of more than 40 essays by 60 scholars, many of them working in curriculum-transformation groups that cut across the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences, all of them committed to an interdisciplinary approach to internationalizing the curriculum.

Autobiographical Cultures in Post War Italy

Author : Walter S. Baroni
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After the Second World War, two contrasting political movements became increasingly active in Italy - the communist and feminist movements. In this book, Walter Baroni uses autobiographical life-writing from both movements key protagonists to shed new light on the history of these movements and more broadly the similarities and differences between political activists in post-war Italy.