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Shades of Darkness

Author : George E. Brummell
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H nh Tr nh V n Ho

Author : Tri C. Tran
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This intermediate textbook continues to develop studentsOCO skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Vietnamese at the second-year language learning level. Each chapter is organized into the following sections: dialogue, grammar, reading, practice exercises and a list of vocabulary."

H nh Tr nh Van Ho A Journey Through Vietnamese Culture

Author : Tri C. Tran
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This intermediate textbook continues to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Vietnamese at the second-year language learning level. The book is presented as a linguistic and cultural journey of a family through twelve selected cities in Vietnam. Each chapter is organized into sections on dialogue, grammar, reading, practice exercises, and vocabulary.

On the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Author : Sherry Buchanan
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Part travelogue, part history, and part reflective meditation on conflict and reconciliation, Sherry Buchanan's new book offers both a personal and historical exploration of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, highlighting the critical role the Trail and the young women soldiers who helped build and defend it played in the Vietnam War. Accompanied by two travelling companions, Buchanan winds her way from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, in the south. Driving through the spectacular scenery of Vietnam and Laos, she encounters locations from the Truong Son mountains, the Phong Nha Caves, ancient citadels and Confucian temples to the Khmer Temple of Wat Phu at the western-most point of the Trail in Laos. Buchanan records her interactions--both scheduled and spontaneous--with those who experienced the Vietnam War firsthand, and these conversations with combatants and civilians provide new perspectives on the War. She listens to the women who defended the Trail roads against the greatest bombing campaign in modern times, walks through minefields with the demolition teams hunting for unexploded ordnance, and meets American veterans who have returned to Vietnam with an urge to "do something." Buchanan weaves informative, and often humorous, tales from her journey with excerpts from the accounts of others, situating the locations she visits in their historical and political context. On the Ho Chi Minh Trail brings together geography, history, and personal accounts to readdress the culture of indifference to the War, bringing to light the scale of the tragedy, its lasting legacies, and our memory of it.

A Soldier s Journey to Vietnam and Back

Author : Paul Walters
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This book is about the journey a young man took to find his identity. He had a strong sense of patriotism and believed that his path was toward the military and service in Vietnam. He subsequently enlisted in the army and volunteered to fight in Vietnam. After serving his one-year tour as a grunt, he volunteered to extend his tour and flew as a door gunner on a helicopter gunship. When he returned to the States, he became a drill sergeant, training soldiers to serve in combat in Vietnam. The book chronicles the young man’s journey from boyhood to a man. His experiences in Vietnam helped shape the man he became.

Journey Through Vietnam

Author : Ron Emmons
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Featuring over 200 stunning images along with a wealth of information, Journey Through Vietnam is the ultimate Vietnam travel pictorial. Vietnam is a country on the rise, with the highest rate of economic growth of any nation in Southeast Asia. It is also now one of the region's most popular tourist destinations—with a rich history, unique culture and fabulous cuisine. It is a young and vibrant place brimming with energy and new ideas. As a travel destination, Vietnam exudes an easy charm that is highly infectious and easily discovered through its hospitable people, ancient monuments, gorgeous landscapes and subtle cuisine. From the jagged peaks of Ha Giang Province in the far north to beautiful Halong Bay, the soft-sand beaches around Nha Trang and the lush, green rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, Journey Through Vietnam visits hidden aspects of this enchanting land through expertly-crafted photos and an engaging text. Images of Vietnam's fascinating culture—such as the water puppet performances in Hanoi and the traditional houses and palaces in Hue—provide a window to the tremendous ingenuity and heritage of the Vietnamese people. Included are special sections covering the country's ethnic minorities, World Heritage Sites and national parks to offer a thorough understanding of this complex nation.

Walk Through the Valley The Spiritual Journey of a Vietnam War Medic

Author : Bruce McDaniel
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"In ways that I could not yet imagine, being at war would challenge my beliefs, confirming some and forcing me to rethink others, and being a veteran would forever affect and enrich my relationships with other people. On that March night in 1968 I did not yet understand that if I lived through my year in Vietnam a coming home process would follow, one that would continue a lifelong spiritual journey ..."--Back cover.

Journey to South Vietnam

Author : John Williams
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This book provides a different perspective on the Vietnam conflict. Journey to South Vietnam is a story of real life events, including my career in the military services—the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the United States Air Force (USAF). These compelling and life-altering experiences seemed to defy the imagination. I was also searching for my god. I volunteered for South Vietnam when the United States was in turmoil and the military was not respected by the media

Keep Your Head Down Vietnam the Sixties and a Journey of Self Discovery

Author : Doug Anderson
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A history of the author's generation explores the 1960s, Vietnam, and their enduring legacy, as the author describes the experiences in Vietnam that left him deeply shaken, his struggles with addiction, and a later visit to Vietnam during which he met for

A Journey Through Vietnam

Author : Pamula Kudej
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Continuing the previous sections, chapter 6 of this series will take you to Danang - a city likened to miniature Singapore. This travel story is an action-packed saga with many obstacles along the way, from a shark encounter to nerve-wracking traffic and a fire-breathing dragon. However, the adrenaline-juiced storyline takes a philosophical detour when the author faces my greatest challenge: to be a victim or a warrior. Curious? Read this book and enjoy it!

A Journey through the Cold War

Author : Raymond L. Garthoff
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In this memoir, Ambassador Ray Garthoff paints a dynamic diplomatic history of the cold war, tracing the life of the conflict from the vantage points of an observant insider. His intellectually formative years coincided with the earliest days of the cold war, and during his forty-year career, Garthoff participated in some of the most important policymaking of the twentieth century: • In the late 1950s he carried out pioneering research on Soviet military affairs at the Rand Corporation. • During his four-year tenure at the CIA (1957-61), in addition to drafting national intellingence estimates, Garthoff made trips to the Soviet Union with Vice President Richard Nixon and as an interpreter for a delegation from the Atomic Energy Commission. • As a special assistant in the State Department, Garthoff worked with Secretary Dean Rusk., and he was directly involved in the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Later he served as executive officer and senior State Department adviser for the strategic arms limitation talks (SALT) delegation. • In the 1970s he served as a senior Foreign Service inspector, leading missions to a number of countries around the globe. • As U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria (1977-79), Garthoff gained first-hand knowledge of the workings of a communist state and of the Soviet bloc. • In the 1980s, Garthoff wrote two major studies of American-Soviet relations. He traveled to the Soviet Union nearly a dozen times in the final decade of the cold war, and in the early 1990s he had access to the former Soviet Communist Party archives in Moscow. Garthoff¡'s journey through the Cold War informs the views, positions, and actions of the past. His anecdotes and observations will be of great value to those anticipating the challenges of reevaluating American post-cold war security policy.

Voices And Visions

Author : Carolijn Visser
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Voices and Visions sweeps the reader along on Carolijn Visser's four-month journey through Vietnam and gives voice to the remarkable cast of characters - from prostitutes to princesses, from soldiers to singers, from peasants to priests - who inhabit Vietnam today. Join Visser as she roams the Mekong Delta, wanders through Saigon and Hanoi, ventures into the Central Highlands and explores the old imperial capital of Hue - and discover a country ravaged by decades of war but fortified by its history, its culture, its geography, its vision for the future and its people.

Ground Pounder

Author : Gregory V. Short
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Previously published in 2007 by AuthorHouse under the title: Arc Light: A Marine's journey through South Vietnam.

Traveling to Vietnam

Author : Mary Hershberger
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Eager to meet with representatives of the government of North Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government, these Americans came from backgrounds such as international peace organizations, the civil rights movement, and academic institutions. They usually traveled in small groups of three or four at a time and by 1969 averaged about one group a month.

A Journey of Ethnicity

Author : Rie Nakamura
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The Cham people are thought to be descendants of the kingdoms of Champa located in central Vietnam between the 2nd and 19th centuries. Champa was one of the oldest Hinduinized kingdoms in Southeast Asia, and became prosperous through maritime trades and its high quality eaglewood from the central highlands made it famous. However, Champa disappeared from the political map of Southeast Asia after its defeats against the Vietnamese southward expansion. The Cham are now one of the 54 state-recognized national ethnic groups, but Champa’s ancient brick structures and temples scattered along central Vietnam attest to its previous glory. Champa adapted a number of foreign religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam in the course of its history, which made its culture and tradition rich and unique. This book is about a journey of understanding what it means to be Cham in the Social Republic of Vietnam. It is based on field studies in various Cham villages in three different localities: namely, the south central coast area, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta region. It is grounded in information gathered through prolonged interactions with Cham individuals over recent decades. The book stresses the complexity of Cham communities and the diversity and dynamics of the Cham’s understanding of who they are. It provides a comprehensive picture of Cham communities and the situation of ethnic minority people of Vietnam in general.

A Journey Through Madness

Author : William James
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This is to endorse the above-named article and recommend it for publication. This book reveals a very personal and unique perspective on life from a man with a horrible mental illness. I have worked with the mentally ill for nearly 15 years and have never heard a more descriptive account of life with this illness. This book appeals to professionals who deal with the mentally ill, lay people, families of the mentally ill, and mental health clients alike. Mr. James ends his book with some very important advice for those who struggle with mental illness. This advice is extremely valuable, coming from one who has lived the nightmare and managed to maintain a healthy marriage and raise healthy children. It is a story with a truly happy ending. Ed Dennis, Master of Science, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

A Journey through My Life

Author : Dietrich Schaefer
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In this autobiography, Dietrich Schaefer presents his life in two parts, both of which were closely connected to the Seven Seas and international seafaring. Beginning with the character-building escape from East Prussia during his childhood, then the difficult times as a refugee in post-war Germany, he uses humor and many scintillating tales to illustrate his career in the German shipping trade — from cabin boy to captain. He provides the reader with enthusiastic accounts of his travels throughout the world, to all continents and 118 countries. Tirelessly, he constantly tried to make contact with people to find out what they think and how they feel. His numerous excursions provide the reader with interesting facts about countries, the people, and their history. In this way he combines historical background and current day politics from the past six decades. In 1979, his time had finally arrived and he accomplished his often imagined dream of starting his own company. His astounding level of creativity as well as willingness of taking risks, which oftentimes resembled daring exploits, repeatedly resulted in his company finding itself on the edge of an abyss. It took a while until the company eventually became profitable, as well as incurring many debts along the way that had to be repaid. Much later, Dietrich Schaefer was inspired by a new business idea, which resulted in his company gaining international recognition within a few years. Ever since then, the company has been and still is a driving force in the shipping industry. Dietrich Schaefer’s autobiography is much more than just an account of his life and his excursions will force readers to think. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine, but maybe one day there will be a world where no more wars are fought. It could have happened: A fiction where a bullet killed Adolf Hitler.


Author : D. H. REID
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Author : Kim Fay
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Having fallen in love with Vietnam during the four years she lived there in the 1990s, Kim Fay returns for a five-week journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Accompanied by her photographer sister and best Vietnamese girlfriend, she travels beyond the world of cyclos, conical hats, and war to savor the countrys cuisine. As well as cooking with top chefs, she becomes obsessed with clam rice in the imperial city of Hue, uncovers the secret world of ragu in the French hill town of Dalat, and learns the art of home cooking in cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City. Exploring how we eat reflects who we are as individuals and as a community, Fay offers a poetic journey and literary feast for armchair epicures, accompanied by recipes and full-color photography.

The Memoirs of One Man S Journey Through Time

Author : C. Paul Wooderson
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Can you recall the time, or times, you did something for Jesus because you felt convicted by His Spirit to do so? Something or some things that required you to take a leap of faith in God? Something that, when you started your walk of faith, took you a little out of your comfort zone? It took Dad a little bit out of his comfort zone when he felt God calling him to go to college to prepare for the gospel ministry. He didnt have enough money to pay for a college education; however, he believed with Gods help he could find a way to pay his bills. Dad enrolled as a student at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, for the fall semester of 1941.