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Values Based Leadership For Dummies

Author : Maria Gamb
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Benefit from values-based leadership Values-driven organizations are considered by some to be the most successful on the planet. They have high levels of engagement, generate higher earnings, and are more profitable by having an inclusive, multi-tiered strategy. It’s a win-win! In Values-Based Leadership For Dummies, you’ll get a fool-proof plan for putting the principles of values-based leadership in action—which will inspire and motivate others to pursue what matters most. With many Baby Boomers edging toward retirement, the largest generation in history, the Millennials, will be taking over the reins and stepping into leadership roles. They’ve suffered through the difficult economic times and corporate scandals of the early 2000s and they want things to be different. Inside, you’ll get the framework for adopting the principles of values-based leadership that will help Millennials—and any member of any organization—thrive: utilizing the tools of self-reflection, actionable grace, agility, and a commitment to lead responsibly. Establish leadership positioning and company culture steeped in values Foster employee engagement on all levels Inspire greater performance while creating real impact socially and economically Increase the ability to remain competitive and relevant during times of change Harness the passion and commitment of the millennial workforce Whether you’re in an entrepreneur, entry-level position or a CEO, employees at any level can benefit from leaning into values-based leadership—and this book shows you how!

Leadership For Dummies

Author : John Marrin
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Do you find yourself being asked to lead others but have no idea where to start? Do you lead a team spread across different offices or even continents? In this no-nonsense guide to leadership you will find answers to crucial questions like: what is leadership? And what style of leadership should I be using? You'll discover how to lead your friends whilst remaining their friend; how to lead change in a way that people accept and understand; when and where to draw the line; and how to reflect on your experiences to become a better and more effective leader. Only a lucky few of us are natural born leaders. It takes time and effort to develop a range of leadership styles which work for you and those around you as well as discovering how to become comfortable leading others. Leadership can be a lonely occupation; Leadership For Dummies is your ideal companion. John Marrin explores the fine line between managing and leading and the book is full of tips for making the most of your leadership experiences and how to cope with the dilemmas and discomfort all leaders at some point experience.

Leadership For Dummies

Author : Kris Cole
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Created especially for the Australian customer! Improve your leadership skills and bring out the best in the people you lead People may join organisations, but they stay because of good leaders. Find out how inspiring and bringing out the best in the people you lead helps you fulfil your organisation's visions and key priorities. Leadership For Dummies, Australian and New Zealand Edition, quickly gets you up to speed on the latest leadership theories, providing practical strategies and surefire techniques to ensure you and your followers are working in the same direction. Discover how to: Determine the right leadership style for the situation and your team Understand the mindsets you need to lead Articulate a vision and create a team purpose Communicate like a leader Manage expectations and achieve your goals

Mindful Leadership For Dummies

Author : Juliet Adams
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The easy way to become a more mindful leader Want to become a more mindful leader? With Mindful LeadershipFor Dummies, you'll find accessible and authoritative guidancefor cultivating focus, clarity, and creativity from within yourcolleagues. Packed full of useful tips, this friendly how-to guidewill help you incorporate mindfulness in your leadership style tomanage and reap the benefits of a more attentive workinglife—all while nurturing compassion in the service of others.You'll discover how mindfulness can help improve decision-makingand communication skills, manage modern workday challenges, and somuch more. Mindful leadership is currently a high-trending topic in theself-help/business world, making headlines in such prominentpublications as Forbes, Time magazine and TheGuardian, and even earning a dedicated blog on Huffington Post.And all for good reason—the benefits of practicingmindfulness in the workplace are far-reaching, and as we begin touncover more research that supports its effectiveness, it's nowonder business leaders are jumping aboard this positivebandwagon. Includes tips on incorporating mindfulness into your leadershipstyle Shows you how mindfulness can help develop and deepen yourleadership qualities Explains how mindfulness enhances productivity and minimizesthe effects of stress in the workplace Outlines how adding mindfulness to your leadership approachwill enable you to make positive choices that support yourwell-being If you're a businessperson looking to add mindfulness to yourleadership tool belt, Mindful Leadership For Dummies haseverything you need to get started today.

Leadership For Dummies

Author : Marshall Loeb
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Leading Business Change For Dummies

Author : Christina Tangora Schlachter
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Direct change expertly and lead your business to success Change is natural and good, but it can incite fear if not managed properly. Leading Business Change For Dummies arms mid- to senior-level managers with trusted guidance on leading, managing, responding to, and implementing change in the workplace. Packed with helpful advice and straightforward information, it gives you the skills needed to recognize the need for organizational change, deal with unexpected change, properly communicate a vision, prepare for structural change such as Mergers & Acquisitions, and address emotional responses to downsizing. Leading Business Change For Dummies serves as the ultimate roadmap for integrating and consolidating a multitude of personnel and organizational change initiatives. With tools for managing stress levels and advice on gathering and sharing information during times of transition, Leading Business Change For Dummies covers everything you need to know to achieve successful leadership in a challenging work environment. Sound, practical guidance on how to understand, lead, and manage change in the workplace Covers operational and cultural elements that can ultimately affect the success of a transaction over time Information and tips for implementing change in the workplace If you're one of the thousands of managers who face change every day, Leading Business Change For Dummies has you covered.

Managing For Dummies

Author : Bob Nelson
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The fast and easy way to learn how to manage people, projects, and teams Being a manager can be an intimidating and challenging task. Managing involves teaching new skills to employees, helping land a new customer, accomplishing an important assignment, increasing performance, and much more. The process of management can be very challenging at times, but it can also bring you a sense of fulfillment that you never imagined possible. Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition is perfect for all levels of managers. This clearly written, easy-to-understand guide gives you practical advice on the most important aspects of managing, such as delegating as opposed to ordering, improving employees' performances, getting your message across, understanding ethics and office policies, team building and collaboration, and much more. Tips and advice for new and experienced managers All-new chapters on employee encouragement and corporate social responsibility Guidance on managing employees by leveraging the power of the Internet Managing in today's lightning-speed business world requires that you have the latest information and techniques for getting the job done. Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides you with straightforward advice and up-to-the-minute strategies for dealing with anything that comes your way.

The Leadership Brain For Dummies

Author : Marilee B. Sprenger
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Discover how scientific knowledge of the brain can make you a better leader Based upon the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and advances in brain-based education, Leadership Brain For Dummies gives you the edge to influence, lead, and transform any team or organization. Drawing concrete connections between the growing scientific knowledge of the brain and leadership, this book gives you the skills to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, adopt a style of leadership that suits your characteristics, determine the learning styles of individual employees, and conduct training sessions that can physically change brains. The author is an international educational neuroscience consultant and an adjunct professor, teaching brain-compatible strategies and memory courses. She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and the Learning and Brain Society Leadership Brain For Dummies provides practical, hands-on guidance for applying the information to make you a better leader The Leadership Brain For Dummies positions current and aspiring leaders to be at the very top of their leadership game.

Leadership Skills

Author :
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Employee Engagement For Dummies

Author : Bob Kelleher
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The easy way to boost employee engagement Today more than ever, companies and leaders need a road map to help them boost employee engagement levels. Employee Engagement For Dummies helps employers implement the necessary plans to create and sustain an engaging culture, allowing them to attract and retain the best people while boosting their productivity and creativity. Employee Engagement For Dummies helps you foster employee engagement, a concept that furthers an organization's interests through ensuring that employees remain involved in, committed to, and fulfilled by their work. It covers: practical steps to boost employee engagement with your company or team; how to engage different generations of employees; the keys to reduce voluntary employee turnover; practical tools to help retain and engage your employees; processes that will boost employee retention and productivity; hiring the best fits from the start; and much more. Helps you recognize and understand the impact of positive employee engagement Helps you attract and retain the best employees Employee Engagement For Dummies is for business leaders at all levels who are looking to better engage their employees and increase morale and productivity.

Management For Dummies

Author : Richard Pettinger
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Management For Dummies, 2nd Edition has been updated to include the latest trends in management thinking, updates on management software and technology and includes brand new sections covering globalisation, internationalisation, leadership and managing in difficult times. Written by a team of business professionals with decades of experience, this book is perfect for all levels of managers; new managers and managers-to-be can find everything they need to know to be successful; experienced managers can find tips on shifting their perspectives to take a fresh look at their management philosophies and techniques to make their jobs easier and their employees a lot more effective.

Business Coaching Mentoring For Dummies

Author : Marie Taylor
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Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies, 2nd Edition is aimed primarily at business owners and leaders who want effective personal and business led strategies to enable them to coach and mentor other colleagues, and to enhance their chances of success in business and more generally. The book can also help business coaches/ mentors who are new to the industry (and prospective coaches and mentors) and are interested in understanding the process of business coaching and mentoring. Beyond the Book: Eight bonus videos will be hosted at that will help readers master coaching and mentoring concepts and techniques covered in the book. The video content connected to the book will be designed to stand its own as free content that upsells to the book, attracting potential new book buyers from the web.

Project Management For Dummies

Author : Consumer Dummies
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The bestselling 'bible' of project management In today's time-crunched, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. So how can you juggle all the skills and responsibilities it takes to shine as a project management maven? Updated in a brand-new edition, Project Management For Dummies offers everything you need to successfully manage projects from start to finish—without ever dropping the ball. Written by a well-known project management expert, this hands-on guide takes the perplexity out of being a successful PM, laying out all the steps to take your organizational, planning, and execution skills to new heights. Whether it's managing distressed projects, embracing the use of social media to drive efficiency and improve socialization, or resolving conflicts that occur during a project, the soup-to-nuts guidance inside will help you wear your project management hat more prominently—and proudly. Get the latest in industry best practices reflecting PMBOK 6 Motivate any team to gain maximum productivity Execute projects on time and with maximum efficiency Prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam It's never been easier to execute projects on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency.

Caribbean For Dummies

Author : Darwin Porter
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From Jamaica to Puerto Rico to Barbados, the Caribbean offers a whole world of beautiful destinations. Wherever you go, this is the only guide you need to plan the perfect island getaway with: Full coverage of all the islands, from Aruba to the U.S. Virgin Islands Ten delicious Caribbean dishes to try A run-down of the best beaches anywhere in the Caribbean The best diving, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities Like every For Dummies travel guide, Caribbean For Dummies, Third Edition includes: Down-to-earth trip-planning advice What you shouldn’t miss—and what you can skip The best hotels and restaurants for every budget Handy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pages

Hawaii for Dummies

Author :
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Germany For Dummies

Author : Donald Olson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The German landscape features dramatic regional differences. Every city has its own aura, its own version of sausage, and its favorite local wines and beers. Cities range from busy Berlin to fun-loving Munich...from Cologne with its world-famous cathedral to Frankfurt with its designer skyscrapers…from the romantic university town of Heidelberg to the port city of Hamburg with its risqué Reeperbahn area. You can pack a lot of uniquely German experiences into your trip with this book as your guide. Cruise down the Rhine with its castle-crowned crags or cruise the lively club/bar/disco scene. Join the locals in a giant beer hall with an oompah-pah band or opt for opera. Go on a strenuous hike in the Black Forest or get pampered in a sophisticated health spa. Whether you want culture or action, you’ll find plenty to do in this guide that gives you the scoop on: Luxurious hotels that take you back in time or modern, contemporary marvels The Rhine Valley, with its romantic legends and thriving vineyards The Barbarian Alps and the intriguing alpine resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen The imposing Cologne cathedral that dazzles your senses Weimar, where Goethe lived, or Leipzig, where Bach conducted Shopping in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne, or on Frankfurt’s Zeil, the busiest shopping street in Germany Incredible castles and palaces, including Sanssouci, Frederick the Great’s 18th-century rococo place in Potsdam, Zwinger Palace in Dresden with it’s Old Master paintings and porcelain treasures, Nymphenburg Place outside Munich, and Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, the opulent fairy-tale castles built by Ludwig II of Bavaria The moving memorials at Dachau and Buchenwald The art museums and symphony, opera, and ballet performances that grace almost every German city Romantic landscapes, from the majesty of the Bavarian Alps to the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, and from the winegrowing Rhine Valley to the rock cliffs along the Elbe The Mosel Valley with its vineyards, Roman ruins, medieval castles, and riverside towns Cuisine that ranges from traditional local fare to dining with an Italian flair Like every For Dummies travel guide, Germany For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes: Down-to-earth trip-planning advice What you shouldn’t miss — and what you can skip The best hotels and restaurants for every budget Handy Post-it® Flags to mark your favorite pages Peruse this guide, pack your bags, and have a wunderbar trip.

Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies

Author : R. Merrel Olesen
File Size : 62.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Cosmetic surgery is one of today’s hottest topics. From daytime talk shows and popular magazines to conversations at the salon, it seems that almost everyone has had it, is thinking about it, or knows someone who is getting it. Statistics show more and more women—and men—are having cosmetic surgery. And with all the options now available, it’s important to be fully informed before you make any decisions about having a procedure. Now, Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies is here to guide you through today’s top procedures, candidly addressing both the benefits and the risks. R. Merrel Olesen, MD, the medical director of the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, and Marie B.V. Olesen, a nationally known cosmetic surgery consultant, give you the tools you need to: Decide if surgery is right for you Find a qualified surgeon Set realistic expectations Evaluate the costs Enhance your recovery and results This plain-English guide shows you how to take advantage of all the advances in cosmetic surgery while avoiding the pitfalls that could compromise your safety or the quality of your result. From implants to liposuction to Botox, you’ll understand the right questions to ask your doctor, how to prepare for surgery (both physically and financially), and the best ways to influence the healing process. You’ll also: Discover the latest surgery techniques and medications Understand the different surgeon specializations Sort through the various non-surgical facial treatments Evaluate your post-op care options Cope with complications Deal with family, friends, and coworkers before and after surgery Complete with lists of questions to ask before surgery and top Web sites for cosmetic surgery information, Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies is a practical, friendly guide that will help you say hello to a new you!

Las Vegas For Dummies

Author : Mary Herczog
File Size : 36.56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With glittering casinos, glitzy shows, and over-the-top spectacles, Las Vegas can be a mind-boggling experience. This fun, friendly guide is a sure bet for a winning trip—complete with gambling tips, and more: The best shows on the Strip Tips on having fun without gambling Great experiences you can only get in Las Vegas! Like every For Dummies travel guide, Las Vegas For Dummies, Third Edition includes: Down-to-earth trip-planning advice What you shouldn’t miss—and what you can skip The best hotels and restaurants for every budget Handy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pages

Walt Disney World Orlando For Dummies 2005

Author : Michelle Snow
File Size : 60.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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More visitors flock to Disney each year than to any other spot on earth, with new rides and hotels sprouting up every season. This complete guide helps singles and families, the young, and the young at heart navigate this perennially popular fantasy mecca. Walt Disney World and Orlando for Dummies includes: Full coverage of all Orlando-area parks, from Disney and Universal Orlando to SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. Information on the latest rides and attractions, including Universal's Shrek 4-D and Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, and Disney's Mission: Space. Savvy, time-saving tips on how to escape the endless lines and go straight to the major attractions Candid opinions about what's a can't miss and what's a waste of time, including a child's perspective on most of the city's theme-park attractions and rides. An honest discussion of the pros and cons of booking accommodations inside or outside the parks.

SAT II Biology For Dummies

Author : Scott A. Hatch
File Size : 54.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Get tips on preparing for test traps Psych yourself up and score your best Yipes! You've got 60 minutes to answer 80 questions on plants and animals, ecology, genetics, cells and molecules, and evolution. How do you psych yourself up and score your best? This friendly guide delivers just what you need -- a thorough review of biology, including special sections on "M" and "E" exam topics, plus two complete practice tests and lots of insider tips to help boost your score. Discover how to * Recognize wrong answers * Zero in on the best answer * Manage your time * Minimize test-taking anxiety * Familiarize yourself with the format