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The French Foreign Legion

Author : Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage
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This book gives the reader a straightforward and continuous survey of the history of the French Foreign Legion. By outlining the Legion’s vicissitudes, victorious campaigns, epic marches, heroic and sometimes hopeless stands, dirtiest combats and dramatic defeats, but also by briefly placing the Legion back in the historical background of France, and by describing its development, organization, uniforms, equipments and weapons, the author hopes to dispel myths, and try to give a true and accurate picture of what the French Foreign Legion has been from 1831 until today. There are well-researched, detailed line drawings throughout.

The Best of the Legion Outpost

Author : Glen Cadigan
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Presents material originally published in the "Legion Outpost," a newsletter for the Legion of Super-Heroes fan club.

Old Tenth Legion Marriages in Rockingham County Virginia from 1778 1816 Taken from the Marriage Bonds

Author : Harry M. Strickler
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The portion of the Shenandoah Valley that Thomas Jefferson called the Tenth Legion of Democracy included the counties of Rockingham, Shenandoah and Page. This work is an alphabetized listing of the marriages taken from the marriage bonds found in the Cler

Alien Legion

Author : Carl Potts
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The spectacular follow-up to Alien Legion: Force Nomad, Piecemaker collects seven more issues in the Alien Legion saga. In stunning full-colour, Force Nomad resumes duty in a series of far-flung combat zones. The volatile Jugger Grimrod confronts his violent past, while Tamara faces a surprising future - amid the always perilous present that is the daily bread for Force Nomad of the Alien Legion.

Cobb s Legion Cavalry

Author : Harriet Bey Mesic
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“The best regiment of either army, North or South”—this was the description of Cobb’s Legion offered by Confederate General Wade Hampton during the Civil War. This large and experienced unit played a crucial role for the South throughout the war. Their actions in more than 130 battles and other engagements over the course of the war are the subject of this book. Additionally, biographies of the officers and the nearly 1500 men of the regiment are included, as well as records of those who died, deserted, or were prisoners of war.

My Name is Legion

Author : Michael Willett Newheart
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Interfaces narrative and psychological criticism with historical perspectives, cultural examination and poetic reflection to create this unique book-length treatment of the Gerasene demoniac that is described in Mark 5:1-20.

The Legion Companion

Author : Glen Cadigan
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"A comprehensive look at the history of the 30th century's greatest super-hero team! Beginning with their early days in Adventure Comics, it features in-depth interviews with the people responsible for the Legion, including silver age greats Al Plastino, Jim Mooney, and Jim Shooter, plus newer creators like Dave Cockrum, Mike Grell, Jim Starlin, Jim Sherman, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Steve Lightle, Mark Waid, and many more."--back cover.

Operations of the Indiana Legion and Minute Men 1863 4

Author : Indiana Legion
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Caribbean Legion

Author : Charles. Ameringer
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A tale of adventure and intrigue, The Caribbean Legion studies the political struggles of the peoples of Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua in the years following World War II. Taking their inspiration from the D-day-style invasions of occupied Europe, groups of political exiles organized a series of armed expeditions that kept the Caribbean in turmoil for five years. Although their actions were independent, the groups became known collectively as the ''Caribbean Legion.'' Charles D. Ameringer examines the myth and reality of the Caribbean Legion, as well as the evolving foreign policy of the United States. Faced with the contradiction between the promotion of representative democracy and the principle of nonintervention, the United States tolerated dictatorship in the postwar Caribbean, which eventually led to serious consequences such as the Cuban Revolution. Ameringer utilizes never-before-consulted documents from 1949 and 1950 on ''the situation in the Caribbean'' from the Inter-American Peace Committee of the Organization of American States. Accordingly, The Caribbean Legion presents new information and documentation on the difficulties, complexities, and costs of organizing armed uprisings from exile, the purposes and actions of pro-democratic Caribbean exiles and their allies and sponsors, and US policy toward Latin America in the early Cold War period.

The Pope s Legion

Author : Charles A. Coulombe
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With Arthurian grandeur the Papal Zouaves marched into Italy in the mid-nineteenth century, summoned by the Pope under siege as the Wars of the Risorgimento raged. Motivated by wanderlust, a sense of duty and the call of faith, some 20,000 Catholic men from around the world rallied to Vatican City to defend her gates against Sardinian marauders. Volunteers came from France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Austria, and many other countries, including the United States. The battles that ensued lasted over 10 years, among a shifting array of allies and enemies and are among history's most fascinating yet largely overlooked episodes. Napoleon, Pius IX, and Bismarck all make appearances in the story, but at the center were the Zouaves--steeped in a knightly code of honor, and unflinching in battle as any modern warrior--as the Church they vowed to defend to the death teetered at the brink of destruction.

History of the British legion and war in Spain Publ in parts

Author : Alexander Somerville
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The Last Legion

Author : Valerio Massimo Manfredi
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Valerio Massimo Manfredi's The Last Legion opens on the day that the Western Roman Empire collapses finally in 470AD, as the Last Emperor of Rome is encamped and protected by the Nova Invicta Legion. All is lost in the space of a few minutes as a horde of Barbarians sweep through the camp in the fog, kill the Imperial family and take the young Emperor captive. The Roman Empire is in ruins . . . But all is not lost. From the dust of battlefields emerges a small team of invincible warriors - The Last Legion. Their task is to rescue the Emperor and his enigmatic tutor and to try and resurrect the glory of Rome. All their strength of character and bravery come into play as they guide the last Caesar in a dramatic journey of escape through a devastated Italy and Northern Europe to their ultimate destinies in the land of the Britons . . . and the beginning of a new legend. Filled with myth, legend and gladiators, The Last Legion was made into a film starring Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley and directed by Doug Lefler.

Shadow Legion

Author : Adrian S. Holguin
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There is an organization that works from the shadows unknown by the world it assists. They travel around the world via shadows and darkness. They are souls that have trained for millennia in the arts of Ninjitsu, as well as modern day Special Operations warfare. They are known as ShadowKnights, and their main mission is to wipe out all corruption and cruelty from the world; to protect humanity from itself, and protect animals from humanity. But what happens when someone within the legion becomes corrupt? It is up to Augustus Hadrianus, a special operator of the legion, to stop the corruption from within. He undergoes a journey to face someone stronger than him; a deadly opponent. Augustus must train day in and day out to get stronger. A lot is at stake, can Augustus complete his mission? Will he be able to stop the internal corruption?


Author : Brian Rankin
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August, 165 A.D. and the Legion Legio III Gallica lead by the general Avidius Cassius marches on the deserts of northern Mesopotamia against the mighty Parthian empire. Through the trials of war, one centurion, Titus Flamininus, stands ready to lead his cohort and Legio III Gallica safely through this dynamic time in this unfamiliar place.

Legion Condor 1936 39

Author : James S. Corum
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The bombing of Guernica has become a symbol of Nazi involvement in the Spanish Civil War, but the extent of the German commitment is often underestimated. The Luftwaffe sent 20,000 officers and men to Spain from 1936 to 1939, and the Condor Legion carried out many missions in support of the Spanish Nationalist forces and played a lead role in many key campaigns of the war. Aircraft that would play a significant role in the combat operations of World War II (the Heinkel 11 bomber, the Me 109 fighter, and others) saw their first action in Spain, fighting against the modern Soviet fighters and bombers that equipped the Republican Air Force. Condor Legion bombers attacked Republican logistics and transport behind the lines as well as bombing strategic targets, German bombers and fighters provided highly effective close air support for the front-line troops, and German fighters and anti-aircraft units ensured Nationalist control of the air. The experience garnered in Spain was very important to the development of the Luftwaffe. The war allowed them to hone and develop their tactics, train their officers, and to become the most practised air force in the world at conducting close support of ground troops. In effect, the Spanish Civil War proved to be the training ground for the Blitzkrieg which would be unleashed across Europe in the years that followed. In this rigorous new analysis, Legion Condor expert James Corum explores both the history and impact of the Luftwaffe's engagement during the Spanish Civil War and the role that engagement played in the development of the Luftwaffe strategy which would be used to such devastating effect in the years that followed.

Proceedings of National Convention of the American Legion

Author : American Legion. National Convention
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Author : William Altimari
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Legion is a stunning recreation of the life of Roman soldiers at a fort on the Gallic frontier in the late First Century B.C. Centurion Quintus Flavius Rufio returns to Gaul near the Rhine to finish his career with the Twenty-fifth Legion. An invasion by the Germans is imminent, and the veteran Rufio takes command of a century with many recruits whom he must train on the eve of the German onslaught. Rufio's return to Gaul has a wider significance as well. Twenty years earlier, he accidentally killed a young Gallic woman in battle. Still haunted by this, he is confronted by her daughter, orphaned as an infant and now an adult, and his search for redemption takes an unexpected turn in his relationship with her. Legion climaxes with the outnumbered Romans attacking the Germans in a savage battle as the barbarians storm into Gaul in a war of annihilation.

Mark of the Legion

Author : Mike Evers
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Bentham Cawley enjoys and quiet and humdrum life as a monk at the Brotherhood of the Resurrection in Hopfield, Yorkshire. But this is all about to change - when he unwillingly embarks on the monastery's new friendship programme and meets remarkable octogenarian Ernest Teale. Just how does Ernest know so much about the past, and how is he connected to the legendary but doomed Roman Ninth Legion? Some secrets wait centuries to be unlocked...

Warriors of the Legion

Author : Ozzy Hameed
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Author : Steven Carlton
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What if magic was real? Not the magic of tribal shaman, Indian mystics, Wiccan witches, nor even the legerdemain of telephone psychics, but real honest-to-goodness magic. The Christian Bible is full of references to real magic, from Moses to a pantheon of Angels and demons, Powers which walk the Earth and skulk in shadows, the mythos of the supernatural. And demons. The Biblical demon, the Legion, was only banished, its diabolical power only diminished, when it was confronted with the Son of God. What if it came back? Returning to Earth after almost 2000 years, the demon has a mission: to open a gateway to Hell, shift the infernal balance of power, and trigger an Armageddon which makes Revelations pale in comparison. Standing against the demon is an ancient order of sorcerers and warriors, descended from the Angels themselves. But the demon, able to possess more than a thousand people simultaneously, may prove too powerful for even them, and the world's fate will rest on the shoulders of a seventeen year old girl warrior-in-training, and the mysterious powers of her equally enigmatic boyfriend.