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The Lieberman Open Orthodox Haggadah

Author : Shmuel Herzfeld
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The Lieberman Open Orthodox Haggadah (the Orlofsky Edition) addresses some of the burning issues of our times through the lens of the rituals and texts of the Seder night. As we recognize that in every generation we are to seek liberation and freedom, this Haggadah demonstrates an activism that stems from rather than being stymied by our ancient traditions. Open Orthodoxy is a stream of Orthodoxy that combines a strict adherence to Jewish law with an openness and flexibility on certain contemporary issues. With contributions from prominent and original thinkers and an introduction to the term Open Orthodoxy from Rabbi Avi Weiss, this Haggadah discusses some of these cutting-edge concerns such as women as clergy within Orthodoxy (i.e., the Maharat phenomenon), the agunah crisis, and the interaction between Jews and Gentiles.

The Passover Haggadah

Author : Vanessa L. Ochs
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"This telling of the life of the Haggadah, probably the most beloved of books that Jews own, chronicles its recalibrations over time. It moves from its early sources in the Bible and rabbinic literature; to the years it was a handwritten manuscript; to its life as an illuminated book in the middle ages; to its emergence as mass-produced printed book and later, as an artist's book; to its iterations in the twentieth century in America and Israel, including those using emerging technologies of our day. It is the story of a liturgical text came about to fulfill a biblical injunction to fathers to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt to their children (literally, to their sons): "And you shall tell your son on that day, 'It is because of what the Lord did for me when I went free from Egypt'" (Exodus 13:8). Despite significant flaws in the text that have occasioned thousands of revisions, it remains well and alive because it allows its users to transmit the story of Exodus as if it happened to them. With a Haggadah in hand at a Passover seder meal, the text kindles the memory of belonging to a people who knew slavery and then liberation and enlivens empathy. An engagement with the Haggadah, inevitably leaves one feeling responsible for helping others to achieve their own liberation"--

Saul Lieberman and the Orthodox

Author : Marc B. Shapiro
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Modern Orthodox Judaism a Documentary History

Author : Zev Eleff
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Modern Orthodox Judaism offers an extensive selection of primary texts documenting the Orthodox encounter with American Judaism that led to the emergence of the Modern Orthodox movement. Many texts in this volume are drawn from episodes of conflict that helped form Modern Orthodox Judaism. These include the traditionalists' response to the early expressions of Reform Judaism, as well as incidents that helped define the widening differences between Orthodox and Conservative Judaism in the early twentieth century. Other texts explore the internal struggles to maintain order and balance once Orthodox Judaism had separated itself from other religious movements. Zev Eleff combines published documents with seldom-seen archival sources in tracing Modern Orthodoxy as it developed into a structured movement, established its own institutions, and encountered critical events and issues--some that helped shape the movement and others that caused tension within it. A general introduction explains the rise of the movement and puts the texts in historical context. Brief introductions to each section guide readers through the documents of this new, dynamic Jewish expression.

The Jewish Homemaker

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The Jewish Values Finder

Author : Linda R. Silver
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Moral qualities + good deeds + instruction = decent person. These are the ideas and the ideals that express the meaning of the term Jewish values. They are also the precepts embraced by most of the other world religions. This highly authoritative reference guide by Linda Silver - a specialist in Jewish children's literature - evaluates and analyzes nearly 1,000 carefully selected children's books that promote Jewish values.Each entry includes bibliographic information, age level recommendations, annotation, relevant value, and subject headings. School and public librarians, teachers, and parents concerned with character development will find this guide an essential resource.

Chicago Tribune Index

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Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Jewish Book World

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The American Hebrew

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Who s who in Religion

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Forthcoming Books

Author : R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
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