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Lost Daughter Found Son

Author : Kirstyn Scaperrotta
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Three-year-old Leelah Carrie disappears into the cold and damp Arcadian Mountains. She is found by James Morgan, a gang member who has never understood the importance of family. James cares for Carrie and saves her life. But in the end, it is really Leelah that saves James. After Leelah is found by her parents, they look at James as their own son. Leelah's parents, David and Emma, adore this troubled young man and see the good that is deep inside. James learns valuable family lessons from Jack, Sarah, Tom, Emma and Leelah-the members of the Carrie family. After therapy sessions with a quirky and effective Dr. Schultz, James finds his-something he did not realized he was yearning for. Lost Daughter, Found Son is a family based novel suitable for teenagers to adults. The story demonstrates just how powerful the love of a child can be; and how even the most troubled and uncaring person can be transformed into a loving, caring family member.

Cinema s Missing Children

Author : Emma Wilson
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Photographs of missing children are some of the most haunting images of contemporary Western society. Wilson contends that the loss of a child is perceived as a limit-experience in contemporary cinema, where filmmakers attempt to transform their means of representation as a response to acute pain and horror. She explores the representation of missing and endangered children in a number of the key films of the last decade, including Kieslowski's Three Colours: Blue, Atom Egoyan's Exotica, Todd Solondz's Happiness, Jane Campion's The Portrait of a Lady, Lars von Trier's The Kingdom, and Almodovar's All About My Mother.

Universalist Union

Author :
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Jesus and the Prodigal Son

Author : Pierce, OP, Brian J.
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Children s Classic Tales

Author : Various
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Tales from Shakespeare, written by Charles and Mary Lamb as an 'introduction to the study of Shakespeare', are much more entertaining than that. All of Shakespeare's best-loved plays, comic and tragic, are retold in a clear and robust style. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.Tales from King Arthur, edited by Andrew Lang, takes the reader into the romantic world of the gallant Knights of the Round Table. It tells of their brave and chivalrous deeds, fair maidens, the quest for the Holy Grail, and the tragic love of King Arthur for Guinevere. The most potent of the mist-enshrouded tales of adventure passed down from pre-recorded history, the Arthurian legends have as much appeal today as they did in the days of the troubadors.Tales from the Arabian Nights, also edited by Andrew Lang, tells of the beautiful Scheherazade. Her husband has threatened to kill her, so each night she diverts him with tales of fantastic adventure, leaving each story unfinished so that he spares her life to hear the ending on the morrow. Illustrated by H.J Ford, the tales include ''Aladdin', 'The Enchanted Horse', 'Sinbad the Sailor' and the great Caliph of Bagdad, Haroun-al-Raschid.Tales of Troy and Greece allow Andrew Lang to draw on his classical knowledge to retell the Homeric legend of the wars between the Greeks and the Trojans. Paris, the lovely Helen of Troy, Achilles, Hector, Ulysses, the Amazons and the famous Wooden Horse all feature in this magical introduction to one of the greatest legends ever told.

The Lost Daughter

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The Lost Daughter

Author : Gill Paul
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'Bold and powerful, filled with emotion, tension and vivid characters in a setting that is rich in historical detail' Kate Furnivall A Russian princess. An extraordinary sacrifice. A captivating secret... From the author of The Secret Wife, a gripping journey through decades and across continents, of love, devastating loss and courage against all odds. 1918 With the country they once ruled turned against them, the future of Russia's imperial family hangs in the balance. When middle daughter Maria Romanova captivates two of the guards, it will lead to a fateful choice between right and wrong. Fifty-five years later . . . Val rushes to her father's side when she hears of his troubling end-of-life confession: 'I didn't want to kill her.' As she unravels the secrets behind her mother's disappearance when she was twelve years old, she finds herself caught up in one of the world's greatest mysteries. Readers adore the novels of Gill Paul: 'A brilliantly emotional read' Woman's Own 'As rich in historical detail as it is captivating ****' Heat 'One of my favourite books of this year. Fascinating, glamorous and utterly compelling... historical fiction at its best' Tracy Rees, author of The Hourglass 'A marvellous, perfect read' The Sun 'Cleverly crafted and enthralling. A triumph' Dinah Jeffries 'A wonderful book. Loved the seamless blend of fact and fiction' Kathryn Hughes 'Compelling and full of surprises ****' The Lady 'This engrossing, heart-wrenching novel moves between the decades, combining history with fiction to portray the tragic events of the Russian Revolution' Sunday Express 'Riveting! I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing tale of friendship and betrayal' Rosanna Ley 'With superb story-telling and a lush backdrop of period detail...a novel that is impossible to put down, abouttwo women who are impossible to forget. I loved it!' Hazel Gaynor 'I devoured Another Woman's Husband in a few days. This has bestseller written all over it' Louise Beech 'With seamless ease Gill evokes the events and characters of two eras...with great verve and a smattering of delicious fictional licence. Delightful' Liz Trenow 'Gill Paul has taken two of the twentieth century's most enigmatic women, one revered, the other reviled, and woven them into a deft story of friendship and betrayal' Kate Riordan

The Lost Child in Literature and Culture

Author : Mark Froud
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This book is an extensive study of the figure of the lost child in English-speaking and European literature and culture. It argues that the lost child figure is of profound importance for our society, a symptom as well as a cause of deep trauma. This trauma, or void, is a fundamental disruption of the structures that define us: self, history, and even language. This puts the figure of the child in context with previous research that the modern conception of ‘a child’ was formed alongside modern conceptions of memory. The book analyses the representation of the lost child, through fairy tales, historical oppression and in recent novels and films. The book then studies the connection of the lost child figure with the uncanny and its centrality to language. The book considers the lost child figure as an archetype on a metaphysical and philosophical level as well as cultural.

Lost Child

Author : Torey Hayden
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From Torey Hayden, the number one Sunday Times bestselling author of One Child comes Lost Girl, a poignant and deeply moving account of a lost little girl and an extraordinary educational psychologist's courage and determination. Jessie is nine years old and looks like the perfect little girl, with red hair, green eyes and a beguiling smile. She even has a talent for drawing gorgeous and intricate pictures. But Jessie also knows how to get her own way and will lie, scream, shout and hurt to get just exactly what she wants. Her parents say they can't take her back, and her social workers struggle to deal with her destructive behaviour and wild mood swings. After her chaotic passage through numerous foster placements, Jessie has finally received a diagnosis of an attachment disorder. Attachment disorders arise when children are deprived of the all-important close bonds with trustworthy adults that allow them to develop emotionally and thrive. Finally educational psychologist Torey Hayden is called in to help. Torey agrees to weekly meetings with Jessie to try and uncover why she is acting out. Torey's gentle care and attention reveal shocking truths behind Jessie's lies. Can Torey and the other social workers help to provide the consistent loving care that has so far been missing in Jessie’s life, or will she push them away too?

Social Work Practice

Author : Eileen Gambrill
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The first textbook to emphasize the importance of critical thinking skills to practice, this third edition of the classic Social Work Practice retains its unique focus on thinking critically about decisions that social workers make daily. Organized around the phases of helping, this hands-on introduction highlights the decision points that social workers encounter during assessment, intervention, and evaluation. This text, together with its companion website, provides students with a wealth of hands-on exercises for developing and assessing their practice skills. Most importantly, it helps students enhance client well-being by becoming critical thinkers and evidence-informed practitioners.

My Lost Daughter

Author : Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
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Following her success with The Cheater, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg returns to her most memorable character, Lily Forrester. Lily is a tough judge in Ventura County, California, who has overcome adversity and heartache to achieve a position of power to help those who can't help themselves. Like the current case before her, the sensational murder trial of a woman who tortured and killed her beautiful two-year old son. Lily is determined to see justice done but she's thrown for a loop when she receives word that her own daughter, Shana, months away from graduating from Stanford Law School, is on the verge of dropping out. Lily rushes north and what she discovers causes her to fear for her daughter's mental state. She must get back to the trial and decides that she will take Shana to a facility where they can evaluate her and if needed give her some counseling or medication. Which is when things go horribly awry. For the institution that Lily has chosen is far less interested in treating patients than it is with bilking the insurance companies out of extravagant fees...and they are less than scrupulous about patient's rights. Discovering the awful truth, Lily will have to summon all her intelligence and street smarts to find a way to free Shana. She will have to work fast however, for there is someone at the facility who seems to have his own agenda separate from the institution. And Lily's daughter may not only be in danger of losing her sanity but her life. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Shakespeare for Children Illustrated Edition

Author : Charles Lamb
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This meticulously edited collection brings to you the Shakespeare's greatest stories and the masterpieces of world literature retold for children. Immerse yourself in the magic of these classics and the beautiful illustrations to relive the old days. This edition is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Tempest A Midsummer Night's Dream The Winter's Tale Much Ado about Nothing As You Like It The Two Gentlemen of Verona The Merchant of Venice Cymbeline King Lear Macbeth All's Well that Ends Well The Taming of the Shrew The Comedy of Errors Measure for Measure Twelfth Night Timon of Athens Romeo and Juliet Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Othello Pericles, Prince of Tyre

The smuggler s revenge or The lost child of Lanemarken tr by lady Lentaigne

Author : Carl Gustav Nieritz
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The Lost Daughters of China

Author : Karin Evans
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In 1997 journalist Karin Evans walked into an orphanage in southern China and met her new daughter, a beautiful one-year-old baby girl. In this fateful moment Evans became part of a profound, increasingly common human drama that links abandoned Chinese girls with foreigners who have traveled many miles to complete their families. At once a compelling personal narrative and an evocative portrait of contemporary China, The Lost Daughters of China has also served as an invaluable guide for thousands of readers as they navigated the process of adopting from China. However, much has changed in terms of the Chinese government?s policies on adoption since this book was originally published and in this revised and updated edition Evans addresses these developments. Also new to this edition is a riveting chapter in which she describes her return to China in 2000 to adopt her second daughter who was nearly three at the time. Many of the first girls to be adopted from China are now in the teens (China only opened its doors to adoption in the 1990s), and this edition includes accounts of their experiences growing up in the US and, in some cases, of returning to China in search of their roots. Illuminating the real-life stories behind the statistics, The Lost Daughters of China is an unforgettable account of the red thread that winds form China?s orphanages to loving families around the globe.

What Time Is It

Author : Charles E. Jenkins
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Little Blue Readers.

Our Whole Country

Author : John Warner Barber
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Contemplations on the Historical Passages of the Old and New Testaments

Author : Joseph Hall
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A Study Guide for Karin Evans s The Lost Daughter s of China

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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Lost Daughter

Author : Nola Wunderle
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Lost Daughter. A daughters suffering. A mother's unconditional love. An extraordinary story of hope and survival. We were all full of expectation as we waited patiently at Melbourne’s international airport. I hadn’t slept properly for weeks. All of us had been waiting for this moment for months. Our fourth child was soon to arrive … This is the story of 18-year-old Kartya Wunderle, one of 64 babies flown out of Taiwan in the early 80s. Babies stolen from their mothers or sold by their families and adopted out to unsuspecting overseas parents. At 15, Kartya began to use heroin in an attempt to take away the pain of not knowing who she was and where she came from. Her distraught parents watched their beautiful daughter slowly slip away from them, spiralling towards a tragic and almost inevitable conclusion. Out of desperation and fired by an unconditional love for her daughter, Nola Wunderle resolved to find Kartya’s birth mother and change the ending to Kartya’s story. An amazing search for one woman in a country of 22 million began. The result was nothing short of miraculous, and made Kartya a national hero in her homeland. Lost Daughter is a moving testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit, one that will humble and inspire all who read it.

The American Catalogue

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American national trade bibliography.