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Loving Touches

Author : Lory Freeman
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Describes various types of loving or positive touches, including hugs, kisses, and sitting on laps, and how to ask for and enjoy them.

Loving Touches

Author : David Hellerstein
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A comic first novel by an author known for his powerful and moving accounts of medical training, Loving Touches is set in contemporary New York. The story explores the love Dr. Jay feels for two very different women: his wife Sarah, a Wall Street lawyer, and Celine Walters, a former girlfriend who has been admitted to the hospital where he works.

Loving Touches

Author : Johanna Kingsley
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The New York Times Bestselling Author of Scents and Treasures A powerful story of hope and freedom, passion and unrequited love ( Lareyna Dunne is a child of war who knows nothing of the mother who risked her life to get her daughter to freedom. Exiled and lonely in the strange new world of America's East Coast elite, Lari struggles to fit in--and to understand the father who can barely acknowledge her, all the while searching for the mother she lost, the missing piece of herself. But Lari blossoms from an awkward teenager into a stunning and determined woman, whose talents pave the way for a brilliant future in the glamorous world of interior design. As she boldly challenges the arbiters of American taste, she dares to savor the pleasures of passion. One man will seduce her with reckless desire, another with friendship. But her heart is claimed by a dedicated photojournalist who dares to live out his dream--and helps Lari to discover hers. Their love, strengthened by adversity, tested by time and impossible odds, will offer Lari a magical chance to bring past and present full circle at last (.

His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects touching the causes and reasons that moved him to dissolve the two last parliaments 8th April 1681

Author : England
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Love Notes for Couples

Author : Gary Chapman
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From the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages comes a short devotional for every couple looking to deepen their relationship with one another--and with God. Are you and your spouse speaking the same language? He sends you flowers when what you really want is time to talk. She gives you a hug when what you really need is a home-cooked meal. The problem isn't love―it's your love language. Adapted from The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional, this devotional is perfect for the couples in your life--or for you and your spouse! As you learn how to express heartfelt love to your loved one, you'll find yourselves deeper in love and growing closer to God--together--as a result.

That Loving Touch

Author : Ashley Summers
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ONE WINTER NIGHT She was pregnant…and he offered shelter from the darkest of nights. In the midst of a snowstorm expectant mother Carrie Loving found herself on the doorstep of CEO Sam Holt. And although Same seemed too good to be true, his offered warmth was guarded, hiding a hurt behind deep blue eyes. As the hours turned into days, Carrie and Sam forged a bond that could not be broken. And Sam could no longer deny the strong feelings Carrie—and her unborn child—awakened in him. But when the snow melted, Sam had to decide whether he should relinquish the solace Carrie promised or risk tearing down the fortress he'd built around his heart….

The Secrets of Loving Touch

Author : Franz Benedikter
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"The Secrets of the Loving Touch" is an unbelievably effective program in which certain skin zones are touched to release extremely relaxing, mood-lifting and euphoretic hormones which make you balanced, healthy and happy. In addition, it instructs us on how to free ourselves of inhibitions and blocks and thereby increase the entire strength of our personality.

Touches of Nature

Author :
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The Practical French Teacher Or A New Method of Learning to Read Write and Speak the French Language

Author : Norman Pinney
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Loving messages addresses sequel to Heart lessons

Author : Louisa Clayton
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With Every Loving Touch

Author : Nell Kincaid
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Dan Sommers had grown up and now his kiss was sending Marina's senses reeling. She had decided not to sell the old inn her grandmother had lefther - she would open a restaurant. But she knew she must not surrender to Dan.

Sunday School Times

Author :
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Love and Lifestyles

Author : Mary T. Judd
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Various aspects of relationships in society are explored.

Love s Hidden Blessings

Author : Sue Monk Kidd
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Love on a Leash

Author : Liz Palika
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Tips, methods, and techniques for choosing, training, and working with a therapy dog.

Love Around the House

Author : Elizabeth Baker
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Creating a Loving Family

Author : Bridget M. Meehan
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To Love a Baby

Author : Sandy Jones
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Growing in Love

Author : Harcourt Religion Publishers
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Love and Renewal

Author : Larry A. Bugen
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In this book, Larry Bugen identifies disenchantment as the dynamic that drives modern couples apart, and he offers his proven RENEW system of therapy as a self-help solution. He offers reassurance that disenchantment is a natural and necessary stage in any mature relationship--the transition from romantic infatuation to lasting commitment.