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Lunch Money

Author : Andrew Clements
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Meet Greg Kenton, billionaire in the making. Greg Kenton has two obsessions -- making money and his long-standing competition with his annoying neighbor, Maura Shaw. So when Greg discovers that Maura is cutting into his booming Chunky Comics business with her own original illustrated minibooks, he's ready to declare war. The problem is, Greg has to admit that Maura's books are good, and soon the longtime enemies become unlikely business partners. But their budding partnership is threatened when the principal bans the sale of their comics in school. Suddenly, the two former rivals find themselves united against an adversary tougher than they ever were to each other. Will their enterprise -- and their friendship -- prevail?

Lunch Money Can t Shoot

Author : Michael Levin
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When the urban neighborhood where William Lunch Money Barnes lives becomes too rough, his mother moves his family in the middle of the school year to an all-white suburb 50 miles away. The good-natured Barnes runs into one problem: everyone, including the middle school’s basketball coach, assumes that since he is African American and from the inner city, he must be great at basketball and can save the school team’s season. Unfortunately, Barnes is not an athlete, and contrary to assumptions about black kids, he’s terrible at basketball! Trouble arises when the school discovers that Lunch Money Can’t Shoot!

I Forgot My Lunch Money

Author : Keith Jackson
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Children often find themselves tangled in a web of unwarranted worry and fear over misleading information they receive from their peers. School-yard mishaps and uncomfortable social dilemmas can create an uneasy environment for children, especially when adult interaction is lacking. Go through what has the makings for a difficult day with Leigha, a fourth grader who appears to be a little light in the wallet when she forgets her lunch money! Leigha navigates the day, consumed by rumors and misleading information, dreading the showdown at the cash register. Will it be a detention, a writing assignment or worse? This exciting story opens the door for adult/child interaction and discussion in a variety of settings. Colorfully illustrated by Lauren Gulino, this book has a great deal of appeal for use in the classroom, waiting room or the living room. There are even multiple grade level follow-up activities associated with the book. For more information on ordering and other book related opportunities, send an e-mail to mailto: [email protected] Enjoy!!!

Lunch Money

Author : Carol Diggory Shields
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A collection of twenty-three humorous poems about school including such titles as "Math my Way," "Clockwatching," and "School Daze Rap."

Lunch Money

Author : Kate Adamick
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From nationally renowned school food reform expert and Cook for America(R) co-founder KATE ADAMICK comes this timely book dispelling the myth that school food reform is cost prohibitive. Touted by such food systems leaders as Marion Nestle, Mark Bittman, Jamie Oliver, and Jan Poppendieck, and praised by leaders in the education and school food arenas, LUNCH MONEY: SERVING HEALTHY SCHOOL FOOD IN A SICK ECONOMY provides effective money-saving and revenue-generating tools for use in any school kitchen or cafeteria. Included in this practical how-to book are examples, diagrams, charts, and worksheets that unlock the financial secrets to scratch-cooking in the school food environment and prove that a penny saved is much more than a penny earned. Through both wit and wisdom, Adamick demonstrates how school food can be transformed from a problem into a solution to the childhood obesity epidemic, which serves as a reminder that learning doesn't stop at the cafeteria door. PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO CHILDREN'S HEALTH FOUNDATION. PRAISE FOR LUNCH MONEY "Kate Adamick is my go-to guru for tough-minded practical advice about school food. . . . This book is a must for anyone who works with school food as well as parents who care what their kids eat in school." - MARION NESTLE, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University and author of What to Eat and Food Politics "Ever since childhood obesity put improving the quality of school food on the national agenda, the conventional wisdom has been that fresh preparation on site - 'scratch cooking' - is too expensive to consider. In this remarkable book, Kate Adamick has effectively retired that myth. . . . Every food service director and school food reformer in America should read this book." - JANET POPPENDIECK, Professor of Sociology, Hunter College (CUNY), and author of Free for All: Fixing School Food in America "With her intimate knowledge of the system, Kate Adamick demonstrates that the solutions to the school lunch issue can be tackled by regular people, as long as we have the will to change." - MARK BITTMAN, New York Times columnist and author of How to Cook Everything "I love what Kate does in her brilliant work. She's a true ambassador for sustainable change that can be achieved if people really want it. She's inspirational, no-nonsense and realistic." - JAMIE OLIVER, Chef, author, and founder of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution " . . . I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the tools in Lunch Money are . . . . The lunch money lessons learned enabled our school nutrition program to move forward from 90% processed menu items to 90% scratch cooking within 2 years and, most important, we are operating at a net profit. . . . " - KATHY DELTONTO, RE-1J Nutrition Service Director, Montrose, Colorado "Lunch Money answers the daunting question of how to get healthy food within hands reach of America's public school students at an affordable price and elevates the status of the 'lunch lady' to the Lunch Teacher(TM) . . . . " - DENNIS VAN ROEKEL, President, National Education Association "Adamick proves that with a few smart choices, school food service managers don't have to choose between healthy kids and a healthy bottom line." - CURT ELLIS, Executive Director, FoodCorps, and Filmmaker, King Corn "[Adamick's] belief that school food is not the problem, but the solution, is the right step, in the right direction, at the right time. . . . - DONNA WEST, Child Nutrition Manager, Brownwood Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

Guiding The Family

Author : Bernice Bronia Grunwald
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

No Lunch Money

Author : K. S. Robinson
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No Lunch Money is a story about a young boy who has some trouble figuring out what life, himself, and others are all about. Enjoy discovering, along with Casey, just how a little kindness can go a long way in making someone's day I never had the pleasure of raising a boy; I had girls. So, through my imagination, Casey Carson has become the son I never got to have. He is all boy, but like all good boys, he is made of a little kindness as well as frogs, snails and puppy dog tails. Enjoy getting to know Casey too

Building Vocabulary Grade 5 Kit eBook

Author :
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Lunch Wars

Author : Amy Kalafa
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There's a battle going on in school lunchrooms around the country...and it's a battle our children can't afford for us to lose. The average kid will eat 4,000 school lunches between kindergarten and twelfth grade. But what exactly are kids eating in school lunchrooms around the country? Many parents don't quite know what their children are eating-or where it came from. As award-winning filmmaker and nutritionist Amy Kalafa discovered in researching her documentary film Two Angry Moms: Fighting for the Health of America's Children, these days it's pretty rare to find a piece of fresh fruit in your average school lunchroom amid all the chips, french fries, Pop-Tarts, chicken nuggets, and soda that's being served. But what, if anything, can parents do about it? Written in response to the onslaught of requests she received from parents who saw her film and asked, "If I want to attempt to change the food culture in my kid's school, how on earth should I get started?!" this empowering book arms parents with the specific information and tools they need to get unhealthy-even dangerous-food out of their children's school cafeteria and to hold their schools and local and national governments accountable for ensuring that their growing children are served healthy meals at school. In Lunch Wars, Kalafa explains all the complicated issues surrounding school food; how to work with your school's "Wellness Policy"; the basics of self- operated vs. outsourced cafeterias; how to get funding for a school garden, and much more. Lunch Wars also features the inspiring stories of parents around the country who have fought for better school food and have won, as well as details Amy's quest to spark a revolution in her own school district. For the future health and well-being of our children, the time has come for a school food revolution.

The Dollar Lunch

Author : Marion Gage Levy
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“The Dollar Lunch” is an eloquent description of the elderly and their struggle to have a life, as told through the eyes of a middle-aged woman, who works at a Senior Center. Through her detailed description, of her interaction with these people and others, with little money, she gives us access to the universal battle of survival. This is a compelling story of existence, of struggles won and lost, by those survivors who have not yet given up.

Govern Like Us

Author : M. A. Thomas
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In the poorest countries, such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and Mali, the United States has struggled to work with governments whose corruption and lack of capacity are increasingly seen to be the cause of instability and poverty. The development and security communities call for "good governance" to improve the rule of law, democratic accountability, and the delivery of public goods and services. The United States and other rich liberal democracies insist that this is the only legitimate model of governance. Yet poor governments cannot afford to govern according to these ideals and instead are compelled to rely more heavily on older, cheaper strategies of holding power, such as patronage and repression. The unwillingness to admit that poor governments do and must govern differently has cost the United States and others inestimable blood and coin. Informed by years of fieldwork and drawing on practitioner work and academic scholarship in politics, economics, law, and history, this book explains the origins of poor governments in the formation of the modern state system and describes the way they govern. It argues that, surprisingly, the effort to stigmatize and criminalize the governance of the poor is both fruitless and destabilizing. The United States must pursue a more effective foreign policy to engage poor governments and acknowledge how they govern.

Triggering the Memories

Author : L. Jordan Jackson
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Triggering the Memories

The Family Guide to Fighting Fat

Author : Texas Children's Hospital
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A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY More than 30 percent of American children are overweight. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in this country, leading to early onset diabetes and a general health crisis for children. The best plan to attack obesity starts at home and engages the whole family. And now, the experts at Texas Children's Hospital are providing the tools to do it. This book gives parents the information and strategies they need to help their children eat less fast food and boost fitness. It features information on healthy diet and exercise options for every age group. It gets families off to the right start for losing extra pounds and guides them through a step-by-step approach to creating a personalized plan for controlling weight. Through this guide, the experts at Texas Children's Hospital empower parents to establish healthy family habits. With numerous nutritious recipes, fun activities to get the family fit, and helpful tips to overcome weight management roadblocks, this guide is an excellent resource for parents who want to make a healthy lifestyle a way of life. Drawing on the expertise of the wide range of health professionals at Texas Children's Hospital, this book is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to family weight management and smart nutrition. Texas Children's Hospital is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States. Consistently recognized as one of the top children's hospitals in the nation by Child magazine and the U.S. News & World Report, Texas Children's Hospital is committed to creating a community of healthy children through excellence in patient care, education and research.

Dead Woman Pickney

Author : Yvonne Shorter Brown
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Dead Woman Pickney chronicles life stories of growing up in Jamaica from 1943 to 1965 and contains both personal experience and history, told with stridency and humour. The author’s coming of age parallels the political stages of Jamaica’s moving from the richest Crown colony of Great Britain to an independent nation within the British Commonwealth of Nations. Taking up the haunting memories of childhood, along with her astonishment at persistent racial marginalization, both locally and globally, the author sets out to construct a narrative that at once explains her own origins in the former slave society of Jamaica and traces the outsider status of Africa and its peoples. The author’s quest to understand the absence of her mother and her mother’s people from her life is at the heart of this narrative. The title, Dead Woman Pickney, is in Jamaican patois, and its meaning unfolds throughout the narrative. It begins with the author’s childhood question of what a mother is, followed by the realization of the vulnerability of a child without its mother’s protection. The term “pickney” was the name for slave children on sugar plantations, and post-emancipation the term was retained for the descendants of enslaved Africans and the children of black women fathered by slavers. The author struggles through her life to discover the identity of her mother in the face of silence from her father’s brutal family. A wonderful resource for teachers of history, social studies, cultural studies, and literature, this work could be used as a starting point to discuss issues of diasporic identities, colonialism, racism, impact of slavery, and Western imperialism around the world. It is also an engaging read for those interested in memoir and life writing.

The Atheist s Primer

Author : Malcolm Murray
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The Athiest’s Primer is a concise but wide-ranging introduction to a variety of arguments, concepts, and issues pertaining to belief in God. In lucid and engaging prose, Malcom Murray offers a penetrating yet fair-minded critique of the traditional arguments for the existence of God. He then explores a number of other important issues relevant to religious belief, such as the problem of suffering and the relationship between religion and morality, in each case arguing that atheism is preferable to theism. The book will appeal to both students and professionals in the philosophy of religion, as well as general audiences interested in the topic.

The Single Male Parents Cookbook and Short Stories

Author : Joe Barfield
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The Single Male Parents " Cookbook, is a delightful combination of food and humor, two subjects everyone will enjoy. As a single parent the author raised his children from the time they were four and six, and soon became an expert in the kitchen. As he said, SMy cooking must have been good because both are adults now and still alive, which only attests to culinary skills . . . or luck!

The Rodrigo Chronicles

Author : Richard Delgado
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Richard Delgado is one of the most evocative and forceful voices writing on the subject of race and law in America today. The New York Times has described him as a pioneer of critical race theory, the bold and provocative movement that, according to the Times "will be influencing the practice of law for years to come. " In The Rodrigo Chronicles, Delgado, adopting his trademark storytelling approach, casts aside the dense, dry language so commonly associated with legal writing and offers up a series of incisive and compelling conversations about race in America. Rodrigo, a brash and brilliant African-American law graduate has been living in Italy and has just arrived in the office of a professor when we meet him. Through the course of the book, the professor and he discuss the American racial scene, touching on such issues as the role of minorities in an age of global markets and competition, the black left, the rise of the black right, black crime, feminism, law reform, and the economics of racial discrimination. Expanding on one of the central themes of the critical race movement, namely that the law has an overwhelmingly white voice, Delgado here presents a radical and stunning thesis: it is not black, but white, crime that poses the most significant problem in modern American life.

Tell Me No Lies

Author : Malorie Blackman
File Size : 80.73 MB
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Gemma longs for her lost mother, taking comfort from the cuttings in her scrapbook; pictures of mothers who loved their children come what may. Mike is new to the area; a boy with a terrible secret to hide. A secret about his missing mother. Gemma and Mike - two kids hurt by their past and now inextricably linked. Their effect on each other's lives will be explosive.

41 Activities in Basic Money Management

Author : Nancy Lobb
File Size : 37.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Managing personal finances can be vexing for remedial, ESL, or adult basic education students. This easy-to-read, easy-to-use volume assumes a third-grade reading and math level. 41 Activities in Basic Money Management provides a rich array of techniques for managing paychecks, savings and checking accounts, electronic banking, and credit and loans. Sample topics include: Finding Number of Hours Worked Writing Checks Planning Your Saving to Reach Your Goals Debit Cards Paying Off a Loan Use 41 Activities in Basic Money Management to give your students the practical skills they need to manage their personal finances successfully.

Free Lunch

Author : David Smith
File Size : 38.99 MB
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The economy has never been so relevant to so many people as it is now, and it's vital that we understand how it affects our lives. 'There's no such thing as a free lunch' is the one phrase everyone has heard from economics - not even for bankers. But why not? What does economics tell us about the price of lunch - and everything else? Free Lunch makes the economics pages of the newspaper intelligible and addresses the concerns that worry us all. It will enable you to understand - and challenge - the claims made by politicians Set out like a good lunch-time conversation, the book will guide you through the mysteries of the economy. Your guides will be some of the greatest names in the field, including Smith, Marx and Keynes. This clever and witty introduction to economics costs less than even the cheapest meal. It is essential reading in these times of economic uncertainty, and is far more satisfying than even the most gourmet banquet.