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New Perspectives in Luxury Branding

Author : Emerald Group Publishing Limited
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This collection of key articles offers insights across a range of sectors. Some of the things the book will explain include: - The influence of social media on the building of luxury brands - The effect of the consumption of counterfeit luxury goods on identity - The value of brand extension as a strategy in regards to luxury fashion brands

Luxury Fashion Branding

Author : U. Okonkwo
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This groundbreaking fashion branding and management text brings an analytical business dimension to the marketing and corporate techniques of the luxury fashion goods industry. It will make engaging reading for anyone who wishes to learn about the captivating business of turning functional products into objects of desire.

Fashion Branding and Communication

Author : Byoungho Jin
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This second volume in the Palgrave Studies in Practice: Global Fashion Management series focuses on core strategies of branding and communication of European luxury and premium brands. Brand is a critical asset many firms strive to establish, maintain, and grow. It is more so for fashion companies when consumers purchase styles, dreams and symbolic images through a brand. The volume starts with an introductory chapter that epitomizes the essence of fashion brand management with a particular emphasis on emerging branding practices, challenges and trends in the fashion industry. The subsequent five cases demonstrate how a family workshop from a small town can grow into a global luxury or premium brand within a relatively short amount of time. Scholars and practitioners in fashion, retail, branding, and international business will learn how companies can establish a strong brand identity through innovative strategies and management.

The Artification of Luxury Fashion Brands

Author : Marta Massi
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Despite being vastly different both socially and economically, art and fashion are increasingly converging to collaborate in mutually advantageous ways. This book discusses the mutual benefits of collaboration through analysis of successful case studies, including corporate art collections and museums, patronage and sponsorship initiatives, and art-based brand management in the fashion sector. It provides a categorization of the strategies that fashion firms employ when they join the art world and illustrates how art and fashion brands can interact strategically at different levels. This book will be a valuable resource to researchers, providing an enhanced understanding of the potential of artification for managing brands and products.

Storytelling in Luxury Fashion

Author : Amanda Grace Sikarskie
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This book examines the ways in which luxury fashion brands use their heritage in their digital storytelling and marketing. With essays from authors in China and Macau, India, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States, covering British, Chinese, French, Japanese, Indian, Italian, and Turkish brands, this truly global collection is the first book of its kind devoted solely to the emerging study of digital heritage storytelling. This method is a hugely important factor in the marketing of luxury brands, and has yet to be studied comprehensively. The book will be of interest to scholars working in fashion studies, fashion history, design history, design studies, digital humanities, and fashion marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Author : Ozuem, Wilson
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Online shopping has become increasingly popular due to its availability and ease. As a result, it is important for companies that sell high-end products to maintain the same marketing success as companies selling more affordable brands in order keep up with the market. Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on the need for a variety of technologies and new techniques in which companies and brand managers can promote higher-end products. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics and perspectives such as brand communication, mobile commerce, and multichannel retailing, this publication is ideally designed for managers, academicians, and researchers seeking current material on effectively promoting more expensive merchandise using technology.

Harnessing Omni Channel Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Author : Wilson Ozuem
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This book provides a contemporary theoretical insight into the fashion and luxury industry, addressing potential gray areas within the literature. The authors analyze the luxury and fashion industry using multiple perspectives, allowing for a critical comprehensive overview of the phenomenon across diverse streams. The book provides insight into fashion and luxury retailing in the context of both online and brick and mortar retailers based on a variety of market scenarios. It deciphers the rationale of customer behavioral and decision making in online and offline luxury and fashion purchasing contexts. It provides an overview of the challenges that the industry faces with the advent of the evolving omni-channel environment. The multiple theoretical and practical nuances of the fashion and luxury industry are presented. In this sense, the book is a fundamental reference point for the students and academics. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fashion and luxury retailing sectors. Also, many policy makers will find the conceptual and exploratory insight of this book relevant to their organizational and retailing policies. The new knowledge that is produced in this book is a ground breaker in the fashion and luxury literature. It offers insight from both theoretical and practical perspectives from both retailer and customer perspectives.

Fashion Brands

Author : Mark Tungate
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Once a luxury that only the elite could afford, fashion is now widely accessible. While brands such as Zara and H&M have made fashion an affordable choice for the mass market, sports brands such as Nike and Adidas have transformed the image of their products from merely practical to fashionable. How has this transformation occurred? Fashion Brands explores the popularization of fashion and explains how marketers and branding experts have turned clothes and accessories into objects of desire. Full of first-hand interviews with key players, the book analyzes every aspect of fashion from a marketing perspective. It examines how advertising, store design and the media have altered our fashion sense. The new edition includes chapters on fashion bloggers and the rise of celebrity-endorsed products.

Digitalization in the Luxury Fashion Industry

Author : Anna Cabigiosu
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The luxury fashion industry is one of the best performing and fastest growing industries in today’s business landscape, and is set to continue expanding over the next years. Exploring the effects of digitalization, this book aims to increase our understanding of the key drivers of internal growth and competitiveness in luxury fashion firms. With a focus on the development of new brand strategies brought about by digitalization, the author outlines the need for business models to be redesigned in order to make use of social media and satisfy Millennial consumers. Offering case studies on leading luxury fashion brands, this timely book evaluates new digital technologies and strategies including omnichannel marketing, 3D printing and smart textiles. A must-read for those researching digital marketing and branding, as well as luxury or fashion management, this book provides a much-needed and up-to-date analysis of a successful and digitally aware industry.

Luxury Brand Management

Author : Michel Chevalier
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The definitive guide to managing a luxury brand, newly revised and updated What defines a luxury brand? Traditional wisdom suggests that it's one that's selective and exclusive—to such a degree that only one brand can exist within each retail category (automobiles, fragrances, cosmetics, etc.). But this definition is inherently restrictive, failing to take into account the way in which luxury brands today are increasingly identified as such by their placement in stores and how consumers perceive them. This revised and updated edition of Luxury Brand Management, the first comprehensive book on luxury brand management, looks at the world of branding today. Written by two renowned insiders, the book builds on this new, broader definition of luxury and examines more than 450 internationally known brands from a wide range of industries. Packed with new information covering the financial crisis's impact on luxury brands, and looking towards a new period of growth, the book reconciles management, marketing, and creation with real-life examples and management tools that the authors have successfully used in their professional careers. Includes dedicated chapters focusing on each of the main functions of a luxury brand, including brand creation, the complexity of managing brand identity, the convergence of arts and brands, and much more Addresses the practical functions that can make or break bottom lines and affect brand perception, such as distribution, retailing, logistics, and licensing Focuses on brand life-cycle, brand identity, and licensing issues A compelling and comprehensive examination of the different dimensions of luxury management in various sectors, this new edition of the classic text on brand management is essential reading for anyone working with or interested in making the most of a luxury brand in the post-recession world.

Fashion Branding

Author : Kaled K. Hameide
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'Fashion Branding Unraveled' introduces and explains the concept of brand and the process of brand development. The work clarifies misconceptions, introduces new concepts, and proposes a step-by-step roadmap for developing an effective brand, all within the context of the fashion industry. Using an easy-to-understand approach, relevant examples, and case studies, it applies the theories and concepts covered, such as 'mass customization' and 'M-branding,' to a variety of industry segments, from luxury brands to private labels. The text includes an examination of the latest technologies, their applications, and-most important-their effects on the future of branding.

Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors

Author : Tsan-Ming Choi
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Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors presents eye-opening theory, literature review and original research on the mutual influence of branding strategies and consumer response. Contributors use multiple methods to analyze consumers' psychosocial needs and the extent that their fulfillment goes beyond the usefulness or value of the items they purchase as well as the fashion industry's means of communicating brand identity and enhancing brand loyalty. Along the way, these studies raise important questions about consumer behaviors, consumer welfare, environmental ethics and the future of consumer research. Included in the coverage: A symbolic interactionist perspective on fashion brand personality and advertisement response. Optimizing fashion branding strategies in a fluctuating market. An analysis of fashion brand extensions by artificial neural networks. Domestic or foreign luxury brands? A comparison of status- and non-status- seeking teenagers. The impact of consumers’ need for uniqueness on purchase perception. How brand awareness relates to market outcome, brand equity and the marketing mix. A breakthrough volume on the complexities of how and why we buy, Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors will captivate researchers and practitioners in the fields of consumer psychology, marketing and economics.

Shanghai Tang

Author : Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas
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"This case reviews the history and current business scenario for Shanghai Tang, a Chinese luxury fashion brand that has undergone several restructures and repositionings as it moved from the ownership of the founder, the late Sir David Tang, into the luxury group Richemont. Richemont later sold the brand on to an Italian entrepreneur, whose ownership lasted less than two years before the brand was sold again. Founded in colonial Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang celebrates Chinese design tropes and textiles and its brand positioning was initially targeted at an expatriate and tourist clientele. The brand's luxury retail strategy included distinctive visual merchandising; their offering expanded from clothing to gifts and homeware in an attempt to become a luxury Chinese lifestyle brand. Despite opening retail locations in London, New York, Beijing, and Shanghai and showing at international fashion weeks, the brand has failed to find a core fashion clientele. In recent years, it has changed its focus from Western consumers and sought to establish itself as the first Chinese luxury brand focused on cultural heritage and design to appeal to the rising Chinese fashion consumer market. The case focuses on the importance of understanding consumer behavior, the dynamic nature of international marketing, and the difficulty of repositioning in a global luxury market."--Bloomsbury Publishing.

Luxury Strategy in Action

Author : J. Hoffmann
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Written by experts in Luxury and Fashion Management at SKEMA Business School this exciting new book offers a new perspective that challenges the established rules of the luxury and fashion industry. The authors and contributors examine the evolution of luxury strategy and how the luxury industry is being redefined in the twenty-first century.

Global Fashion Brands

Author : Joseph Hancock
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Fashion branding ismore than just advertising. It hasbeen definedas the cumulative image approach targetingcustomers with products, advertisingand promotions organized around a coherent image. It helps to encourage thepurchase and therepurchase ofconsumer goods from the same company. While historically, fashion branding hasprimarily focused on consumption and purchasing decisions, recent scholarshipnow challenges old methodssuggesting that branding is a process that needs tobe analysed from a stylistic, luxury and historical pop cultural view using critical, ethnographic, individualistic, or interpretive methods. In this book authors explorethe meaning behind fashion brandingin the contextof the contested powerrelations underpinning the production, marketing and consumption of style and fashion as part of our global culture. "

Research Handbook on Luxury Branding

Author : Felicitas Morhart
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Unique and timely, this Research Handbook on Luxury Branding explores and takes stock of the current body of knowledge on luxury branding, as well as offering direction for future research and management in the field. Featuring contributions from an international team of top-level researchers, this Handbook offers analysis and discussion of the profound socioeconomic, psychological, technological and political changes that are affecting the luxury industry, and that will continue to shape its future.

The Role of Visual Identity Design in the Evolution of Luxury Fashion Brand Strategy

Author : Jia Cai
File Size : 49.7 MB
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"Fashion luxury brands have taken longer than other retail segments to understand and adapt to consumer behavior changes created by the digital revolution over the past decade. Digital and social media has created a fundamental shift in consumers expectations of their shopping experiences. The big debate in the luxury fashion industry has been whether the integration of ‘off-line’ and ‘on-line’ actually creates value or reduces the exclusivity associated with the brands. In the past, luxury brands have relied on traditional marketing channels such as print and direct mail to engage their high-value customers. Additionally, the industry has placed an enormous focus on the in-store experience as an opportunity to differentiate through enhanced service, ambiance, and customization. Data, however, shows that there really is no debating the benefits of going on-line any longer. The impact on performance by digital is clear, for brands that have chosen to invest in enhancing their shopping experience using digital and/or social media channels and platforms. It is not one versus the other. Instead, the two mediums need to come together to create a relevant customer journey. The challenge is that there is not a simple repeatable roadmap to succeeding in the digital landscape. Brands need to invest in testing, adapting, and finally innovating their on-line offering to win a share of consumers’ minds. This thesis explored the role that visual identity design plays in social media – the most heavily leveraged platform by luxury fashion brands to create their on-line experience. The thesis ideates and iterates on opportunities through design to create a seamless browse-to-purchase experience for luxury customers. The specific experiments conducted were through the lens of a fashion re-seller called ‘TELLER BLANC’."--Abstract.

Understanding Luxury Fashion

Author : Isabel Cantista
File Size : 50.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Offering an original contribution to the field of luxury and fashion studies, this edited collection takes a philosophical perspective, addressing the idea that humans need luxury. From this framework it delves deep into two particular dimensions of luxury, emotions and society, and concludes with cases of brand building in order to illustrate the two dimensions at work. Comparative analysis between countries is brought together with an emphasis on China. Chapters address the ongoing growth in the market, as well as the significant changes in the sector brought about by fast international expansion and an increased focus on ethical supply and sustainability, making the book an insightful read for scholars of fashion business, luxury and branding.

Luxury Brand Management in Digital and Sustainable Times

Author : Michel Chevalier
File Size : 61.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn about the luxury brand industry from the inside out with this masterful and insightful resource The newly revised Fourth Edition of Luxury Brand Management in Digital and Sustainable Times delivers a timely re-examination of what constitutes the contemporary luxury brand landscape and the current trends that shape the sector. Distinguished experts and authors Michel Chevalier and Gerald Mazzalovo provide readers with a comprehensive treatment of the macro- and micro-economic aspects of management, communication, distribution, logistics, and creation in the luxury industry. Readers will learn about the growing importance of authenticity and sustainability in the management of fashion, perfume, cosmetics, spirits, hotels and hospitality, jewelry, and other luxury brands, as well as the strategic issues facing the companies featured in the book. The new edition offers: A new chapter on the “Luxury of Tomorrow,” with a particular focus on authenticity and durable development A completely revised chapter on “Communication in Digital Times,” which takes into account the digital dimension of brand identity and its implications on customer engagement activities and where the concept of Customer Journey is introduced as a key marketing tool A rewritten chapter on “Luxury Clients” that considers the geographical changes in luxury consumption Considerations on the emerging notion of “New Luxury” Major updates to the data and industry figures contained within the book and a new section dedicated to the hospitality industry New semiotic analytical tools developed from the authors’ contemporary brand management experiences Perfect for MA and MBA students, Luxury Brand Management also belongs on the bookshelves of marketing, branding, and advertising professionals who hope to increase their understanding of the major trends and drivers of success in this sector.

Sustainable Management of Luxury

Author : Miguel Angel Gardetti
File Size : 47.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As this book is the first book worldwide in the "sustainable" management of luxury area, it highlights key aspects in the sustainable management of luxury based on presentations using different approaches, whether reflexive, empirical, hands-on or applied theory and cases.