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Singing in Polish

Author : Benjamin Schultz
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Singing in Polish: A Guide to Polish Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire stands as the first book-length resource for non-Polish–speaking singers, voice teachers, and vocal coaches that offers the essential tools for learning how to sing in Polish. Scholar and singer Benjamin Schultz offers a rich repertory of works virtually unknown outside of Poland, providing a unique catalyst for the introduction of Polish vocal music into the English-speaking world of performance. Never before has Polish vocal music been made so accessible to the musical world. With a foreword by Timothy Cheek, the author of Singing in Czech, as well as an overview of the development of Polish music by renowned violinist, Polish music specialist, and scholar Tyrone Greive, Singing in Polish concisely outlines the science and art of Polish lyric diction through the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The included texts of more than 60 art songs and arias from some of the most distinguished Polish composers of all time each feature IPA transcriptions and English translations. Appendixes include lists of key Polish music publishing companies, cultural centers, and Polish poets. Singing in Polish fills a void for singers, voice teachers, and vocal coaches in the Western tradition. It is a invaluable resource for anyone looking to add global variety to vocal performance in the studio, classroom, concert hall, or on the operatic stage.

French Lyric Diction

Author : Thomas M. Donnan
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Exploring Art Song Lyrics

Author : Jonathan Retzlaff
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Drawing generously from four centuries of Italian, German and French art song, Exploring Art Song Lyrics embraces the finest of the literature and presents the repertoire with unprecedented clarity and detail. Each of the over 750 selections comprises the original poem, a concise English translation, and an IPA transcription which is uniquely designed to match the musical setting. Enunciation and transcription charts are included for each language on a single, easy to read page. A thorough discussion of the method of transcription is provided in the appendix. With its wide-ranging scope of repertoire, and invaluable tools for interpretation and performance, Exploring Art Song Lyrics is an essential resource for the professional singer, voice teacher, and student.

Russian Lyric Diction Workbook Instructor s Manual

Author : Cheri Montgomery
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Frequently occurring words from art song lyrics are used to create worksheets for classroom application of diction rules.

Singing in Brazilian Portuguese

Author : Marcía Porter
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Access audio files at: While popular forms of Brazilian music include bossa nova and samba, Brazil also has a rich classical music tradition dating back to the 1500s that exhibits a unique and diverse amalgamation of many styles and influences including African, Italian, French, and indigenous. Singing in Brazilian Portuguese: A Guide to Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire makes Brazilian modinhas and canções accessible to singers through an overview of the history of the language and music, brief biographies of major composers, and a sampling of selected texts transliterated into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Part I introduces the alphabet and pronunciation of sounds through IPA and is enhanced by online audio recordings of native Brazilian classical singers. Marcía D. Porter covers such topics as oral and nasal vowels, diagraphs, onset and final consonants, word stress, and syllabification. It also includes an overview of the newly implemented Acordo Ortográfico. Part II provides IPA transliterations and both word-for-word and poetic translations of representative songs, including Villa-Lobos’s Bachianas brasileiras, no. 5. The book also offers a brief overview of the history of Brazilian vocal music and biographical sketches of select major composers from various periods. Singing in Brazilian Portuguese is the first resource of its kind geared toward singers, voice teachers, vocal coaches, collaborative pianists, and others who are interested in exploring, teaching, and performing this beautiful and exciting repertoire.

Singing in Czech

Author : Timothy Cheek
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Timothy Cheek’s revised edition of Singing in Czech: A Guide to Czech Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire, with its accompanying audio accessible online, builds on the original pioneering work of 2001 that set “a new and very welcome high standard for teaching lyric diction,” according to Notes: The Journal of the Music Library Association. It offers users updated information, important clarifications, and expanded repertoire in a more accessible, easier to use format. Singing in Czech is divided into two parts. Using IPA, the first part takes the reader systematically through each sound of the Czech language, enhanced by recordings of native Czech opera singers. Chapters cover the Czech vowels, consonants, rules of assimilation, approaches to singing double consonants, stress and length, Moravian dialect, and an introduction to singing in Slovak. Fine points of formal pronunciation have been clarified in this revised edition. In the second part, Cheek offers a thorough overview of Czech art song, expanded from the first edition. Texts to major song literature and opera excerpts by Smetana, Dvořák, Janáček, Martinů, and Haas, with timings, editions, word-for-word translations, idiomatic translations, and IPA transcriptions follow. In this revision, Cheek has included additional cycles by Dvořák and Martinů, and two new chapters on Czech female composers Vítězslava Kaprálová and Sylvie Bodorová. This revised edition of Singing in Czech is useful for all those who are interested and engaged in the performance of the rich Czech vocal repertoire.

Singing in Mandarin

Author : Katherine Chu
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Access audio files at: The success of Chinese artists internationally across many art forms has focused the world's attention on the developing cultural phenomenon in China, an emerging stage for the vocal arts. As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Mandarin is poised to become the next addition to lyric languages. Singing in Mandarin: A Guide to Chinese Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the mysteries of Chinese contemporary vocal literature. In part one, Chu and Petrus focus on diction and language, providing detailed descriptions and exercises for creating the sounds of the language. They take a uniquely systematic approach, fusing together best practices from international music conservatories for diction study, with those for Chinese language learning. Part two outlines the historical context of Chinese vocal literature, chronicling the development of the language and its repertoire over the last one hundred years. Audio files narrated by native speakers demonstrating the sounds are also included. Singing in Mandarin provides guidance for both novices and those with previous experience singing or speaking Mandarin and is the first book of its kind to help bring the fascinating and previously inaccessible treasure of Chinese vocal music to Western audiences.

Phonetic Transcription for Lyric Diction Student Manual

Author : Cheri Montgomery
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Singing in Greek

Author : Lydía Zervanos
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In Singing in Greek: A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire Lydía Zervanos reveals to singers the vast riches of Greek vocal music.

A Handbook of Diction for Singers

Author : David Adams
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Now in its second edition, A Handbook of Diction for Singers is a complete guide to achieving professional levels of diction in Italian, German, and French, the three major languages of the classical vocal repertory. Written for English-speaking singers and offering thorough, consistent explanations, it is an ideal tool for students and an invaluable reference for voice teachers, vocal coaches, and conductors. The book combines traditional approaches proven successful in the teaching of diction with important new material not readily available elsewhere, presenting the sounds of each language in logical order, along with essential information on matters such as diacritical marks, syllabification, word stress, and effective use of the variety of foreign-language dictionaries. Presented in an attractively concise format, the book goes into greater detail than comparable texts, providing specific information to clarify concepts typically difficult for English-speaking singers. Particular emphasis is placed on the characteristics of vowel length, the sequencing of sounds between words, as well as the differences between spoken and sung sounds in all three languages. Featuring significantly expanded coverage of each of the three languages and illustrated with numerous examples, this second edition of A Handbook of Diction for Singers is an exceptional text for courses in diction and a valuable reference source for all vocalists.

The Etymological Poetry of W H Auden J H Prynne and Paul Muldoon

Author : Mia Gaudern
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This book defines, analyses, and theorises a late modern 'etymological poetry' that is alive to the past lives of its words, and probes the possible significance of them both explicitly and implicitly. Close readings of poetry and criticism by Auden, Prynne, and Muldoon investigate the implications of their etymological perspectives for the way their language establishes relationships between people, and between people and the world. These twin functions of communication and representation are shown to be central to the critical reception of etymological poetry, which is a category of 'difficult' poetry. However resonant poetic etymologising may be, critics warn that it shows the poet's natural interest in language degenerating into an unhealthy obsession with the dictionary. It is unavoidably pedantic, in the post-Saussurean era, to entertain the idea that a word's history might have any relevance to its current use. As such, etymological poetry elicits the closest of close readings, thus encouraging readers to reflect not only on its own pedantry, obscurity, and virtuosity, but also on how these qualities function in criticism. As well as presenting a new way of reading three very different late modern poet-critics, this book addresses an understudied aspect of the relationship between poetry and criticism. Its findings are situated in the context of literary debates about difficulty and diction, and in larger cultural conversations about the workings of language as a historical event.

Journal of Singing

Author :
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Lyric Diction

Author : Bard Suverkrop
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Lyric Diction for Singers Actors and Public Speakers

Author :
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Singers Italian

Author : Evelina Colorni
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English and German Diction for Singers

Author : Amanda Johnston
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Lyric diction is a portal to powerful and meaningful vocal performance because diction enables singers to communicate the vision of both the poet and the composer. The study of diction involves learning to perceive speech patterns in different languages, practicing their precise articulation, recognizing this in speech and singing, and developing an awareness of the refined movements of the articulators and their effects on singing tone. In the second edition of English and German Diction for Singers, Amanda Johnston continues her comparative, modernized approach to lyric diction. This comprehensive resource offers a thorough analysis of the German and English languages and includes extensive oral drills, word lists, tables, charts, musical examples, and even tongue twisters. Unique to this publication is the illustration of the rhythmic timing and release of consonants within the International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions in all musical examples. This book is designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses in German and English lyric diction and is an invaluable resource for classical singers, vocal coaches, and voice teachers alike. Improvements to the second edition include: An online workbook that includes extensive written exercises suitable for classroom or independent use Chapter-by-chapter video clips that demonstrate the concepts addressed in the text Expanded chapters address the schwa, the treatment of monosyllabic incidental words, the use of R, and the correct formation of the elusive upsilon and extended epsilon Consideration of loan words and stressed vs. unstressed closed German vowels Integrated practice drills for mastering challenging and unfamiliar phonemes Enlarged musical examples show the rhythmic timing and release of voiced and voiceless consonants An expanded appendix on suggested repertoire for diction study Inclusion of specific diction choices suitable for musical theatre repertoire Expanded discussion of healthy glottal onsets, including the concept of juncture Use of the latest resources, namely Deutsche Rechtschreibung (2014) and Cambridge Pronouncing Dictionary, 18th edition (2011) For all users, there is a WORKBOOK. Access the workbook here. The ANSWER KEY is available for instructors. Contact [email protected] for details.

A Singer s Manual of Spanish Lyric Diction

Author : Nico Castel
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Castel, diction coach and tenor at the Metropolitan Opera, shares his knowledge of languages and experience in coaching and teaching (at Juilliard and elsewhere) to help singers master an often neglected language.

Phonetic Transcription for Lyric Diction Expanded Version Student Manual

Author : Cheri Montgomery
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Applied Language Study

Author : John Earl Joseph
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German Lyric Diction Workbook

Author : Cheri Montgomery
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the instructor's manual for the German Lyric Diction Workbook. It introduces frequently occurring words from German art song literature in a graded and cumulative order. Units contain enunciation exercises, rules for transcription, classroom application and individually assigned word lists. The course begins with an introduction to the sounds of the German language through the use of IPA in preparation for culminating exercises which aid in developing skills necessary for enunciating lyrics from German art song literature. The instructor's manual includes transcriptions for all exercises.