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Making Sense of Sex

Author : Sarah Attwood
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Puberty is a time of huge change in the physical body, in emotional experience and in social relationships. Having an understanding of these developments and learning how to deal with them is essential, and for people with Asperger's syndrome it can be a challenge to get to grips with the social and emotional aspects of puberty, sex and relationships. This book is ideal for those who need clear, detailed explanations and direct answers to the many questions raised by puberty and sexual maturity. Sarah Attwood describes developments in both the male and female body, and explains how to maintain hygiene and personal care, and to promote general good health. She examines emotional changes, including moods and sexual feelings, and provides comprehensive information on sex, sexual health and reproduction. She looks at the nature of friendship, how it changes from childhood to adulthood and its importance as a basis for sexual encounter. She also offers coping strategies for different social experiences, from bullying to dating, and includes essential tips on the politics of mature behaviour, such as knowing the difference between public and personal topics of conversation. Making Sense of Sex is a thorough guide written in unambiguous language with helpful diagrams, explanations and practical advice for young people approaching puberty and beyond.

Making Sense of Sex

Author : William Loader
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This book is about listening to what writers were saying about sex in early Judaism and Christianity -- ancient words surprisingly relevant for today. It functions as both a summary and a conclusion to William Loader's five previous books on sexuality in a form accessible to those who may not have a background knowledge of early Judaism and Christianity. It also contains a useful subject index to those five previous volumes. In examining thoroughly all the relevant writings and related evidence of the Greco-Roman period, Loader dialogues with scholarship related to each writing in order to make his conclusions as objective as possible. By enabling the reader to listen respectfully to these ancient texts, Making Sense of Sex provides a basis for informed discussion of sexual issues today.

Making Sense of Sex

Author : Adrian Thatcher
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All living creatures are sexed. Human beings belong to societies where traditions about who can have sex with whom, and how, and when, are centuries old. Making sense of sex assumes that there is a rational way of understanding our basic drives. But our inevitable failure to get sex right is the beginning of a proper and theological understanding of sex. The Christian tradition, especially in its conservative forms, is often thought to be unhelpful in making sense of sex. Christian sexual ethics may seem overly demanding: holistic in theory, yet sexist and pessimistic in practice. Adrian Thatcher argues, however, that instead of being pessimistic about sex, Christians can be grateful realists instead. Making Sense of Sex draws on the resources of Liberal Theology to promote a mature union of spirituality and sexuality. Exploring topics such as desire, bodies and the Body of Christ, sexual difference, homosexuality, marriage, and Paul's reflection on 'flesh' and 'spirit', it will help to guide readers towards a spiritual understanding of shared sexual love.

Making Sense Out of Sex

Author : Elizabeth M. Whelan
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Discusses the physical and social aspects of sex for boys including anatomy, contraceptives, reproduction, sexual relationships, and marriage.

Gender Gap

Author : David P. Barash
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Let's face it, say Barash and Lipton: Males and females, boys and girls, men and women are different. To be sure, these differences are often heightened by distinctions in learning, cultural tradition, and social expectation, but underpinning them all is a fundamental difference that derives from biology. Throughout the natural world, males are those creatures that make sperm; females make eggs. The oft-noticed "gender gap" derives, in turn, from this "gamete gap." In Gender Gap, Barash and Lipton (husband and wife, professor and physician, biologist and psychiatrist) explain the evolutionary aspects of male-female differences.

Making Sense of Sex

Author : David Barash
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In Making Sense of Sex, the husband and wife team of David Barash, an evolutionary biologist, and Judith Lipton, a clinical psychiatrist, draw on their respective areas of expertise to explore and explain the central fact of our existence-that men and women are fundamentally, unalterably different. They present an eye-opening and wide-ranging consideration of what those differences are, how they came to be, why they are important, and what they mean in our everyday lives. The authors integrate biological and anthropological findings with real-life stories of indviduals to address the conundrums that surround male-female behavior and relationships. Drawing on the latest research in evolutionary biology, they trace the multifaceted gender gap to the basic, defining difference between males and females: that one makes sperm, the other, eggs. They show how that distinction explains why women and men differ in essential ways, exploring such questions as: Why are men more attracted than women to pornography, group sex, and one-night stands? Why are women the "gatekeepers" of sex? Why do women have orgasms? Making Sense of Sex is a highly informative and entertaining look at human relationships. The book will help readers not only to better understand themselves, but to better understand their children, their relatives, and their lovers with whom they share so much yet find so infuriatingly and fascinatingly different.

Making Sense of English in Sex

Author : Lee McOwan
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Making Sense of Sex

Author : Michael F. Duffy
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Having sex can be a loving and delightful experience, but it can also be emotionally, physically, and spiritually devastating. Many singles struggle to sort out how to make their own sexual experiences physically and emotionally healthy ones. This book can help. Duffy offers a thoughtful guide to sexual decision making for single twentysomethings, exploring ten issues readers should consider when deciding whether and when to have sex. Appropriate for non-Christians and Christians alike, Duffy's work is as relevant to those who have already had sex as it is to those who are considering it for the first time.

Book Review Coming Together William Loader Making Sense of Sex Attitudes Towards Sexuality in Early Jewish and Christian Literature

Author :
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Making Sense of Internalized Anti gay Prejudice from the Perspective of Men who Have Sex with Men

Author : J. Dreyer
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Making Sense of It

Author : Alison Macklin
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Maybe you learned about sex in school—anatomy, STIs, and pregnancy, right? You might think you’ve learned all there is to know, but there’s so much more to sex than just “doing it.” What about masturbation, is that OK? Are you dirty for having sexual fantasies? What about kissing, giving a blowjob, or taking the pill, is it safe? What if you touch someone’s penis, can you get pregnant? If you douche after sex, you won’t get pregnant… right? Making Sense of “It” goes beyond the basics of the birds and the bees to give teens a realistic, no-holds barred, nonjudgmental guide on everything to do with sex and sexuality. With this book, teens can learn about it all from the best contraception methods to what to expect at a clinic, even to the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Alison Macklin draws on her years of experience at Planned Parenthood to address everything teens want to and should know in a straightforward, open-minded, and sex-positive manner. Even better, “Conversation Starters” in each chapter give teens and parents a chance to test their knowledge and useful tips to help talk about sex in a way that works for them. In a world where teens are bombarded with bad information on social media, and are made to feel ashamed of something so natural, Making Sense of “It” offers trustworthy, gender-neutral advice on how to be safe, informed, and honest about “it”.

Sexual Assault Reform Act of 1981 Council Act No 4 69

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Columbia
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Making Sense of Affirmative Action

Author : Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
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"What makes affirmative action morally (un)justified? That is this book's core question. Its main contribution consists in a meticulous scrutiny of the strength of the six main arguments for-i.e., the compensation, the anti-discrimination, the equality of opportunity, the role model, the diversity, and the integration-based justifications-and the five main objections to affirmative action-i.e., the reverse discrimination, the stigma, the mismatch, the publicity, and the merit-based objections-and of how these arguments relate to one another. The book argues that all of the five main objections to affirmative action are either flawed or quite limited in terms of their implications. With regard to the arguments in favor of affirmative action, the book shows why the anti-discrimination and equality of opportunity-based arguments provide strong justifications for many affirmative action schemes. In light thereof and the fact that the five most influential arguments against affirmative action are all flawed or otherwise weak, the overall claim defended in the book is that many of the schemes that people have in mind when they discuss affirmative action (many of which are presently on the retreat) are justified. However, the book also emphasizes that any definitive answer to the question Is affirmative action morally (un)justified? must rest on a wide range of empirical results in the social sciences etc., e.g., about the likely effects of various affirmative action schemes; and that the question, when posed in such general form (unlike when it is asked about specific schemes of affirmative action), admits of no direct positive or negative answer"--

Making Sense of Society

Author : Ian Marsh
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This major new textbook has been specially written to meet the needs of a new generation of students who may be studying sociology in a variety of different levels, on different types of courses at different types of institutions but all need to understand the fundamentals of sociological thought to make sense of the society around them. The student oriented approach which has been adopted encourages the reader to constantly think for themselves rather than learn by rote and the book has been carefully designed to make the material contained as interactive and as accessible as possible. The most up-to-date case studies and data are used wherever appropriate to ensure this book is an informed, original and stimulating introduction to Sociology and a valuable new resource for student and lecturer alike.

Making Sense of Abstinence

Author : Bill Taverner
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An easy-to-use manual providing factual information and lessons for sexuality educators, clergy and youth workers to help teens think about abstinence in a way that values the teen's ability to make positive decisions in our complex society.

Making Sense of Child Sexual Exploitation

Author : Sophie Hallett
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Providing fresh insight into child sexual exploitation (CSE), this book uses the voices of children and young people who have experienced sexual exploitation, and the practitioners who have worked with them, to challenge the dominant discourse around CSE.

Sociology Making Sense of the Social World

Author : Mary Ann Schwartz
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This text is designed for courses in Introductory Sociology. This Canadian adaptation of Sociology: Making Sense of the Social World presents a critical introduction to sociology, focusing on social change from macro and micro perspectives. The text integrates themes of race, class and gender throughout, and challenges students to think critically about their world.

Study Guide to Accompany Sociology Making Sense of the Social World Canadian Edition

Author : Jackie Fellows
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Making Sense Together

Author : Peter Buirski
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Peter Buirski argues that intersubjectivity is founded on two assumptions: First, our moment-by-moment experience of ourselves and the world emerges within a dynamic, fluid context of others; and, second, that we can never observe things as they exist in isolation.--Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D, Rutgers University "Clinical Social Work Journal"

Making Sense of English in Psychology

Author : Jenny Roberts
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