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Man of the Match

Author : Noël Cades
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"He may have been able to wait, but I'm not. I need you, Cara, urgently. Now."England cricket captain Matt Curran is fed up with his demanding model girlfriend and the stresses of fame. Being on tour is a chance to escape women and the public eye.Cara is taking an overseas trip to get over a broken heart. She's vowed never to let another man into her heart, let alone her bed.Neither Matt or Cara are looking for further complications... or an attraction they can't resist.Full of hot sensual action and shocking twists, Man of the Match is a steamy romance set in the glamorous world of international cricket.

Jamie Johnson 4 Man of the Match

Author : Dan Freedman
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Jamie starts the season on fire - in a brand new league as the country's top scorer! But when a brush with a rival sees him sent away on loan, has he blown his chances for good?

Man of Her Match

Author : Sakshama Puri Dhariwal
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Love and cricket clash in this playful match of saucy quips and toecurling romance Kicked off the team for a series of misdemeanours, Indian cricket's playboy Vikram Walia finally has a chance at redemption. The only problem: it involves collaborating with his childhood best friend turned sworn enemy, Nidhi Marwah. Once a tomboy, now a gorgeous, self-assured marketing professional, Nidhi must put aside her personal dislike of Vikram because she needs his unparalleled fame and poster-boy good looks to spearhead her latest campaign. But the ensuing battle of sardonic jibes and veiled slurs only heightens their blazing chemistry. Soon memories of their childhood fill their every moment together, pulling them back to that fateful day when a heartless act destroyed their friendship. Can Vikram and Nidhi put their stormy past behind them? Will their partnership have a second innings?

1001 Cricket Quiz

Author : Dr.P.D.Sharma
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Sura s the Super 6 Cricket Quiz

Author : Dev Kumar Bala
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The Match

Author : Davinia Bostick
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What is more powerful: Hate..Vengeance.Greed.Fear.Forgiveness. Memory.Murder..Love? THE MATCH takes place in only five days, yet in these mere one hundred and twenty hours powerful forces collide: A dying tycoon desperate to pay any price for more life; A murderous sociopath lusting for wealth and power; A brilliant moral cipher willing to commit unspeakable crimes to keep his loathsome secrets; A vengeful hate so consuming it can only be sated by death; A beautiful young woman who reminds an old man of a treasure misplaced; A memory holding a stunning secret; A hired killer who regards butchering and slaughter as just another day at the office. When immovable objects confront their polar opposites something has to give.

Soccer Superstars

Author : John O'Connor
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Part of the "High Impact" series for reluctant readers, this text is designed to motivate secondary school students with a reading age of seven to eight. This book looks at the highs and lows of Michael Owen, Sol Campbell, and David Beckham, and discusses who will be the stars of the future.

Ghana the Rediscovered Soccer Might

Author : Okyere Bonna MBA
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After a Long Wait Ghana Finally Made the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Germany in 2006. Over the past 25 years football has not only taken root as the world's major game in the world but has also blossomed in other branches of society, commerce and politics. Football or soccer, more than any other factor, has united whole regions, people and nations. To read the entire story, visit The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) began the World Cup championship tournament in 1930 with a 13-team field in Uruguay. Sixty-four years later, 138 countries competed in qualifying rounds to fill 24 berths in the 1994 World Cup finals including an African nation. FIFA increased the World Cup '98 tournament field from 24 to 32 teams, and it remained at 32 in 2002 including automatic berths for defending champion France and co-hosts Japan and South Korea. The other 29 openings were allotted by region: Europe (13), Africa (5), South America (4), CONCACAF (3), Asia (2), the two remaining positions were determined by means of two home-and-away playoff series. One was between the #14 European team (Ireland) and the #3 Asian team (Iran) and the other was between the #5 South American team (Uruguay) and the champion of Oceania (Australia). Over the past 25 years football has not only taken root as the world's major game in the world but has also blossomed in other branches of society, commerce and politics. Football or soccer, more than any other factor, has united whole regions, people and nations. With approximately two hundred million active players, (FIFA estimate) football can be said to constitute a substantial chunk of the leisure industry. Indeed, today Football (soccer) has opened up new markets for itself and for the rest of the business world and will continue to be the all time sport of the century. FIFA World Cup tournaments have been played once in Asia (Japan/South Korea), three times in North America (Mexico 2 and U.S.), four times in South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay) and ten times in Europe (France 2, Italy 2, England, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and West Germany). Ghana made a debut in the 1962 FIFA World Cup qualifiers but they were narrowly knocked out by Morocco and in subsequent years they found victory illusive. The 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification was a nightmare for Ghana having ended up in the fourth place behind Nigeria, Liberia and Sudan. Ghana's hopes of reaching the first Asian finals were effectively ended by a 3-1 defeat at home to Liberia and an unconvincing draw against Sierra Leone. Ghana's historic journey to the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals begun with a comfortable qualifying victory over Somalia. Lets hope Ghana continues to show up in subsequent FIFA World Cup tournaments. For Ghana, a place on world footballs greatest stage is long overdue. They have won four CAF African Cup of Nations titles in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982 - and twice captured the FIFA Under-17 World Championship. Moreover, they have produced some of Africas most talented footballers down the years including the international ace player Abedi Ayew Pele. The success of the Black Stars ironically comes at a time when they do not have as many big names but instead a youthful team with a disciplined approach fostered by coach Dujkovic, who offered an early statement of his no-nonsense approach. The Ghana national team was founded in 1957, the year of Ghanas independence from the British imperial regime. Since its establishment the Ghana Black Stars have won African Cup of Nations four times (1963, 1965, 1978, 1982), and CSSA Nations Cup four times (1982-1984, 198

Squeezing Out the Dirt From the Beautiful Game

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Every year many wrong decisions are made by Referees during football matches; as a result, teams are knocked out of Champions Leagues by fake goals – penalties are awarded to players who dive in the penalty area; offside goals are allowed and legitimate goals are ruled out as offside goals. Many nations miss out on World Cup qualifications because of red cards that were issued to their players for fouls the players had not committed; and in leagues all around the world, teams are relegated because of refereeing errors while teams that may have been relegated, remain in higher divisions. Sadly, there have been death threats made on Referees after video replays showed that they made mistakes which cost teams and nations valuable points, qualifications and trophies. And these death threats are not only irresponsible but criminal. But If Referees are humans and not angels as FIFA wants us to believe; do they need help, and can video technology be the answer? Should video replays be approved to help Referees avoid these monumental errors or should the game continue as it is without video technology or video replays? This book is one of the most unique books you ever read; rather than using words or phrases as titles of chapters as it is in almost every book you and I have read; the titles of chapters of this book are actually sentences; yes, each chapter title, is a sentence – they are sentences made by fictional commentators in four of the more popular football or soccer leagues in the world. Each title sentence covers a specific Referee decision in football. Chapter one is titled with a sentence that covers the award of a penalty to a player who dives in the penalty box. Chapter two has a sentence title that exemplifies a commentator’s reaction when a fine goal is disallowed, and chapter three’s sentence title, deals with the issue of an unwarranted second yellow card to a player whilst the title of chapter four, is: a sentence that shows a commentator’s lamentation when a player is unjustly sent off; and finally chapter five carries in its title, a sentence of a commentator describing the worst decision he has ever seen in three decades of football commentary while calling for football authorities to consider the introduction of video replays to aid Referees.

A Man Walks On To a Pitch

Author : Harry Redknapp
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‘When a man walks on to a pitch there’s always a chance something magic can happen, that’s what keeps us coming back...’ In A Man Walks On To a Pitch, Harry shares a lifetime’s experience of obsessing over football, during which he has seen it all first hand – the good, the bad and the unbelievable. Harry started in an age where players were ordinary blokes who might live on the same street as you and earn a similar wage. Now he manages in an era of player power, multi-million pound wages and teams assembled from around the globe. As he shares stories of some of the legends and journeymen he played, coached, argued and drank with, Harry picks a team for each decade from the 1950s to the present. He gets to the heart of what was right and wrong with each era and explores the changes in the game from lifestyle to tactics. He weaves his choices together with unforgettable tales from the training pitches, boot rooms and card schools. There are tales of the untutored genius of Duncan Edwards and Tom Finney, legendary tough Scots like Bobby Collins, Dave Mackay and Billy Bremner, the world-beaters of 1966, unpredictable one-off wizards from Sir Stanley Matthews to Matt Le Tissier, natural-born goalscorers from Greaves to Dalglish and the greatest foreign players to grace our game from Trautmann to Bergkamp. It is one of the best informal histories of the British game you’ll ever read.

A Man of Devon

Author : John Galsworthy
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Wynberg Rugby paper

Author :
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The Match King

Author : Frank Partnoy
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The story opens with the purchase of a 9mm Browning at a small Paris gun shop by a man named Ivar Kreuger. The next morning, the world's leading bankers nervously waited to ask Ivar about some forged Italian bonds. Hours later, his dead body was discovered and the largest financial empire of the era collapsed. This book traces Ivar's meteoric rise from the obscurity of provincial Sweden, to become a construction mogul and then a global business oligarch. Ivar acquired match monopolies throughout the world and usurped J. P. Morgan to become the leading lender to foreign governments. His financial innovations resonate today. A self made media figure, he discovered and promoted Greta Garbo but also advised politicians, including President Hoover. Was he a financial genius or merely a schemer? Did he really stage his own suicide? This book brings back to life one of the greatest swindlers of all times.

Nepal Yearbook

Author :
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Bodyline Autopsy

Author : David Frith
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In 1932, England’s cricket team, led by the haughty Douglas Jardine, had the fastest bowler in the world: Harold Larwood. Australia boasted the most prolific batsman the game had ever seen: the young Don Bradman. He had to be stopped. The leg-side bouncer onslaught inflicted by Larwood and Bill Voce, with a ring of fieldsmen waiting for catches, caused an outrage that reverberated to the back of the stands and into the highest levels of government. Bodyline, as this infamous technique came to be known, was repugnant to the majority of cricket-lovers. It was also potentially lethal – one bowl fracturing the skull of Australian wicketkeeper Bert Oldfield – and the technique was outlawed in 1934. After the death of Don Bradman in 2001, one of the most controversial events in cricketing history – the Bodyline technique - finally slid out of living memory. Over seventy years on, the 1932-33 Ashes series remains the most notorious in the history of Test cricket between Australia and England. David Frith’s gripping narrative has been acclaimed as the definitive book on the whole saga: superbly researched and replete with anecdotes, Bodyline Autopsy is a masterly anatomy of one of the most remarkable sporting scandals.

Dalo The Autobiography

Author : Anthony Daly
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Anthony Daly was the most successful captain in the history of Clare hurling, leading the county to two All-Irelands and three Munster titles. Regarded as an inspirational figure by his fellow players, Daly’s innate leadership and character prompted the Clare players, just three years after he had finished his playing career, to pursue him as manager at the age of just 34. During his three years in charge, he took Clare to the cusp of two All-Ireland finals, agonisingly losing the 2005 and 2006 semi-finals to the eventual winners, Cork and Kilkenny. It was that kind of ambition and drive to succeed which attracted Dublin hurling to Daly. Taking over the county in 2009, he led Dublin, in 2011, to their first National League title in 72 years and, in 2013, their first Leinster title in 52 years, before he retired as manager in September 2014. Dalo takes us from the early days growing up in Clarecastle through the early part of his career with Clare, the golden years and the extension into management, punctuated with intense and revealing stories from the dressing-room. Interlaced with drama, tragedy, his love of other pursuits, and his immense wit, Anthony Daly’s autobiography offers a compelling insight into a unique personality in modern Irish sport.

Man of the Family

Author : Ralph Moody
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Fortified with Yankee ingenuity and western can-do energy, the Moody family, transplanted from New England, builds a new life on a Colorado ranch early in the twentieth century. Father has died and Little Britches shoulders the responsibilities of a man at age eleven. Man of the Family continues true pioneering adventures as unforgettable as those in Little Britches and The Fields of Home, also available as Bison Books.

The Match box

Author : Alice Gale Woodbury
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Author : Alex Cropley
File Size : 23.92 MB
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A nippy sweetie, he was always moaning, but that is often the sign of a great player - a real determination to succeed and a refusal to settle for second best. PAT STANTONI used to flinch when Studs wound up for a challenge and he feared no one as he sometimes threw his whole body into a tackle. That meant we also spent too much time together in the treatment room. ANDY GRAYAlex Cropley had just left school when he was picked up as one of Scotland's latest football talents. Signed to Hibernian aged just 16, Cropley soon made his name as a player on the team's legendary Turnbull's Tornadoes side. Over the 1970s, he played for Hibernian, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Toronto Blizzard and Portsmouth, before a number of injuries forced him off the pitch. From a football-mad kid playing on the streets of Edinburgh to a member of the Scottish national team, his career epitomises both the aspirations and the bitter disappointments surrounding the game on the pitch.Cropley's tale of his time on (and off) the pitch isn't just the tale of one man's odyssey, however, but rather offers a glimpse into the footballing landscape of the time, with an engaging and often wry depiction of the larger-than-life characters who went on to become the greats of Scottish football.A frank but warm-hearted account of the hopes and despair of the great game, Crops will delight football fans of all ages.

Thirty One Nil

Author : James Montague
File Size : 25.32 MB
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In a tiny, decaying aluminium smelting town in southern Tajikistan, a short drive from a raging war zone, Afghanistan take on Palestine in the first Asian qualifier for 2014's World Cup in Brazil. Every player on both teams is risking something by playing: their careers, their families, even their lives. Yet, along with thousands of other footballers backed by millions of supporters, they all dream of snatching one of the precious 32 places at the finals; and so begins a three-year epic struggle – long before the usual suspects start their higher-profile qualifying campaigns under the spotlight. Named after the greatest victory (and defeat) that the World Cup qualifiers have ever seen (Australia's 31-0 victory over American Samoa), Thirty-One Nil is the story of how footballers from all corners of the globe begin their journey chasing a place at the World Cup Finals. It celebrates the part-time priests, princes and hopeless chancers who dream of making it to Brazil, in defiance of the staggering odds stacked against them. It tells the story of teams who have struggled for their very existence through political and social turmoil, from which they will very occasionally emerge into international stardom. From the endlessly humiliated San Marino to lowly Haiti; from war-torn Lebanon to the oppressed and fleet-footed players of Eritrea, in Thirty-One Nil James Montague gets intimately and often dangerously close to some of the world's most extraordinary teams, and tells their exceptional stories.