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Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Paul Thigpen
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This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil's attacks.

A Minister s Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Mark A. Quay
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A Minister's Manual for Spiritual Warfare is written to assist pastors and other ministers help their parishioners find freedom from demonic oppression. It is based upon years of experience and research and was written in consultation with orthodox, highly credentialed theologians, biblical scholars, clinicians, and attorneys. It is written from an evangelical Anglican perspective, but it will also be useful for other traditions. The manual describes various kinds of demonic attacks and discusses the reasons to involve medical and mental health professionals. Providing practical guidance for the deliverance ministry, it includes diagnostic procedures, insight into the makeup and training of a ministry team, the appropriate use of liturgies, pastoral care for victims and deliverance ministers, and legal considerations. The book devotes special attention to exorcisms, emphasizing the importance of a teamwork approach and the necessity of thorough preparedness, including an awareness of different strategies which demons may use to thwart exorcists. Rounding out the manual is a series of accessible, biblical, step-by-step instructions to assist ministers in helping others find freedom in Christ from demonic attacks. A Minister's Manual for Spiritual Warfare is a must-have for any Christian minister involved in deliverance ministry.

The Spiritual Combat

Author : Lorenzo Scupoli
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St. Francis de Sales always carried this book in his pocket! The Spiritual Combat is the classic manual of spiritual warfare. Its wisdom has helped form the souls of the Church's greatest saints. Now this book can do the same thing for you. It's no longer fashionable to speak about the realities of the devil and demons, and so the world has become more vulnerable than ever before. The Christian life is a battle between God and the forces of darkness. This is the Art of War for the Christian. Pick up your sword and fight! Here, Father Lorenzo Scupoli helps guide you through this spiritual battle, so that you can win - decisively - the war for your soul. This is the classic work on spiritual combat. Loved by saints and sinners alike ever since it was first written four hundred years ago. Why? It provides straight-forward, practical, sensible advice to help you daily overcome the devil's temptations and other spiritual obstacles to achieve spiritual perfection. This battle-ready advice includes: 12 ways to contemplate death to help you live better now 7 reflections to help you be sorry for sinning 7 powerful methods of prayer Pushing through dry periods, when prayer is difficult and burdensome Pick up the sword of prayer and conquer the evil which afflicts you, and through you, your family, your friends, and the world. Don't go into battle alone. Go with Christ and this classic combat manual.

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual

Author : John Eckhardt
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Identifies specific demons, spirits, strongholds, and other elements of darkness, and offers biblical teachings and strategies for defeating them and achieving self-deliverance.

Spiritual Strategies

Author : Patricia L. Hulsey
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PREPARING THE ARMY OF GOD A Basic Training Manual For Spiritual Warfare

Author : Patrick J. Hession
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You are involved in a war, not of your own choosing, but one that is having a profound and personal effect on you. What you do about it will determine where and how you will spend eternity. You must choose sides, but you cannot avoid the war. On the basis of your choice, you will become a winner or a loser. This book is designed to prepare and equip you for that war.

Everyone s Guide to Demons Spiritual Warfare

Author : Ron Phillips
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A basic training manual for anyone who wants to understand spiritual warfare principles and know how to stand against satanic attacks, this resource explains that by incorporating demon-defying principles in daily spiritual lives, Christians can move from bondage into freedom.

Destroy the Works of the Enemy

Author : Iris Delgado
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Destroy the Works of the Enemy will liberate those who struggle with oppression and depression. This book will teach readers how to exercise their authority as Christians over all the works of the enemy.

Manual of Spiritual Warfare

Author : Gloria Phillips
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Author : Rev Pedro Okoro
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HAVE you ever wondered how you could STOP struggling with the devil and START enforcing your victory? Discover how to fight FROM victory, not FOR victory in this compelling book on spiritual warfare, The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Learn to Fight from Victory, Not for Victory! But first, what happened to you? "How the gold has lost its luster, the fine gold become dull! The sacred gems are scattered at every street corner. How the precious children of Zion, once worth their weight in gold, are now considered as pots of clay, the work of a potter's hands!" (Lamentations 4:1-2) What happened to your real life? The one you were created to live. The one you used to dream about. The one you probably still dream about. Take a moment to think back and reflect on the things you were going to do- the person you longed to be- the promise of a healthy, wealthy, joyful life, full to overflowing with wonderful things. If you're like most people, you're not living that life right now. If that's the case, how did you become tarnished? What happened to you? It wasn't always like this. When you started out in life, you had direction, you had energy, you had purpose, and you had momentum. You started out like a powerful jetliner ready for take-off. The runway stretched out before you: straight, clear, open, and inviting. Air traffic control gave you the all clear. You were moving along at a good pace, your whole future ahead of you. Then all of a sudden, you suffered an unexpected loss of power. Now you're unable to take off. You're stuck on the runway, your dreams a distant memory. So what happened? How did you, worth your weight in gold, lose your glitter and become tainted and dull? Is it possible that the enemy has become involved-stealing from you, killing your ideas and dreams, and destroying your life? Is there an unseen force that always seems to locate you and cause you to stumble just when you are about to experience your big break? It happens again- and again, and again! And you've come to accept this as your lot, the story of your life. But there's hope. Help is at hand! Scripture and experience give us powerful principles and truths that can make a difference in our lives. Discover the ONLY way to truly CHANGE...from the Inside Out! Experience the power and authority that come from Fighting FROM Victory, Not for Victory and CHANGE your life forever! Bible teacher, and award-winning author of Crushing the Devil: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Chris, Pastor Pedro Okoro can HELP you get back to God's original plan for your life. But only if you let him! How? Through this inspirational and anointed new book: The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Learn to Fight from Victory, Not for Victory! Using Scripture and experience the book provides powerful principles, truths and 'do it yourself' spiritual warfare prayers to enable you activate your freedom, enter your breakthrough, live victoriously, and fight from victory, not for victory. Uncover the truth about spiritual warfare, the battlefield of the mind, the believer's authority, deliverance, overcoming evil family patterns, freedom from generational curses, and liberty from sin. Discover everything you need to know about the often maligned deliverance ministry. Understand your victory in Christ. Gain insight on demons deliverance and discernment. This book will change the way you engage in spiritual warfare. Forever. And that's a promise! -------------- CHRISTIANITY - Christian - Christian books - Christian books and bibles CHRISTIANITY - Christian living - Spiritual maturity CHRISTIANITY - The Holy Bible - The Word of God - Spirituality - Prayer CHRISTIANITY - Spiritual growth -Transformation - Pentecost - Charismatic renewal CHRISTIANITY - God the Father - Jesus Christ - The Holy Spirit CHRISTIANITY - Spiritual warfare - Prayer & Fasting - The Blood of Jesus - The Name of Jesus

Spiritual Warfare Training Manual

Author : Philothea
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Know where to look for God's solutions to your problems. There is a spiritual world just as there is a world of the flesh. The words of your mouth in the physical world affect your spiritual life which, in turn, affects your physical world. To change your world, change your words. There is a battle going on between good and evil and if you are not an active combatant, you're a victim. Arm yourself, protect yourself! Where there is darkness, shine the Light - God's Word is the Light. Spread the light that obliterates the darkness of sin, hatred, temptation, anger, disappointment, depression, etc. Jesus gives us authority over evil and does not leave us defenseless. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities..." "therefore put on the full armor of God." This Training Manual explains each part of the spiritual armor and its use as well as scripture to use to overcome disease, hatred, pride, self-pity, etc. Act Now!

Basic Training

Author : Richard East
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Basic Training: A Manual for Spiritual Warfare was written for a group of seventeen people who asked to be taught about deliverance. As the author prayed for guidance to instruct the group, he heard the Lord say, aThey need to know how the spirit works before they can understand deliverance.a As a result, the author assembled this manual about body, soul, and spirit, and here it is now for youaa manual for spiritual warfare, with prayers of deliverance that you can pray in the privacy of your own home. Richard East is the author of A Blueprint To Divine Healing, one of the best comprehensive guides to health and healing.

Deliverance Manual

Author : Thomas D Williams
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Christian s Call to Arms

Author : Blueprint Publications
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A Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Don Basham
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Spiritual Warfare

Author : Jack Kuhatschek
File Size : 78.35 MB
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The Bible has much to say about the temptations and struggles you face day by day. In this nine session LifeGuide® Bible Study will deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare and direct you to God-given sources of power, assurance and hope.

Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Paul Thigpen
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A fierce war rages for your soul. Are you ready for battle? Like it or not, you are at war. You face a powerful enemy out to destroy you. You live on the battlefield, so you can’t escape the conflict. It’s a spiritual war with crucial consequences in your everyday life and its outcome will determine your eternal destiny. You must engage the Enemy. And as you fight, you need a Manual for Spiritual Warfare. This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil’s attacks. Part One, “Preparing for Battle,” answers these critical questions: • Who is Satan, and what powers does he have? • What are his typical strategies? • Who fights him alongside us in battle? • What spiritual weapons and armor do we possess? • How do we keep the Enemy out of our camp? Part Two, “Aids in Battle,” provides you these essential resources: • Teaching about spiritual warfare from Scripture and Church documents • Scripture verses for battle • Wisdom and inspiration from saints who fought Satan • Prayers for protection, deliverance, and victory • Rosary meditations, hymns, and other devotions for spiritual combat St. Paul urges us to “fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim 6:12). Take this Manual for Spiritual Warfare with you into battle. The beautiful Premium UltraSoft gift edition features sewn binding, ribbon marker and silver edges.

101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Jennifer LeClaire
File Size : 52.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What To Do When All Hell Breaks Loose Let's face it, when the enemy attacks, it can be hard to remember which way is up. Demonic forces can come in like a flood and disorient your mind. They can drown you in hopelessness. Or you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to the spirits that intend to kill, steal, and destroy you. But let it be known, the devil still wreaks havoc on the earth today, and followers of Christ must use Spirit-inspired strategies to drive him out. You need a battle plan. You need specific tactics for specific skirmishes because whether or not you know it, you are in a war. Offering both scriptures and prayers, 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare will empower you to take on an offensive rather than a defensive stance against the enemy. This book addresses how to: Deal with demons from your past Break the stronghold of worry Submit your emotions to the Holy Spirit Take authority over the enemy Jennifer LeClaire offers a practical battlefield manual that will remind you of the things one often forgets in the face of an enemy onslaught. Find rest in the midst of spiritual storms, break the power of Satan's devices, and live a life of victory.

Spiritual Strategies

Author : Harvestime International Institute
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Empowerment Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Craiig
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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