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Medicine and Compassion

Author : Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
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Using the teachings of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, practical advice for caregivers is offered on practicing compassion for people who are angry about their medical conditions, people who are dying, and families of those who are critically ill.

Medicine and Compassion

Author : Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
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Who cares for the caregivers? No matter what inspires a provider's commitment, the wise words found here will soothe and rejuvenate while offering practical advice. A new 10th anniversary expanded edition. It is estimated that nearly one-third of the U.S. adult population acts as informal caregivers for ill or disabled loved ones. We can add to these countless workers in the fields of health and human service, and yet there is still not enough help to go around. Sure to be welcomed by caregivers of all types, this new edition of the groundbreaking Medicine and Compassion can help anyone reconnect with the true spirit of their caregiving task. In a clear and very modern voice, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Dr. David R. Shlim use the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to present practical tools for revitalizing the caring spirit. Offering practical advice on dealing with people who are angry at their medical conditions or their care providers, people who are dying, or the families of those who are critically ill, Medicine and Compassion provides needed inspiration to any who wish to reenergize their patience, kindness, and effectiveness. The warmth and care in these pages is sure to strike a resonant cord with medical professionals, hospice workers, teachers and parents of children with special needs, and those caring for aging and infirm loved ones.

Compassion and Healing in Medicine and Society

Author : Gregory Fricchione
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Reconciling the scientific principles of medicine with the love essential for meaningful care is not an easy task, but it is one that Gregory L. Fricchione performs masterfully in Compassion and Healing in Medicine and Society. At the core of this book is a thought-provoking analysis of the relationship between evolutionary science and neuroscience. Fricchione theorizes that the cries for attachment made by seriously ill patients reflect an underlying evolutionary tenet called the separation challenge–attachment solution process. The pleadings of patients, he explains, are verbal expressions of the history of evolution itself. By exploring the roots of a patient’s attachment needs, we come face to face with a critical component of natural selection and the evolutionary process. Medicine engages with the separation challenge–attachment solution process on many levels of scientific knowledge and human meaning and healing. Fricchione applies these concepts to medical care and encourages physicians to fully understand them so they can better treat their patients. Compassionate humanistic care promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing precisely because it is consonant with how life, the brain, and humanity have evolved. It is therefore not a luxury of modern medical care but an essential part of it. Fricchione advocates an attachment-based medical system, one in which physicians evaluate stress and resiliency and prescribe an integrative treatment plan for the whole person designed to accentuate the propensity to health. There is a wisdom or perennial philosophy based on compassionate love that, Fricchione stresses, the medical community must take advantage of in designing future health care—and society must appreciate as it faces its separation challenges.

The Body of Compassion

Author : Joel Shuman
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In 'The Body of Compassion', Joel Shuman presents an important new theological treatment of contemporary bioethics, weaving together personal experience, a critical treatise on bioethics, and an exploration of a Christian theological alternative. The author first draws the reader toward a consideration of the current state of his grandfather, a hardworking man with deep attachments to family and land who died a solitary death, unaccompanied by loved ones, in the unfamiliar and sterile world of a hospital. Troubled by the way his grandfather died, Shuman takes the reader along as he explores how modern medicine has distanced itself from dealing with people as living beings beyond their immediate physicality. He examines how various approaches to bioethics over the past twenty years have tried to remedy this problem by prescribing certain standards for treatment and how each of these ultimately has fallen short due to the lack of a Òteleological concern for the bodyÓ - i.e., a concern for what the body is actually for in a larger context. From this point, Shuman deftly moves to a discussion of the centrality of the body to Christianity, focusing on how baptism, participation in the liturgy, and the partaking of the Eucharist all serve to unite Christians as one in the body of Christ. For Christians, the author argues, the body does not just belong to the individual but rather is one with the community of the Church. With this in mind, Shuman proposes a new kind of bioethics for Christians, where care for the body of Christ becomes the model of how we should care for and receive care from each other. This fresh and thought-provoking book is sure to be of interest to ethicists, medical professionals, and everyone who is troubled by the conflicts between science and religion.

Does Obliging Compassion in Medicine Actually Work and for Whom

Author : Jane Eunmin Cha
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Compassion is central to effective medical practice. However, in contemporary healthcare systems, a lack of compassionate medical care has been frequently remarked upon. Despite a strong research base, compassion in medicine remains understudied. Of particular note, although compassion is a professional requirement under the codes of medical ethics, the question of whether this ethical and professional mandate actually enhances compassion has not yet been answered. The current study experimentally investigates whether making obligations more salient impacts medical compassion, as well as whether it interacts with physician and patient variables in predicting compassionate responding. Eighty-eight medical trainees aged 18-27 recruited from the University of Auckland completed an online baseline questionnaire assessing demographics, cultural orientation traits including vertical collectivism, and social desirability. Participants then attended a 20-minute laboratory session in which they were block-randomised by gender and ethnicity (Asian/European) to experimental conditions designed to enhance (obligation prime) or reduce (autonomy prime) the salience of obligation. After the primes, participants read four hypothetical patient vignettes systematically varying in patient presentation and responsibility before making ratings of patient liking, caring, desire to help, and closeness for each. A donation paradigm provided a behavioural measure of compassion. As expected, ‘desirable’ patient characteristics, in particular, positive patient presentation elicited greater compassion. However, lower patient responsibility only elicited higher compassionate ratings for positively presenting patients. While participants in the obligation condition donated a greater portion of their study remuneration, there was no main effect on self-report ratings. However, the effect of the experimental condition varied across different medical trainees. Specifically, those with higher vertical collectivistic cultural orientations were more compassionate towards the ‘difficult’ patients when the salience of obligation was highlighted (versus reduced). This complexity is broadly consistent with assertions from the Transactional Model of Physician Compassion (Fernando & Consedine, 2014) and highlights the ongoing need to test whether obliging compassion in medicine is beneficial and for whom. Data underscore the complexity of the influences of contextual, physician, and patient factors impacting medical compassion. Specifically, while compassion is obliged under codes of ethics in medicine, it impacts various medical trainees differently depending on other physician and patient factors. For future research, medical compassion needs to be viewed and empirically investigated by taking into account the contextual factors, in addition to the personal and interpersonal factors.

How Doctors Care

Author : Dominic Vachon
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Compassion draws physicians into medicine, but then they believe they must jettison that compassion to survive. Paradoxically, science has now shown that losing that compassion not only harms the patient, it also harms the doctor. How Doctors Care: The Science of Compassionate and Balanced Caring in Medicinee xplains what physicians and other clinicians can do to provide balanced and compassionate caring for patients without becoming emotionally detached or overwhelmed. The text provides a research-informed and non-sentimental description of physician/clinician compassion. Bringing together cutting-edge scientific research for practicing physicians and those in training, How Doctors Care provides the first full articulation of what constitutes optimal compassionate mental performance in the practice of medicine. It argues how maintaining this internal state is the key to physician resilience and fulfillment in a dysfunctional healthcare system. Rather than blaming clinicians for burnout, How Doctors Care argues that healthcare organizations must provide organizational protection and support to clinicians so that they are able to maintain the compassionate internal state they desire so much and that benefits patients the most. Dominic O. Vachon, M.Div., Ph.D., is the John G. Sheedy M.D. Director of the Ruth M. Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine in the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame. He is also a professor of practice in the Preprofessional Studies Department, where he teaches courses in compassionate care in medicine, medical counseling skills, and spiritualties of caring in the helping professions. Dr. Vachon does research on the internal mental and emotional process of the clinician compassion mindset in patient care, clinician communication skills, and innovations in medical training applying the science of compassion. Dr. Vachon has devoted the last 25 years of his professional career to supporting and training physicians, residents, medical students, premedical students, and other clinicians in patient communication skills as well as dealing with burnout and the recovery of compassionate care in the inner lives of clinicians. As a medical psychologist who has spent most of his life training new physicians as well as conducting his own clinical practice, Vachon has been uniquely positioned to hear how physicians suffer in clinical practice and to bring to bear the insights of the science of compassionate caring to help them restore their compassionate ideals and thereby, to improve patient care.

Compassion s Way

Author : Ralph Crawshaw
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Dr. Crawshaw, participant in the designing of the Oregon Health Plan, examines compassion in the practice of medicine and our everyday world against the backdrop of suffering as an inescapable element of human experience. In today's changing realm of medicine, Ralph Crawshaw, M.D. speaks for the patient, urging humanitarian treatment, respect, and compassion, as he emphasizes the necessity of preserving the patient-doctor relationship as a valuable asset to effective medical practice. "Compassion is an experience, not a concept," says Crawshaw. A superb writer and an activist in health and public policy, Crawshaw calls upon a breadth of disciplines, travels, and intersections with leaders in his field to delight the reader along in his experiences throughout his purposeful life. As one of the designers and passionate proponents of the Oregon Health Plan, he traveled the United States and abroad to proclaim its merits. In an accessible style, the author offers patients and doctors a far-reaching view of what compassion means. This book provides a springboard for communication in this essential area of medicine. It is a must read for health care professionals, designers and administrators of health care programs, and consumers. To order, call: (800) 500-8205 or write: MEDI-ED Press, #5 White Place, Bloomington, IL 61701.

Two Scottish Tales of Medical Compassion

Author : John Brown, M. D.
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Two Scottish Tales of Medical Compassion is a collection of two beloved short stories, "Rab and his Friends" and "A Doctor of the Old School," and a brand new history of the Edinburgh School of Medicine, all of which emphasize the importance of compassion and humanity in the medical field. "Rab and his Friends" is the story of a young apprentice who watches a grueling surgery and is struck by the kindness of the attending physician. "A Doctor of the Old School" is about a Highland country doctor who devotes his life to caring for others. Both reflect the type of doctor that was trained at the Edinburgh School and the ideals taught there. The commentary by Dr. Raffensperger, "A Brief History of the Edinburgh School of Medicine," not only gives perspective for the stories and a background of the authors and characters, but also emphasizes how the Edinburgh principles of compassion furthered the science of medicine. These stories and the lessons they teach are valuable tools for any modern physician to rely on. JOHN BROWN, M.D. (1810-1882) was a well-known Scottish doctor and writer from Edinburgh. He attended the medical school at the University of Edinburgh before becoming apprentice to James Syme at the Minto House Hospital. His experiences at the hospital influenced his writing, including "Rab and his Friends," the short stories in his book Horae Subsecivae, and others. IAN MACLAREN (1850-1907) was the pen name of Highland-born John Watson. Watson studied for the ministry at the University of Edinburgh and at Tubingen in Germany. In addition to serving at the Parish of Logielmond in Perthshire and the Sefton Park Church in Liverpool, he was well known as a writer and speaker, culminating in several speaking tours in the United States. His works include "A Doctor of the Old School," Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush, and The Days of Auld Lang Syne. JOHN RAFFENSPERGER, M.D. was a surgeon-in-chief at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago and a professor of surgery at Northwestern University. He has authored surgical textbooks, a history of the Cook County Hospital, a collection of short stories, and a "surgical thriller." He currently lives in Sanibel Island, Florida.


Author : Rodger Charlton
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Compassion takes as its starting point 'Cum scientia caritas', the motto of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Translated as 'Science with compassion', it captures the technical and caring aspects of being a doctor. Science is continually developing but compassion is unchanging. But how relevant is compassion to the NHS today? Compassion is central to the practice of health care. Patients require compassion as much as they require knowledge and technical skill from their healthcare professionals. Compassion should be a motivation for anyone choosing a career in primary care. However, in recent years there have been startling instances where compassion has not been shown. Compassion: Compassion, Continuity and Caring in the NHS is a reminder that compassion is at the heart of good medical practice. The book is split into sections on patients, education and training, clinicians and future developments. There are overview chapters on access to health care, the changing model of NHS care, a history of GP selection procedures and ways of preparing the next generation of GPs. This wide-ranging book also contains chapters on specific topics: the role of the multidisciplinary team, homeless patients, prescribing, nursing in primary care, post-conflict symptoms, suicide prevention and more. Personal perspectives are also given: A layman provides a personal account of the end-of-life care his wife received. A junior doctor reflects on the different factors that guide compassion. And a doctor from the United States offers a worrying picture of primary health care's possible fate. This book looks to the future too with chapters on scholarship, building resilience, mindfulness, continuity of care and the development of a new professionalism. This book will help the reader reconsider and re-evaluate compassion - the characteristic so important in creating a long-term relationship between health professional and patient.

Immigrant Medicine

Author : Patricia Frye Walker
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The first single-volume, comprehensive guide to caring for immigrant patient populations, this book synthesizes the most practical and clinically relevant information and presents it in an easy-to-access format, making it an invaluable reference for front-line clinicians and other healthcare professionals, public health officials, and policy makers.

Stay Breathe with Me

Author : Helen Allison
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A Palliative Care Book of the Month: IAHPC (International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care) From a medical insider comes a plea to renew medicine’s mandate to relieve suffering. The philosophy and practice of palliative care shows how this is possible by easing pain, by embracing the human side of illness, by inviting patients to be full participants in their care, and by incorporating the wisdom of these injured storytellers to guide healing hands. Informed by the voices of the seriously ill, their families, and the lifelong experience of a palliative care nurse and medical social worker, Stay, Breathe with Me, illuminates the power of the art of care and the need to bring heart and compassion back into health care. Written for both medical professionals and general readers alike.

Religion and Medicine

Author : Jeff Levin
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""In Religion and Medicine, Dr. Jeff Levin, distinguished Baylor University epidemiologist, outlines the longstanding history of multifaceted interconnections between the institutions of religion and medicine. He traces the history of the encounter between these two institutions from antiquity through to the present day, highlighting a myriad of contemporary alliances between the faith-based and medical sectors. Religion and Medicine tells the story of: religious healers and religiously branded hospitals and healthcare institutions; pastoral professionals involved in medical missions, healthcare chaplaincy, and psychological counseling; congregational health promotion and disease prevention programs and global health initiatives; research studies on the impact of religious and spiritual beliefs and practices on physical and mental health, well-being, and healing; programs and centers for medical research and education within major universities and academic institutions; religiously informed bioethics and clinical decision-making; and faith-based health policy initiatives and advocacy for healthcare reform. Religion and Medicine is the first book to cover the full breadth of this subject. It documents religion-medicine alliances across religious traditions, throughout the world, and over the course of history. It summarizes a wide range of material of relevance to historians, medical professionals, pastors and theologians, bioethicists, scientists, public health educators, and policymakers. The product of decades of rigorous and focused research, Dr. Levin has produced the most comprehensive history of these developments and the finest introduction to this emerging field of scholarship.""--

Love Is the Strongest Medicine

Author : Steven Eisenberg
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"This book puts music, laughter, and heart front and center, and the results are magical." - Mark Hyman, M.D. In Dr. Steven Eisenberg's oncology practice, the enemy is cancer, but it's also denial, anger, and fear--draining emotions that can interfere with the effectiveness of treatment. Every day, Dr. Steven helps patients fight cancer using both time-tested conventional therapies and innovative medical technologies. At the same time, he helps them overcome negative emotions by cultivating acceptance, love, and self-compassion in a deeply personal way, through laughter, empathy, and the music he plays and sings for and with them. How often do you hear someone say, "I'm alive"? Dr. Steven's patients say it to him all the time, in conversations, texts, and e-mails. Some of these patients are celebrating remissions or cures. Some are getting sicker, with reservations about what tomorrow might bring. But they've had a good day. They are all--we are all--truly and urgently alive. Dr. Steven's book invites us to celebrate this truth, even as it tells a compelling story of a doctor's experience on the front lines of care; offers a road map for bringing humanity back into traditional medical practice; and gives patients, families, and caregivers a blueprint for living each day with hope.

Reading the Bible in the Strange World of Medicine

Author : Allen Verhey
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Author of such major books as Remembering Jesus: Christian Community, Scripture, and the Moral Life, Allen Verhey has become one of today's most trusted Christian voices in contemporary ethics, including the moral challenges that new medical technologies pose to Christian faith and decision-making. With this new book Verhey brings the biblical tradition to bear on contemporary bioethical concerns. Drawing on an unmatched depth of insight in these two realms, Verhey explores how the Bible can illuminate and guide medical ethics. He argues that churches are called to think and speak clearly about bioethical concerns, and he lays out here the scriptural tools for them to do so. After firmly grounding Christian ethical discourse in Scripture, Verhey shows how the Bible can be applied to such pressing questions as suffering, genetic intervention, abortion, reproductive technologies, end-of-life care, physician-assisted suicide, and more. Filled with faith-based wisdom and apt illustrations of the moral dilemmas discussed, this book is a must-read for Christians grappling with the ethical dimensions of medicine today.

Without Compassion There Is No Healthcare

Author : Brian D. Hodges
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New technologies are transforming healthcare work and changing how patients interact with healthcare providers. As artificial intelligence systems, robotics, and data analytics become more sophisticated, some clinical tasks will become obsolete and others will be reconfigured. While it is not possible to predict these developments precisely, it is important to understand their inevitability and to prepare for the changes that lie ahead. Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare argues that compassion must be upheld as the bedrock and guiding purpose of healthcare work. Emerging technologies have the potential to subvert this purpose but also to enable and expand it, creating new conduits for compassionate care. Cultivating these benefits and guarding against potential threats will require vigilance and determination from healthcare providers, educators, leaders, patients, and advocates. The contributors to this book show the way forward, bringing a diverse range of expertise to confront these challenges. Avoiding platitudes and simple dichotomies, they examine what compassion in healthcare means and how it can be practised, now and in the uncertain future. Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare is a call to action. Drawing together a decade of evidence and insight generated by a community of leading scholars and practitioners committed to promoting compassionate care, it offers steady principles and practices to steer the way through times of technological change.

Navy Medicine

Author :
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Compassion in Healthcare

Author : Joshua Hordern
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Compassion in Healthcare gives an account of the nature and content of compassion and its role in healthcare based on notions of pilgrimage and civic life. Drawing on the author's real-world collaborations, the book proposes strategies for an improved understanding of compassionate relationships in healthcare practice.

Caring and Compassion in Clinical Practice

Author : Seymour Bernard Sarason
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The Midnight Meal and Other Essays about Doctors Patients and Medicine

Author : Jerome Lowenstein
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In this expanded edition, an accomplished physician and teacher of medicine discusses the importance of being a caring doctor, especially now that the focus of medicine is increasingly on technological innovation and health care costs. With wisdom and compassion, Dr. Jerome Lowenstein tells stories about relationships between medical students and their teachers, physicians and their patients. He reflects on what doctors learn from treating chronic illness; how they respond to patients' needs for reassurance; how they bear the burden of treating patients with life-threatening or degenerative disease; whether the distinction between traditional and "alternative" medical treatment is ultimately beneficial or destructive; and many other issues. Dr. Lowenstein's ruminations on humanistic approaches to learning and practicing medicine will be treasured by physicians, medical students, and patients alike.

Ultimate Healing

Author : Thubten Zopa
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Ultimate Healing shows us that by transforming our minds, especially through the development of compassion, we can eliminate the ultimate cause of all disease. In addition to relating stories of people who have recovered from disease through meditation, Lama Zopa presents practical healing meditations, including white-light healing, compassion meditation, "taking and giving," and techniques to cure depression. Ultimate Healing shows that by opening up to the truths of impermanence, interdependence, and the suffering of others, we can heal our bodies, our lives, and the world around us.