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Miraculous Metamorphoses

Author : Jolle Demmers
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This volume examines a central conundrum of Latin American politics. How is that the triumph of neoliberal-inspired economic restructuring in the 1980s and 90s did not cause the political demise of populist movements? What is remarkable, as these scholars show, is that Latin American populist parties, which had long been associated with statist, quasi-Keynesian, even demagogic economic policies, have survived the transition to the much harsher era of free markets, privatisation, unemployment and increasing inequality. And without apparently losing their political popularity, in contrast both to the far left and traditional oligarchic parties. Indeed Latin American populist forces seem to have made neoliberalism their own. The Editors have carefully chosen from South and Central America a representative set of countries through which to explore this phenomenon - Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua. What emerges is an up-to-date, nuanced modern political history of Latin America which does full justice to the distinctive political paths of each country while at the same time making clear the significant extent to which the region's populist tradition as a whole has adapted to the new economic realities. This is in marked contrast to the very different political trajectories of Africa and Asia in the past two decades.

The Miraculous Journey

Author : Marty A. Bullis
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In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the weeks leading up to Christmas, we sometimes forget what it’s all about. These 29 daily Advent devotionals from a fresh new voice will help readers attend to the gospel story of Jesus in deeper, more meaningful ways. After reading the selected Scripture verse for the day, Bullis’s short devotional reading will help you unpack deeper meanings of the text. Then, through guided reflection, prayer, and journaling, you’ll engage in this time of holy waiting. Even those whose Christian faith traditions don’t include celebrating Advent will find these devotions a way to combat the frantic consumer mentality of the Christmas season.

Are Miraculous Gifts for Today

Author : Wayne A. Grudem
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Are the gifts of tongues, prophecy, and healing for today? No, say cessationists. Yes, say Pentecostal and Third Wave Christians. Maybe, say a large sector of open-but-cautious evangelicals. What’s the answer? Is there an answer? Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? takes you to the heart of the charismatic controversy. It provides an impartial format for comparing the four main lines of thinking: cessationist, open but cautious, third wave, and Pentecostal/charismatic. The authors present their positions in an interactive setting that allows for critique, clarification, and defense. This thought-provoking book will help Christians on every side of the miraculous gifts debate to better understand their own position and the positions of others. Wayne Grudem has brought online the four major views on miraculous gifts today. Downloading them into your own understanding takes effort, but the worldwide network that you join is the fellowship of the Spirit! The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians. Counterpoints books address two categories: Church Life and Bible and Theology. Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints series.

The Miraculous Day of Amalia G mez

Author : John Rechy
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In The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez, Amalia Gomez thinks she sees a large silver cross in the sky. A miraculous sign, perhaps, but one the down-to-earth Amalia does not trust. Through Amalia, we take a vivid and moving tour of the "other Hollywood," populated by working-class Mexican Americans, as John Rechy blends tough realism with religious and cultural fables to take us into the life of a Chicano family in L.A. Epic in scope and vision, The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez is classic Rechy.

Paul and the Miraculous

Author : Graham H. Twelftree
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How can we explain the difference between the "miraculous" Christianity expressed in the Gospels and the nearly miracle-free Christianity of Paul? In this historically informed study, senior New Testament scholar Graham Twelftree challenges the view that Paul was primarily a thinker and reimagines him as an apostle of Jesus for whom the miraculous was of profound importance. Highlighting often-overlooked material in Paul's letters, Twelftree offers a fresh consideration of what the life and work of Paul might teach us about miracles in early Christianity and sheds light on how early Christians lived out their faith.


Author : Kevin Belmonte
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“For thousands of years, the hope of heaven has called to people through miracles. When we stop to consider their stories, God’s voice calls to us as well.” In our age of constant innovation, technological achievement, and the sad tendency to see ourselves as the captains of our fate, we may be tempted to make little time for miracles, or give little credence to them. But to live our lives without a sense of the miraculous is to live impoverished lives. Our word for miracle comes from the Latin word mirari, “to wonder.” And well might we wonder when we consider the nature of miracles and their purpose. It is here that a grand conversation beckons. God has been our help in ages past. He is our hope for years to come. To learn of holy events and people—supremely, to look upon the Savior—is to see the power of God, and how He has always sought to draw us to Himself. He is our eternal home. Miracles point the way there. Look at a night sky, studded with numberless constellations of stars. Each is a celestial shard of glory—bestowing glimpses of the eternal. Miracles in Scripture are like the stars. They, like the heavens, declare the glory of God. In these pages are scenes and lives touched by eternity, settings of almighty declaration, moments marked by deliverance, by mercy, or visionary unfoldings of God’s divine intent. Kevin Belmonte provides learned insight into the profoundly important history of miracles. Miraculous is a richly researched text of wondrous things that have taken place from ancient times to the present.


Author : Cilla Beckitt
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A short story of the author's not so ordinary life. Cilla Beckitt was married, she had her health, and two lovely daughters. And then her life took an unexpected turn - divorce, abusive relationships and an incurable disease - where was her life going?

A Miraculous Nightmare

Author : Kralev Publishing
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The Miraculous Element in the Gospels

Author : Alexander Balmain Bruce
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Miracles and the Miraculous

Author :
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Miraculous Plagues

Author : Cristobal Silva
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Miraculous Plagues examines the forms and conventions of colonial epidemiology in order to re-imagine New England's early literary history as a function of the narrative, legal, and theological responses to regional and generational patterns of illness in the seventeenth- and early eighteenth centuries.

Miraculous Wonders

Author : Cecelia Frances Page
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MIRACULOUS WONDERS is a fascinating and worthwhile book of 65 stories and articles. HUMAN INTEREST TOPICS are: The Eccentric Individual, The Skater, Shelleys Baby, Hermans Telescope, The Shoe Factory, Neighborly Deeds, The Birthday Cards, Robins Choices, Contemporary Super Stars, Fond Memories, Danielle The Seamstress, Romance During A Journey, Felicity Met Alex In The Fourth Dimension, The Journalist and The Enlightened Poet. ADVENTURE TOPICS are: Swiss Pilot Takes To The Skies, Traveling In A Trailer, Raptures At Ebb Tide, Unusual Dreams, Traveling Adventures, Adventures At Sea and Walking Adventures. SCIENTIFIC, NATURE AND HEALTH TOPICS are Healthy Exercises For The Brain, Scientists Observe Space Spheres, Titans Weather Is Almost Earth-like, Lets Preserve Earths Trees, Eclipses, Microscopes Are Valuable, The Nearby Pond, Cats Have Unusual Perception, Different Kinds Of Energy, Insects Respond, Healing Power, Encounter With A Space Being, Awareness About Nature, Bear Country, Zebras Are Interesting, The Vegetarian Banquet, Intergalactic Experiences, Snow Country, Training Elephants and The Healing Spring. HISTORICAL AND POLITICAL TOPICS are The Emancipation, Historical Awareness About Greece and The American Economy. MUSIC AND ARTISTIC TOPICS are The Artists Studio, Melodrama Experience, Concentric Rings, Tango Dancing, Some Musical Instruments, The Special Photographs, Participating In An Orchestra and Music Can Uplift You. PHILOSOPHICAL AND MYSTICAL TOPICS are Awakenings, Transparent Reality, Metaphysics Will Enlighten You, Unusual Dreams, Blessed Trinity and Reincarnation Exists. OTHER TOPICS are Bogus Sweep Stakes Prize Is A Scam, An Imaginary Experience, Bedtime Stories and Wonders In The World.

Miraculous Gifts

Author : Thomas R. Edgar
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Miraculous Gifts is a discussion of spiritual gifts in light of the basic differences between cessationalism and Pentecostalism. Many studies of this issue are written from a primarily theological perspective, and while theological arguments are valid, charismatics assert that this controversy concerns ÒbiblicalÓ gifts and miracles, and is therefore a matter of 'faith' to believe their claims, with theological arguments proving unsatisfactory. The fundamental question is, ÒIs this what the Bible discusses; is it biblical?Ó Miraculous Gifts attempts to answer that question by providing a biblically-based analysis of spiritual gifts in view of the charismatic controversy.

Islam Christianity and the Realms of the Miraculous

Author : Ian Richard Netton
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Analyses what makes an acting performance excellent, through a range of examples from American film

The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah

Author : W. D. Crowder
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The Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah tells the story of the good Jewish King Hezekiah, who lived, ruled, struggled, prayed, and saw incredible miracles 2,700 years ago. King Hezekiah was a man desperate for God's help in ways that we can all relate to today. While you may not be a king--with all the benefits and troubles it brings--you probably have people who depend on you for guidance and protection. In today's world, you may find yourself unemployed, seriously ill, alone and facing great adversity, or dealing with all kinds of other troubles that seem way too big to handle on your own. In the Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah, author W. D. Crowder shares the story of King Hezekiah to illustrate how we can overcome odds that sometimes seem insurmountable in order to survive troubling times. Crowder explores how a seemingly obscure Jewish King of the tiny southern Israeli Kingdom of Judah dealt with and miraculously overcame many of the same issues that personally impact you today. the example of this good man King Hezekiah may astonish you. the Three Miraculous Prayers of King Hezekiah tells a fascinating, true story supported by the Bible and other historical records and addresses problems that are relevant to us today in these troubling times.

Living in the Miraculous

Author : Katherine Ruonala
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You are fully, completely, thoroughly adored by God and through intimacy with Him, you can live a supernatural lifestyle every day.

Non miraculous Christianity

Author : George Salmon
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Your Miraculous Back

Author : Gerald M. Silverman
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Many of us complain about our 'bad back,' but this book argues that our backs are, without exception, amazing examples of bioengineering, capable of dramatic feats of strength, flexibility, and support. The epidemic of chronic, debilitating back pain that millions of Americans struggle with is really a manifestation of the culture we live in: sedentary lifestyles, inadequate exercise, and a lack of focus on extending range of motion despite the presence of pain. The book starts with a user's guide to the human back that explains the physiological function of this remarkable system of bones, joints, and connective tissue. Then it describes the kinds of pain that can occur in each of these systems so that you can design a recovery program that is right for your particular situation. The book works to debunk the myth that back pain is permanent or the result of damage to parts of the back system. Instead, it offers a progressive set of range of motion and stretching exercises. If practiced regularly and patiently, the techniques in the book will bring relief to anyone suffering from persistent pain in the neck and back. A true back-owner's manual. Required reading for anyone who has had back pain, has it now, or will have it. -Allen G. Zippin, MD, diplomate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery Any book written to help people help themselves must contain technical details about how to do so-and this book is no exception. However, what distinguishes this book is that these gems are embedded in an account that personalizes Gerry Silverman to the reader. The stories of patients are presented with empathy and respect. The solutions to problems often enough originate in the application of some common sense plus some stretching and rubbing, so they are accessible to anyone. The book is easy, appropriate, convincingly honest, truly clinical-as well, I am sure, as an authoritative guide. -Harvey L. Lerner, MD, diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine Healing is a spiritual as well as a physical challenge. Gerry Silverman has helped the work of healing with this wonderful book. -Rabbi Marc Gellman, Ph.D., senior rabbi of Temple Beth Torah in Melville, NY

Miraculous Stories from the Japanese Buddhist Tradition

Author : Kyoko Motomuchi Nakamura
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This is the first collection of Buddhist legends in Japan, and these stories form the repertoire of miraculous events and moral examples that later Buddhist priests used for preaching to the people. As Kyokai describes his own intentions, "By editing these stories of miraculous events I want to pull the people forward by the ears, offer my hand to lead them to good, and show them how to cleanse their feet of evil" (p.222). Nakamura's book is actually two works in one: first an introduction to the Nihon ryoiki, and then an annotated translation. The introduction analyzes the life of the author and the influence of earlier writings, and provides a valuable synthesis of the world view reflected in the work. The annotated translation renders the more than one hundred stories into English narrative, with copious notes. Difficult terms are identified in the text with the original Chinese characters, while historical matters and Buddhist technical terms are explained in the footnotes.

Miraculous Grace

Author : Russell E. Dixon
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