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Moving Through Modernity

Author : Andrew Thacker
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The first full-length account of modernism from the perspective of literary geography.

Moving Modernisms

Author : Professor of English Literature Hawthornden Fellow and Tutor in English Literature David Bradshaw, Etc
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The essays in Moving Modernisms: Motion, Technology, and Modernity, written by renowned international scholars, open up the many dimensions and arenas of modernist movement and movements: spatial, geographical and political: affective and physiological; temporal and epochal; technological, locomotive and metropolitan; aesthetic and representational. Individual essays explore modernism's complex geographies, focusing on Anglo-European modernisms while also engaging with the debates engendered by recent models of world literatures and global modernisms. From questions of space and place, the volume moves to a focus on movement and motion, with topics ranging from modernity and bodily energies to issues of scale and quantity. The final chapters in the volume examine modernist film and the moving image, and travel and transport in the modern metropolis. "Movement is reality itself," the philosopher Henri Bergson wrote: the original and illuminating essays in Moving Modernisms point in new ways to the realities, and the fantasies, of movement in modernist culture.

Geographies of Modernism

Author : Professorial Fellow the Centre for Modernist Studies Peter Brooker
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This volume explores the interface between modernism and geography in a range of writers, texts and artists across the 20th century.

Modernism Space and the City

Author : Thacker
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This innovative book examines the development of modernist writing in four European cities: London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. Focusing on how literary outsiders represented various spaces in these cities, it draws upon contemporary theories of affect and literary geography. Particular attention is given to the transnational qualities of modernist writing by examining writers whose view of the cities considered is that of migrants, exiles or strangers, including Mulk Raj Anand, Blaise Cendrars, Bryher, Joseph Conrad, T. S. Eliot, Christopher Isherwood, Hope Mirrlees, Noami Mitchison, Jean Rhys, Sam Selvon and Stephen Spender.

The Railway and Modernity

Author : Matthew Beaumont
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Most research and writing on railway history has been undertaken in a way that disconnects it from the wider cultural milieu. Authors have been very effective at constructing specialist histories of transport, but have failed to register the railway's central importance in the representation and understanding of modernity. This book brings together contributions from a range of established scholars in a variety of disciplines with the central purpose of exploring the railway less as a transport technology than as a key signifier of capitalist modernity. It examines the complex social relations in which the railway became historically embedded, identifying it as a central problematic in the cultural experience of modernity. It avoids the limitations of both the close-sighted empiricism typical of many transport historians and the long-sighted generalizations of cultural commentators who view the railway merely as a shorthand for the concept of progress over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The book draws on a diverse range of materials, including literary and historical forms of representation. It is also informed by a creative application of various critical theories.

Theology Music and Modernity

Author : Jeremy Begbie
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Theology, Music, and Modernity addresses the question: how can the study of music contribute to a theological reading of modernity? It has grown out of the conviction that music has often been ignored in narrations of modernity's theological struggles. Featuring contributions from an international team of distinguished theologians, musicologists, and music theorists, the volume shows how music--and discourse about music--has remarkable powers to bring to light the theological currents that have shaped modern culture. It focuses on the concept of freedom, concentrating on the years 1740-1850, a period when freedom--especially religious and political freedom-became a burning matter of concern in virtually every stratum of Western society. The collection is divided into four sections, each section focusing on a key phenomenon of this period--the rise of the concept of 'revolutionary' freedom; the move of music from church to concert hall; the cry for eschatological justice in the work of black hymn-writer and church leader Richard Allen; and the often fierce tensions between music and language. There is a particular concern to draw on a distinctively 'Scriptural imagination' (especially the theme of New Creation) in order to elicit the key issues at stake, and to suggest constructive ways forward for a contemporary Christian theological engagement with the legacies of modernity today.

Travel Modernism and Modernity

Author : Robert Burden
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Focusing on the significance of travel in Joseph Conrad, E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence, Henry James, and Edith Wharton, Robert Burden shows how travel enabled a new consciousness of mobility and borders during the modernist period. For these authors, Burden suggests, travel becomes a narrative paradigm and dominant trope by which they explore questions of identity and otherness related to deep-seated concerns with the crisis of national cultural identity. He pays particular attention to the important distinction between travel and tourism, at the same time that he attends to the slippage between seeing and sightseeing, between the local character and the stereotype, between art and kitsch, and between older and newer ways of storytelling in the representational crisis of modernism. Burden argues that the greater awareness of cultural difference that characterizes both the travel writing and fiction of these expatriate writers became a defining feature of literary modernism, resulting in a consciousness of cultural difference that challenged the ethnographic project of empire.

Mobility and Modernity in Women s Novels 1850s 1930s

Author : W. Parkins
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Analyzing novels by women writers from the 1850s to the 1930s, this book argues that representations of mobility offer a fruitful way to explore the location of women within modernity and, specifically, the opportunities for (or limitations on) women's agency in this period, considering the mobility of the female subject in the city and beyond.

The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms

Author : Peter Brooker
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The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms is an unparalleled resource. It extends the scope and depth of previous synoptic guides, bringing together new approaches to the more obvious themes of modernist studies as well as new research on the variety of cultural, aesthetic, and geographical factors that were intrinsic to the creation of modernism.

The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines

Author : Peter Brooker
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This book contains forty-four original essays on the role of periodicals in the United States and Canada. Over 120 magazines are discussed by expert contributors, completely reshaping our understanding of the construction and emergence of modernism. The chapters are organised into thirteen sections, each with a contextual introduction by the editors, and consider key themes in the landscape of North American modernism such as: 'free verse'; drama and criticism;regionalism; exiles in Europe; the Harlem Renaissance; and radical politics. In incisive critical essays we learn of familiar 'little magazines' such as Poetry, Others, transition, and The Little Review,as well as less well-known magazines such as Rogue, Palms, Harlem, and The Modern Quarterly. Of particular interest is the placing of 'little magazines' alongside pulps, slicks, and middlebrow magazines, demonstrating the rich and varied periodical field that constituted modernism in the United States and Canada.

Women Privacy and Modernity in Early Twentieth Century British Writing

Author : Wendy Gan
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Wendy Gan uses privacy as a means to explore what modernity meant to British women of the early twentieth century.

Mobile Modernity

Author : Todd Samuel Presner
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"Treating the German railway as both an iconic symbol of modernity and a crucial social, technological, and political force, Presner advances a groundbreaking interpretation of the ways in which mobility is inextricably linked to German and Jewish visions of modernity. Moving beyond the tired model of a failed German-Jewish dialogue, Presner emphasizes the mutual entanglement of the very categories of German and Jewish and the many sites of contact and exchange that occurred between German and Jewish thinkers." "Rather than a conventional, linear history that culminates in the tragedy of the Holocaust, Presner produces a cultural mapping that articulates a much more complex story of the hopes and catastrophes of mobile modernity. By focusing on the spaces of encounter emblematically represented by the overdetermined triangulation of Germans, Jews, and trains, he introduces a new genealogy for the study of European and German-Jewish modernity."--Jacket.

The Imagist Poets

Author : Andrew Thacker
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This book offers a lively account of the Imagist Poets, the first significant group of modernist poets writing in English. It discusses what their writing achieved, and analyses the theoretical claims of Imagism in relation to its poetic practice. It revises the received view of Imagism by drawing upon current re-readings of modernism in terms of gender and sexuality, cultural geography, and the idea of literary institutions and formations. The book shows the variety of practice within the Imagist group, and shifts the focus from seeing Imagism purely as the creation of Ezra Pound, by granting a much stronger focus to often overlooked figures such as Amy Lowell, F.S. Flint and John Gould Fletcher. The book also examines the cultural formation of Imagism as a movement competing within the artistic avant-garde of London in the early twentieth century.

Moves in Modernity

Author : Johan Fornäs
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Theories of Modernity and Postmodernity

Author : Bryan S. Turner
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Defining postmodernity; Nostalgia and modernity; Critical theory and the modern project; Politics, women and postmodernity.

Modernist Literature

Author : Mary Ann Gillies
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This engaging textbook provides a critical assessment of British modernist literature produced between 1900 and 1945.Each chapter focuses on a single decade, a distinct genre and a specific theme: the 1900s - the short story - gender and sexuality; the 1910s - poetry - war, technology and propaganda; the 1920s - the novel - new modes of literary expression; the 1930s - the documentary - political engagement. A final chapter covers the 1940s and beyond looking at new literary and artistic movements and 'other' modernisms. Covering canonical texts and lesser-known works, Modernist Literatureintroduces students to current debates in Modernism and a range of literature in its historical and aesthetic contexts.Features:*Examines four distinct genres - the short story, poetry, novel and documentary - decade-by-decade.*Combines close readings with cultural and political analyses of British modernism.*Includes a Chronology and Further Readings with each chapter.

Postmodern Social Theory

Author : George Ritzer
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Ritzer's long-awaited text in Postmodern Social Theory is a readable & coherent introduction to the fundamental ideas & most important thinkers in postmodern social theory.

Virginia Woolf in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Author : Pamela L. Caughie
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The legendary Greek figure Orpheus was said to have possessed magical powers capable of moving all living and inanimate things through the sound of his lyre and voice. Over time, the Orphic theme has come to indicate the power of music to unsettle, subvert, and ultimately bring down oppressive realities in order to liberate the soul and expand human life without limits. The liberating effect of music has been a particularly important theme in twentieth-century African American literature. The nine original essays in Black Orpheus examines the Orphic theme in the fiction of such African American writers as Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, James Baldwin, Nathaniel Mackey, Sherley Anne Williams, Ann Petry, Ntozake Shange, Alice Walker, Gayl Jones, and Toni Morrison. The authors discussed in this volume depict music as a mystical, shamanistic, and spiritual power that can miraculously transform the realities of the soul and of the world. Here, the musician uses his or her music as a weapon to shield and protect his or her spirituality. Written by scholars of English, music, women's studies, American studies, cultural theory, and black and Africana studies, the essays in this interdisciplinary collection ultimately explore the thematic, linguistic structural presence of music in twentieth-century African American fiction.

Woolf Studies Annual

Author :
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Mapping Modernism

Author : Eve C. Sorum
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