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Synchronicity Numbers

Author : Anmarie Uber
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What message is the Universe trying to send you? What does it mean when you see a recurring number, over and over? Receive guidance on your spiritual path, and everyday life! The author lists over a 1000 number meanings. Each description includes an uplifting affirmation, so you can fully align with its energy. For more difficult numbers, Anmarie suggests crystals, angels, essential oils, herbs or animal totems, to help you shift to a more positive mindset. This book is also an oracle...Pick a number from 0 - 1000, grab the book, and gain insight now! Ask a question...get an answer. Worried about a situation? Close your eyes, let a number come to you, and read the advice.

Number Synchronicity

Author : Skot Jonz
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Number Synchronicity: A Beacon of Light for the Souls Journey stands as a definitive exploration of a phenomenon affecting millions of people around the world. In exploring the inexplicable, it becomes necessary to go beyond the amusement of numerology books that show how to gain insight from numbers in a name or birth date. Plenty of good books for that already exist. Bridging the gap between scientific objectivity and outrageous speculation, Number Synchronicity maintains the middle path. In pursuit of the truth, seemingly separate threads weave the fabric of a new understanding. Abundant facts and convincing evidence equate number synchronicity to a beacon of light in a storm, providing guidance and comfort during times of chaos, transition, and uncertainty.

Signs From The Universe Coincidences Synchronicity Repeating Numbers More

Author : Kelly Wallace
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Whether you're trying to find answers to questions in your life, solutions to problems, or higher guidance, the Universe can help. In fact, the Universe is always talking, we just need to listen and understand the messages then take action on them. The reason it's so hard to interpret all of this wisdom that's right in front of you is because the Universe has a language of its own. Once you learn what these signs mean for you personally your life will expand in both subtle and wondrous ways. It's comforting to know that no matter what you're going through in life you're never alone. By having a genuine desire to open yourself up to what the Universe wants to tell you, by becoming curious and eager for its signs, you can make your life bigger, better, and happier than it's ever been. Not only that, but you can avoid many of the things in life that have held you back or knocked you off course. Once you start living in alignment with your true self the Universe will help you even more. And, the more comfortable you become with following this advice, the more successful you'll be!

Deciphering the Cosmic Number

Author : Arthur I. Miller
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Evaluates the unusual camaraderie between the ground-breaking physicist and the famous psychoanalyst, tracing their disparate and complementary approaches to the effort to quantify the unconscious, their shared obsession with the primal number 137, and their investigations into the ancient secrets of alchemy.


Author : C. G. Jung
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Jung was intrigued from early in his career with coincidences, especially those surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately explain. He discussed these ideas with Albert Einstein before World War I, but first used the term "synchronicity" in a 1930 lecture, in reference to the unusual psychological insights generated from consulting the I Ching. A long correspondence and friendship with the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli stimulated a final, mature statement of Jung's thinking on synchronicity, originally published in 1952 and reproduced here. Together with a wealth of historical and contemporary material, this essay describes an astrological experiment Jung conducted to test his theory. Synchronicity reveals the full extent of Jung's research into a wide range of psychic phenomena. This paperback edition of Jung's classic work includes a new foreword by Sonu Shamdasani, Philemon Professor of Jung History at University College London.

Synchronicity and You

Author : Frank Joseph
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This handbook explains synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) for general readers. It offers a direct means to define meaningful coincidences and provides a simple method for decoding them. Also covered are precognitive and shared dreams, numbers, premonitions, telepathy and everyday coincidences.

1111 Synchronicity Angel Number Manifestation Numerology

Author : Noire PERRY
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1111 Synchronicity Angel Number Manifestation Numerology Tee/h3> GIFT IDEAS | TIME MANAGEMENT | ORGANIZATION The perfect notebook to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, chores and responsibilities in a simple, organized manner. Each page has two columns of 13 standard checkboxes as well as a priority box to highlight your top 8 tasks, paired with a full page dot matrix layout for additional notes and memos. Product Details: * High quality 60lb (90gsm) paper stock * Premium matte-finish cover design * Perfect for all writing mediums * Large format 6.0 x 9.0 inches (approximately A5) pages

1111 Angel Number Numerology Synchronicity Manifestation

Author : Ter Nelson
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GIFT IDEAS | TIME MANAGEMENT | ORGANIZATION The perfect notebook to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, chores and responsibilities in a simple, organized manner. Each page has two columns of 13 standard checkboxes as well as a priority box to highlight your top 8 tasks, paired with a full page dot matrix layout for additional notes and memos. Product Details: * High quality 60lb (90gsm) paper stock * Premium matte-finish cover design * Perfect for all writing mediums * Large format 6.0" x 9.0" (approximately A5) pages

Strangers and Synchronicity

Author : Catherine L. Baynard
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Author :
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A Personal Angel Numbers Diary

Author : Quick-Witted Books
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Angel Numbers is a common term for repeating patterns of numbers that are believed to be messages from our guardian angels, spirit guides, or higher selves. Many people wonder why our guides would choose to communicate in number sequences. The complete answer is very complex. This simple answer is that numbers are a universal language. This book doesn't tell you the meaning of these numbers. There are many sources already available that define each number for you. Even when you know the general meaning of each number it can be difficult to interpret the personal message your guides have for you. This book is a useful tool intended to help you decipher the message your guides have for you. Use this book as a diary or logbook to: Keep track of the number synchronicity you experience record the circumstances and details surrounding each citing Keeping track of this information can lead you to discover a pattern to help you understand the specific message your guides have for you. This 6"x9" journal is a convenient size to keep handy to record your number sightings. If you're looking for something more comprehensive consider our larger 8.5"x11" version. This larger version has guided questions and more room to write. Both books make unique and useful gifts for any occasion.

The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche

Author : C. G. (Carl Gustav) Jung
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What is Wrong with Jung

Author : Don McGowan
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In Jung's ideas about the "blond beast" and other "innate" characteristics of various races, McGowan detects disturbing echoes of Alfred Rosenberg, the German Nazi Party's chief ideologist; and his attitude toward women, by today's standards, is decidedly sexist - all of which makes his continuing popularity in the politically correct 1990s difficult to understand.

Bollingen Series

Author :
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Dendochronology and Environmental Trends

Author : Vida Stravinskiene
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Proceedings of the IVth International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation

Author : H. B. Pemberton
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11 11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon

Author : Marie D. Jones
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Is it happening to you? You wake up at night, look at the clock, and notice that it is 11:11 p.m. This happens again the next night, and the next. You think it is a coincidence, but what if you were to discover that it was happening to others--possibly millions of others--all over the world? And that it meant something...something important? The reports of people noticing strange and repeated associations with the number 11 are on the rise, prompting theories connecting this phenomenon with the coming Mayan calendar end date of 12/21/2012. But it's not just the number 11 that is showing up in people's lives, it is often accompanied by unusual events or profound insights. Mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear throughout the history of human experience. What do they mean? What secrets do they keep? Are these wake-up calls to a higher state of consciousness, triggers of paranormal experiences, or the activation of what some scientists refer to as "junk DNA"? In this fascinating new work, You'll learn about: Number-based patterns in nature--such as the Fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, and DNA sequences--and the secrets of sacred geometry. Synchronicity: The science behind coincidences and what they might be trying to tell us. How the entire universe can be condensed into a handful of mathematical numbers and equations. The power of numerology in human lives. Is God a number? How numbers relate to the creative force behind all reality. We live according to times, dates, and numbers, and 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon will explore the mysteries of 11:11 and the many other ways in which numbers compose the very foundation of our reality.

Number and Time

Author : Marie-Louise Von Franz
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C. G. Jung's work in his later years suggested that the seemingly divergent sciences of psychology and modern physics might, in fact, be approaching a unified world model in which the dualism of matter and psyche would be resolved. Jung believed that the natural integers are the archetypal patterns that regulate the unitary realm of psyche and matter, and that number serves as a special instrument for man's becoming conscious of this unity. Writen in a clear style and replete with illustrations which help make the mathematical ideas visible, Number and Time is a piece of original scholarship which introduces a view of how "mind" connects with "matter" at the most fundamental level.


Author :
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Psyche and Matter

Author : Marie-Louise Von Franz
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Twelve essays by the distinguished analyst Marie-Louise von Franz—five of them appearing in English for the first time—discuss synchronicity, number and time, and contemporary areas of rapprochement between the natural sciences and analytical psychology with regard to the relationship between mind and matter. This last question is among the most crucial today for fields as varied as microphysics, psychosomatic medicine, biology, quantum physics, and depth psychology.