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Our Brains Are Like Computers

Author : Joel Shaul
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This highly visual social skills book uses computer metaphors and visual diagrams to help children on the autism spectrum to understand how their words and actions can affect other people. Easily identifiable computing and social networking metaphors are used to explain how memories are saved in the brain, like files in computer folders, and how, just as files can be shared and downloaded on the internet, people learn about you by sharing their positive and negative impressions with each other. The author explains why certain actions may be 'liked' or 'disliked' by others, and offers guidance on appropriate and inappropriate social behavior. This book also features photocopiable worksheets to reinforce the guidance and lessons offered in the book.

Flying Safety

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Library Trends

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The naval aviation safety review.

How Many People are There in My Head

Author : Jonathan Charles Wright Edwards
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This book proposes that the only possible solution to the 'mind-brain' problem is that each nerve cell is conscious separately and that we have no other 'global' consciousness. We are colonies of sentient micro-organisms, each, unaware of the sentience of the others, led to believe that it is 'me'. Despite being counterintuitive and disquieting this idea may resolve several paradoxes hidden in the closets of brain research laboratories. The idea is explored in an accessible, matter of fact, and sometime irreverent manner, but nevertheless attempt to address fundamental issues of cell membrane biology and the nature of the observer, which may run deeper than the quantum/classical divide.

Thinking As Computation

Author : Hector J. Levesque
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Students explore the idea that thinking is a form of computation by learning to write simple computer programs for tasks that require thought. This book guides students through an exploration of the idea that thinking might be understood as a form of computation. Students make the connection between thinking and computing by learning to write computer programs for a variety of tasks that require thought, including solving puzzles, understanding natural language, recognizing objects in visual scenes, planning courses of action, and playing strategic games. The material is presented with minimal technicalities and is accessible to undergraduate students with no specialized knowledge or technical background beyond high school mathematics. Students use Prolog (without having to learn algorithms: "Prolog without tears "), learning to express what they need as a Prolog program and letting Prolog search for answers. After an introduction to the basic concepts, Thinking as Computation offers three chapters on Prolog, covering back-chaining, programs and queries, and how to write the sorts of Prolog programs used in the book. The book follows this with case studies of tasks that appear to require thought, then looks beyond Prolog to consider learning, explaining, and propositional reasoning. Most of the chapters conclude with short bibliographic notes and exercises. The book is based on a popular course at the University of Toronto and can be used in a variety of classroom contexts, by students ranging from first-year liberal arts undergraduates to more technically advanced computer science students.

The Best Things in Life

Author : Peter Kreeft
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Peter Kreeft's Socrates probes the contemporary values of success, power and pleasure.

The Mindful College Applicant

Author : Belinda H. Y. Chiu
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In a time when crossing guards are posted to prevent high schoolers from jumping in front of trains and parents shelling out $100K for packaged college applications, education has become a mad race to grab the Ivy ring. Based on experience in admissions with the Ivy League and other highly competitive universities, emerging scientific evidence on the impact of emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and discussions with admissions officers, students, families, and high school counselors, this book is a guide on how to go through the existing, however brutish, college applications process with less stress and anxiety, and more joy and mindfulness. Equipped with the powerful tools of emotional intelligence and mindfulness, this work acknowledges the reality of what the process is, and challenges young people to reach for a more meaningful ideal for themselves. This book shares a look at the holistic admissions process and offers an alternative one to the current climate of untenable stress. This updated model aims to shift mindsets from treating the admissions process as a ruthless competition with one externally-prescribed definition of success, to a step in a lifelong journey of curiosity and wonder. By building self-awareness, compassion, resilience, it’s possible to navigate the process with greater authenticity, balance, and joy.

South Asian Technospaces

Author : Radhika Gajjala
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This book provides perspectives on how South Asian - often, more specifically, Indian - diasporas inhabit techno-mediated environments through their economic and socio-cultural activities. The themes examined include religion, caste, language, and gender in online communities and call centers, and the roles of these factors in the global economy, Bollywood online and offline, digital music, websites for arranging marriages, and so on. The book attempts to map «South Asia» in relation to global technospaces produced through and as a consequence of economic globalization efforts.

Brain power

Author : J. Graham Beaumont
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Offers a complete understanding of the way your mind works, examines the brain's capacity for creativity, practical problem-solving, reasoning, and using language effectively.

How to Make Smart Decisions about Training

Author : Paul G. Whitmore
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Evolution Ha

Author : Constandina
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Thinking Computers and Virtual Persons

Author : Eric Dietrich
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Can computers think? This book is intended to demonstrate that thinking, understanding, and intelligence are more than simply the execution of algorithms--that is, that machines cannot think. Written and edited by leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and the philosophy of computing.

Computer Connections for Gifted Children and Youth

Author : Jean N. Nazzaro
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CIPS Computer Magazine

Author : Canadian Information Processing Society
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Computers and People

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Brain Tricks

Author : David L. Weiner
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". . . get[s] to the bottom of why the human brain seems to propel us toward destructive behavior." - Dallas Morning News How often have you heard that what distinguishes humans from other forms of advanced life is our superior brain? We can think rationally and make intelligent decisions; we are masters of ourselves and our world. But the fact is that the way we think and react can get us into trouble. We don't "use" our brain - it uses us! Understanding how our instincts, "gut reactions," emotions, and conditioning rule our lives is one powerful part of author David L. Weiner's Brain Tricks. Brain Tricks probes what Weiner calls the "dark side" of the brain - raw animal instincts rooted in our primitive past when survival, mating, and taming the environment required instant, uncritical, and wholly self-centered decision making. Though modified by early childhood conditioning, our primitive thought patterns continue to this day. Our brain ignores the rituals and rules of civilized society as we overreact to sudden situations, indulge in strong emotions and prejudice, and try to manipulate others. When we succumb to our dark side, "brain tricks" trouble is not far off. We alienate friends and lovers, quarrel with our bosses, become obsessed with possessions, commit murder, and start wars. In clear, easy to understand language, Weiner dramatizes "the genetic and conditioned programming that can lead us into chaos." Using well-developed vignettes featuring friends, lovers, business and professional associates, he provides an inviting vehicle for discussing our hard-to-resist tendencies to exert power over others, indulge in greed, succumb to jealousy and rage, and invent scapegoats to mask our own faults.

War Against Silence After Trauma

Author : Emily Dee
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An Ethnographic Study of an Alternative Education Program for First Offender Shoplifters

Author : Patricia Oldt
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