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Our Universe Via Drexler Dark Matter

Author : Jerome Drexler
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This book is different from all other modern cosmology books in several ways. It introduces a cosmologic universe, which is orderly, logical, and systematic. It teaches and explains by illustrating how a variety of cosmic mysteries have been solved. It raises the status of dark matter in the universe by illuminating its roles as the principal source of energy, the principal source of matter in the form of hydrogen and helium, and the principal source of cosmic relationships with the principal cosmic phenomena of the universe. This book simplifies the universe as Nicolaus Copernicus' book simplified the solar system in 1543. With more and more cosmic mysteries being discovered and the slow progress in solving them, cosmologists and astrophysicists must re-train themselves to understand and to utilize the postmodern unified astrophysical cosmology model and to maximize the knowledge derived from the astronomical data. These are the three principal objectives of this book.

Discovering Postmodern Cosmology

Author : Jerome Drexler
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Learn how a world-class inventor-scientist is currently tackling the greatest scientific mysteries of the universe -- and succeeding. With his new book, Drexler provides a viable baseline to jump-start debate on a standard model for postmodern cosmology. It is the first book to not only address these seven unsolved cosmic mysteries, shown in this book's subtitle, but also offer plausible explanations for each of them. The correlation of these seven cosmic phenomena by Drexler offers a revolutionary advance in cosmological research and potentially broad acceptance and use of the related concepts. This book was written for open-minded cosmologists, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, engineers, students, enthusiasts and those at NASA, NSF, DOE and ESO who want to understand postmodern cosmology. The author's five years of cosmology research, and his successes, convinced him that his postmodern cosmology model is correctly based upon the relationships and linkages of these seven cosmic phenomena.

Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos

Author : Jerome Drexler
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There are many mysteries involving cosmic phenomena. Jerome Drexler used 14 of these and his analytical concept of dark matter (DM) relationism to discover a promising candidate for dark matter, the source of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, and theories for star formation, starburst galaxies, and the emergence of DM halos. To test the validity of his discoveries, Drexler used another 11 unexplained cosmic phenomena discovered by astronomers primarily during 2005. Utilizing his same promising dark matter candidate, Drexler was able to explain in a plausible manner all 11 of these recently discovered cosmic mysteries. Drexler's research has led not only to an identification of dark matter and to plausible explanations for the 25 cosmic phenomena, but also to a deeper understanding of many aspects of the cosmos, leading to a partial decoding of the cosmos.

Styles of Thinking

Author : Hub Zwart
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The way we experience, investigate and interact with reality changes drastically in the course of history. Do such changes occur gradually, or can we pinpoint radical turns, besides periods of relative stability? Building on Oswald Spengler, we zoom in on three styles in particular, namely Apollonian, Magian and Faustian thinking, guided by grounding ideas which can be summarised as follows: "Act in accordance with nature", "Prepare yourself for the imminent dawn" and "Existence equals will to power". Finally, we reach the present. How to characterise the new era we entered around the year 2000?

High Energy Physics Index

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Guide to the Max Planck Institutes 2000

Author : Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften
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Gesammelte Abhandlungen

Author : Hermann Weyl
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