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Pay It Forward

Author : Catherine Ryan Hyde
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A life-affirming tale of the goodness implicit in everyone follows twelve-year-old Trevor, a boy from a troubled family, who develops a plan as part of a school project that starts people doing good things for each other.

The Pay It Forward Series

Author : Kezia Luckett
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Have you ever wished that you could go back to a pivotal time in your life and give yourself sound advice? Words of hope, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration that everything is happening for a reason and all will work out. That those failures, challenges and detours that you are experiencing, that have sometimes taken you to the edge of darkness and beyond, will end up being looked upon as some of your greatest, life divining moments. In this first volume of 'The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self' you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery as you read the heart warming, inspirational stories from 18 key women of contribution from around the world, as they pay forward the words of wisdom gained through the experiences of life. To learn more about these inspiring women and how you too can be part of the 'Pay it Forward' movement read on. FEATURING: Sammy Blindell; Barbara Brown; Ania Jeffries; Danielle Morrow; Debbie Moore; Izabella Niewiadomska; Sarah Sparks; Debbie Cromack; Ruth Driscoll; Debby Montgomery Johnson; Leeanne Lowe; Yvette Taylor; Sylvia Baldock; Laura Ceppelli; Rhiannon Griffiths; Deenita Pattni; Tracy Leonetti; and Tina Fotherby

Linking In to Pay it Forward Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media By Chuck

Author : Chuck Hester
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Chuck Hester, master networker, shares how he has built a network of more than 8,000 first level connections throughout the world, and how by asking a simple question: "how can I be of service to you," has changed the social media value proposition for him. This book helps readers realize the power of Linking in and Paying it Forward.

Pay It Forward

Author : Laura Miller
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Nutsy the Squirrel needs help collecting nuts for the winter. Mama Bird can't find Baby Bird. Brown Cow's tail is stuck in the fence, and Scratch the Dog is lost! Who can help? And how will each repay the other? Follow these woodland and barnyard animals as they embark on an energetic and captivating journey of paying it forward through simple, everyday acts of kindness. And see how one, small deed can set off a chain of generosity.

Pay It Forward

Author : Nick Nanton
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Pay it Forward

Author : Mary Ann Mavrinac
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Read It Forward

Author : Linda Kay
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With this practical guide, it's easy to implement the proven fun—and learning—of a read-it-forward program in your middle school library. Teens recommend books to other teens, offering a surefire way to promote books and reading. • An easy-to-follow process for creating an RIF program in any middle school • Testimonials from those who have initiated and run RIF projects • Specific examples of what works and what doesn't • Resource lists from which librarians can draw in creating their own programs • Offers librarians step-by-step guidance in running a read-it-forward project in which students are encouraged to read books then pass them on to others • Shows how RIF encourages interest in reading for middle school students during a period when they often stop reading for recreation • Discusses how RIF can provide a focus for library programming throughout the school year, connecting it to academics • Demonstrates ways to get students excited about reading by connecting it to the curriculum they are studying

Pass It On Pay It Forward

Author : Kimberley J. Carl
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I enjoy watching the television medical drama "House," In one episode, a nun was gravely ill and her fellow sisters were not allowed to visit her. Chase, one of the doctors, was with her when she began to recite her favorite verse of the Bible and Chase chimed in, stating it was a favorite of his as well. The verse? I Peter 1, verse 7. I was curious about the passage so I grabbed a Bible and was astonished that the verse was in its entirety. This became the impetus for this inspirational devotional. Who knows, maybe your family needs annual letters to family and friends to keep up on whatas new!

Paw It Forward

Author : Catherine Ryan Hyde
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Pay It Forward's best-selling author, Catherine Ryan Hyde, was inspired to write Paw It Forward by her real-life dogs Jessie and Ella. In the book, Catherine teaches kids the concept of Paw It Forward through Ella's adventures, and Ella inspires kids to change the world through kindness! Kids will learn what it means to Paw It Forward and come to understand how powerful kindness can be. Grade-schoolers can read Ella's story on their own, with a friend or an older sibling, and with their mom, dad, or guardian. Everyone who reads this true story will be inspired to join the movement and empowered to change the world! Learn more at

The Self Care Revolution Presents Module 12 Celebrate Life Pay It Forward

Author : Robyn Benson
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Pay it Forward to DoubleAll

Author : Etza B Happenin
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Sequel to "Graduation Day"; Synopsis of "Grad-Day" is: Counterpoint to "Independence Day". What if aliens don't come to conquer and blow things up, but are peaceful and wise; here to elevate humans? Grad-Day synopsis: Aliens have been secretly supervising humans for a long time. Ancient Vikings in Iceland are about to be swept away in a flood, when they're rescued from certain death by Ixnor, who explains that Ixnor wants to remain hidden from humans, until the right time. Ixnor rescues humans from certain death, only when there's no expectation that all human bodies will be found, after a disaster. Ixnor has been doing this for many years. Ixnor saves otherwise-doomed humans, and puts them "on ice" for later days, post-"Grad-Day". "Grad-Day" is the day that all humans become aware of the Ixnor and other intelligent beings in the galaxy, and the existing political order on Earth is overthrown, to eliminate war, and to put more-ethical humans and human cyborgs into power, replacing those who are simply the most ruthless in amassing political power. WHY has Ixnor been rescuing and then freezing many humans, accumulated over the ages? For use in the future, when humans become part of the process of secretly supervising and elevating other "pre-first-Grad-Day" species! There are an unknown number of "Grad-Days" facing even the more-advanced species, as they attain the "next level", and then the next. The reason WHY, is that in the future, cyborgs will have the ability to near-seamlessly link wetware to hardware, and the Earth's accumulated data will be at the tips of their neurons! What use is pure KNOWLEDGE in this context? Not as much as intuition! When one is secretly supervising a developing intelligent species, one wants to have on hand, those who have "been there, done that"! And so that's why Ixnor has been gathering the "humans on ice"... To be awoken and, in the future, if they consent... To "pay it forward" to the next species that needs secret supervision! Dave blazes the path forward, into allowing those humans who consent, to turn themselves into cyborgs. The in-the-know cyborgs are the ethically advanced ones, who can be trusted with Ixnor's secret. The not-in-the-know ones are NOT trusted with Ixnor's secret. The "new tech" as secretly supplied by Ixnor enables world-wide data gathering on who is, and who is not, ethically advanced. "Quorum sensing" among the in-the-know cyborgs finally allows "Grad-Day" to take place. World peace, finally! The meek inherit the Earth! Next, "Paying it Forward", as follows here... Humans and Ixnors (as supervised by the Myykes, from the next layer up) are the secret "space aliens" who supervise the developing bronze-age pre-Grad-Day "primitives" on the planet DoubleAll. DoubleAll is thus-named for having two entirely unrelated intelligent species, on two supercontinents, under double suns, each enslaving one another, on opposing dual supercontinents, as secretly supervised by two species of space aliens... Thus, "Double All"! The two native species are elephant-sized pilldillows, and humanoid riders. The supervising aliens do their jobs via avatars, which are capable of distant telepathy between each other, and close-range-only telepathy with the native inhabitants. Aliens need to tech-advance the natives. But even more, they need to ethically advance the natives, to shed slavery and too many wars. The alien-driven avatars DO get involved in native wars, yes. Explored here: If you're part of such an effort, do you share some of your super-power secrets with well-trusted natives? WHICH secrets? What's ethical for your use, and what's not? HOW to hide your involvements, from the historical records of the natives? What are your priorities, knowing that you can't fix it all? Slavery, war, sexism, classism, despotism, cannibalism, poverty, disease (parasites), abuse of infants and animals? Pick your priorities, you can't fix them all, right away!

The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity

Author : Eva Gregory
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Prosperity is available to everyone and the author shows readers how to achieve it by following some specific principles.

Peacing the World Together

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A small refrigerator magnet has adorned our kitchen for more years than I can remember. It bears the image of a dove with the words, Let there be peace, at least between you and me. The three square inches it has displaced is opposite in proportion to its magnitude in the lives of family and friends. It is a mantra, a goal, a challenge. Because for so many, peace does not come easily or naturally! Archeological evidence substantiates human irascibility. Indeed, Homo sapiens were endowed with tendencies toward turbulence. Bones shattered by instruments of humanoids are not uncommon to ancient skeletons. Written documents confirm the same: Cain and Able, David and Goliath, dozens of bloody wars and holocausts are recorded in biblical and pre-biblical documents that manifest mankinds snarling, crotchety predisposition to conflict and violence. Discouraged by that disturbing legacy, we recognize exceptions. Though peace is an intentional accord, it is made easier for some who luckily avoid the ancestral consequence of contentiousness. Through genetic good fortune, they are endowed with intrinsic tranquility and a special quiet devoid of malevolence. Gladly, they accept the gift of unsolicited good genes. Acknowledging a quarrelsome nature, then, we embark on this journey of peace, the road made smoother through relevant prayer, prose and poetry. Each step is an encounter with a peace borne naturally or achieved the hard way. In either case, the following pages are channels of peace . . . at least between you and me. And so we reach out together, striving to influence families and cities, states and nations . . . peacefully. After all, the leaders of mighty and minute countries alike agree that the key to peace between all lands is that it begins within individual hearts, homes and families. For only then can it infect every place on a precious earth we will someday call . . . peaceful. Of all the arboreal wonders on earth, none is more amazingly self-propagating than Ficus Benghalensis, the banyan tree. A massive, improbable sight to behold, the banyan puts down feelers from its branches; the feelers grow into the ground and become roots; and the new roots pump sap up and act as support struts for the tree. In this way, the tree grows outward. Equally as amazing, banyans count their days in hundreds of years as they create the widest natural canopies in the world. A single tree can provide shade for an entire village. It is said that Alexander the Great camped with an army of 7,000 soldiers under the shade of one banyan. In more recent years, an imposing banyan tree has spread its arms and roots over one full acre of land in the city of Fort Myers, Florida. Its notoriety and location are the result of a friendship between two of Americas early business pioneers, men who were close, personal friends. The time was 1925. One of the men visited the county of Andhra Pradesh in India and came upon the largest banyan tree in the world, having since reached 570 years in age and covering the breath of 14 acres with 1,650 roots. At the time of his visit, the entrepreneur had a vested interest in the tree, suspecting it might prove valuable as a source of natural rubber. He brought a seedling back to his friend who had a Winter residence in Fort Myers. The friend was delighted with the gift and planted it on his estate. It grew well and still delights guests. Harvey Firestone was the purveyor of the seedling. His friend, Thomas Edison was the recipient. To this day, seedlings of Edisons great tree are sold at his estate, one of them growing in fine health on this writers property. Similarly, admirers from around the world have procured seedlings and carried them back to faraway lands. Hence, the legacy of the giant tree of India is proliferated by the tree of Thomas Edison, now renowned as the third lar

Be the Better Person

Author : Mary Miner
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1. Can you turn a bad day into a happy day? 2. Do you have a peaceful, calm, comfortable life? 3. Are you content with who you are? 4. Are you always kind, considerate and sincere to everyone, especially those you love? If you answered yes to all four questions, then this book is not for you. If you answered no to just one, GOD says you need to read Our golden book. If you diligently read this entire book, persistently practice these golden skills and consistently apply what you read you will love yourself more than you do right now. Isnt that a nice thought? For small fee you could have a better life. Better yet, those around you could also have a better life. This is not just a book. It is a campaign to bring back THE GOLDEN RULE. You might be wondering why I gave credit to GOD as co-author for this golden book. Well, credit goes where credit is deserved. I didnt write this book by myself. My INNER VOICE, who I call GOD told me, My job on this Earth is to spread as much love as I possibly can. HE told me what I should and shouldnt write. I listened. Some might think I am crazy but at my wise age; I dont care because I am finally happy, peaceful and content in this greedy, confused unloving world. So, if you believe everything happens for a reason, guess what, it does! You are looking at this right now for a reason. So buy and live this golden book!

It s a Wonderful Unfinished Life

Author : Carla Kringer
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Our personal choices in life have profound often devastating effects on the lives others. This is the story of Jo Jo Gigliotti; he lived a wonderful, unfinished life. His daughter, Carla shares the journey her family was forced to take after they were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives when his life was taken by a drunk driver on April 24, 2008. The book is written in keeping with the vow the family made to be the voice of her dad and other victims of drinking and driving. It will take you into the heart of the tragedy where the family's healing was hindered due to the criminal proceedings involved with the prosecution of the drunk driver. Families facing a similar situation will find detailed information and resources to help them understand and navigate the complex criminal justice system. You will receive a glimpse into the roles of law enforcement, prosecutors, and defense attorneys during the prosecution of the drunk driver and the heart-wrenching toll the process takes on the family. Carla's life was forever changed that day. She has embraced the traumatic event a drunk driver embedded in her family history, in hope that others will gain knowledge while receiving comfort, and healing, knowing they can emerge from the darkness brought by death and grief. You may not emerge the same person you were but you can emerge a survivor with peace and hope restored in your life once again. That is Carla's wish for you as you read her father's story and share in her family's walk through grief.

Keep Calm and Pay It Forward Blank Lined Journal

Author : Passion Imagination Journals
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Are you looking for a funny, humorous gift for someone who loves to volunteer and give back to other people? This is a blank, lined journal that makes a perfect gag gift for friends and family. Other features of this notebook include: 110 pages 6x9 inches Excellent and thick binding Durable white paper Sleek, matte-finished cover for a professional look This diary is a convenient and perfect size to carry anywhere for writing, journaling and note taking. If you would like an unlined journal, please take a look at our other products.

Pupil Friendly IEPs and Target Sheets

Author : Gillian Shotton
File Size : 56.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Involving children in discussing, planning and reviewing their targets for learning and behaviour is a key element of Every Child Matters (2003) and the Children's Plan (2007). This new edition of Gillian Shotton's best selling book, has been updated to include new templates for teachers looking to involve children in writing their Individual Education Plan (IEP), as well as the introduction of target sheets applicable for all primary and secondary students. The resource provides a useful tool for helping teachers put some of the Assessment for Learning strategies into practice. Features of the new edition include: - IEP templates with brand new illustrations - Pupil-friendly target sheets to engage learners in the target setting process - A Pupil Friendly Pastoral Support Programme developed specifically for secondary aged pupils - An Act of Kindness log to encourage and record positive acts in the classroom The accompanying CD Rom provides easy-to-use, engaging and fun templates which allow teachers to truly involve pupils in the planning and reviewing process. These resources can either be printed off as resource sheets to be filled in and coloured in by hand, or they can be filled in on-screen.

Pay It Forward Kids

Author : Nancy Runstedler
File Size : 80.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Profiles fourteen kids who have raised money and awareness for such causes as homelessness, human rights, literacy, and bullying prevention.

The Definition of Tamara

Author : Tamara Smith
File Size : 26.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Book Summary In this book, The Definition of Tamara: The Resilient Palm Tree, author Tamara Smith shares optimism and hopefulness that will inspire readers to confidently face each daily challenge that life brings into being. While this may be viewed as an eccentric outlook on encountering lifes obstacles its much needed in the somewhat pessimistic world we live in today. Utilizing personal stories and factual information, Tamara discusses sensitive issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and physical illnesses and demonstrates how the use of religion and support systems during periods of stress in ones life is the pathway to resiliency.

The Penguin and the Leviathan

Author : Yochai Benkler
File Size : 90.65 MB
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What do Wikipedia, Zip Car’s business model, Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and a small group of lobster fishermen have in common? They all show the power and promise of human cooperation in transforming our businesses, our government, and our society at large. Because today, when the costs of collaborating are lower than ever before, there are no limits to what we can achieve by working together. For centuries, we as a society have operated according to a very unflattering view of human nature: that, humans are universally and inherently selfish creatures. As a result, our most deeply entrenched social structures – our top-down business models, our punitive legal systems, our market-based approaches to everything from education reform to environmental regulation - have been built on the premise that humans are driven only by self interest, programmed to respond only to the invisible hand of the free markets or the iron fist of a controlling government. In the last decade, however, this fallacy has finally begun to unravel, as hundreds of studies conducted across dozens of cultures have found that most people will act far more cooperatively than previously believed. Here, Harvard University Professor Yochai Benkler draws on cutting-edge findings from neuroscience, economics, sociology, evolutionary biology, political science, and a wealth of real world examples to debunk this long-held myth and reveal how we can harness the power of human cooperation to improve business processes, design smarter technology, reform our economic systems, maximize volunteer contributions to science, reduce crime, improve the efficacy of civic movements, and more. For example, he describes how: • By building on countless voluntary contributions, open-source software communities have developed some of the most important infrastructure on which the World Wide Web runs • Experiments with pay-as-you-wish pricing in the music industry reveal that fans will voluntarily pay far more for their favorite music than economic models would ever predic • Many self-regulating communities, from the lobster fishermen of Maine to farmers in Spain, live within self-regulating system for sharing and allocating communal resources • Despite recent setbacks, Toyota’s collaborative shop-floor, supply chain, and management structure contributed to its meteoric rise above its American counterparts for over a quarter century. • Police precincts across the nation have managed to reduce crime in tough neighborhoods through collaborative, trust-based, community partnerships. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of cooperation in 21st century life, The Penguin and the Leviathan not only challenges so many of the ways in which we live and work, it forces us to rethink our entire view of human nature.