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Performing Brecht

Author : Margaret Eddershaw
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Performing Brecht is an unprecedented history of the productions of Brecht's plays in Britain over forty years. Margaret Eddershaw surveys all aspects of Brecht in performance, from his methodologies to his place in postmodernist theatre and beyond. She focuses on key productions by directors including George Devine, Sam Wanamaker, William Gaskill, Howard Davies, John Dexter and Richard Eyre. Eddershaw also provides three in-depth case studies of productions in the 1990s, incorporating her own exclusive access to the rehearsals and in-depth interviews with directors and performers. The case studies are: * The Good Person of Sechuan, directed by Deborah Warner and starring Fiona Shaw; * Mother Courage, directed by Philip Prowse and starring Glenda Jackson; * The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, directed by Di Trevis and starring Antony Sher

Brecht on Performance

Author : Bertolt Brecht
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Now available in Bloomsbury Revelations series, Brecht on Performance: Messingkauf and Modelbooks presents a selection of Brecht's principal writings about the craft of acting and realising texts for the stage. It crystallises and makes concrete many of the more theoretical aspects of his other writing and illuminates the practice of this hugely influential director and dramatist. The volume is in two parts. The first features an entirely new commentated edition of Brecht's dialogues and essays about the practice of theatre, known as the Messingkauf, or Buying Brass, including the 'Practice Pieces' for actors (rehearsal scenes for classics by Shakespeare and Schiller). The second contains rehearsal and production records from Brecht's work on productions of Life of Galileo, Antigone, Mother Courage and others. Edited by an international team of Brecht scholars and including an essay by director and teacher Di Trevis examining the practical application of these texts for theatres and actors today, Brecht on Performance is a wonderfully rich resource. The text is illustrated with over 30 photographs from the Modelbooks.

Modernism and Performance

Author : Olga Taxidou
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This guide to modernism and performance introduces key developments and debates of the period, such as the rise of the director, new theories of acting and new modes of production. Through these debates, and emphasis on the performing body, this study underlines the importance of performance in reconfiguring our general understanding of modernism

The Cambridge Companion to Brecht

Author : Peter Thomson
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This updated Companion offers students crucial guidance on virtually every aspect of the work of this complex and controversial writer. It brings together the contrasting views of major critics and active practitioners, and this edition introduces more voices and themes. The opening essays place Brecht's creative work in its historical and biographical context and are followed by chapters on single texts, from The Threepenny Opera to The Caucasian Chalk Circle, on some early plays and on the Lehrstücke. Other essays analyse Brecht's directing, his poetry, his interest in music and his work with actors. This revised edition also contains additional essays on his early experience of cabaret, his significance in the development of film theory and his unique approach to dramaturgy. A detailed calendar of Brecht's life and work and a selective bibliography of English criticism complete this provocative overview of a writer who constantly aimed to provoke.

Brecht Jahrbuch

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The Radical in Performance

Author : Baz Kershaw
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The Radical in Performance investigates the crisis in contemporary theatre, and celebrates the subversive in performance. It is the first full-length study to explore the link between a western theatre which, says Kershaw, is largely outdated and the blossoming of postmodern performance, much of which has a genuinely radical edge. In staying focused on the period between Brecht and Baudrillard, modernity and postmodernism, Baz Kershaw identifies crucial resources for the revitalisation of the radical across a wide spectrum of cultural practices. This is a timely, necessary and rigorous book. It will be a compelling read for anyone searching for a critical catalyst for new ways of viewing and practising cultural politics.

Bertolt Brecht 1898 1956

Author : Jorg Doring
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Post Imperial Brecht

Author : Loren Kruger
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It also shows surprising connections between socialist East Germany, where Brecht's 1950s projects impressed the emerging Heiner Muller, and apartheid-era South Africa, where Brecht's work appeared on the apartheid as well as anti-apartheid stage. Brecht also shaped the work of South Africa's Athol Fugard whose work reappeared in state and dissident theatres in East Germany. The book concludes with a reflection on Brechtian aspects of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission and introduces new more precise translations of key Brechtian terms."--Jacket.

New York Magazine

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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance

Author : Paul Allain
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What is theatre? What is performance? What are their connections and differences? What events, people, practices and ideas have shaped theatre and performance in the twentieth century, and, importantly, where are they heading next? Proposing answers to these big questions, The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance provides an informative and engaging introduction to the significant people, events, concepts and practices that have defined the complementary fields of theatre and performance studies. Including over 120 entries in three easy-to-use, alphabetical sections, this fascinating text presents a wide range of individuals and topics, such as: performance artist Marina Abramovic directors Vsevolod Meyerhold and Robert Wilson The Living Theatre’s Paradise Now the haka multimedia performance political protest visual theatre. With each entry containing crucial historical and contextual information, extensive cross-referencing, detailed analysis, and an annotated bibliography, The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance is undoubtedly a perfect reference guide for the keen student and the passionate theatre-goer alike.

Brecht Newsletter

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Brecht s Reception in Brazil

Author : Lorena B. Ellis
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Of Two Works Written on Brecht in Brazil. p. 89.

Brecht in Practice

Author : David Barnett
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David Barnett invites readers, students and theatre-makers to discover new ways of apprehending and making use of Brecht in this clear and accessible study of Brecht's theories and practices. The book analyses how Brecht's ideas can come alive in rehearsal and performance, and reveals just how carefully Brecht realized his vision of a politicized, interventionist theatre. What emerges is a nuanced understanding of Brecht's concepts, his work with actors and his approaches to directing. The reader is encouraged to engage with his method which sought to 'make theatre politically', in order to appreciate the innovations he introduced into his stagecraft. Barnett provides many examples of how Brecht's ideas can be staged, and the final chapter takes a closer look at two very different plays: one written by Brecht and one by a playwright with no acknowledged connection to Brecht. Through an interrogation of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and Patrick Marber's Closer, Barnett asks how a Brechtian approach can enliven and illuminate production.

Neue Versuche ber Brecht

Author : Maarten Van Dijk
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This volume of the Brecht Yearbook brings together new insights into Brecht's sources as well as new interpretations of his writings and updates on his reception. Biographical contributions include a letter from Brecht's daughter Barbara Brecht-Schall, a conversation with friends of Brecht's collaborator Hanns Eisler, and newly identified background material to Fear and Misery in the Third Reich. Reports on Brecht's reception cover a staging of Galileo at the Berlin Ensemble, a modernized version of Die Massnahme in Frankfurt/Main under the title Das Kontigent, and Brecht in Australia. Critical interpretations range from performance issues such as Gestus, masks, and staging gender to close readings of poems and plays to more general reflections on Brecht's relationship to modernism, the philosophical dimension of his theater practice, and his presence in the internet. The volume closes with reviews of recent scholarly publications about Brecht and twentieth-century theater. Distributed for the International Brecht Socity In English and German ISSN 0734-8665

The Essential Brecht

Author : John Fuegi
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Brecht in Context

Author : John Willett
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'New edition, revised for the centenary of Brecht''s birth, containing additional updated material In this classic study, John Willett sets in context not only Brecht the theatre practitioner but Brecht the writer and man of his time. Through chapters on Brecht''s relationships and attitudes to contemporary politics, English and American literature, Expressionism, music, art and cinema, as well as to such figures as Auden, Kipling and Piscator, the book presents a detailed and wide-ranging account of one of the most significant men of this century. ''An outstanding introduction to its subject. . . will immeasurably enrich Brechtians young and old, especially those who think they know it all'' (Times Educational Supplement); ''Economical, witty and unpretentious in a way that Brecht would have liked, but immensely well-informed and thoroughly documented, seems certain to become required reading for anyone seriously interested in the dramatist'' (London Review of Books); ''An extraordinarily rich volume, which succeeds in being packed but uncrowded'' (New Statesman)'

A Tribute to Bertolt Brecht

Author : Nissar Allana
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Contributed articles.

Bertolt Brecht

Author : Meg Mumford
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Bertolt Brecht’s methods of collective experimentation, and his unique framing of the theatrical event as a forum for change, placed him among the most important contributors to the theory and practice of theatre. His work continues to have a significant impact on performance practitioners, critics and teachers alike. Now revised and reissued, this book combines: an overview of the key periods in Brecht’s life and work a clear explanation of his key theories, including the renowned ideas of Gestus and Verfremdung an account of his groundbreaking 1954 production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle an in-depth analysis of his practical exercises and rehearsal methods. As a first step towards critical understanding, and as an initial exploration before going on to further, primary research, Routledge Performance Practitioners are an invaluable resource for students and scholars.

The Other Brecht Ii Der Andere Brecht II

Author : Marc Silberman
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Crucible Bodies

Author : Tadashi Uchino
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'Crucible Bodies' is a study of Japanese performance culture. It covers a range of historical and theoretical topics, from Brecht in Japan to 'children's' bodies in postmodern Japanese performances, from the notion of beauty in contemporary cultural theory to practical and theoretical readings of recent intercultural performances.