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The Baroque Period

Author : Anne Fitzpatrick
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Examines the history of the Baroque art period and its influence on seventeenth-century European scientific, religious, political, and social thinking.

The Political Situation in Egypt During the Second Intermediate Period C 1800 1550 B C

Author : K. S. B. Ryholt
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The Second Intermediate Period designates the 250 year period (18001550 BC) which separates the two glorious periods of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. During the 19th century BC, an invasion by Caanite tribes into the Delta took place. Around 1800 BC these people proclaimed their own king and the Delta thus became independent from the rest of Egypt. Egypt remained split between the Canaanitic rulers in North and the native Egyptian Kings in the South for the rest of the Second Intermediate Period. The division of Egypt brought about an economic decline, and the entire period is characterized by a lack of royal monuments. This circumstance has greatly hampered any attempts to establish a chronology of the period, and as a consequence it has been very difficult to date many sources which are relevant for the social and political situation of the period. The Second Intermediate Period has therefore remained one of the most obscure periods of Egypt's ancient history. The dissertation is a new attempt to establish a chronology for the Second Intermediate Period and define the different kingdoms, their territories and political relations. The study consists of four main chapters, three appendixes, a catalogue of sources, bibliography and indices. Included is a catalogue of all the historical sources, about 1500, known to certify the names of the Egyptian kings of the Second Intermediate Period. Each source is described in terms of type, origin and present location, followed by bibliographical references.

The Medieval Warm Period

Author : Malcolm K. Hughes
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The Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age are widely considered to have been the major features of the Earth's climate over the past 1000 years. In this volume the issue of whether there really was a Medieval Warm Period, and if so, where and when, is addressed. The types of evidence examined include historical documents, tree rings, ice cores, glacial-geological records, borehole temperature, paleoecological data and records of solar receipts inferred from cosmogenic isotopes. Growth in the availability of several of these types of data in recent years, and technical advances in their derivation and use, warrant this state-of-the-art re-examination of Medieval Warm Period. The book will be of value to all those with an interest in the natural variability of the climate system, for example those concerned with anticipating and detecting anthropogenic climate change.

The Modern Period

Author : Lara Freidenfelds
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"Lara Freidenfelds traces this cultural shift, showing how Americans reframed their thinking about menstruation. She explains how women and men collaborated with sex educators, menstrual product manufacturers, advertisers, physical education teachers, and doctors to create a modem understanding of menstruation. Excerpts from seventy-five interviews - accounts by turns funny and moving - help readers to identify with the experiences of the ordinary people who engineered these changes."--BOOK JACKET.

The Hellenistic Period

Author : Roger S. Bagnall
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This book presents in translation 175 of the most revealingdocuments that have survived on stone and papyrus from theHellenistic period. Presents over 150 sources in translation. Captures the political, social, economic and religious dynamismof the Hellenistic kingdoms and cities. Covers the entire Hellenistic world, with extensive coverage ofthe Ptolemaic kingdom.

The Scandinavians from the Vendel Period to the Tenth Century

Author : Judith Jesch
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Ethnographic studies trace the background to and impact of urbanisation and Christianisation, and the development of royal power, which stimulated the transition from the Viking age to the medieval period.

Period Domains over Finite and p adic Fields

Author : Jean-François Dat
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This book is, on the one hand, a pedagogical introduction to the formalism of slopes, of semi-stability and of related concepts in the simplest possible context. It is therefore accessible to any graduate student with a basic knowledge in algebraic geometry and algebraic groups. On the other hand, the book also provides a thorough introduction to the basics of period domains, as they appear in the geometric approach to local Langlands correspondences and in the recent conjectural p-adic local Langlands program. The authors provide numerous worked examples and establish many connections to topics in the general area of algebraic groups over finite and local fields. In addition, the end of each section includes remarks on open questions, historical context and references to the literature.

Palestine in the Late Ottoman Period

Author : Dāwid Qûšnêr
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Religious Beliefs and Practices of North India During the Early Mediaeval Period

Author : Vibhūti Bhūṣaṇa Miśra
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The Antebellum Period

Author : James M. Volo
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Examines American cultural life and its influences during the period of 1820 to 1860, covering such topics as food, recreation, fashion, music, art, literature, travel, and the world of youth.

Romantic Period Writings 1798 1832 An Anthology

Author : Ian Haywood
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Romantic Period Writings 1798-1832 provides a valuable insight into the condition of Britain in the early part of the nineteenth century. It includes original documents from a range of disciplines and discourses. Each section includes a scholarly introduction, select bibliography, and annotations. Among the material assembled in the anthology are writings by previously neglected or under-represented women, working-class men, black radicals, and conservative and evangelical polemicists, as well as several unfamiliar texts by canonical writers. The writings are organised into sections on: * Radical Journalism * Political Economy * Atheism * Nation and State * Race and Empire * Gender * Literary Institutions.

The Romantic Period

Author : Robin Jarvis
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Accompanied by a detailed chronology and plentiful suggestions for further reading, this book provides a solid foundation for students to make their own sense of the poetry, fiction and other creative writing that emerged as part of the Romantic literary tradition.


Author : Dennis Cooper
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Set in a world of secret Web sites, Goth culture, and satanism this black comedy of life on the fringes touches on the many aspects of modern-day America, such as pornography and outsider art as it follows a young man as he disappears into the underworld, in this final addition of the author's five-book cycle, which includes Closer and Frisk. Reprint.

The Antichrist Theme in the Intertestamental Period

Author : G.W. Lorein
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What are the antecedents of the "Antichrist" figure and its associated themes in Jewish literature prior to the New Testament? Here, Lorein offers the texts and translations of all the relevant passages, together with a discussion of their meaning and significance. He concludes that the "Antichrist" theme arises in different currents within this literature, but has its sources in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. In its scope and detail, as well as in many of its conclusions and its general synthesis, this book surpasses previous scholarship on a very important aspect of New Testament and early Christian thought.

Foreign trade in the old Babylonian period as revealed by texts from Southern Mesopotamia

Author : W. F. Leemans
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Sources of East Asian Tradition The modern period

Author : Wm. Theodore De Bary
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In Sources of East Asian Tradition, Wm. Theodore de Bary offers a selection of essential readings from his immensely popular anthologies Sources of Chinese Tradition, Sources of Korean Tradition, and Sources of Japanese Tradition so readers can experience a concise but no less comprehensive portrait of the social, intellectual, and religious traditions of East Asia. Volume 2 covers major events from 1600 to the present, including the initial contact of China, Korea, and Japan with the West; nineteenth- and twentieth-century reform movements in China, along with the Nationalist and Communist revolutions; Korea's encounter with imperialist Japan; and the Meiji Restoration, the emergence of political parties and liberalism, and the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars. De Bary maintains his trademark balance of source materials, including seminal readings in the areas of history, society, politics, education, philosophy, and religion, thereby continuing his own tradition of providing an exceptional resource for teachers, scholars, students, and the general reader.

Universities and Science in the Early Modern Period

Author : Mordechai Feingold
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This book includes most of the contributions presented at a conference on “Univ- sities and Science in the Early Modern Period” held in 1999 in Valencia, Spain. The conference was part of the “Five Centuries of the Life of the University of Valencia” (Cinc Segles) celebrations, and from the outset we had the generous support of the “Patronato” (Foundation) overseeing the events. In recent decades, as a result of a renewed attention to the institutional, political, social, and cultural context of scienti?c activity, we have witnessed a reappraisal of the role of the universities in the construction and development of early modern science. In essence, the following conclusions have been reached: (1) the attitudes regarding scienti?c progress or novelty differed from country to country and follow differenttrajectoriesinthecourseoftheearlymodernperiod;(2)institutionsofhigher learning were the main centers of education for most scientists; (3) although the universities were sometimes slow to assimilate new scienti?c knowledge, when they didsoithelpednotonlytoremovethesuspicionthatthenewsciencewasintellectually subversivebutalsotomakesciencearespectableandevenprestigiousactivity;(4)the universities gave the scienti?c movement considerable material support in the form of research facilities such as anatomical theaters, botanical gardens, and expensive instruments; (5) the universities provided professional employment and a means of support to many scientists; and (6) although the relations among the universities and the academies or scienti?c societies were sometimes antagonistic, the two types of institutionsoftenworkedtogetherinharmony,performingcomplementaryratherthan competing functions; moreover, individuals moved from one institution to another, as did knowledge, methods, and scienti?c practices.

The Cambridge History of Judaism Volume 1 Introduction The Persian Period

Author : William Donald Davies
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This volume opens with three introductory chapters to the work as a whole dealing with the geographical background, the chronology and the numismatic history of Judaism.

57 Classic Period Songs

Author : Van A. Christy
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Expertly arranged Vocal Collection for Medium High Voice by Van A. Christy and Carl Zytowski from the Kalmus Edition series.

Language and Logic in the Post Medieval Period

Author : E.J. Ashworth
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Keckermann remarked of the sixteenth century, "never from the begin ning of the world was there a period so keen on logic, or in which more books on logic were produced and studies oflogic flourished more abun dantly than the period-in which we live. " 1 But despite the great profusion of books to which he refers, and despite the dominant position occupied by logic in the educational system of the fifteenth, sixteenth and seven teenth centuries, very little work has been done on the logic of the post medieval period. The only complete study is that of Risse, whose account, while historically exhaustive, pays little attention to the actual logical 2 doctrines discussed. Otherwise, one can tum to Vasoli for a study of humanism, to Munoz Delgado for scholastic logic in Spain, and to Gilbert and Randall for scientific method, but this still leaves vast areas untouched. In this book I cannot hope to remedy all the deficiencies of previous studies, for to survey the literature alone would take a life-time. As a result I have limited myself in various ways. In the first place, I con centrate only on those matters which are of particular interest to me, namely theories of meaning and reference, and formal logic.