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Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning

Author : David N. Aspin
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This book provides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concern for the philosophy, theory, categories and concepts of lifelong learning. Written in a straightforward understandable manner, the book examines in depth the range of philosophical perspectives in the field of lifelong learning theory, policy, practice and applied scholarship.

Lifelong Learning Policies for Young Adults in Europe

Author : Parreira do Amaral, Marcelo
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This comprehensive collection discusses topical issues essential to both scholarship and policy making in the realm of Lifelong Learning (LLL) policies and how far they succeed in supporting young people across their life courses, rather than one-sidedly fostering human capital for the economy. Examining specific regional and local contexts across Europe, all various in context, this book uses original research to evaluate differences in scope, approach, orientation, and objectives. It enquires into the embedding of LLL policies into the regional economy, the labour market, education and training systems and the individual life projects of young people, with focus on those in situations of near social exclusion.

Lifelong Learning and Development

Author : Julia Preece
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This fascinating monograph explores lifelong learning in the context of development as it is used for low and middle income countries, particularly with reference to Africa and South Asia. Taking a broadly postcolonial and critical theory perspective, thus privileging texts from the 'global South' that highlight pre-colonial origins for lifelong learning, it critiques the discourse of development as it applies to education for low income countries, and explores relevant texts that apply lifelong learning principles to nation building and other development issues. Professor Preece draws on the broader philosophical and sociological concerns of authors from low and middle income countries in order to highlight values, cultures and learning priorities that are often forgotten in the dominant and usually instrumentalist policy texts for lifelong learning. She includes reference to African Renaissance texts on African philosophies and education traditions, feminist theories on lifelong learning, Southern feminist approaches to gender issues, and comparative research literature that addresses the dangers of uncritical international transfer.

Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Chi-Ming Lam
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This book demonstrates the value of approaching education from a sociological and philosophical perspective. Specifically, it addresses current and long-standing educational issues in the Asia-Pacific region, integrating sociological and philosophical insights with practical applications in four key areas: educational aims, moral education, educational policy, and the East-West dichotomy. It discusses educational aims in terms of rationality, philosophical thinking, and sustainable development and presents the literary, religious, and analytical approaches to moral education. Four educational policies are then considered: Hong Kong’s language policy, Hong Kong’s policy on the internationalization of education, East Asia’s policies on English education, and Australia’s policy on teacher education. Different aspects of the East-West dichotomy are analysed: Confucian rationalism versus Western rationalism, Confucian learning culture versus Western learning culture, and Asian research methodology versus Western research methodology. Taken as a whole, the book shows that issues in education are rarely simple, and looking at them from multiple perspectives allows for rich and informed debates. It presents a rare philosophical and sociological analysis of the cultures and experiences of education in the Asia-Pacific region, and promotes research that leads to more culturally rooted educational policies and practice.

Human Growth and Development in Adults

Author : Jonathan Parker
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This textbook covers the key concepts, themes and issue relating to human growth and development in adults. It examines key topics and issues within professional practice with adults and their families and covers a wide range of practice areas, fuses essential theory with practical application and provides a wide range of learning features.

Foundations of Adult Education in Africa

Author : Fredrick Nafukho
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This publication provides a historical perspective on the current educational context. It discusses the impact of the colonial past and the changing practices of the present, highlighting as it does the key concepts, information and principles in the African context. The book touches on such issues as the history of adult education in Africa, philosophy and adult education, socio-cultural, political and economic environments, opportunities and access for adult learners, gender and development in adult education, and adult education as a developing profession. It further considers the impact of information and communication technology and globalization on the policies and structures of lifelong learning.--Publisher's description.

Studies in Lifelong Learning in Africa

Author : Moses O. Oketch
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This book provides a critical exploration of the meaning, principles, and models of lifelong learning in Africa. Drawing from examples and using case studies from a majority of African states, the book demonstrates that understanding of lifelong learning has great implications for the future development of the education sector in Africa, especially its transformative capacity.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Adult Learning in America

Author : David Wood Stewart
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Theories Policy and Practice of Lifelong Learning in East Asia

Author : Weiyuan Zhang
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As the centre of the world economy is moving to Asia, lifelong learning in Asia is attracting a great deal of attention in the educational field worldwide. Asia not only provides the largest education market, but also plays an increasingly important role in educational globalization. However, until now, only very limited literature has been available in English. This book addresses that gap and introduces global readers to the latest developments of theories, policies, and practical issues concerning lifelong learning in East Asia. Case studies on lifelong learning in East Asia - including mainland China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau - are provided in this book. Lifelong learning in East Asia has been strongly influenced by Confucian culture as well as Western capitalism. This book analyses Confucian culture and the negotiation of Chinese and Western learning cultures in lifelong learning. This book will enable educators to understand the recent developments in lifelong learning in selected Confucian-heritage countries and regions, and promote effective international collaboration in lifelong learning worldwide. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of Lifelong Education.

Lifelong Learning Higher Education and the Older Californian

Author : Susan Elizabeth Sunderland
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Lifelong Learning

Author : Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology. School of Media Studies
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The 26 articles in this book focus on lifelong learning policies, practices, and programs in 13 Asia Pacific countries. The following papers are included: "Half a Revolution: A Brief Survey of Lifelong Learning in New Zealand" (P. Methven and J. Hansen); "HRD in a Multicultural Workplace: The Need for Lifelong Learning" (M. Ogisu-Kamiya); "Lifelong Learning: The Whole DAMN Cycle. A Singapore Perspective" (D. Pan); "Advancing Lifelong Learning through Adult Education Policy in Chinese Taipei" (C. Wang); "Articulation and Transfer: Critical Contributions to Lifelong Learning" (F. Kintzer); "Trends in Hong Kong University Management: Towards a Lifelong Learning Paradigm" (S. Liu); "Lifelong Learning in a Developed and Developing Economy" (C. Beaupre); "An Empirical Framework for Implementing Lifelong Learning Systems" (L. Seng and L. Hwee); "Lifelong Learning in Malaysia" (Y. Leong); "Lifelong Learning and Basic Literacy: Adult Literacy Education in Chinese Taipei" (C. Ho); "Schools as Centres of Lifelong Learning for All" (J. Chapman and D. Aspin); "Lifelong Learning in the United States and Hong Kong: Before 1997 and After" (A. Yee and J. Cheng); "Lifelong Learning: An Instrument for Improving School Education in Japan?" (Y. Sawano); "Lifelong Learning in Hong Kong" (G. Lee); "Lifelong Learning and Cultural Identity: Canada's Native People" (B. Rice and J. Steckley); "Non-Formal Education in the Philippines: A Fundamental Step Towards Lifelong Learning" (C. Gonzales and C. Pijano); "Distance Education: A Key Strategy for Lifelong Learning in Chinese Taipei" (J. Huang); "Prior Learning Assessment: U.S. Experience Facilitating Lifelong Learning" (C. Mann); "Thoughts on a Regional Approach for Lifelong Learning" (J. Yoshio); "Contribution of SMP Terbuka Toward Lifelong Learning in Indonesia" (A. Sadiman and R. Rahardjo); "Two Wheels for Lifelong Learning in Korea: Credit Banking & Multimedia Technology" (M. Pak); "Lifelong Learning, Workforce Development and Economic Success" (A. Lee); "From Supplemental Education to Lifelong Learning in Chinese Taipei" (C. Lee); "Recent Developments in Japan's Lifelong Learning Society" (A. Makino); "Lifelong Learning in the People's Republic of China" (H. Wu and Q. Ye); and "A Pure Theory of Lifelong Learning" (M. Hatton). (BCY)

The Education Index

Author :
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Second International Handbook of Lifelong Learning

Author : David N. Aspin
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The second edition of the International Handbook of Lifelong Learning is extensive, innovative, and international in scope, remit and vision, inviting its readers to engage in a critical re-appraisal of the theme of “lifelong learning”. It is a thorough-going, rigorous and scholarly work, with profound and wide-ranging implications for the future of educating institutions and agencies of all kinds in the conception, planning and delivery of lifelong learning initiatives. Lifelong learning requires a wholly new philosophy of learning, education and training, one that aims to facilitate a coherent set of links and pathways between work, school and education, and recognises the necessity for government to give incentives to industry and their employees so they can truly “invest” in lifelong learning. It is also a concept that is premised on the understanding of a learning society in which everyone, independent of race, creed or gender, is entitled to quality learning that is truly excellent. This book recognises the need for profound changes in education and for goals that are critically important to education, economic advancement, and social involvement. To those concerned about the future of our society, our economy and educational provision, this book provides a richly illuminating basis for powerful debate. Drawing extensively on policy analyses, conceptual thinking and examples of informed and world-standard practice in lifelong learning endeavours in the field, both editors and authors seek to focus readers' attention on the many issues and decisions that must be addressed if lifelong learning is to become a reality for us all.

International Perspectives on Lifelong Learning

Author : David Istance
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Lifelong learning is high on most governments' policy agendas, but how much progress has been made in developing lifelong learning over the past 30 years? This book draws upon a range of academics and policy analysts to address international policy research in the field of lifelong learning.

More Words in Edgeways

Author : Jane Thompson
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Jane Thompsonâ??s writings have influenced and inspired the work of a generation of radical practitioners in adult and community education in Britain and overseas. This book of essays reflects her concern for working-class and womenâ??s education, for social justice, active citizenship and for progressive social change. It will be useful to students on adult and continuing education courses at university level, and to practitioners in adult learning and community education concerned about disadvantage and issues of inclusion and exclusion. It will be of relevance to staff development activity, conferences and workshops in which matters of curriculum, political education, participatory learning, citizenship and social change are being discussed.

Lifelong Education and School Curriculum

Author : R. H. Dave
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Mindfulness and Learning

Author : Terry Hyland
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In recent decades, education at all levels has been seriously impoverished by a growing obsession with standards, targets, skills and competences. According to this model, only a circumscribed range of basic cognitive skills and competences are the business of education, whose main role is to provide employability credentials for people competing for jobs in the global economy. The result is a one-dimensional, economistic and bleakly utilitarian conception of the educational task. In Mindfulness and Learning: Celebrating the Affective Dimension of Education, Terry Hyland advances the thesis that education stands in need of a rejuvenation of its affective function – the impact it has on the emotional, social, moral and personal development of learners. Drawing on the Buddhist conception of mindfulness, he advances a powerful argument for redressing this imbalance by enhancing the affective domain of learning. Mindfulness and Learning: Celebrating the Affective Dimension of Education shows how the concept and practice of ‘mindfulness’ – non-judgmental, present moment awareness and experience – can enrich learning at all levels. Mindfulness thus contributes to the enhanced achievement of general educational goals, and helps remedy the gross deficiency of the affective/emotional aspects of contemporary theory and practice. The author outlines a mindfulness-based affective education (MBAE) programme and shows how it might be introduced into educational provision from the early years to adult education with a view to harmonising the cognitive-affective balance across the system.

Philosophical Perspectives on Compulsory Education

Author : Marianna Papastephanou
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​From antiquity to the present, schools of some form have, in one way or other, been involved in the material and symbolic reproduction of societies. Such diachronic resilience, along with the synchronic omnipresence of schooling often makes schools appear as natural, self-evident and unavoidable. This naturalization of schooling is then extended to its modern specification as compulsory in a universalist fashion. This book does not only seek to explore what is left of older debates on compulsory education in the years’ hindsight but also to associate the discussion of schooling with new theoretical developments and new emphases. It contains a first part, which operates, primarily, at the conceptual and justificatory level and reserves a, more or less, qualified welcome to a revisited notion of compulsory. And it supplements this first part with a second, more applied one that focuses on specific aspects of compulsory schooling and/or education. From Luther down to John Stuart Mill and John Dewey, compulsory education has been heralded either as a vehicle of social coordination and individual well-being, or as a vehicle of democratization and progress, or as a means for protecting the rights of the young and of society, and so on and so forth. But there have also been periods of challenge and denaturalization of compulsory education, producing a range of interesting and spirited debates not only on matters of educational legality but also on matters that boil down to broader philosophical questions about the self and the world. Without neglecting the lasting significance of older debates, argumentation over schooling, its character and its scope can be recast in the light of current philosophical educational debates. Given the fact that failure adequately to mine such connections leads to a lack in philosophical-educational engagement with one of the most central pedagogical practices of the contemporary world, namely, the school, the book aspires to remedy this lack and to put together work that addresses those connections through the highly original and innovative work of its contributors. The subtext in all contributions is a vision of educational transformation in one way or other. All chapters (from the most theoretical to the most practice-related) promote a version of a recast or redirected compulsory schooling.

Lifelong Learning

Author :
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