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Why Poetry Matters

Author : Jay Parini
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This deeply felt meditation on poetry, its language and meaning, and its power to open minds and transform lives examines the importance of poetry and its diverse applications in the world.

Poetry Matters

Author :
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Poetry Matters

Author : Ralph Fletcher
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A practical guide to demystify the process of writing poetry, by the bestselling author of A Writer’s Notebook and the ALA Notable Book Fig Pudding. Poetry matters. At the most important moments, when everyone else is silent, poetry rises to speak. This book is full of practical wisdom to help young writers craft beautiful poetry that shines, sings, and soars. It features writing tips and tricks, interviews with published poets for children, and plenty of examples of poetry by published writers—and even young people themselves. Perfect for classrooms, this lighthearted, appealing manual is a celebration of poetry that is a joy to read. Young poets and aspiring poets of all ages will enjoy these tips on how to simplify the process of writing poetry and find their own unique voice.

Poetry Matters

Author : Roseanne Ritzema
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In this collection of thirteen essays about writing, reading, editing and publishing poetry, six influential, independent poet-publishers explicate the values and ideas that began with the sixties mimeo revolution and that have continued to this day through the publication of American small presses and literary magazines. What is the best definition of poetry? Why write it or read it? What is its true potential? How will todays poets be understood by those of tomorrow? Is the I in poetry always autobiographical? Can a diverse group of independent poets and writers be organized to serve the common good? Do things have to be done the way theyve always been done? What is the most moral attitude for an editor to take? What are the two major camps in the poetry world, and do they serve a valuable function? Do poets and writers have an obligation to be tolerant of diversity? Should writers strive toward eclecticism in both their reading and their writing as a predominant value? Includes: Editing As a Life Practice by John Amen, The Persona in Poetry by Kirby Congdon, Freedom to Dream by Hugh Fox, The Potential of Poetry by Eric Greinke, Smarts? by Richard Kostelanetz, Eight Attributes of Poetry by Harry Smith.

Poetry Matters

Author : Heather Milne
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Poetry Matters explores poetry written by women from the United States and Canada, which documents the social and political turmoil of the early twenty-first century and places this poetry in dialogue with recent currents of feminist theory including new materialism, affect theory, posthumanism, and feminist engagements with neoliberalism and capitalism. Central to this project is the conviction that a poetics that explores the political dimensions of affect; demonstrates an understanding of subjectivity as posthuman and transcorporeal; critically reflects on the impact of capitalism on queer, racialized, and female bodies; and develops an ethical vocabulary for reimagining the nation state and critically engaging with issues of democracy and citizenship is now more urgent than ever before. Milne focuses on poetry published after 2001 by writers who mostly began writing after the feminist writing movements of the 1980s, but who have inherited and built upon their political and aesthetic legacies. The poets discussed in this book—including Jennifer Scappettone, Margaret Christakos, Larissa Lai, Rita Wong, Nikki Reimer, Rachel Zolf, Yedda Morrison, Marcella Durand, Evelyn Reilly, Juliana Spahr, Claudia Rankine, Dionne Brand, Jena Osman, and Jen Benka—bring a sense of political agency to poetry. These voices seek new vocabularies and dissenting critical and aesthetic frameworks for thinking across issues of gender, materiality, capitalism, the toxic convergences of nationalism and racism, and the decline of democratic institutions. This is poetry that matters—both in its political urgency and in its attentiveness to the world as “matter”—as a material entity under siege. It could not be more timely or more relevant.

A Collection of Poetry Matters of the Heart Revealed

Author : Robin M. Bellamy
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So many people have inspired me throughout my lifetime, that most I will remember, and some I might forget, but charge it to my head, not my heart. First, I would like to thank God for giving me the gift of writing, and blessing me with the opportunity to share my personal thoughts with others, who may be going through similar situations. Secondly, I would like to thank my parents, biological and surrogates for their continued support throughout the years. Georgia Bellamy, for giving me life and doing everything in her power to give me happiness. Orton Bellamy, for being such a great step-dad. Thanks for your love and support. Tillmond Williams, for showing me that no matter what curve balls youre thrown in life, you can rise above them. Mr. Lindbirgh Bellamy, for always loving me, even when I was difficult to love and supporting me to fulfill my dreams. Dr. James L. Floyd, for literally saving my life, and stepping into a fatherly role. James and Patricia Livingston for being a great uncle and aunt, and always encouraging me. Reverend Benjamin F. Powell, and Ms. Lois Powell, for being my spiritual advisors as well as my second parents. To my sister Marian, I appreciate our relationship now more than ever. To my two grandmothers, Ms. Clara Bellamy and Ms. Peggy Bellamy for doing the extra things that my parents didnt do, like most grandparents do, to show me your love. Mr. George Green, for being the best Pop-Pop in the world. I miss you, but I know youre sleeping with the angels. To Aunt Ollie, Uncle Melvin, Uncle Paul, Aunt Louise, and Aunt Oleen, thanks for showing me kindness and love.

Cowboy Poetry Matters

Author : Robert McDowell
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In his groundbreaking essay "Can Poetry Matter?" (reprinted here), Dana Gioia suggested that many types of poetry, assumed by some readers to be marginal art, should not so easily be deleted from mainstream American literature. Throughout the twentieth century, perhaps no important writing has been as seriously -- and mistakenly -- overlooked by the literati as Cowboy poetry. Essentially connected to the folk tale, to legend, myth, the ballad, and song, and vitally enhanced by the contemporary voices of independent ranch women, Cowboy poetry vividly connects us to our past and our fragile, threatened natural environment. The writers included here, both working horse-and-cattle people and mainstream authors, share the brand of bold expression and independent thought found only among the best literary artists. Here is not literary theory. Here is literary life. An anthology as diverse as America herself

Poetry Matters

Author : Claire Tupholme
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Making Poetry Matter

Author : Sue Dymoke
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Making Poetry Matter draws together contributions from leading scholars in the field to offer a variety of perspectives on poetry pedagogy. A wide range of topics are covered including: - Teacher attitudes to teaching poetry in the urban primary classroom - Digital poetry and multimodality - Resistance to poetry in Post-16 English Throughout, the internationally recognised contributors draw on case studies to ensure that the theory is clearly linked to classroom practice. They consider the teaching and learning challenges that poetry presents for those working with learners aged between 5 and 19 and explore these challenges with reference to reading; writing; speaking and listening and the transformative nature of poetry in different contexts.

Formal Matters in Contemporary Latino Poetry

Author : F. Aldama
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Today's Latino poetry scene is incredibly vibrant. With original interviews, this is the first meditation on the thematic features of such poetry. Looking at how Julia Alvarez, Rhina Espaillat, Rafael Campo, and C. Dale Young use structures such as meter, rhyme, and line break, this study identifies a poetics of formalist Latino poetry.

Poetry in Our Time

Author : Eddie Wainwright
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A very timely and apt critical review of the poetry 'scene', delightful and informative demythologising of the present 'corporate poetry culture'. Wainwright's equivalent of Joyce's 'cultic twalette' critique brought up to date.

Poetry and Wisdom About Life Love and What Really Matters

Author : Trevor Slone
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It seems that it should go without saying that I want my book to sell a ton of copies. However, I must be perfectly honest. My goal for this book is simple and straight forward, and that is to reach as many souls with the Love of Christ as I can. Sure it would be great if I sold a million copies, but the money that I would make from doing so would not even begin to compare to the joy of reaching a million souls with the deep and overwhelming sense of peace and joy that my Lord has so graciously shown me through these past 22 years of being one of His earnest followers. I have great joy in being as real with everyone as I can be, so I will be real with you now. If you are going through a hard time, if you truly know what deep and genuine pain feels like, or even if you would simply like to enjoy some Christ centered, positive ending, easy to readpoetry and assertions, then I assure you that you will not be disappointed in reading through this book. I pray that it is a blessing to all those who come across it. Sincerely, Trevor "Unashamed" Slone

Attack of the Difficult Poems

Author : Charles Bernstein
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Charles Bernstein is our postmodern jester of American poesy, equal part surveyor of democratic vistas and scholar of avant-garde sensibilities. In a career spanning thirty-five years and forty books, he has challenged and provoked us with writing that is decidedly unafraid of the tensions between ordinary and poetic language, and between everyday life and its adversaries. Attack of the Difficult Poems, his latest collection of essays, gathers some of his most memorably irreverent work while addressing seriously and comprehensively the state of contemporary humanities, the teaching of unconventional forms, fresh approaches to translation, the history of language media, and the connections between poetry and visual art. Applying an array of essayistic styles, Attack of the Difficult Poems ardently engages with the promise of its title. Bernstein introduces his key theme of the difficulty of poems and defends, often in comedic ways, not just difficult poetry but poetry itself. Bernstein never loses his ingenious ability to argue or his consummate attention to detail. Along the way, he offers a wide-ranging critique of literature’s place in the academy, taking on the vexed role of innovation and approaching it from the perspective of both teacher and practitioner. From blues artists to Tin Pan Alley song lyricists to Second Wave modernist poets, The Attack of the Difficult Poems sounds both a battle cry and a lament for the task of the language maker and the fate of invention.

Making Poetry Happen

Author : Sue Dymoke
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UKLA Academic Book Award 2016: Highly Commended Making Poetry Happen provides a valuable resource for trainee and practicing teachers, enabling them to become more confident and creative in teaching what is recognized as a very challenging aspect of the English curriculum. The volume editors draw together a wide-range of perspectives to provide support for development of creative practices across the age phases, drawing on learners' and teachers' perceptions of what poetry teaching is like in all its forms and within a variety of contexts, including: - inspiring young people to write poems - engaging invisible pupils (especially boys) - listening to poetry - performing poetry Throughout, the contributors include practical, tried-and-tested materials, including activities, and draw on case studies. This approach ensures that the theory is clearly linked to practice as they consider teaching and learning poetry to those aged between 5 and 19 from different perspectives, looking at reading; writing; speaking and listening; and transformative poetry cultures. Each of the four parts includes teacher commentaries on how they have adapted and developed the poetry activities for use in their own classroom.

Can Poetry Matter

Author : Dana Gioia
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Can Poetry Matter? is an important book, and anyone who professes to care about the state of American poetry will have to take it into account. --World Literature Today.

The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth Century Poetry

Author : John Sitter
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This book analyzes major premises and practices of eighteenth-century English poets.

Poetry Diversified 2018

Author : Winners of the 2016-2017 Poetry Matters Lit Prize
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Poetry Diversified 2018 showcases the compiled experiences of the 2016-2017 Poetry Matters Contest winners. The anthology is filled with language that bears the souls of poets with stories to tell. The title says it all; these writers represent diversities in age, gender, religion and every type of social category, which their various experiences represent. Each poet takes their readers through different emotional peaks and valleys, from sorrow and guilt to discovery, hope, and joy. Poetry Diversified 2018 will suit the tastes of anyone who is stirred by emerging poetic voices.

History Matters

Author : Ira Sadoff
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In this capacious and energetic volume, Ira Sadoff argues that poets live and write within history, our artistic values always reflecting attitudes about both literary history and culture at large. History Matters does not return to the culture war that reduced complex arguments about human nature, creativity, identity, and interplay between individual and collective identity to slogans. Rather, Sadoff peels back layers of clutter to reveal the important questions at the heart of any complex and fruitful discussion about the connections between culture and literature. Much of our most adventurous writing has occurred at history’s margins, simultaneously making use of and resisting tradition. By tracking key contemporary poets—including John Ashbery, Olena Kaltyiak Davis, Louise Glück, Czeslaw Milosz, Frank O’Hara, and C. K. Williams—as well as musing on jazz and other creative enterprises, Sadoff investigates the lively poetic art of those who have grappled with late twentieth-century attitudes about history, subjectivity, contingency, flux, and modernity. In plainspoken writing, he probes the question of the poet’s capacity to illuminate and universalize truth. Along the way, we are called to consider how and why art moves and transforms human beings.

Medieval Arabic Praise Poetry

Author : Beatrice Gruendler
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This book gives an insight into panegyrics, a genre central to understanding medieval Near Eastern Society. Poets in this multi-ethnic society would address the majority of their verse to rulers, generals, officials, and the urban upper classes, its tone ranging from celebration to reprimand and even to threat.

Why Trilling Matters

Author : Adam Kirsch
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Lionel Trilling, regarded at the time of his death in 1975 as America's preeminent literary critic, is today often seen as a relic of a vanished era. His was an age when literary criticism and ideas seemed to matter profoundly in the intellectual life of the country. In this eloquent book, Adam Kirsch shows that Trilling, far from being obsolete, is essential to understanding our current crisis of literary confidence--and to overcoming it. By reading Trilling primarily as a writer and thinker, Kirsch demonstrates how Trilling's original and moving work continues to provide an inspiring example of a mind creating itself through its encounters with texts. "Why Trilling Matters" introduces all of Trilling's major writings and situates him in the intellectual landscape of his century, from Communism in the 1930s to neoconservatism in the 1970s. But Kirsch goes deeper, addressing today's concerns about the decline of literature, reading, and even the book itself, and finds that Trilling has more to teach us now than ever before. As Kirsch writes, "Trilling's essays are not exactly literary criticism" but, like all literature, "ends in themselves."