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Principles of Database Management

Author : Wilfried Lemahieu
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This comprehensive textbook teaches the fundamentals of database design, modeling, systems, data storage, and the evolving world of data warehousing, governance and more. Written by experienced educators and experts in big data, analytics, data quality, and data integration, it provides an up-to-date approach to database management. This full-color, illustrated text has a balanced theory-practice focus, covering essential topics, from established database technologies to recent trends, like Big Data, NoSQL, and more. Fundamental concepts are supported by real-world examples, query and code walkthroughs, and figures, making it perfect for introductory courses for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in information systems or computer science. These examples are further supported by an online playground with multiple learning environments, including MySQL; MongoDB; Neo4j Cypher; and tree structure visualization. This combined learning approach connects key concepts throughout the text to the important, practical tools to get started in database management.

Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications

Author : Greg Riccardi
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This book provides a concise and modern treatment of introductory database topics that enlists Java and the Internet to present core Database Management (DBMS) theory from an applications perspective. It incorporates programming and database applications when presenting the core theory behind DBMS and their applications. Information management is the central theme of Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications. The book motivates the development of data models and the representation of information in relational database systems. Students learn how to define database content with Entity-Relationship models, and how to represent that content in relational systems. They become thoroughly familiar with the SQL language, and learn exactly what is required to build quality information-rich applications. Students also learn how the World Wide Web and Java can work together to publish and collect information in the widest possible context. This book covers the basic material of information management in detail. Topics covered include analyzing information requirements, conceptual data modeling, translation of conceptual models to relational needs, normalization of relational schemas, SQL, and database application programming. Additional topics include object-oriented modeling and object databases, database performance and optimization, constraints and triggers, transactions, and file structures. The interaction between applications and databases is discussed and illustrated in the context of Web sites. The JDBC classes of Java provide a database- and platform-independent method of creating database applications, and all of these classes are thoroughly discussed with abundant examples. After learning the fundamentals of HTML and CGI programming, students create their own Web sites using Java programs to service CGI requests and generate HTML responses. Further topics include the use of Java servlets to replace CGI programs and the use of Java I/O classes for the development of file structures. The Java language provides the foundation for all programming examples because of its portable approach to database access through the JDBC classes. Students do not need extensive experience with Java before using this book, only knowledge of an object-oriented language.

Principles of Database Management System

Author : Prof. Sachin A. Murab
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Purpose of Database Systems To see why database management systems are necessary, let's look at a typical ``file-processing system'' supported by a conventional operating system

Principles of Database Systems

Author : Jeffrey D. Ullman
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Principles of Distributed Database Systems

Author : M. Tamer Özsu
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This third edition of a classic textbook can be used to teach at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels. The material concentrates on fundamental theories as well as techniques and algorithms. The advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, and, more recently, the emergence of cloud computing and streaming data applications, has forced a renewal of interest in distributed and parallel data management, while, at the same time, requiring a rethinking of some of the traditional techniques. This book covers the breadth and depth of this re-emerging field. The coverage consists of two parts. The first part discusses the fundamental principles of distributed data management and includes distribution design, data integration, distributed query processing and optimization, distributed transaction management, and replication. The second part focuses on more advanced topics and includes discussion of parallel database systems, distributed object management, peer-to-peer data management, web data management, data stream systems, and cloud computing. New in this Edition: • New chapters, covering database replication, database integration, multidatabase query processing, peer-to-peer data management, and web data management. • Coverage of emerging topics such as data streams and cloud computing • Extensive revisions and updates based on years of class testing and feedback Ancillary teaching materials are available.

Database Principles

Author : Steven Morris
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DATABASE PRINCIPLES: FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, AND MANAGEMENT, 9e, International Edition a market-leader for database texts, gives readers a solid foundation in practical database design and implementation. The book provides in-depth coverage of database design, demonstrating that the key to successful database implementation is in proper design of databases to fit within a larger strategic view of the data environment. -Updated coverage of data models.-Improved coverage of normalization with a data modeling checklist.-Enhanced coverage of database design and life cycle.-New review questions, problem sets, and cases throughout the book.With a strong hands-on component that includes real-world examples and exercises, this book will help students develop database design skills that have valuable and meaningful application in the real world.

Database Management System DBMS A Practical Approach 5th Edition

Author : Chopra Rajiv
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This comprehensive book, now in its Fifth Edition, continues to discuss the principles and concept of Database Management System (DBMS). It introduces the students to the different kinds of database management systems and explains in detail the implementation of DBMS. The book provides practical examples and case studies for better understanding of concepts and also incorporates the experiments to be performed in the DBMS lab. A competitive pedagogy includes Summary, MCQs, Conceptual Short Questions (with answers) and Exercise Questions.

Database Systems

Author : Catherine M. Ricardo
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Logical Database Design Principles

Author : John Garmany
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Until now, almost all books on logical database design focused exclusively on relational design. However, modern database management systems have added powerful features that have driven a movement away from truly normalized database design. Logical Database Design Principles reflects these recent changes. The book begins by covering traditional lo

Principles of Database Query Processing for Advanced Applications

Author : Clement T. Yu
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A thorough presentation of query processing techniques in a broad range of database systems for advanced applications. Provides the most effective query processing techniques and ways to optimize the information retrieval process. Intended for database systems designers creating advanced applications.


Author : Patrick O'Neil
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"The chapter on object-relational database should be a great selling point for the book. No one else has the coverage on object relational that this chapter has; for example, the other new texts emphasize the purely object model. I think that the approach here is much more practical." --Betty Salzberg, Northeastern University "The coverage of this book is wonderful, especially the cutting-edge of object-relational systems . . . [and] this is the only text I have seen that is not by Jeffrey Ullman that treats the theoretical material appropriately. The chapter on dependencies and relational design is excellent. Examples abound, the explanations are crisp and clear, and the appropriate concepts are discussed. I cannot wait to use it." --Bill Grosky, Wayne State University "This book makes an excellent text for anyone just approaching database systems. It's both an accessible refresher for those of us who have not been paying careful attention to developments in this area and a useful reference for designers and implementers who need just-in-time education." --Jim Gray, Microsoft Research "This book is excellent!" --Mike Hartstein, Oracle Corporation, Senior Director of Oracle8i Product Management This second edition relies on the same successful approach that distinguished the first: it covers the principles of database theory with unmatched thoroughness, and it rigorously links theory to the real world of database programming and administration. A careful discussion of SQL standards and a multitude of examples drawn from actual databases-Oracle, DB2, and Informix-complements the authors' concept-oriented instruction, allowing you to develop product-specific understanding and to learn the important differences between the SQL dialects that will enable you to write portable applications. New Features Focuses extensively on the object-relational model that is rapidly gaining acceptance and revolutionizing the database industry. Collection types and UDF's are thoroughly covered. Introduces new relational features of SQL taken from the latest versions of today's most popular database products, Oracle, DB2, and Informix. Offers thorough coverage of the SQL-99 standard, including additions designed to help you take full advantage of the object-relational model. Provides expanded programming examples intended to improve your understanding of transaction processing and error handling. Explains clearly the principles of logical database design, including those relating to the E-R model and normalization, with a number of new illustrations and examples. Presents the latest indexing and query processing techniques, such as bitmap indexing, and shows how to use them to achieve significant performance improvements.

Principle Advancements in Database Management Technologies New Applications and Frameworks

Author : Siau, Keng
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Significant progression and usage of Internet innovations has caused a need for streamlining past, present, and future database technologies. Principle Advancements in Database Management Technologies: New Applications and Frameworks presents exemplary research in a variety of areas related to database development, technology, and use. This authoritative reference source presents innovative approaches by leading international experts to serve as the primary database management source for researchers, practitioners, and academicians.

Relational Database Principles

Author : Colin Ritchie
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This new edition of an established textbook provides an introduction to the practice and principles of relational databases. It emphasises data modelling and the consequent construction of a database and reflects the importance of Structured Query Language (SQL). It contains new material on web-based databases and MySQL. There is increased coverage of the differences between Access and Oracle in SQL. Case studies and sample data feature on an accompanying web-sites.

Database Management Systems

Author : Patricia Ward
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The success of many organizations depends upon information stored in database management systems. Given the importance of such systems, it is essential that managers with responsibility for IT understand the underlying database management system (DBMS) principles, are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of existing database technology and of likely future developments in the field. This book explores these areas. Students using this book will already have some knowledge of databases and will have completed an introductory course in database systems. This book supports a course aimed at deepening the students' understanding of the technologies covered earlier by introducing other conceptual models which have been proposed to tackle deficiencies of the relational model. It also addresses advanced issues faced in database application development and it aims to familiarise students with the current technological developments and trends. The book covers the following areas: Transaction management Concurrency control Recovery Query Optimisation Distributed Management Systems Object-oriented data models Object-relational database management systems Data warehousing

Database Principles

Author : Carlos Coronel
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Principles of Multimedia Database Systems

Author : V. S. Subrahmanian
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Until recently, databases contained easily indexed numbers and text. Today, in the age of powerful, graphically based computers, and the world wide web, databases are likely to contain a much greater variety of data forms, including images, sound, video clips, and even handwritten documents. When multimedia databases are the norm, traditional methods of working with databases no longer apply. How do you query a video library, or an image database containing x-rays, or sounds in an audio database? Principles of Multimedia Database Systems explains how to work with these new multimedia data forms. It is the first comprehensive treatment of the skills and techniques required to build, maintain, and query multimedia databases. This book presents the mix of techniques necessary for working with multimedia databases, including synthetic solutions for the design and deployment of multimedia database systems. Because rapid technological developments are constantly changing the landscape of multimedia databases, the book teaches basic theoretical principles applicable to any database. * Covers the major issues of multimedia database design, with a strong focus on distributed multimedia databases. * Discusses important topics including how to organize the vast data types, storage and retrieval, and creation and delivery of multimedia presentations. * Organized around the lively scenario of a crime-fighting database that evolves as new concepts are introduced. * Includes numerous exercises and suggestions for programming projects. * Additional materials on the web include updates, on-line supplements, and links to downloadable software.

Principles of Database and Knowledge base Systems

Author : Jeffrey D. Ullman
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Proceedings of the ACM SIGACT SIGMOD Symposium on Principles of Database Systems

Author :
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Principles of Database Design Logical organizations

Author : S. Bing Yao
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SQLite Database System Design and Implementation Second Edition Version 2

Author : Sibsankar Haldar
File Size : 25.85 MB
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A preliminary edition of this book was published from O'Reilly (ISBN 9780596550066). SQLite is a small, embeddable, SQL-based, relational database management system. It has been widely used in low- to medium-tier database applications, especially in embedded devices. This book provides a comprehensive description of SQLite database system. It describes design principles, engineering trade-offs, implementation issues, and operations of SQLite.