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Prisoners of the Sun

Author : Hergé
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This new format, crafted specifically for younger readers, features the original Tintin graphic novel plus brand-new content. Go "behind the scenes" with the true story about people, places and antiquities that Hergé drew from, filled with fun facts, lots of pictures, and easy-to-read text! In this adventure: Tintin discovers that one of the last Incan descendants has kidnapped his missing friend, Professor Calculus. Tintin and Captain Haddock follow the kidnapper to Peru--can they save Calculus?

Prisoners of the Sun

Author : Herge
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Tintin, Snowy and the Captain travel to Peru to rescue Professor Calculus from the Incas, who believe he has commited sacrilege by wearing an ancient bracelet.

Prisoners of the Japanese

Author : Roger Bourke
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Many of us have read books or watched films based on the prisoner-of-war experience under the Japanese. It's probably true to say that several postwar generations of Americans, Britons and Australians, although no doubt aware of the many memoirs and diaries of prisoners of war of the Japanese, have almost certainly constructed their understanding of that experience largely from its popular fictions. To date, studies on this topic have concentrated on the many memoirs and diaries of former prisoners of the Japanese. Prisoners of the Japanese is the first book to analyse the major fictions of the prisoner-of-war experience under the Japanese.

Foo a Japanese American Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Author : Frank Fujita
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During his time as a POW, Frank "Foo" Fujita kept a diary of daily happenings, embellished with drawings of life in the camp. He secreted the diary in the walls of his barracks, as the practice was forbidden. That diary forms the basis of these memoirs. Fujita's memoirs are also unique in that he was one of the fewer than nine hundred Americans taken prisoner on the island of Java. The bulk of American POWs in Japanese hands surrendered in the Philippines, and most of the published POW memoirs reflect their experience. Fujita's account of the defense of Java and of the fate of the "Lost Battalion" of Texas artillerymen serves to distinguish this memoir from others. At one point while a POW in Japan, Fujita was forced to be part of the Japanese radio group broadcasting propaganda. After the war, he testified at some of the war crime trials in San Francisco, and the diary on which this book is based was used as evidence in those trials.

Prisoners of the World

Author : Lisa Penning
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Prisoners of the World involves the unleashing of Satan upon the earth to fulfill his role as Destroyer, conjuring up a number of hellish visions and circumstances. I have introduced the reader to a number of characters that are involved in the melee - some human and some otherwise - and I depict Satan's activities as he searches the earth for the Morning Stone. Prisoners of the World features a narrative that makes use of symbolism and religious imagery, relating my tale in a manner designed to blend Christian imagery with adventure and suspense.

Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Author : William A. Berry
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Hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces launched a devastating attack on U.S. troops in the Philippines. In May 1942, after months of battle with no reinforcements and no hope of victory, the remaining American forces, holed up on the tiny island of Corregidor, suffered a humiliating defeat, and 11,000 fighting men became prisoners of war in the largest American capitulation since Appomattox. Those lucky enough to survive the brutal conditions of their captivity remained imprisoned until General MacArthur returned to the Philippines in 1945.

Prisoners of the Empire

Author : Sarah Kovner
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A pathbreaking account of World War II POW camps, challenging the longstanding belief that the Japanese Empire systematically mistreated Allied prisoners. In only five months, from the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to the fall of Corregidor in May 1942, the Japanese Empire took prisoner more than 140,000 Allied servicemen and 130,000 civilians from a dozen different countries. From Manchuria to Java, Burma to New Guinea, the Japanese army hastily set up over seven hundred camps to imprison these unfortunates. In the chaos, 40 percent of American POWs did not survive. More Australians died in captivity than were killed in combat. Sarah Kovner offers the first portrait of detention in the Pacific theater that explains why so many suffered. She follows Allied servicemen in Singapore and the Philippines transported to Japan on “hellships” and singled out for hard labor, but also describes the experience of guards and camp commanders, who were completely unprepared for the task. Much of the worst treatment resulted from a lack of planning, poor training, and bureaucratic incoherence rather than an established policy of debasing and tormenting prisoners. The struggle of POWs tended to be greatest where Tokyo exercised the least control, and many were killed by Allied bombs and torpedoes rather than deliberate mistreatment. By going beyond the horrific accounts of captivity to actually explain why inmates were neglected and abused, Prisoners of the Empire contributes to ongoing debates over POW treatment across myriad war zones, even to the present day.


Author : Eric Johns
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Prisoners of a Shadow World tells the story of Louis-Philippe who is half French half English and of Madeleine who is Jewish. They live in France during the Second World War under the German Occupation which casts a terrifying shadow over their lives - and the darkest shadow is cast by the Gestapo, the secret police. To make the situation even more dangerous, Louis-Philippe's grandfather runs an escape network for RAF aircrew who have been shot down and Louis-Philippe is helping him. At the same time, there is a growing danger to Madeleine since Jews in France face the threat of being arrested and transported to death camps in eastern Europe. As the shadows deepen so their attempts to stay alive become ever more desperate.

The Prisoners of St Lazare

Author : Pauline de Grandpré
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The prisoners of the King thoughts on the Catholic doctrine of purgatory

Author : Henry James Coleridge
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Prisoners of Hope

Author : Mary Johnston
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Prisoner of the Indies

Author : Geoffrey Household
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An exciting historical children's story from the acclaimed author of ROGUE MALE. The exciting sixteenth-century story of the Englishman Miles Phillips and his fifteen-year journey to New Spain, where he encounters a tropical paradise, good food, and the Inquisition...

Civilian Prisoners of the Japanese in the Philippine Islands

Author :
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Prisoners of Poverty Abroad

Author : Helen Campbell
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American Prisoners of the Revolution

Author : Danske Dandridge
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"This is the definitive work on Americans taken prisoner during the Revolutionary War. The bulk of the book is devoted to personal accounts, many of them moving, of the conditions endured by U.S. prisoners at the hands of the British, as preserved in journals or diaries kept by physicians, ships' captains, and the prisoners themselves. Of greater genealogical interest is the alphabetical list of 8,000 men who were imprisoned on the British vessel The Old Jersey, which the author copied from the papers of the British War Department and incorporated in the appendix to the work. Also included is a Muster Roll of Captain Abraham Shepherd's Company of Virginia Riflemen and a section on soldiers of the Pennsylvania Flying Camp who perished in prison, 1776-1777" -- publisher website (August 2007).

Prisoners of the Sea

Author : Mrs. Florence Morse Kingsley
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Prisoners of the Sea

Author : Florence Morse Kingsley
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Prisoners of War and Military Prisons

Author : Asa Brainerd Isham
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Prisoners of Time

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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The Report of the prestigious National Education Commission on Time & Learning. A comprehensive review of the relationship between time & learning in the nation's schools. Concludes that restricted school schedules have a negative effect on students' learning. Glossary.

Prisoners of the Tower of London

Author : Violet Brooke-Hunt
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