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Prisoners of the Sun

Author : Hergé
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This new format, crafted specifically for younger readers, features the original Tintin graphic novel plus brand-new content. Go "behind the scenes" with the true story about people, places and antiquities that Hergé drew from, filled with fun facts, lots of pictures, and easy-to-read text! In this adventure: Tintin discovers that one of the last Incan descendants has kidnapped his missing friend, Professor Calculus. Tintin and Captain Haddock follow the kidnapper to Peru--can they save Calculus?

The Prisoner and the Sun The Complete Trilogy

Author : Brad Magnarella
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"This journey you have chosen. I cannot make it for you." Adramina's voice softened. "But do not judge suffering so harshly, Iliff. For indeed, it has proven a faithful guide. Think of all the times it has led to your release." A hero's journey and poignant allegory, The Prisoner and the Sun chronicles Iliff's struggle for freedom. Stone walls, lies, dreadful creatures, and Death itself beset his path. And then there are Iliff's own convictions about the unseen Sun and how one beholds it. Convictions that present perhaps the most daunting barriers to his quest's fulfillment. Now, all three books in one epic edition: * * * BOOK 1: ESCAPE - Young Iliff believes his prison world to be all there is. But when a stranger tells him the story of a long-ago escapee, Iliff resolves to learn the truth. Thus begins his journey to find the Sun, a magnificent power from which all things are said to originate -- including him. But first he must venture beyond the very walls he is charged with upholding and into realms deep and dark, where fearsome creatures lurk. BOOK 2: LIGHTS & SHADOWS - The journey is over. The quest for the Sun fallen to ruin. From the depths of a hopeless swamp, Iliff condemns himself. But when he encounters a dethroned king and his war-torn subjects, he stirs to new purpose: to protect these good people from the darkness of the world. It will be his redemption. Or will it? For the more fiercely Iliff struggles to fortify their light, the greater looms the enemy's shadow -- and his own. BOOK 3: FINAL PASSAGE - The Sun remains elusive, and Skye is fading. Now the challenge before Iliff is clear: complete his quest or lose Skye forever. With time short and hope waning, he knows his looming journey will demand everything of him. But clues are few and cryptic and all seem to point toward the last place he ever expected, or wanted, to venture. * * * Appropriate for ages 10 and older keywords: hero's journey, fantasy series, search for meaning, metaphysical, allegory, adventure, quest

Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Author : William A. Berry
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Hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces launched a devastating attack on U.S. troops in the Philippines. In May 1942, after months of battle with no reinforcements and no hope of victory, the remaining American forces, holed up on the tiny island of Corregidor, suffered a humiliating defeat, and 11,000 fighting men became prisoners of war in the largest American capitulation since Appomattox. Those lucky enough to survive the brutal conditions of their captivity remained imprisoned until General MacArthur returned to the Philippines in 1945.

Tintin And The Secret Of Literature

Author : Tom McCarthy
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Herg's Tintin cartoon adventures have been translated into more than fifty languages and read by tens of millions of children aged, as their publishers like to say, 'from 7 to 77'. Arguing that their characters are as strong and their plots as complex as any dreamt up by the great novelists, Tom McCarthy asks a simple question: is Tintin literature? McCarthy takes a cue from Tintin himself, who spends much of his time tracking down illicit radio signals, entering crypts and decoding puzzles and suggests that we too need to 'tune in' and decode if we want to capture what's going on in Herg's work. What emerges is a remarkable story of hushed-up royal descent in both Herge's work and his own family history. McCarthy shows how the themes this story generates - expulsion from home, violation of the sacred, the host-guest relationship turned sour and anxieties around questions of forgery and fakeness - are the same that have fuelled and troubled writers from the classical era to the present day. His startling conclusion is that Tintin's ultimate 'secret' is that of literature itself. Appearing on the eve of the release of a major Steven Spielberg Tintin film, Tintin and the Secret of Literature should be avidly devoured by not only Tintin lovers but also by anyone with an interest in literature, philosophy or art.

Under the Rising Sun

Author : Mario Machi
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Mario Machi survived one of the most terrible episodes in World War II. UNDER THE RISING SUN is his account of that experience. An Army private, Machi was in Manila when the Japanese attacked the Philippines in December, 1941. With the help of a diary that has miraculously survived, Machi relives the heroic campaign by the abandoned "Bastards of Bataan" to defend the Philippines. Upon surrender, Machi became part of the notorious Bataan Death March, a brutal forced march in which thousands of prisoners died. With telling detail & flashes of humor, UNDER THE RISING SUN describes the Death March, Machi's life during three years of near starvation while a prisoner of the Japanese, his liberation, & finally, many years later, his return to the Philippines. As a result of the help he gave other prisoners, Mario Machi was awarded the Bronze Star. Now he has told his story, & as Harold Stephens states in his introduction, "UNDER THE RISING SUN stands as witness to the values that sustained the author on his terrible journey...& we are all made the richer for it." UNDER THE RISING SUN contains photographs. Available from Wolfenden, P.O. Box 789, Miranda, CA 95553; 707-923-2455.

Foo a Japanese American Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Author : Frank Fujita
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During his time as a POW, Frank "Foo" Fujita kept a diary of daily happenings, embellished with drawings of life in the camp. He secreted the diary in the walls of his barracks, as the practice was forbidden. That diary forms the basis of these memoirs. Fujita's memoirs are also unique in that he was one of the fewer than nine hundred Americans taken prisoner on the island of Java. The bulk of American POWs in Japanese hands surrendered in the Philippines, and most of the published POW memoirs reflect their experience. Fujita's account of the defense of Java and of the fate of the "Lost Battalion" of Texas artillerymen serves to distinguish this memoir from others. At one point while a POW in Japan, Fujita was forced to be part of the Japanese radio group broadcasting propaganda. After the war, he testified at some of the war crime trials in San Francisco, and the diary on which this book is based was used as evidence in those trials.

Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Author : Stanley Wort
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A memoir of serving in prewar Hong Kong, being held prisoner by the Japanese, and surviving slave labor. This is the story of a young man thrust into the Royal Navy in distant Hong Kong. With both drama and humor, he relates some of the situations in which he found himself—and provides a realistic account of what life was like for servicemen in prewar Hong Kong. Prisoner of the Rising Sun describes the prelude to war from his point of view, and his part in the Battle for Hong Kong. There follows the story of what happened to him when taken prisoner, and life and death in prison camps in Hong Kong and Japan. It tells what it was like to be shipped to Japan in the hold of Japanese merchant men, in constant fear of being torpedoed. In Japan, he and his fellow prisoners were used as slave labor. Treatment was harsh and brutal and although many of them died, the Japanese never broke the spirit of the survivors. The author explains how it felt to be a prisoner working in a Japanese factory when a major earthquake struck. He also relates what it was like to be on the receiving end of a B29 fire raid and what the Japanese did to downed American airmen. In August 1945, he saw the Japanese bow before loudspeakers and although he did not realize it then, he heard the Japanese Emperor announce the surrender of Japan. He also includes a heartfelt tribute to the efficiency and kindness of the American forces that got him out and on his way home.

Prisoners of the Japanese

Author : Roger Bourke
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Many of us have read books or watched films based on the prisoner-of-war experience under the Japanese. It's probably true to say that several postwar generations of Americans, Britons and Australians, although no doubt aware of the many memoirs and diaries of prisoners of war of the Japanese, have almost certainly constructed their understanding of that experience largely from its popular fictions. To date, studies on this topic have concentrated on the many memoirs and diaries of former prisoners of the Japanese. Prisoners of the Japanese is the first book to analyse the major fictions of the prisoner-of-war experience under the Japanese.

The Annual Register of World Events

Author : Edmund Burke
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Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education

Author : Diane Glancy
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At the end of the Southern Plains Indian wars in 1875, the War Department shipped seventy-two Kiowa, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Comanche, and Caddo prisoners from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida. These most resistant Native people, referred to as “trouble causers,” arrived to curious, boisterous crowds eager to see the Indian warriors they knew only from imagination. Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education is an evocative work of creative nonfiction, weaving together history, oral traditions, and personal experience to tell the story of these Indian prisoners. Resurrecting the voices and experiences of the prisoners who underwent a painful regimen of assimilation, Diane Glancy’s work is part history, part documentation of personal accounts, and a search for imaginative openings into the lives of the prisoners who left few of their own records other than carvings in their cellblocks and the famous ledger books. They learned English, mathematics, geography, civics, and penmanship with the knowledge that acquiring the same education as those in the U.S. government would be their best tool for petitioning for freedom. Glancy reveals stories of survival and an intimate understanding of the Fort Marion prisoners’ predicament.

Discover Plato Flash

Author : Roy Jackson
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The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Discover Plato is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to the works of Plato. In just 96 pages, the reader will discover all his ideas, from the Theory of Forms to Platonic Love. Ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious, Plato is a quick, no-effort way to break into this fascinating topic.

The Times and Seasons

Author :
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Colors of the Sun

Author : Gene Shiles
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The stories of Colors of the Sun - A Trilogy, each separate and complete, share a common background. In Tribes of the Orange Sun, crowded Earth colonizes a faraway earthlike planet. The saga continues, more than a generation later, on the new planet in Pale Yellow Sun and on Earth in White Sun Chronicle. Tribes of the Orange Sun: Scientist Adam Hampton, skeptical of Earth Governments rush to colonize, suspects that the lives of the many volunteers are at great risk. But he can only watch and wait while three of his best friends, and millions of others, begin their epic adventure. Pale Yellow Sun: The people of isolated and idyllic Emil become entangled in Earths continuing problems. Young Andy Landis delays his personal plans when he is asked to participate in a critical decision. He soon learns that he must choose between the ruin of his beautiful homeland and mass murder. White Sun Chronicle: Struggling Earths food supply is destroyed. Senator Neil Silvers and a handful of others find sanctuary from the chaos in a secure building, but their small food cache soon runs out. The group ventures outside to face a world where humans compete as never before.

Caging Borders and Carceral States

Author : Robert T. Chase
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This volume considers the interconnection of racial oppression in the U.S. South and West, presenting thirteen case studies that explore the ways in which citizens and migrants alike have been caged, detained, deported, and incarcerated, and what these practices tell us about state building, converging and coercive legal powers, and national sovereignty. As these studies depict the institutional development and state scaffolding of overlapping carceral regimes, they also consider how prisoners and immigrants resisted such oppression and violence by drawing on the transnational politics of human rights and liberation, transcending the isolation of incarceration, detention, deportation and the boundaries of domestic law. Contributors: Dan Berger, Ethan Blue, George T. Diaz, David Hernandez, Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Pippa Holloway, Volker Janssen, Talitha L. LeFlouria, Heather McCarty, Douglas K. Miller, Vivien Miller, Donna Murch, and Keramet Ann Reiter.

Australian Colonies

Author : Great Britain. Colonial Office
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Hell Under the Rising Sun

Author : Kelly E. Crager
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Late in 1940, the young men of the 2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery Regiment stepped off the trucks at Camp Bowie in Brownwood, Texas, ready to complete the training they would need for active duty in World War II. This title includes personal memoirs and oral history interviews of the Lost Battalion members.

Retreat Hell

Author : W.E.B. Griffin
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It is the fall of 1950. The Marines have made a pivotal breakthrough at Inchon, but a roller coaster awaits them. While Douglas MacArthur chomps at the bit, intent on surging across the 38th parallel, Brigadier General Fleming Pickering works desperately to mediate the escalating battle between MacArthur and President Harry Truman. And somewhere out there, his own daredevil pilot son, Pick, is lost behind enemy lines--and may be lost forever.

Avenger On Star Rocafor

Author : , Zhenyinfang
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Since the collapse of the Interstellar Alliance, the human world has gone through hundreds of years of war. During the war, different countries of mankind faced each other with swordsmen. One country after another rises, one country after another falls.After the war with the yethars, the rocafore Empire established by the rickets was destroyed. Chen Fuhang, who had thought of leading his soldiers to surrender, saw his hometown, rocafore, destroyed by the yethar people, and could not help but hate. Chen Fuhang and Chen Fuhang's comrades in arms also became Avengers, shooting revenge bullets at the translators who burned their homes.

Sun in Winter

Author : Gunda Lambton
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When World War II started, Gunda Lambton was living in England with her husband, illustrator Garth Williams, and their two children. In 1942, she became a "war guest," a single mother sent from England to Toronto to avoid the war. Sun in Winter details Lambton's first years in a new country, capturing her keen interest in life in Canada and drawing vivid pictures of the many people who helped her survive. While most memoirs of the war years stress the dramatic and heroic, Sun in Winter is a tribute to the quiet areas of endurance and pleasures of discovery that also distinguished this period.

Heaven s Prisoners

Author : James Lee Burke
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James Lee Burke’s second Robicheaux novel takes the detective out of New Orleans and into the bayou as he seeks a quieter life. Vietnam vet Dave Robicheaux has turned in his detective’s badge, is winning his battle against booze, and has left New Orleans with his wife for the tranquil beauty of Louisiana’s bayous. But a plane crash on the Gulf brings a young girl into his life—and with her comes a netherworld of murder, deception, and homegrown crime. Suddenly Robicheaux is confronting Bubba Rocque, a brutal hood he’s known since childhood; Rocque’s hungry Cajun wife; and a Federal agent with more guts than sense. In a backwater world where a swagger and a gun go further than the law, Robicheaux and those he loves are caught on a tide of violence far bigger than them all...