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Remember the Dead at Halloween Christmas

Author : J. a. Mains
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Black Shuck Books presents REMEMBER THE DEAD AT HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS, edited by British Fantasy Award winner J.A. Mains. An all-new anthology of 'lost' Victorian and Edwardian stories set or published during the two seasons where the dead like us to remember them the most... Editor Mains has spent four years researching and bringing this book to life and with a previously unknown Edith Nesbit tale, REMEMBER THE DEAD showcases the very best of early supernatural fiction and is a must for any serious lover of the genre.

The Megachurch and the Mainline

Author : Stephen Ellingson
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Religious traditions provide the stories and rituals that define the core values of church members. Yet modern life in America can make those customs seem undesirable, even impractical. As a result, many congregations refashion church traditions so they may remain powerful and salient. How do these transformations occur? How do clergy and worshipers negotiate which aspects should be preserved or discarded? Focusing on the innovations of several mainline Protestant churches in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stephen Ellingson’s The Megachurch and the Mainline provides new understandings of the transformation of spiritual traditions. For Ellingson, these particular congregations typify a new type of Lutheranism—one which combines the evangelical approaches that are embodied in the growing legion of megachurches with American society’s emphasis on pragmatism and consumerism. Here Ellingson provides vivid descriptions of congregations as they sacrifice hymns in favor of rock music and scrap traditional white robes and stoles for Hawaiian shirts, while also making readers aware of the long history of similar attempts to Americanize the Lutheran tradition. This is an important examination of a religion in flux—one that speaks to the growing popularity of evangelicalism in America.

To Crown the Year

Author : Peter Mazar
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This comprehensive guide to decorating the worship space will assist you throughout the liturgical year, helping you to discover the signs of the season in nature, in Scripture, and in the living tradition of the liturgy. With helpful tips for decorating the altar, ambo and font, shrines and vestibules, and both indoor and outdoor gathering places, this practical resource will serve as an invaluable tool for decorating your parish year after year.

Big Honey Dog Mysteries HOLIDAY COLLECTION Box set Halloween Christmas Easter

Author : H.Y. Hanna
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Get 3 books in 1! Box set of Halloween, Christmas and Easter mysteries. Halloween hysteria. Christmas rescue. Easter secrets. Serious slobber. Celebrate your favourite holidays with this collection of exciting short mysteries featuring Honey the Great Dane sleuth and her canine friends. In NIGHT OF FLYING SHADOWS, a creepy visitor on Halloween night sends the dogs on a dangerous mission through a haunted forest. Then Honey and her friends find themselves deciphering a mysterious note during a snowy Christmas in MESSAGE IN A BAUBLE. And in TREASURE FROM THE PAST, the dog detectives race to uncover a long-lost secret over an Easter weekend. Perfect for fans of Erin Hunter's "Warriors" and "Survivors" series, as well as classics like Nancy Drew and the Famous Five. Kids and dog lovers of all ages will love this action-packed collection filled with suspense and humour. A great middle grade read or a book for parents and children to enjoy together. * EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE MYSTERY. Collect the other books in this series: - Curse of the Scarab - A Secret in Time ------------------------------------------- PRAISE FOR THE BIG HONEY DOG MYSTERIES: Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 2014 - GOLD Medal Winner Children's Literary Classics Book Awards 2014 - GOLD Medal Winner Readers' Favorite International Book Awards 2014 - SILVER Medal Winner The Wishing Shelf Independent Children's Book Awards 2013 - Finalist "Dog lovers young and old will love this rip-roaring, bark-serious adventure... highly recommended" ~ Midwest Book Review "If you want to get your middle grade reader interested in picking up books, then this is a great place to start." - Net Galley reviewer "The author has a great voice with a wonderful sense of humour." - Indie Abode Book Reviews "I just adored this mystery. Ms. Hanna knows how to hook her readers in, both young and old." - Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick) "We are loving this book. My 10 year old son who has a short attention span cannot get enough." - Net Galley reviewer "I've read a few books marketed for middle-grades or younger this year and I have to say that this is hands down the best suited for those ages. It has a great plot, some truly well-rounded characters (with more depth than what I find in most adult novels these days) and a climax that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Not only was this book highly entertaining but there are some great messages in it."- LitChick Hit List


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Dead to You

Author : Lisa McMann
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A powerful psychological thriller with a shocking twist from the New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy. Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family. It’s a miracle…at first. Then the tensions start to build. His reintroduction to his old life isn’t going smoothly, and his family is tearing apart all over again. If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he'd be able to put the pieces back together. But there’s something that's keeping his memory blocked. Something unspeakable...

In The Light Of The Truth

Author : Rondale O'Keefe McIntosh
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Have you ever asked yourself “Do God really exists? Who is God? What’s the meaning of life? What is real love? Or will I see my love ones in the afterlife? “then this is the book you need to read in order to understand the truth about the questions that has puzzled the minds of geniuses since the beginning of time. In this small book you will get a clear understanding of how to obtain a life of peace, love, and happiness, and how to live beyond this stage called death. These are the forbidden words of Truth, and the unspoken Wisdom of the king creator. This is the power that the devil does not want you to understand, and that is the power of Love.

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas in Tinseltown

Author : Frank DeCaro
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The toast of Christmas past is back and not a moment too soon! In The Dead Celebrity Christmas Cookbook, Frank DeCaro serves up culinary delights from Edmund Gwenn's Christmas Cup to Bing Crosby's Sugar Cookies and celebrates the best of the season's movies, TV specials, and music. Recipes from such late luminaries as Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, and even Boris Karloff are featured in chapters saluting fabulous amusements like Miracle on 34th Street, Meet Me in St. Louis, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus recipes from singers like Eartha Kitt ("Santa Baby"), Elvis Presley ("Blue Christmas"), and John Lennon ("Happy Xmas (War is Over)") celebrate the best holiday platters.

Coffin Dodgers

Author : William Stafford
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When the recently departed start getting up and walking around Dedley, the detectives of the Serious Crimes division are plunged into their most gruesome case so far. Meanwhile, Brough and his boyfriend hit a rough patch and Miller is laid low by a mysterious illness. With shocks and surprises along the way, this darkly funny story is the fifth Brough and Miller investigation, the fourth sequel to Blood & Breakfast.

Celebrating the Family

Author : Elizabeth Hafkin Pleck
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Pleck examines changes in the way Americans celebrate holidays like Christmas or birthdays.


Author : Walter R. Jacobs
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Two years after Walter R. Jacobs was forced to call his new stepmother "Mom," she cancelled what would have been his 13th Christmas. In the memoir Ghostbox Jacobs explores a life where family problems are blamed on "disrespectful" children who refused to accept "Mom's" authority. His stepmother is a "sociological ghost," a force that limited his thoughts and decisions until he filled a special shoebox with objects that evoke significant memories: good, bad, and ugly. This "ghostbox" has rendered his stepmother's seething presence benign. Jacobs investigates how just a relatively short stay in his stepmother's house (seven years with his stepmother, father, and younger brother) led to almost twenty years of questions about multiple facets of his identity, such as the proper rules and rhythms of life as an African-American college professor. In the end, he finds the key to finally and completely breaking away from the dysfunctions that threatened his self-esteem and ability to interact normally with others. Jacobs includes an appendix of guidelines readers may use to create their own ghostboxes. He invites readers into a world where they can reflect on troubling aspects of their lives, and create strategies for making empowering changes.

The Book of Days Book and Audio CDs 2

Author : Adrian Wallwork
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A resource book of photocopiable activities for special days in the year. The Book of Days is a resource book of photocopiable skills material based around particular days of the year. The book is primarily aimed at adults and young adults and provides a handy addition to any course. It includes 30 flexible activities featuring innovative discussion texts and a variety of tasks designed to stimulate conversation and give information about the origins and customs of world festivals. The accompanying Audio CDs present authentic listening material, offering exposure to a wide variety of accents, and the detailed teacher's notes give useful background information about the days and suggestions for differentiation.

Doofus the Little Christmas Boy

Author : Kandy Kristmas
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Watch out Harry Potter! There's a new kid on the block who can out-fight, out-fly and out-enchant them all! Meet brave, resilient Doofus Dunlap and his brave pals-crazy little Ziggy, feisty Maggie and mystical Buck as they race beneath Earth to save Santa Claus from the enemies of Christmas. Join our American heroes as they battle the terrifying Demon Deer, the ferocious Dirt Devils and the worst of all-mad scientist Dr. Mirakle who rules the Dark World. Joining in the good fight is America's dazzling young President Barney Jordan. Add this fabulous volume next to The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter. You'll never think of Christmas again without remembering brave little Doofus Dunlap and his holiday heroes!

365 Rules of the New World

Author : Steven J. Bennett
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This thought-provoking compilation delivers a message of awareness and transformation through the daily insights of an inspired non-conformist. As a partner to the 365 Rules website, it asks you to think critically about the world we live in. Rule No. 130: Holding establishments accountable for drinking and drivingjust another example of the self indulgent, irresponsible masses trying to deflect blame and suck upon the teat of societys two-headed litigious whore mother greed and avarice! Rule No. 355: Car alarmshow many times has your car alarm been set off accidentally? And how many times has your car been stolen? Exactly! Rule No. 320: I hate copsI hate the cops translation I hate getting busted every time I break the law. If you hate police, chances are youre breaking the law too often. Prepare yourself, because the gems of wisdom contained within its pages will awaken your desire to challenge the system. In the new world, 365 Rules will be handed down through generations as a continual work in progress to help keep our world on a righteous path. 365 Rules of the New World is a hilarious glimpse into the mind of a man craving serious societal change. Seemingly off-the-wall and curmudgeonly, Bennett manages to perfectly balance humor and poignancy to deliver a powerful punch to the gut of the whacky world we live in. Nicole Schill, author of

The Bowl of Night

Author : Rosemary Edghill
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Bast is back, in The Bowl of Night! The one-of-a-kind heroine from Edghill's two previous mysteries, Speak Daggers to Her and Book of Moons, returns in a bewitching new mystery set in the world of today's New Age community. Hallowfest, an outdoor pagan festival held every October in upstate New York, attracts all kinds of people, not to mention a few curious onlookers and the occasional protester. But when a local resident is mysteriously murdered, Bast (a.k.a. Karen Hightower) finds that her suspects include several modern-day witches, an enigmatic magician, a gun-toting survivalist, a dominatrix, and incorrigible ex-boyfriend, and even a few would-be Klingons. Can Bast discover which witch dunit--before the entire festival falls under a cloud of suspicion? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Lucy Blue and the Daughters of Light

Author : Dana Redfield
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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When Shandie's lover dies, the wife he kept a secret suddenly appears -- for better or worse.

Raised by Puppets Only to be Killed by Research

Author : Andrei Codrescu
File Size : 59.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Witty and original essays on America discuss art administrators' "punk nostalgia," food fanciers in search of new culinary thrills, and the remarkable and outrageous face of everyday life in the U.S.A

All Voices In Stories of Struggle Sacrifice and Strength

Author : The Metropolitan Soundview High School Creative Writing Class
File Size : 72.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The students who authored the memoirs in All Voices In: Stories of Struggle, Sacrifice, and Strength were members of the Fall 2013 Creative Writing class at the Metropolitan Soundview High School. For this project, students were asked to create honest and personal narratives about a moment in their lives that resonates with them. The result of this task is a powerful collection of stories that articulate both the challenges and victories that many young people face. While many of the authors featured in this collection have suffered hardship, what shines through is their tremendous strength and spirit. This collection will provide new insight into the lives of teenagers and will help illuminate what it means to be a young person living in the South Bronx.

Collision of Destinies

Author : Steven L. Benson
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Steve Benson is a pugnacious, outgoing, and athletic twenty-six-year-old. After losing his first professional teaching assignment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he puts his career on hold and hits the road in a rebuilt Volkswagen. The trip takes him to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he discovers an ad asking for men with mechanical ability to work on ship. He wins the job and moves on board the 185 foot vessel on a promise he be chosen to accompany the newly remodeled vessel to South America. In this travelogue, the Miami-based renovation process is fraught with conflict and deception during which Steve and ten other crewmen survive the hostile work environment long enough to board passengers bound for the Galapagos Islands; where iguanas spit, whales calve, and seals dance in one of the worlds most unique wildlife sanctuaries. It is during this incredible journey that captain Mike of the M/V Buccaneer becomes Stevens father figure, the crew his surrogate family, and Steve moves a giant step closer to becoming a man.

Adieu to God

Author : Mick Power
File Size : 35.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Adieu to God examines atheism from a psychological perspective and reveals how religious phenomena and beliefs are psychological rather than supernatural in origin. Answers the psychological question of why, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, do religions continue to prosper? Looks at atheism and religion using a fair and balanced approach based on the latest work in psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry and medicine Acknowledges the many psychological benefits of religion while still questioning the validity of its supernatural belief systems and providing atheist alternatives to a fulfilling life