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Rent a Bridesmaid

Author : Jacqueline Wilson
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Tilly can’t believe it when her best friend Matty is asked to be a bridesmaid. In Tilly’s favourite daydream, she’s wearing the most beautiful bridesmaid dress and walking down the aisle behind a bride. The one wedding she’d really love to attend is her own mum and dad’s - but it seems like that's never going to happen. So Tilly decides to make her own dream come true, and puts a notice in the local shop, advertising her services as a bridesmaid. And to her amazement, she gets a reply . . . A fabulous, funny and moving story about finding family and friendship in all sorts of places, from the mega-bestselling author of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and Katy.

Always a Bridesmaid for Hire

Author : Jen Glantz
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In the tradition of Sloane Crosley, Mindy Kaling, and Katie Heaney, a hilarious and insightful memoir about one New York City Millennial’s journey to find herself, her dream career, and true love, all while juggling a truly unique job as the world's only professional bridesmaid. After moving to New York City in her mid-twenties to pursue her dream of writing—and not living on the “Upper East Side” of her parents’ house anymore—Jen Glantz looked forward to a future of happy hours and Sunday brunches with her besties. What she got instead were a string of phone calls that began with, "Jen, I have something exciting to tell you!" and ended with, "I'd be honored if you would be my bridesmaid." At first she was delighted, but it wasn’t long before she realized two things: all of her assets were tied up in bridesmaid dresses, and she herself was no closer to finding The One. She couldn't do much about the second thing (though her mother would beg to differ), but she could about the first. One (slightly tipsy) night, Jen posted an ad on Craigslist advertising her services as a professional bridesmaid. When she woke up the next morning, it had gone viral. What began as a half-joke suddenly turned into a lifetime of adventure for Jen–and more insight into the meaning of love than she was getting from OKCupid—as she walked down the aisle at stranger after stranger's wedding. Fresh, funny, and surprisingly sweet, Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) is an entertaining reminder that even if you don't have everything together, you can still be a total boss—or, at the very least, a BFF to another girl in need.

The Everything Bridesmaid Book

Author : Jennifer Lata Rung
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The Everything Bridesmaid Book is a fun, practical guide to help you survive the chaotic wedding process. As you'll soon find out, being a bridesmaid includes providing emotional and practical support to the bride as she plans to her special day. It also means the added responsibilities and stresses of planning a shower, dealing with the bride's family, handling the bride's roller coaster of emotions, and let's not forget - buying that dress! The Everything Bridesmaid Book guides you through: knowing bridesmaid etiquette dealing with psycho brides de-stressing the bride coordinating the bridesmaid's luncheon budgeting for the dress, airfare, and hotel rooms handling details the bride may forget, such as getting the bridal party to the church on time and much more From practical considerations, such as planning a shower, to fun beauty tips to ugly dresses, The Everything Bridesmaid Book is a must-have to help you get to and survive the big day!

Bad Bridesmaid

Author : Siri Agrell
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A laugh-out-loud look at the most underrated supporting role in today's maxed-out wedding world, featuring "bad bridesmaids" who've had enough taffeta to last a lifetime I just can't have any negative energy around my wedding." This is what Siri Agrell's best friend told her just before kicking her out of the wedding that Agrell had spent many months—and dollars—preparing for. Her offense? It's not that she slept with the groom, or even the best man. She didn't get drunk at the shower. She didn't buy the cheapest casserole dish on the registry. But she did question the role of today's much-maligned bridesmaid in an article she wrote for a national newspaper. Despite the bags of fan mail the piece generated, the bride was not amused. Agrell was booted from the bridal party in favor of a similarly sized cousin—and no, she did not get reimbursed for the $100 gold shoes she'd already bought to match the bridesmaid dress. Now she's putting all that experience and fan mail to good use: like no other book on the market, Bad Bridesmaid is a hilarious tale of weddings gone wild, full of anecdotes and advice from women worldwide, and the perfect gift to get former, current, and future bridesmaids ready for action (or therapy). It's time to give the bridesmaid back her voice, her independence, and the natural waistline that has long been hidden under layers of responsibility and badly constructed tulle!

Always a Bridesmaid

Author : Jane Sullivan
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Serena Stafford cannot believe her impetuous sister could have fallen in love in three days, until she meets handsome best man Tom Erickson, in the first of three stories about three beautiful bridesmaids who find their own path to romance. Original.

Always a Bridesmaid

Author : Kristin Hardy
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Shy and inexperienced, Jillian Logan had walled herself off from everything--especially men. But when she was paired with usher Gil Reynolds at a wedding, there was no mistaking the unexpected sparks that melted even Jillian's protective reserve. Brash and handsome, Gil was used to getting whatever he wanted. And the stunning social worker represented a challenge that he couldn't resist. But Jillian was shocked to learn Gil's secret: He was involved in a scandal that had torn her beloved family apart. Gil wanted to make amends, but could Jillian truly forgive and forget--and admit that she was falling in love?

One Summer In New York Her New York Billionaire Unveiling the Bridesmaid Her Man in Manhattan

Author : Andrea Bolter
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Summer kisses in the city

Bridal Bargains

Author : Denise Fields
File Size : 44.73 MB
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This new edition of the popular guidebook includes updated prices and the latest wedding trends, the hottest online gift registries, ratings on bridal gown designers, and more than 100 wedding related Websites. Photos and illustrations.

The Bridesmaid Count Stephen and Other Poems

Author : afterwards ROTHERY HUME (Mary Catherine)
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The Bridesmaid Count Stephen and Other Poems

Author : Mary Catherine Hume- Rothery
File Size : 38.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Personal Organizing Workbook

Author : Meryl Starr
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Thanks to Meryl Starr—author of the best-selling Home Organizing Workbook and go-to gal for Real Simple, InStyle, and a host of premier media outlets—organizing those buried desks, overstuffed handbags, and mysterious-yet-important papers wedged in the glove box is only a book away. The Personal Organizing Workbook teaches the fundamentals of managing time and clutter, offering tips, quizzes, and checklists to help create a personalized organization system that will really see some use (unlike that pricey PDA now gathering dust). It also outlines skills for sticky situations such as declining a post on the PTA or being honest with a time-hogging friend. Under Meryl's guidance, dreams and priorities finally get their due, old friends are seen more than once a year, and Christmas cards beat Santa to the door. And because being organized means staying organized, there's a special section dedicated to getting back on track. Packed with information and brimming with gorgeous photography, The Personal Organizing Workbook will inspire readers to take control of their time, their stuff, and their lives.

The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas

Author : Carley Roney
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The Knot, the #1 resource for brides, compiled their all-time best wedding details (cakes, bouquets and centerpieces, vows, décor and more), planning advice, and ideas for celebrations big and small within this beautiful box set of four colorful mini books. Whether you’re looking for a breathtaking bouquet, an unforgettably original cake, or the perfect reading for your ceremony, these books offer hundreds of ways to make the day your own. With more than 200 photographs and inspiration for: Invitations * cakes * bridal bouquets in every hue * aisle and altar decorations * ceremony readings * guidance for writing your own vows * escort cards * table settings * centerpieces * reception décor * toasts * favors * and more

How to have a big wedding on a small budget

Author : Diane Warner
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This book is loaded with money-saving tricks and organizing tips, as well as lots of encouragement, all designed to help you determine the budget for your wedding - and then stick to it. You'll find dozens of creative, innovative ideas that will not only save you money, but make planning your wedding a fun, friend-and-family-involving process you'll savor in memory forever. In this new edition you'll find actual case histories of four weddings - how the brides stayed within their budgets without sacrificing the quality and elegance of the day, the latest wedding trends - how to be fashionable at a low price, money-saving tips for the groom, updated, average costs for everything from flowers to wedding gowns, reception food to photographers, for nine regions nationwide, creative new cost-cutting ideas contributed by recent brides, complete instructions on how to set up a wedding notebook to keep track of every aspect of planning your wedding, detailed questions to help you focus on your idea of the "perfect wedding" before you start planning, and a "what to do when" calendar/timetable for quick reference.

The Bridesmaid s Reward

Author : Liz Fielding
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This time a bridesmaid... Dodie has just been asked to be chief bridesmaid at her sister's huge celebrity wedding! She's always felt inadequate next to her slim, beautiful, famous sister--so there's only one thing for it: Dodie's going on a diet and she needs a personal trainer's help! Next time a bride? It's going to take a miracle for Dodie to lose two dress sizes in time for the wedding, especially given her major weakness--chocolate! But she soon discovers another weakness--her live-in personal trainer, Brad Morgan. He's absolutely gorgeous and determined to prove to Dodie that the ultimate reward would be finding someone who loves her just as she is. In other words--him!

You Don t Have To Be Rich To Have An Unforgettable Wedding

Author : Jennifer McNeal
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The Portable Wedding Consultant

Author : Leah Ingram
File Size : 30.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Now any couple can easily plan their wedding like a professional... without the cost of hiring one. The Portable Wedding Consultant includes advice from more than 50 wedding planning experts, covering everything from ordering invitations and selecting the perfect dress to the pros and cons of changing the bride's last name. Advice and suggestions from real-life brides and even lists of Internet wedding resources make this an essential guide for every bride and groom planning their own wedding.

For Rent One Pedestal

Author : Marjorie Shuler
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Format : PDF
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These letters describing the experiences of a militant suffragist profile the suffrage movement and the responses of the nation to it.

Educational Film Guide

Author : H.W. Wilson Company
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Format : PDF
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Nothing But the Rent

Author : Sharon Mitchell
File Size : 64.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Four African American women who had formed a tight friendship in college but then drifted apart after graduation renew their bond again one fateful weekend

Always a Bridesmaid

Author : Patricia Knoll
File Size : 85.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Always A Bridesmaid by Patricia Knoll released on Dec 23, 1988 is available now for purchase.