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Responding to Diversity in Schools

Author : Susie Miles
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Responding to Diversity in Schools provides guidance for education practitioners on how to use an inquiry-based approach in responding to learner diversity. It supports readers in addressing an agenda for change, considering questions such as: Who are the learners who are missing out? What evidence do we need in order to understand the barriers faced by these learners? How can we analyse this evidence in order to find effective ways of moving forward? How do we involve others in this process? Responding to Diversity in Schools sets out to encourage innovation in schools, challenge existing assumptions and practices, and promote critical reflection. The contributing authors explain how to use a wide range of research methods, including visual methods that can be used to gather the views of children and young people. In addition, the book provides illustrative examples of innovative approaches to doing research with children, teachers and parents in schools. Written in a clear, direct style that addresses the types of concerns facing teachers on a daily basis, this book offers both practical guidance on responding to the challenge of diversity and inclusion from an inquiry-based learning perspective, and a range of detailed worked examples from schools. It will support individual practitioners and staff teams working on school development issues, as well as tutors wishing to use inquiry-based approaches within workshops and courses. It will also benefit post-graduate students who are focusing on inclusion, diversity, school development and leadership.

Cultural Diversity in Schools

Author : Robert A. DeVillar
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This book confronts the patterns of school failure often faced by subordinated minority groups in the United States. It does so by presenting a socioacademic framework that is based on the notion that all groups can have comparable access to quality schooling, comparable participation in the schooling, and derive comparable educational benefits from their participation. Organized around three key, interrelated components--communication, integration, and cooperation--the book combines theoretical concepts with actual classroom practices that support change. It moves us from a position of rhetoric about educational equality to one that actively addresses the socioacademic needs of students in a culturally diverse society.

Responding to Learner Diversity and Learning Difficulties

Author : Dennis Conrad
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Caribbean Discourse in Inclusive Education Volume II “Responding to Learner Diversity and Learner Difficulties” shares selected critical reflections and recommendations on the way educational communities respond to student diversity and difficulties learning. These contexts include the Caribbean, the Diaspora, and beyond. Authors explore issues and strategies for realizing and sustaining the agenda of education for all within primarily, but not limited to, the Caribbean. While the authors are aware of the ongoing debate between the terms ‘education for all’ and ‘inclusive education’, we use these terms interchangeably. We hold the position that inclusive education is about commitment to removing barriers to optimum learning for all learners regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, geography, race, religion, sexual orientation or other differences. ‘Responding to Learner Diversity and Difficulties’ extend the discourse to include stakeholders committed to sharing their experiences and strategies for overcoming barriers to inclusive education. This second volume presents research that examines how teachers can respond to students with disabilities and difficulties learning, teach challenging curriculum content in mathematics and literacy, build citizenship through student voice, improve teacher practice via co-teaching and critical reflection, promote inclusive practice through leadership and advocacy. It can be used as a core text or companion reader for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, lecturers, practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Primary Schools Responding to Diversity

Author : Mel Ainscow
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Teaching in a Diverse Society

Author : Herbert Grossman
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Designed to help teachers to succeed with the diverse group of students who attend American schools, this text focuses on students who include those from non-European backgrounds, especially African-Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

It Even Happens in Good Schools

Author : Festus E. Obiakor
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Foreword by Bob Algozzine Afterword by Robert Rueda This insightful work offers case studies, observations, and solutions to the challenges presented by cultural diversity—a new approach that can bring excellence to all learners, all teachers, all parents, and all communities.

Changing Education for Diversity

Author : David Corson
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Employing an international and cross-cultural perspective, this text presents policies and practices for responding to the current diversity in schools, particularly as regards: girls from immigrant cultures; indigenous cultural groups; the urban poor; and language minorities. Each chapter includes not only questions for reflection and discussion but also numerous guidelines, stages, steps and checklists for evaluation and goal-setting.

Leadership for Increasingly Diverse Schools

Author : George Theoharis
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Leadership for Increasingly Diverse Schools provides both practicing and aspiring leaders with the theory, research, and practical guidance to lead socially just schools. Today’s schools are growing more pluralistic and diverse, and leadership is central to reversing long-standing trends of educational inequities, exclusion, and disparate school outcomes. This book helps readers sharpen their awareness of how multiple dimensions of diversity intersect as well as develop strategies for working with students of all socioeconomic statuses, races, religions, sexual orientations, languages, and special needs. Leadership for Increasingly Diverse Schools provides school leaders the tools to foster teaching and learning environments that promote educational equity and excellence for all students. Special Features: Each chapter focuses on a specific dimension of diversity and discusses intersectionality across other areas of difference, including ability/disability, linguistic diversity, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and social frontiers. Chapters synthesize literature, provide practical strategies and tools, and include school-level and district-level cases illustrating inclusive leadership. End-of-chapter resources point readers toward further discussion of conceptual elements, practice connections, and research applications. A companion website features modifiable downloads and further resources for each chapter.

Special and Inclusive Education

Author : Thérèse Day
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This book fills a gap in the dissemination of practitioner research on special and inclusive education in Ireland. The successful implementation of an inclusive education policy is a process which depends largely on the attitudes, knowledge and competencies of teachers. In this volume, teacher-researchers report on work undertaken within the Special Education Department of St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin. The studies are grouped around three key issues: responding to diversity, access to the curriculum and collaboration for inclusion. They offer valuable insights into the challenges and barriers to inclusive education and point to ways that schools can address these challenges from the perspective of small-scale research. The authors draw on a range of research methodologies, from single case experimental design to case studies, in order to illuminate the issues at the level of the individual student, teacher, class and school. The book is relevant to all who have an interest in practitioner research, the implementation of inclusive education and how policy translates in individual contexts.

Suddenly Diverse

Author : Erica O. Turner
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For the past five years, American public schools have enrolled more students identified as Black, Latinx, American Indian, and Asian than white. At the same time, more than half of US school children now qualify for federally subsidized meals, a marker of poverty. The makeup of schools is rapidly changing, and many districts and school boards are at a loss as to how they can effectively and equitably handle these shifts. Suddenly Diverse is an ethnographic account of two school districts in the Midwest responding to rapidly changing demographics at their schools. It is based on observations and in-depth interviews with school board members and superintendents, as well as staff, community members, and other stakeholders in each district: one serving “Lakeside,” a predominately working class, conservative community and the other serving “Fairview,” a more affluent, liberal community. Erica O. Turner looks at district leaders’ adoption of business-inspired policy tools and the ultimate successes and failures of such responses. Turner’s findings demonstrate that, despite their intentions to promote “diversity” or eliminate “achievement gaps,” district leaders adopted policies and practices that ultimately perpetuated existing inequalities and advanced new forms of racism. While suggesting some ways forward, Suddenly Diverse shows that, without changes to these managerial policies and practices and larger transformations to the whole system, even district leaders’ best efforts will continue to undermine the promise of educational equity and the realization of more robust public schools.

Transforming Education

Author : Noleen Van Wyk
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Transforming Education The South African Experience

Leading Diverse Schools

Author : James Ryan
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This book explores the challenges that school administratorsface in ethnically diverse contexts. Based on an empirical study, itshows how principals do or do not promote inclusive practices in theirschools. The various chapters cover principal perceptions of, andresponses to, racism and antiracism, school community relationships, and difference. Also addressed are administrators' efforts to learnabout diversity and to educate others in their school communitiesabout it.This volume is the first of its kind to specifically target schooladministrators and ethnic diversity. While collections of essays andindividual articles have explored general and specific aspects ofdiversity, no book to date has targeted leadership and ethnicaldiversity specifically, is supported by empirical data, or follows aconsistent theme throughout. This book will be of interest to schooladministrators, prospective administrators, teachers, graduatestudents, academics and all others who are concerned about education, leadership, diversity and inclusion.

The Altruistic Review

Author :
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Planning for Cultural Diversity

Author : Christine Inglis
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How to ensure educational equality, rights to cultural maintenance and full social participation of minority groups, while ensuring social harmony and national development within a democratic society, is a major challenge for education policy-makers. Traditionally, this is viewed as a debate for pedagogues. Nevertheless, there are important implications for educational planners and managers. Given the many varied patterns of ethnic diversity within individual societies and their different educational traditions, no one set of educational responses is universally applicable. However, as discussed in the booklet, there are certain readily identifiable processes to follow in developing responses to cultural diversity. The three main foci of policy responses put forward are: the organisation and structures of education; curricula, pedagogy and choice of language; and relations between the school and the community.

Cultural Diversity in the Primary School

Author : David Houlton
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The primary sector has an important role to play in responding to the needs of children in our increasingly diverse society. Drawing on his own experience, David Houlton here highlights the ways in which teachers in infant, junior and middle schools can give a truly multicultural dimension to their work.

Learning to Teach in the Secondary School

Author : Susan Capel
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This best-selling textbook offers a sound and practical introduction to the skills needed to gain Qualified Teacher Status, and will help student-teachers to develop the qualities that lead to good practice and a successful future in education

Minorities and Education in Multicultural Japan

Author : Ryoko Tsuneyoshi
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This volume examines how Japan’s increasingly multicultural population has impacted on the lives of minority children and their peers at school, and how schools are responding to this trend in terms of providing minority children with opportunities and preparing them for the adult society. The contributors focus on interactions between individuals and among groups representing diverse cultural backgrounds, and explore how such interactions are changing the landscape of education in increasingly multicultural Japan. Drawing on detailed micro-level studies of schooling, the chapters reveal the ways in which these individuals and groups (long-existing minority groups, newcomers, and the ‘mainstream Japanese’) interact, and the significant consequences of such interactions on learning at school and the system of education as a whole. While the educational achievement of children of varying minority groups continues to reflect their places in the social hierarchy, the boundaries of individual and group categories are negotiated by mutual interactions and remain fluid and situational. Minorities and Education in Multicultural Japan provides important insights into bottom-up policy making processes and consciously brings together English and Japanese scholarship. As such, it will be an important resource for those interested in education and minority issues in Japan.

Continuing the Diversity Journey

Author : European Commission
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Recoge: 1. Introduction: new businees horizons in Europe - 2. Diversity for talent and competitiveness. The SME business case for diversity - 3. Joining thedots between diversity, innovation and productivity - 4. Tools for a successful diversity jounrey - 5. Business schools and company networks: educating and training business leaders for tomorrow - 6. Conclusions and ways forward.

Teaching to Change the World

Author : Jeannie Oakes
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This is an up-to-the-moment, engaging, multicultural introduction to education and teaching and the challenges and opportunities they present. Together, the four authors bring a rich blend of theory and practical application to this groundbreaking text. Jeannie Oakes is a leading education researcher and former director of the UCLA teacher education program. Martin Lipton is an education writer and consultant and has taught in public schools for 31 years. Lauren Anderson and Jamy Stillman are former public school teachers, now working as teacher educators. This unique, comprehensive foundational text considers the values and politics that pervade the U.S. education system, explains the roots of conventional thinking about schooling and teaching, asks critical questions about how issues of power and privilege have shaped and continue to shape educational opportunity, and presents powerful examples of real teachers working for equity and justice. Taking the position that a hopeful, democratic future depends on ensuring that all students learn, the text pays particular attention to inequalities associated with race, social class, language, gender, and other social categories and explores teachers role in addressing them. The text provides a research-based and practical treatment of essential topics, and it situates those topics in relation to democratic values; issues of diversity; and cognitive, sociocultural, and constructivist perspectives on learning. The text shows how knowledge of education foundations and history can help teachers understand the organization of today s schools, the content of contemporary curriculum, and the methods of modern teaching. It likewise shows how teachers can use such knowledge when thinking about and responding to headline issues like charter schools, vouchers, standards, testing, and bilingual education, to name just a few. Central to this text is a belief that schools can and must be places of extraordinary educational quality and institutions in the service of social justice. Thus, the authors address head-on tensions between principles of democratic schooling and competition for always-scarce high-quality opportunities. Woven through the text are the voices of a diverse group of teachers, who share their analyses and personal anecdotes concerning what teaching to change the world means and involves. Click Here for Book Website Pedagogical Features: Digging Deeper sections referenced at the end of each chapter and featured online include supplementary readings and resources from scholars and practitioners who are addressing issues raised in the text. Instructor s Manual offers insights about how to teach course content in ways that are consistent with cognitive and sociocultural learning theories, culturally diverse pedagogy, and authentic assessment.New to this Edition: "

ERS Spectrum

Author :
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