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Rethinking Prison Reentry

Author : Tony Gaskew
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Rethinking Prison Reentry: Transforming Humiliation into Humility describes a prison-based education pedagogy designed to address a prevalent racial politics of shaming, self-segregation, and transgenerational learned helplessness. So many incarcerated black men face insurmountable psychosocial obstacles when attempting to make the successful transition back into ownership of their lives. Tony Gaskew confronts the issue of redemption and reconciliation head-on by critically examining the “triads of culpability” when it comes to crime and justice in America: (1) of those who commit crimes; (2) of those who enforce criminal laws; and (3) of those who stand by and do nothing. He explores the growth of a black counterculture of crime that has created modern-day killing fields across urban neighborhoods and challenges the incarcerated black men trapped within its socially constructed lies, helping them to draw upon the strength of their cultural privilege to transform from criminal offender into incarcerated student.

Rethinking Corrections

Author : Lior Gideon
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This text explores the challenges that convicted offenders face over the course of the rehabilitation, reentry, and reintegration process. Using an integrated, theoretical approach, each chapter is devoted to a corrections topic and incorporates original evidence-based concepts, research, and policy from experts in the field, and examines how correctional practices are being managed. Students are exposed to examples of both the successful attempts and the failures to reintegrate prisoners into the community, and they will be encouraged to consider how they can help influence future policy decisions as practitioners in the field.

Offender Reentry

Author : Associate Professor and Chair of Justice Studies University of West Florida Matthew S Crow
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An Innovative New Text That Addresses a Critical Issue Nearly 2,000 people are released from prison every day in the United States, many of whom face significant barriers to re-entry into the civilian population. Within three years, two-thirds of them will be rearrested, and nearly half will return to prison for a new crime or parole violation. Offender Reentry: Rethinking Criminology and Criminal Justice is the first text of its kind to address this major issue in criminology and criminal justice. Bringing together cutting-edge and never-before-published research, and authored by the most critically recognized experts in the field, this text offers students extraordinary insight into the experiences of both offenders in reentry and the practitioners who work within the legal system. Real-world stories from criminal justice professionals and offenders themselves are integrated with up-to-the minute research and thought-provoking analysis. Student-oriented pedagogical features, including critical-thinking and discussion questions for every chapter, push students to engage deeply with the text and synthesize their own innovative solutions to contemporary problems. The text addresses all of the societal factors that affect offender reentry, as well as the political and economic effects on the community and issues of public safety. Ideally suited for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in criminal justice and criminology, Offender Reentry is an invaluable new addition to the field.

But They All Come Back

Author : Jeremy Travis
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Rethinking the Reentry Paradigm

Author : Melinda Schlager
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The perspective that this text will take presupposes that offender reentry is not a static isolated event, but a process that occurs over time. Moreover, if reentry policy and practice is contextualized as a process rather than as a finite event, preparation and planning can drive reentry, not a prison release date. Consequently, this text will discuss the issue of offender reentry in more global terms and locate solutions to reentry issues on a continuum of service that begins at entry to prison, includes release from prison, and culminates with integration into the community.

Commerce Justice Science and Related Agencies Appropriations for 2010 Part 6 March 10 2009 111 1 Hearings

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Annual Editions

Author : Joanne Naughton
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This Annual Editions reader of public press articles addresses crime and justice in America; victimology; the police; the judicial system; juvenile justice; and punishment and corrections. Our student Web site, Dushkin Online (, is designed to support Annual Editions titles.

International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice

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An Examination of Therapeutic Engagement in a Prison based Drug Treatment Therapeutic Community

Author : Patrick Norman McGrain
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Criminal Justice

Author :
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Judging in a Therapeutic Key

Author : Bruce J. Winick
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Part I of this book describes the newly emerging problem-solving courts (such as drug treatment courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, etc.) and other related approaches to problem-solving judging and judging with an explicit ethic of care. Authors Winick and Wexler show how judges can use therapeutic jurisprudence not only in specialized problem-solving courts, but in general civil and criminal judicial settings as well. In Part II, the book covers emerging ''principles'' of therapeutic jurisprudence that seem to be at work in successful judicial approaches: how courts can encourage offender reform, how they can help offenders develop problem-solving and coping skills, how they can encourage offender compliance with release conditions, how they can serve as effective risk managers, and much more.


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Victims and Victimization

Author : David Shichor
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A changing sociopolitical climate demanding tougher treatment on criminals and the growing activism of grassroots groups fighting for victims' rights have drawn attention to victims of crime. Victimology is a new and growing discipline that has influenced public policy on many different levels. This collection contains readings on the history of the study of victims, the relationship between victims and the criminal justice system, and the various aspects of research on victimization. Some of the articles focus on topics that have surfaced only recently, including victims of white-collar crime, victimization by corporate crime, victims of hate crimes, and the victimization of college students. The goal of the editors is to familiarize readers with the fundamental issues regarding victims of crime and to encourage reflective thinking about this important aspect of criminal justice.

The Covenant with Black America

Author : Tavis Smiley
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Discusses social and political issues affecting African Americans today, including health, housing, crime, criminal justice, education, and economic parity.

Prisoner Reentry and the Life Course

Author : Daniel J. O'Connell
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OConnell asks whether prisoners who establish social bonds in the reentry process fare better than those who do not. His analysis tests whether life course approaches to desistance are applicable to modern, largely minority, heavily drug involved criminal justice populations. By accounting for stable individual traits and testing race in separate models rather than as a variable, OConnell shows how reentering offenders with different backgrounds engage in relationships and employment, and how these relations in turn affect drug use and recidivism. Life course approaches may require modification to account for racial differences, and we need to reconsider our definitions of success and to think in terms of harm reduction in approaching criminal justice interventions.

Annual Report of the American Bar Association

Author : American Bar Association
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Barriers to Reentry

Author : Shawn D. Bushway
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"This volume originally grew out of the joint Russell Sage Foundtion and Rockefeller Foundation research program on the Future of Work"--P. ix.

Rethinking Rehabilitation

Author : David Farabee
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This monograph contends that fundamental principles of deterrence are far more humane in the long run than the progressive approaches that are becoming more popular today.

Key Correctional Issues

Author : Roslyn Muraskin
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This concise book discusses a broad range of correctional issues and explores them using an engaging text/reader format. Ranging from super max facilities to inmate reentry, its precise coverage explains the interactions that exist in the area of correctional facilities from both a historical and a twenty-first century view. This new edition offers over ten new essays and features compelling contributions from leaders in the field. Selections cover various topics such as suicide, religion, technocorrections, the death penalty, women and minority prisoners, alternatives to incarceration and more, For individuals interested in or pursuing a career in corrections.

Special Needs Offenders in Correctional Institutions

Author : Lior Gideon
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Effective treatment and preparation for successful reintegration can be better achieved if the needs and risks of incarcerated offenders are taken into consideration by correctional practitioners and scholars. Special Needs Offenders in Correctional Institutions offers a unique opportunity to examine the different populations behind bars (e.g. chronically and mentally ill, homosexual, illegal immigrants, veterans, radicalized inmates, etc.), as well as their needs and the corresponding impediments for rehabilitation and reintegration. Author Lior Gideon takes a rehabilitative and reiterative approach to discuss and differentiate between the needs of these various categories of inmates, and provides in depth discussions-not available in other correctional texts-about the specific needs, risks and policy recommendations when working with present-day special needs offenders. Each chapter is followed by suggested readings and relevant websites that will enable readers to further enhance understanding of the issues and potential solutions discussed in the chapter. Further, each chapter has discussion questions specifically designed to promote class discussions. The text concludes with a theoretical framework for future policy implications and practices.