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Hospitality and Tourism in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe

Author : Maria Vodenska
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This book is the result of the joint efforts of hospitality and tourism academicians of eleven countries in Central and Eastern Europe – all of them members of La Fondation pour la Formation Hôtelière based in Switzerland, which for more than twenty years has supported the development and the evolution of hospitality and tourism education in thirty nine educational institutions across Central and Eastern Europe. The book analyses hospitality and tourism development in various countries in the period of transition (1990-2015). Its main advantage is that the research is conducted by native hospitality and tourism researchers and specialists from each country. The volume will appeal to a large audience of lecturers, researchers, and students in hospitality and tourism both across Europe and worldwide, as well as to all people interested in Central and Eastern European countries’ general development and its specifics during the transition period.

Inventing Eastern Europe

Author : Larry Wolff
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Wolff explores how Western thinkers contributed to defining and characterizing Eastern Europe as half-civilized and barbaric.

A History of Eastern Europe

Author : Robert Bideleux
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A History of Eastern Europe: Crisis and Change is a wide-ranging single volume history of the "lands between", the lands which have lain between Germany, Italy, and the Tsarist and Soviet empires. Bideleux and Jeffries examine the problems that have bedevilled this troubled region during its imperial past, the interwar period, under fascism, under communism, and since 1989. While mainly focusing on the modern era and on the effects of ethnic nationalism, fascism and communism, the book also offers original, striking and revisionist coverage of: * ancient and medieval times * the Hussite Revolution, the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation * the legacies of Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the Hapsburg Empire * the rise and decline of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth * the impact of the region's powerful Russian and Germanic neighbours * rival concepts of "Central" and "Eastern" Europe * the 1920s land reforms and the 1930s Depression. Providing a thematic historical survey and analysis of the formative processes of change which have played the paramount roles in shaping the development of the region, A History of Eastern Europe itself will play a paramount role in the studies of European historians.

Rick Steves Eastern Europe

Author : Rick Steves
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From romantic cities steeped in history to the stunning slopes of the Alps, get to know this exciting slice of Europe: with Rick Steves on your side, Eastern Europe can be yours! Inside Rick Steves Eastern Europe you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending two weeks or more exploring Eastern Europe Rick's strategic advice on how to get the most out of your time and money, with rankings of his must-see favorites Top sights and hidden gems, from the cobbles of bustling Bratislava, to country roads winding through the Julian Alps, to the striking chapels and cathedrals of Prague's Castle Quarter How to connect with culture: Bask in the energy of Kraków's Main Square Market, sample local wines from Hungarian vintners, or soak in the steamy thermal baths in Budapest Beat the crowds, skip the lines, and avoid tourist traps with Rick's candid, humorous insight The best places the eat, sleep, and relax Self-guided walking tours of lively neighborhoods and historic museums Detailed neighborhood maps for exploring on the go Useful resources including a packing list, phrase books, historical overviews, and recommended reading Over 1,000 bible-thin pages include everything worth seeing without weighing you down Complete, up-to-date information on the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, and Slovakia, plus side trips to Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Romania Make the most of every day and every dollar with Rick Steves Eastern Europe.

Fodor s Eastern Europe

Author : Eugene Fodor
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The Routledge Handbook to Regional Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Author : Gábor Lux
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Twenty-five years into transformation, Central and Eastern European regions have undergone substantial socio-economic restructuring, integrating into European and global networks and producing new patterns of regional differentiation and development. Yet post-socialist modernisation has not been without its contradictions, manifesting in increasing social and territorial inequalities. Recent studies also suggest there are apparent limits to post-socialist growth models, accompanying a new set of challenges within an increasingly uncertain world. Aiming to deliver a new synthesis of regional development issues at the crossroads between ‘post-socialism’ and ‘post-transition’, this book identifies the main driving forces of spatial restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe, and charts the different regional development paths which take shape against the backdrop of post-crisis Europe. A comparative approach is used to highlight common development challenges and the underlying patterns of socio-economic differentiation alike. The issues investigated within the Handbook extend to a discussion of the varied economic consequences of transition, the social structures and institutional systems which underpin development processes, and the broadly understood sustainability of Central and Eastern Europe’s current development model. This book will be of interest to academics and policymakers working in the fields of regional studies, economic geography, development studies and policy.

Integrated Management Tools in the Heritage of South East Europe

Author : Rob Pickard
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As part of the Institutional Capacity Building Plan, which is the first of the three components of the Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South-East Europe launched in 2003, a "transnational theme-based debate" was organised. The second step in this debate stemmed from an assessment of requests from the countries/regions participating in the Regional Programme: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo/ UNMIK, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".The first step was concerned with current heritage policies and legislation. Its aim was to take stock of the position regarding legislative reforms and heritage policies in the countries of South-East Europe. It also highlighted the need for an in-depth analysis of certain key areas where difficulties still arose in implementation.The second step was concerned with tools for integrated management of the cultural and natural heritage, in the broad sense of the term "heritage" (the concept of cultural environment). It linked together three key topics previously identified: documentation systems, incorporating the heritage dimension in environment, regional development and town planning documents, permits, controls and penalties related to heritage conservation work.

Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity 1800 2000

Author : Stefano Bianchini
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This book presents a concise and comprehensive overview of the mainstream flows of ideas, politics and itineraries towards modernity in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans over two centuries from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the end of the Gorbachev administration. Unlike other books on the subject which view modernity based on the idea of Western European supremacy, this book outlines the various different pathways of development, and of growing industrialisation, urbanisation and secularisation which took place across the region. It provides rich insights on the complex networks whereby very varied ideas, aspirations and policies interacted to bring about a varied pattern of progress, and of integration and isolation, with different areas moving in different ways and at different paces. Overall the book presents something very different from the traditional picture of the" two Europes". Particular examples covered include agrarian reform movements, in various phases, different models of socialism, and different models of socialist reform.

Lonely Planet Eastern Europe

Author : Lonely Planet
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Lonely Planet Eastern Europe is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Spend lazy days island-hopping along the Adriatic Coast in Croatia and immerse yourself in modern history in Moscow's Red Square; all with your trusted travel companion.

Two Roads Diverge

Author : Christopher A. Hartwell
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The dramatic events of Maidan in February 2014 shone a spotlight on the immense problems facing Ukraine. At the same time that Ukraine was undergoing turmoil, its western neighbor Poland was celebrating twenty-five years of post-communism with a rosy economic outlook and projections of continued growth. How could two countries who shared similar linguistic, cultural, economic and political heritages diverge so wildly in economic performance in such a short span of time? The main argument of this book is that institutions, and more specifically the evolution or neglect of the particular institutions needed for a market economy, explain the economic divergence between Ukraine and Poland. This book discusses the evolution of key institutions such as property rights, trade, and the role of the executive branch of government to explain the recent relative performance of the two countries.

An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa

Author : Charles Issawi
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The economic history of the Middle East and North Africa is quite extraordinary. This is an axiomatic statement, but the very nature of the economic changes that have stemmed directly from the effects of oil resources in these areas has tended to obscure longterm patterns of economic change and the fundamental transformation of Middle Eastern and North African economies and societies over the past two hundred years. In this study Professor Issawi examines and explains the development of these economies since 1800, focusing particularly on the challenge posed by the use and subsequent decline of Western economic and political domination and the Middle Eastern response to it. The book beg ins with an analysis of the effects of foreign intervention in the area: the expansion of trade, the development of transport networks, the influx of foreign capital and resulting integration into international commercial and financial networks. It goes on to examine the local response to these external forces: migration within, to and from the region, population growth, urbanization and changes in living standards, shifts in agricultural production and land tenure and the development of an industrial sector. Professor Issawi discusses the crucial effects of the growth of oil and oil-related industries in a separate chapter, and finally assesses the likely gains and losses in this long period for both the countries in the area and the Western powers. He has drawn on long experience and an immense amount of material in surveying the period, and provides a clear and penetrating survey of an extraordinarily complex area.

Eastern Europe Between the Wars 1918 1941

Author : Hugh Seton-Watson
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Eastern Europe

Author : George Walter Hoffman
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Activities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports Approved in 1994 Forty First Annual Report 1994

Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
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This book includes a description of the activities of ECMT and information trends in transport in europe in 1994, along with texts of all resolutions and reports approved during that period.

Trends in the Transport Sector 2002

Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
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This publication presents the most up-to-date statistics on transport markets in Europe, together with charts highlighting the major trends.

Birnbaum s Eastern Europe 1993

Author : Alexandra Mayes Birnbaum
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Birnbaum s Eastern Europe

Author :
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Roads to Reconciliation

Author : Amy Benson Brown
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"The came September 11, 2001. After the attacks, the participants' explorations of the possibilities and limits of reconciliation were briefly put aside.

Eastern Europe Russia and Central Asia

Author : Europa Europa Publications
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This first edition of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia is an impartial, up-to-date survey on the countries and territories that make up the region. Details are provided on, the history, geography and economics of the following countries: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Moldova; the Russian Federation; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan. This reference is an invaluable guide to the region as a whole and, as such, is an asset to academics, students, researchers, academic and business libraries, international organizations, companies looking for new business, government departments, embassies, the media and the political scientist with a regional interest.

Empire and Military Revolution in Eastern Europe

Author : Brian Davies
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In terms of resource mobilization and devastation the wars between Russia, the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire were some of the largest of the 18th century, and had enormous consequences for the balance of power in Eastern Europe. Brian Davies examines how these conflicts characterized the course of Russian military development in response to Ottoman and Crimean Tatar threats and to determine under what circumstances and in what ways Russian military power experienced a "revolution" awarding it clear preponderance over the Ottoman-Crimean system. A central part of Davies' argument is that identifying and explaining a Military Revolution must involve examining the role of factors not purely military. One must look not only at new military technology, new force and command structure, new tactical thinking, and new recruitment and military finance practices but also consider the impact of larger demographic, economic, and sociopolitical changes.