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The secret rose stories by W B Yeats a variorum edition

Author : William Butler Yeats
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White Rose History Volume I Academic Version

Author : Ruth Hanna Sachs
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Like White Rose History Volume I (Regular Edition, ISBN 0-9710541-4-2), this book tells the complete story of how the students who came to be known as the White Rose decided to resist Hitler and the crimes of the Nazi Party. Unlike most extant literature, does not focus solely on Hans and Sophie Scholl, but widens the scope to include ALL who sacrificed their lives for this cause. Differs from regular edition because of footnotes and additional information not suitable for younger readers (the target age of the regular edition).

The Rose Tattoo

Author : Tennessee Williams
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THE STORY: Serafina delle Rose is a restless widow whose intense and absorbing instinct for love drives everything before it. The figure of this extraordinary woman dominates the small town where she and her friends are living and embodies the exul

Pete Rose

Author : David M. Jordan
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Discusses the life and career of baseballs "Hit King," including his baseball records, love of the sport, and involvement in gambling that will mark his career forever.


Author : Li-Young Lee
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Li-Young Lee was born in 1957 in Jakarta, Indonesia, of Chinese parents. In 1959 his father, after spending a year as a political prisoner in President Sukarno's jails, fled Indonesia with his family. Between 1959 and 1964 the Lee family traveled throughout Hong Kong, Macau and Japan, until arriving in America.Li-Young Lee's first poetry collection, Rose, won the New York University's 1986 Delmore Schwartz Memorial Poetry Award. His second collection, The City In Which I Love You, was the 1990 Lamont Poetry Selection of the Academy of American Poets. His third collection, Book of My Nights, was awarded the 2002 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America. Table of Contents I.EpistleThe GiftPersimmonsThe Weight Of SweetnessFrom BlossomsDreaming Of HairEarly In The MorningWaterFalling: The CodeNocturneMy IndigoIrisesEating Alone II.Always A Rose III.Eating TogetherAsh, Snow, Or MoonlightThe LifeThe WeepersBraidingRain DiaryMy Sleeping Loved OnesMnemonicBetween SeasonsVisions And Interpretations.

The rose amateur s guide

Author : Thomas Rivers
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The Romance of the Rose

Author : Guillaume (de Lorris)
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Many English-speaking readers of the Roman de la rose, the famous dream allegory of the thirteenth century, have come to rely on Charles Dahlberg's elegant and precise translation of the Old French text. His line-by-line rendering in contemporary English is available again, this time in a third edition with an updated critical apparatus. Readers at all levels can continue to deepen their understanding of this rich tale about the Lover and his quest--against the admonishments of Reason and the obstacles set by Jealousy and Resistance--to pluck the fair Rose in the Enchanted Garden. The original introduction by Dahlberg remains an excellent overview of the work, covering such topics as the iconographic significance of the imagery and the use of irony in developing the central theme of love. His new preface reviews selected scholarship through 1990, which examines, for example, the sources and influences of the work, the two authors, the nature of the allegorical narrative as a genre, the use of first person, and the poem's early reception. The new bibliographic material incorporates that of the earlier editions. The sixty-four miniature illustrations from thirteenth-and fifteenth-century manuscripts are retained, as are the notes keyed to the Langlois edition, on which the translation is based.

The Key to The Name of the Rose

Author : Adele J. Haft
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Unravels Umberto Eco's classic mystery novel

The Romance of the Rose Or Guillaume de Dole

Author : Jean (Renart)
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In the last decade, interest in the early thirteenth-century writer Jean Renart has been steadily increasing. The author of at least two noteworthy romances, Le Roman de la Rose or Guillaume de Dole and L'Escoufle (The Kite), as well as Le Lai de l'Ombre, Jean Renart is today recognized as the most accomplished practitioner of the "realistic romance."

Pete Rose

Author : William A. Cook
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On September 11, 1985, with a sell-out crowd of 52,000 fans on hand at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium and millions of others watching on television, Pete Rose collected hit number 4,192 of his career and passed Ty Cobb as the all-time career hits leader. As he reached first base, thousands of cameras flashed, his teammates mobbed him, fireworks exploded and the crowd overwhelmed him with a seven-minute standing ovation. Rose was on top of the world. Less than four years later, he would be banned for life from baseball for allegedly betting on major league games, roundly criticized in the press by both fans and fellow players, and then convicted for tax evasion. In 2003, fourteen years after he was made ineligible for the Hall of Fame, Commissioner Bud Selig took up Rose's application for reinstatement, igniting once again an intense debate about his legacy and baseball's long-standing zero-tolerance policy on gambling. This book gathers the available facts of Rose's life and career, as well as the scandals he was embroiled in, leaving the reader a more informed participant in the ongoing discussion.

Glen Rose Texas

Author : Gene Fowler
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Charles Barnard, a Connecticut entrepreneur, settled in the Brazos Valley in 1849, running an Indian Trading Post. He built a gristmill in 1860 near the confluence of the Brazos and Paluxy Rivers, around which the town of Glen Rose sprang up. Captured here in over 200 vintage photographs and postcards is the history of this quintessential little Texas town, from its origins as a mill town, to the bedroom community of Fort Worth that it has become today. In its earliest days, settlers flocked to the region from the war-torn South during the Civil War. By the 1900s, both Somervell County and Glen Rose established fame as a tourist resort, offering springs and artesian waters to heal the body and spirit. Naturopathic and magnetic healers built sanitariums, while locals built tourist parks to entertain the crowds that came for rest and relaxation. Showcased here are images of the Hill postcard collection, which relay the intriguing story of Glen Rose as a recreation mecca, the Moonshine Capital of Texas during Prohibition, the discovery of the infamous dinosaur tracks, and its development as it enters the 21st century.

Redoute Rose Stickers

Author : Pierre Joseph Redoute
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Lovely blossoms by famed 18th-century artist, among them the pale pink Rosa centifolia bullata, the lush Rosa sulfurea, 14 other splendid varieties. Identification guide included. 16 stickers on 4 plates.

White Rose History Volume II Academic Version

Author : Ruth Hanna Sachs
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The Rose Conspiracy

Author : Craig Parshall
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Artist Vinnie Archmont is accused of murdering the head of the Smithsonian Institute and stealing a newly discovered document about President Lincoln's assassination. She hires J.D. Blackstone, the brilliant but cynical criminal law professor defend her. He finds that the crime is linked to the most guarded secret of the mystic branch of the Freemasons. Blackstone must plunge into the darkness to unearth the riddle behind the crime.

The Enchanting Rose

Author : Pat Brady
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Ever since Rose is Rose began, I have been one of its most ardent admirers." -Charles Schulz * Rose is Rose appears in more than 600 newspapers and has been nominated as Best Newspaper Comic Strip a whopping five times. When Rose is Rose creator Pat Brady and cartoonist Don Wimmer present the lives of the Gumbo family, they reveal everyday life at its most extraordinary. From the Gumbos sharing a simple family moment to Pasquale warding off a bathtub drain monster to Rose morphing into her alter ego biker chick persona Vicki, Rose is Rose takes simple moments in everyday life and elevates them into lasting lessons. * Lauded for his work on the strip, Brady received the 2004 Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society. * After two decades of creating every Rose is Rose strip himself, Brady has shifted the strip's writing and drawing duties to Don Wimmer. This book marks the second Rose is Rose collection to feature the talents of Don Wimmer with Brady's creation.

Christina s Rose of a Tear

Author : Christopher Hoppe
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Christina's Rose of a Tear is a collection of poems dedicated to one individual that has helped me through the worst time of my life and has reopened my passion, soul, and heart. She inspired me to write this book in one day. To show that I can still write poems about sorrow and love. It captures my passion for life for one person. The poems reflect my sorrows but mostly my love for one person that put me back together when I was at my lowest. She showed me it was okay to love again. Please enjoy the poems and the passion that are captured in the book.

Debate of the Romance of the Rose

Author : David F. Hult
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In 1401, Christine de Pizan (1365–1430?), one of the most renowned and prolific woman writers of the Middle Ages, wrote a letter to the provost of Lille criticizing the highly popular and widely read Romance of the Rose for its blatant and unwarranted misogynistic depictions of women. The debate that ensued, over not only the merits of the treatise but also of the place of women in society, started Europe on the long path to gender parity. Pizan’s criticism sparked a continent-wide discussion of issues that is still alive today in disputes about art and morality, especially the civic responsibility of a writer or artist for the works he or she produces. In Debate of the “Romance of the Rose,” David Hult collects, along with the debate documents themselves, letters, sermons, and excerpts from other works of Pizan, including one from City of Ladies—her major defense of women and their rights—that give context to this debate. Here, Pizan’s supporters and detractors are heard alongside her own formidable, protofeminist voice. The resulting volume affords a rare look at the way people read and thought about literature in the period immediately preceding the era of print.

The Sustainable Rose Garden

Author : Pat Shanley
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“A fascinating and informative book for anyone who loves roses but wants to avoid spraying them with toxic chemicals” (The American Gardener). A winner of the World Federation of Roses Literary Award, this work brings together experts from around the world to inform gardeners about developments in the new, irresistible—yet long overdue—trend toward creating environmentally friendly and enduring rose gardens, with “sustainability” as the key. The queen of flowers, the rose—by presidential declaration, America’s National Floral Emblem—was initially left behind as “green consciousness” and the concept of sustainability took hold among the gardening public. But the rose is now making up for lost time. From the workshops of breeders—both in the United States. and abroad—a new generation of disease-resistant and low-maintenance rose varieties has emerged in the last decade to fill popular demand. In this book, you will learn how to make your own sustainable rose garden. With thirty-eight lavishly illustrated articles and descriptions of the best new—as well as old—rose varieties designed for the sustainable rose garden, this is a must-have book for today’s new generation of avid but environmentally conscious gardeners. “Finally, we have a book that addresses the notion of growing roses in an environmentally friendly manner . . . Nothing about sustainable rose culture has been presented as well as it has been in this book.” —Pacific Horticulture Society

The Romance of the Rose and Le Roman de la Rose

Author : Guillaume (de Lorris)
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The Rose Bowl

Author : Michelle L. Turner
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The Rose Bowl is best known for hosting the "granddaddy of them all"--the much anticipated major college football game held every January 1. It has further secured its place in sports history by hosting Super Bowls, BCS football championships, Olympic games, and World Cup finals. For the residents of Pasadena, the Rose Bowl is also an important community center. In addition to football games (and Caltech pranks), many Pasadenans remember graduating at the bowl. Over the years, the Rose Bowl has hosted numerous concerts, peace rallies, festivals, flea markets, and Fourth of July celebrations. And the structure itself, designed by architect Myron Hunt, is seen by many as a proud testament to Pasadena's commitment to architectural innovation. The photographs in this book, many from the archives of the Pasadena Museum of History, highlight the Rose Bowl's memorable sports moments as well as the stadium's unique role in Pasadena's cultural life.