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Saving Sun Bears

Author : Sarah Pye
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Saving Sorya Chang and the Sun Bear

Author : Trang Nguyen
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A gorgeously rendered middle grade graphic novel based closely on the author's experiences, in which a young conservationist overcomes the odds to save and return a sun bear to its natural habitat. When twelve-year-old intrepid explorer Chang discovered bear poaching near the rainforest by her home in Vietnam, she decided to do everything she could to become a wildlife conservationist. After training herself in wilderness survival skills, documenting her adventures in her field notebook, and disproving all the critics who thought she wasn't old enough, strong enough, or fluent enough in English (often and troublingly considered to be the "language of science") Chang was finally accepted as a rescue center volunteer. But her toughest challenge comes when she's tasked with returning Sorya--the sun bear she raised from infancy--to the wild where she belongs. Because despite being a different species, Sorya is Chang's best friend. And letting a friend go is never easy, even when it's the right thing to do.

Bear Necessities

Author : Lisa Kemmerer
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Twenty-two engaging and approachable essays, written by scholars and activists working to protect the world’s eight bear species, explore pressures that threaten the world’s remaining bears, offering a tapestry of possibilities for protecting and preserving these endangered yet much-loved beings.

Saving the Tasmanian Devil

Author : Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
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In this addition to the critically acclaimed Scientist in the Field series, Dorothy Patent follows the scientists trying to put a stop to a gruesome disease before it's too late. Tasmanian devils are dying at an alarming rate from a type of tumor that appears to be contagious. What scientists are learning while researching the Tasmanian devil has potential to affect all animals, and even humans, as they learn more about how to prevent and hopefully eradicate certain genetic diseases. In 1995, a deadly disease began sweeping across the Australian island state of Tasmania, killing every infected Tasmanian devil. The disease moved so fast that some scientists feared the species would be wiped out in the wild within a few decades. Where did this disease, named Devil Facial Tumor Disease, come from? What caused it--a virus, bacteria, or something else? How did it pass from one devil to another? What could be done to fight it? When author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent learned of the race to save the devil from her friend, Australian geneticist Jenny Graves, she felt compelled to travel to Australia to learn firsthand from scientists what they were finding out about these iconic Tasmanian animals and what they were doing to help it from disappearing in the wild. Follow Dorothy as she takes readers on a fascinating journey into the Australian mainland and Tasmania, visiting parks and wildlife refuges and joining geneticist, ecologists, and other researchers as they work tirelessly to save Tasmania's unique icon.

Return to the Wild Chang and the Sun Bear

Author : Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
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Chang and the Sun Bear is a heart-tugging graphic-novel style book based on the true story of how the Vietnamese author, Trang Nguyen, became a conservationist. At the age of eight the book's protagonist, Chang, witnesses a sun bear being tortured to extract its bile for use in traditional Asian medicine. That night, she makes a promise to protect Vietnam's animals and decides to become a conservationist. We follow the story of how Chang succeeds against the odds, and also the story of Soriya the sun bear as Chang releases her into the wild. The book is evocatively illustrated by Jeet Zdung, who fuses traditional Vietnamese art with manga. It is a heart-tugging, own-voice animal story with a strong female lead, sprinkled with non-fiction content on the flora and fauna of the rainforest.

Songs from the Violet Cafe

Author : Fiona Kidman
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Acclaimed by critics as 'beautifully written', 'innovative' and 'profoundly moving', this novel is about the ways we are influenced in early life and can connect to others through shared experience. A woman rows across a lake with a small part-Asian child. The woman is Violet Trench, who in future years will run the Violet Caf with an iron will. Those who work in her caf come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but each with their own troubles and each affected by working for this enigmatic woman. Her influence takes Jessie Sandal on dangerous journeys to the Far East, and to another stretch of water to be crossed with a small part-Asian child. Although the characters go their separate ways, they never forget the flavour of that summer working at the caf, like the secret, surprising allure of the truffle that infused the food there.

Sun Bear The Path of Power

Author : Sunbear
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From a childhood spent in the forest of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Sun Bear went on to become one of the most groundbreaking and inspiring spiritual teachers of the late 20th century. Far ahead of his time, he founded an inter-racial medicine society of teachers dedicated to sharing with others those lessons of earth harmony which they had learned through their own experience. His vision of the medicine wheel became a worldwide phenomenon that inspired many people to learn more about the earth and all their relations upon her. Almost two decades after his death, Sun Bear's lessons are even more necessary today than ever. —

Endangered Animals

Author : Jane Bourke
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Author :
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Saving Planet Earth

Author : Tony Juniper
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Published to coincide with a major BBC1 TV series, this book combines stunning images with ways you can help to save planet earth for future generations.

The Native American in Long Fiction

Author : Joan Beam
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A companion guide to the authors' 1996 work, The Native American in Long Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography, this supplement is a compilation of all identifiable novel-length fictional works by and about Native Americans published primarily between the years 1995 and 2002. Recently more Native Americans are writing their own stories and telling their contemporary experiences, and the novels included in this supplement reflect that shift. It identifies Native American authors who have written long fiction on themes relevant to their history, social conditions, culture, and people, and includes all works by non-Native American authors that either have Native Americans as central characters or Native American issues as central themes. Though it concentrates on fictional works published about native people in the United States and Alaska, it also includes many works that focus on tribes from other areas of North America, such as Canada, and includes all literary genres: mysteries, historical fiction, westerns, romances, and contemporary fiction. This is an imperative addition to the field that raises the awareness of Native American issues in either an historical context, a cultural or social context, or in contemporary society. For use by librarians and library collection development staff, teachers, educators and faculty in high schools and colleges, and by the general public eager to locate and identify novels on Native American themes. Includes short critical annotations, indexes by tribal affiliation, geographical location, time period, historical persons and events, a list of works not included, and a Best Books list of the authors' personal favorites.

The Illustrated Natural History

Author : John George Wood
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The Path of Power

Author : Sun Bear
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The author describes the founding and growth of the Bear tribe and shares his teachings on how to find and follow one's own path of power

The Cambrian

Author :
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In Bear Country

Author : Brian Payton
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In a series of remarkable journeys, Brian Payton travels the world in search of the eight remaining bear species. Along the way, he confronts poachers in the jungles of Cambodia, witnesses the cruelty of the bear bile trade in China, and delves into the politics of panda sex.

The Bald Face

Author : Hal George Evarts
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The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

Author :
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Woman of the Dawn

Author : Wabun Wind
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Small Press Record of Books in Print

Author : Len Fulton
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The Christian era ed by J Mountain

Author : Christian era Bible and prayer union
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