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Schooling Passions

Author : Véronique Bénéï
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This book explores how regional and national senses of belonging are produced and transmitted in elementary schools in western India.

Schooling Diaspora

Author : Karen M. Teoh
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Schooling Diaspora looks into the motivations and strategies of missionaries, colonial authorities, and Chinese reformists and revolutionaries for educating girls, as well as the impact that this education had on identity formation among overseas Chinese women and larger society.

Schooling Selves

Author : Peter Cave
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Balancing the development of autonomy with that of social interdependence is a crucial aim of education in any society, but nowhere has it been more hotly debated than in Japan, where controversial education reforms over the past twenty years have attempted to reconcile the two goals. In this book, Peter Cave explores these reforms as they have played out at the junior high level, the most intense pressure point in the Japanese system, a time when students prepare for the high school entrance exams that will largely determine their educational trajectories and future livelihoods. Cave examines the implementation of “relaxed education” reforms that attempted to promote individual autonomy and free thinking in Japanese classrooms. As he shows, however, these policies were eventually transformed by educators and school administrators into curricula and approaches that actually promoted social integration over individuality, an effect opposite to the reforms’ intended purpose. With vivid detail, he offers the voices of teachers, students, and parents to show what happens when national education policies run up against long-held beliefs and practices, and what their complex and conflicted interactions say about the production of self and community in education. The result is a fascinating analysis of a turbulent era in Japanese education that offers lessons for educational practitioners in any country.

Miriam s Schooling

Author : William Hale White
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Public Schooling and the Education of Democratic Citizens

Author : Richard M. Battistoni
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A sound & ideologically balanced analysis of civic education & its malaise in present-day America. "A much needed contribution to the growing literature on this important question"--David Mathews.

language of the passions a selection of expressive extracts emphasized rhetorically punctuated forming a series of emotive elocutionary exercises

Author : alexander melville bell
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Resistance to the Institutionalization of Schooling in the Antebellum Southern Highlands

Author : Janis Price Greenough
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Passion and Pedagogy

Author : Elijah Mirochnik
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The inaugural title of a series in which faculty members at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts will address critical issues in arts education for university faculty, classroom teachers, and students of education, based on the innovation programs in the arts there. The 25 contributions discuss creating the teacher and changing the world, collaborative learning and improvisation, constructing a space for creativity in science, and other topics. There is no index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Conditional Belonging

Author : Anne Rios-Rojas
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A Passion in Tatters

Author : Annie Thomas
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Presidential Passions

Author : Michael John Sullivan
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Reveals the private lives of the presidents, including the solid marriages as well as the affairs and scandals

Alternative Schooling in India

Author : Sarojini Vittachi
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This book brings into focus the innovative methods of learning in many Indian schools. It sheds light on schools that make the learning process fun for the teacher as well as the taught, in contrast to the whirl of examination-oriented learning in mainstream schools. The researched data on alternative schools in the country offer the reader an array of institutions all over the country, where efforts are being made to move away from traditional and mainstream learning. It includes exclusive articles by leading practitioners in the field, who offer an insight into the ground reality when a certain philosophy is applied to a school, and also experiential accounts of how such alternative practices mould the learner, teacher and impact the parent as well. The book also consists of a directory of alternative schools in India, including many schools that are tucked away in remote corners of the country. Interestingly, the common thread binding these ‘alternative schools’ is concern for the welfare of the child by teachers who see their work as much more than a job.

The Gospel Narrative of Our Lord s Passion Harmonized

Author : Isaac Williams
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Schools and Schooling in England and Wales

Author : Michael Hyndman
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The Communications Revolution at Work

Author : Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). School of Policy Studies
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No area of technology has developed faster or affected contemporary society more pervasively than electronic communications. Networked computers linked through the internet have enabled finance, commerce and manufacturing to function in a "virtual" environment, unconstrained by time and space. Boundaries have also been removed in voice, image, and data transmission, once normally provided through discrete media. Although the effects of these developments are large, their significance is far from clear. This collection of eleven original papers by British and Canadian experts examines a wide range of practical consequences of the current revolution in communications technology and reconsiders the actual depth of changes so far produced in the economy and society.

Divided Passions

Author : Kimberly J. Cook
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Drawing on in-depth interviews conducted with a diverse group of people who shared their views on religion, race, gender, and politics, Kimberly Cook probes the cultural forces underlying the apparent paradox of opposition to abortion and support for the death penalty. Cook's groundbreaking study provides a new and provocative analysis of assorted perspectives on abortion and capital punishhment.

The Iron and Coal Masters Prize Scheme for the Encouragement of Education in the Mining and Manufacturing Districts of Staffordshire

Author : John Pilkington NORRIS (Archdeacon of Bristol.)
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mintues of the committee of council on education

Author :
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Education and Schooling

Author : William Kenneth Richmond
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