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The Secret Forest

Author : Enid Blyton
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In Enid Blyton's classic Secret Stories mystery always leads to adventure. Peggy, Mike, Nora and Jack have been invited to the kingdom of Baronia for the holidays! In their friend Prince Paul's home, hidden away in the heart of the mountains, they stumble into their greatest adventure yet. Can the children defeat the robbers in the Secret Forest? This titles was first published as The Secret of Killimooin in 1943. This edition contains the classic text and is unillustrated.

The Secret of Spiggy Holes

Author : Enid Blyton
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In Enid Blyton's classic Secret Stories mystery always leads to adventure. Mike, Peggy, Nora and Jack are having a lovely summer at the Cornish seaside. While out exploring the Spiggy Holes caves, they discover a secret passage leading to the Old House on the cliff. But when they encounter the Old House's horrid new owner, the children are convinced he is hiding some secrets of his own ... First published in 1940, this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.

The Secret Forest

Author : Clay Remington
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A long way from town, down a long road that shimmers in the summer sun and winds through the parched expanse of the desert, way out across the plains, where grain stalks whisper and roll in the breeze like waves in an immense, bronzed ocean, up into the mountains, way up high where the trees grow so tall they touch the sky, there's a Secret Forest... Give your quiet moments over to The Secret Forest, where you will join mystical travelers and creatures of the wood as they encounter the forest, witness its creative power, and learn if by the fates they will merely visit, or be forever entwined. The Secret Forest is an illustrated compilation of 8 stories written in a flowing, visual style, conceived as bedtime stories for young children, but suitable to enrich the vocabulary and fire the imagination of older children with a passion for reading, a taste for the magical, and an appreciation for the wonders of nature.

The secret of the forest or A strange inheritance

Author : E. Chapman
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All Out The No Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages

Author : Saundra Mitchell
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Take a journey through time and genres to discover stories where queer teens live, love, and shape the world around them. Seventeen young adult authors across the queer spectrum have come together to create a collection of beautifully written diverse historical fiction for teens. From a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood set in war-torn 1870s Mexico featuring a transgender soldier…to two girls falling in love while mourning the death of Kurt Cobain…to forbidden love in a sixteenth-century Spanish convent…and an asexual girl discovering her identity amid the 1970s roller-disco scene, All Out tells a diverse range of stories across cultures, time periods, and identities, shedding light on an area of history often ignored or forgotten. “Readers searching for positive, nuanced, and authentic queer representation—or just a darn good selection of stories—need look no further than this superb collection.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review Featuring original stories from: Malinda Lo Mackenzi Lee Robin Talley Kody Keplinger Elliot Wake Anna-Marie McLemore Shaun David Hutchinson Dahlia Adler Tess Sharpe Kate Scelsa Natalie C. Parker Sara Farizan Nilah Magruder Tessa Gratton Tehlor Kay Mejia Alex Sanchez Scott Tracey Don’t miss the companion anthology, Out Now edited by Saundra Mitchell, which features seventeen new contemporary short stories from queer YA authors!

The Secret of Killimooin

Author : Enid Blyton
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An exciting invitation to spend the summer in Baronia, home of Prince Paul, takes Mike, Peggy, Nora and Jack to a land of lakes, steep mountains and a wonderful secret forest, where they encounter a band of robbers.

Gossip from the Forest

Author : Sara Maitland
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Fairytales are one of our earliest and most vital cultural forms, and forests one of our most ancient landscapes. Both evoke a similar sensation in us - we find them beautiful and magical, but also spooky, sometimes horrifying. In this fascinating book, Maitland argues that the two forms are intimately connected: the mysterious secrets and silences, gifts and perils of the forests were both the background and the source of the fairytales made famous by the Grimms and Hans Christian Andersen. Yet both forests and fairy stories are at risk and their loss deprives us of our cultural lifeblood. Maitland visits forests through the seasons, from the exquisite green of a beechwood in spring, to the muffled stillness of a snowy pine wood in winter. She camps with her son Adam, whose beautiful photographs are included in the book; she takes a barefoot walk through Epping Forest with Robert Macfarlane; she walks with a mushroom expert through an oak wood, and with a miner through the Forest of Dean. Maitland ends each chapter with a unique, imaginitive re-telling of a fairytale. Written with Maitland's wonderful clarity and conversational grace, Gossip from the Forest is a magical and unique blend of nature writing, history and imaginative fiction.

The Secret of the Enchanted Forest

Author : Bob Shumaker
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Bob Shumaker was raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and now lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina with his wife, Sharon and their daughter, Katy. He retired early from his sales and marketing company to focus on one of his lifelong passions: writing. He began writing at age nine, inventing short stories and plays for his family and friends, and has never lost his love of storytelling. The Secret of the Enchanted Forest is book one of The Schmooney Trilogies, a series of fantasy adventure novels for children. This is his first published novel. Watch the website for news about his next books and other creative ventures. Have you ever had that feeling? A feeling that something is about to happen, but you dont know what? Austin Cook has that feeling. But what he is about to experience is beyond anything he would have imagined. As far back as Austin can remember he and his family have visited his uncle in Mountview, a small North Carolina town. For nature-loving Austin, its his favorite place on earth. Uncle Steve always has wild, adventurous stories to tell. He is the ideal guide for a boy who wants to go exploring in the woods and Mountview is the perfect place for Austin to learn about the wildlife that fascinates him. He loves all kinds of animals, and they have always been drawn to him. For Austin, visits to Mountview are all about hiking in the mountains, learning about nature, playing with Uncle Steves pets, listening to wonderful stories, eating on the deck with his parents and his eight-year-old sister, Katie, and drinking Vernors Ginger Ale. Then, during one seemingly ordinary trip, something extraordinary happens. It starts with some special friendships and some unusual discoveries in the woods. Then Austin begins to hear strange things, things he just cant explain. Piece by piece, he puts together a mystery. And suddenly this typical twelve-year-old boy discovers that he has an incredible gift. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime in this first book of The Schmooney Trilogies. A special boy discovers his unique gift... and it opens the way to an unknown universe.

The Secret of Dranwood Forest

Author : Richard Lee Nettleton
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The Secret Series Complete Collection

Author : Enid Blyton
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The Secret Series is a collection of exciting action-adventure classics that relate trilling adventures of Arnold children, older Peggy and younger twin siblings Mike and Nora, who live with a harsh aunt and uncle after their parents are thought to have been killed in a plane crash. "The Secret Island" – Aided by Jack, an orphan they have befriended, the Arnold children run away to an island on a nearby lake, and together they make a new home constructed with the branches of a willow tree. "The Secret of Spiggy Hole" – The Arnold children discover that their parents are alive and reunite with them. The family goes on a holiday at the rugged Cornish coast with a family friend, Miss Dimity. Children get drawn into a kidnapping case as they discover a boy named Paul, Prince of Baronia, being held prisoner in a castle tower nearby. "The Secret Mountain" – Captain and Mrs. Arnold are flying off in their plane, the White Swallow, and apparently have crash-landed in a remote part of Africa. The Arnold children, home from school and in the care of a family friend, Miss Dimity, team up with their friend, Prince Paul of Baronia, and go flying off in his royal plane to Africa to rescue their parents. "The Secret of Killimooin" – Prince Paul invites the Arnold's to his palace in Baronia for the holidays; but it is so hot there in the roasting summer that the entire royal household adjourns to their castle up in the mountains. Bands of robbers are marauding the countryside, terrorizing the local people, and Paul is incensed, and determined to find the robbers and have them detained. "The Secret of Moon Castle" – The Arnolds are invited to spend some time in the castle with Prince Paul's family. They are all soon puzzled by strange events happening in the castle: odd noises that occur, eyes in portraits that shine mysteriously, lights that shine in tower rooms, despite being locked tight.

The Secret Forest

Author : Charles Bowden
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Describes the nature of Mexico's dry tropical forest, particularly the endangered remnant surrounding Alamos, Sonora, and discusses how humankind and the forest have molded and accommodated one another over the centuries

Prince Dustin and Clara

Author : Daniel Lee Nicholson
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BOOK SUMMARY: Time is running out! Prince Dustin and Clara only have three days to save the kingdoms deep in the Black Forest. They must journey even deeper into the woods, a mystical and perilous realm of magic, enchantment and monstrous creatures. Clara soon discovers why those that travel to this faraway land seldom return to tell their tales. They never suspect that Clara's uncle, Herr Drosselmeyer, a powerful wizard, has a dark secret that becomes their biggest challenge. The thrilling adventure continues for 12-year old Clara and Prince Dustin, as Clara returns to the Land of Legends, a magical place of creatures and animals; a brave prince, fairy tale princesses, and a Snow Queen. Prince Dustin and Clara ... a classic tale of fantasy and adventure!

Skogluft Forest Air The Norwegian Secret to Bringing the Right Plants Indoors to Improve Your Health and Happiness

Author : Jorn Viumdal
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Why do we spend so much time indoors, which is not our natural habitat? Why have trends such as forest-bathing become so popular? The answer to the last question lies in the proven benefits we obtain from our connection with nature – from increased productivity to feelings of happiness and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

The Secret of the Forest Hut

Author : Edna O. Menzies
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Village children who attend Sunday School are threatened by the village witchdoctor.

The Secret of the Hemlock Forest

Author : Mattie Richardson
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Secret Bali

Author : Jill Gocher
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As Bali changes from a sleepy agriculturally- based island living its culture on a daily basis, to a dynamic tourism-based resort replacing the traditional with modern and Balinese culture with Western lifestyle, I decided that we needed to record as much as possible for the future. Who better to turn to than the exceptionally talented Jill Gocher whose ability to capture life beautifully with her camera is outstanding. The result, in the pages of this book, is Bali away from the tourist track where life continues as it has for centuries. But even this has another side, another aspect: the myths and legends that underlie so much of Balinese culture. For this we turned to immensely talented historian, art critic and art custodian Jean Couteau, who has been regularly writing on aspects of Balinese culture and belief in NOW! Bali. So this marvellous combination of talents came together to create “Secret Bali”, to bring the “seen” and the “unseen” elements of Balinese life together in these pages.

Sadie s Secret

Author : Barbara D. Hall
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This book is the fictional story of one mans journey from agnostic concerning unusual phenomena into the realm of belief in the existence of the Big Foot in the swamps of West Florida. Inspired by the natural beauty of present day Myakka River State Park, not far from Sarasota, Florida, the story deals with human vulnerability to belief and how our natural propensity to adopt beliefs without scientific proof of their validity can be manipulated and used by others for their own purposes. The story is mostly seen through the eyes of Mike Byrne, a member of the local Palmetto County Historical Society, as he volunteers to interview the oldest known citizen of the county, Sadie Sutton. He gradually becomes convinced there is more to her distant past than what she is willing to disclose for the society records. He becomes open to the ideas of the speaker at a presentation sponsored by the local Almas Association where his suspicions quickly evolve into the belief that Sadie carries the blood of the DeBosi in her veins. As he struggles with his desire to prove his belief is true, Mike is drawn into the carefully structured snare of those who seek to use his belief for their own purposes. In this story, the end justifies the means in the name of a noble cause, and the swamp where Sadie has lived all her life is preserved. However, there is concern that belief, once encouraged and nurtured, may put in motion forces that will destroy the objectives of those who seek to take advantage of others. Jon C. Hall


Author : Grace Green
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Living together by necessity… Jordan dotes on his little daughter and can’t refuseher anything. When she begs for Felicity Fairfax asher live-in nanny, Jordan gives in—despite havinga grudge against the Fairfax family! Loving each other in secret… Both are astonished when their enforced intimacyleads to a fiery attraction. How can they be falling foreach other? And living under the same roof meansnothing can be hidden—not their growing passion,nor a family secret that’s about to turneverything upside down…

An Unshared Secret and Other Stories

Author : Florence Montgomery
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Secret Stories in the Art of the Northwest Indian

Author : Oscar Newman
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A noted architect and city planner, Oscar Newman now spends his time in the Catskill Mountain region of New York State, pursuing an artistic career.