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Secret Weapon

Author : Cliff Garnett
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When an American F-16 pilot is forced to bail out over Iraq, knocked out of the sky by cutting-edge radio technology masterminded by international terrorist Osama bin Laden, the TALON Force goes into action to destroy the terrorist's new weapon and rescue the downed pilot before he can be captured. Original.

Russia s Secret Weapon

Author : Dyson Carter
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Alex Rider Secret Weapon

Author : Anthony Horowitz
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International bestselling author Anthony Horowitz's short story collection expands the universe of teen spy Alex Rider with more thrilling action, espionage, and pulse-pounding heroics. Inspired by Horowitz's millions of fans worldwide, Secret Weapon expands the world of Alex Rider with more thrilling action and pulse-pounding heroics. Follow Alex as he infiltrates a terrorist hideout in Afghanistan, fights to prevent an assassination attempt at a ski resort over Christmas, and much more! The #1 New York Times bestselling Alex Rider is back with more exciting, edge-of-your-seats adventures! Contains a combination of new and previously published material, together for the first time! Praise for Never Say Die: "Once again amid races, chases, hails of bullets, and increasingly spectacular explosions, the teenage James Bond pulls off one awesome feat of derring-do after another. [This] fresh caper . . . roars along to a (naturally) explosive climax." --Booklist

England s Secret Weapon

Author : Amanda J. Field
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England's Secret Weapon explores the way Hollywood used Sherlock Holmes in a series of fourteen films spanning the years of World War II in Europe, from The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1939 to Dressed to Kill in 1946. Basil Rathbone's portrayal of Holmes has influenced every actor who has since played him on film, TV, stage and radio, yet the film series has, until now, been neglected in terms of detailed critical analysis. The book looks at the films themselves in combination with their historical context. Though the first two films were set in the detective's 'true' Victorian period, Holmes was then 'updated' and recruited to fight the Nazis. He came to represent the acceptable face of England for the Americans - the one man who could be relied upon to ensure an Allied victory. Enthusiasm for a Nazi-fighting Holmes soon waned, however, and the series moved first into ghost-and-ghouls chillers, and finally into visceral horror films in which Professor Moriarty, Holmes' old enemy, had been replaced by a new breed of villain - a deadly female. England's Secret Weapon charts the studio's careful course between modernising the detective and making sure he was still recognisable as the 'old Holmes', in clothes, locations and behaviour.

Japan s Secret Weapon

Author : Barclay Moon Newman
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Hitler s Secret Weapon

Author : Alexander G. Hardy
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The Secret Weapon and Other Stories of Faith and Valor

Author : Azriel Louis Eisenberg
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Withholding of Information from the Public and the Press

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Asterix and the Secret Weapon

Author : Goscinny
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When Bravura the female bard comes from Lucretia to take over the Gaulish school, she causes all the men in town to leave in anger, but when the Romans show up with a secret weapon, the two sides work together to foil their plans.

Bulletins from Britain

Author :
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Famous Soviet Spies the Kremlin s Secret Weapon

Author : Joseph Newman
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This book details the skills of the famous Soviet spies. It also discusses the attempts by Soviet agents to organize subversive movements which would overthrow existing governments and install Soviet satellite regimes in Mexico and Bolivia.

Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Author : Levi Buchanan
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Join the Secret Battle ·Comprehensive tactics and historical trivia for all planes ·Detailed flight training and combat strategies ·Exhaustive walkthrough for all 30 missions ·Interviews with the team at Totally Games ·Details every barrel roll, swoop, and dive you'll need to master the skies of the Second World War.

Secret Weapons and World War II

Author : Walter E. Grunden
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While previous writers have focused primarily on strategic, military, and intelligence factors, Walter Grunden underscores the dramatic scientific and technological disparities that left Japan vunerable and ultimately led to its defeat in World War II.


Author : Kathy Bloomgarden
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TRUST: The Secret Weapon of Effective Business Leaders taps into a powerful current in American business – the importance of trust in a business's corporate strategy. In today's environment, leaders who add the most value to their companies tend to make decisions based not on short-term financial goals, but on strongly-held values. They develop a reservoir of trust among their key stakeholders and use it to speak frankly as challenges arise. These leaders are inspired by an adherence to principles that form, for each of them, a platform of rock-solid values they will not violate. TRUST brings into vivid focus the characteristics that make today's leaders successful, and the principles and techniques they use to earn the confidence of employees, colleagues, customers and the public. Using dozens of interviews with top business leaders, as well as real-life anecdotes and situations, CEO and business adviser Kathy Bloomgarden offers practical recommendations that can be applied by anyone, whether a corporate CEO, an executive of a not-for-profit organization, a politician, a division president, or even an ambitious young person at the beginning of his or her career.

The Secret Weapon

Author : Micah T. Dank
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The Secret Weapon, Book Three, the continuation of Into the Rabbit Hole: After discovering the True purpose of the Pyramids of Giza as pure energy communication devices, Graham and his group are once again thrown into a hard to believe story. The Rosicrucian’s and the Knights Templar long thought to be extinct have been fighting over a secret communication device for the last Thousand years that would allow them to communicate back with the entities that have been sending down messages since the capstones have been restored. Graham and his friends must navigate their way to retrieve this device while being threatened with extinction. The meaning of life is at stake.

A Kind of Secret Weapon

Author : Elliott Arnold
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Relates one family's contribution to the resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War II.

Alex Rider

Author : Anthony Horowitz
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An essential collection of seven explosive Alex Rider stories by number one bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz. Ever since MI6 recognized his potential, Alex Rider has constantly been thrust into the line of danger. From a routine visit to the dentist that turns into a chase through the streets of London, to a school trip with a deadly twist, no day has ever been ordinary for the teenage super-spy. This collection of seven thrilling adventures features familiar and new assailants from the best-loved world of Alex Rider, and also includes three, brand new and action-packed adventures.

Secret Weapon

Author : Kevin Freeman
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Explores the theory that America's enemies were responsible for the global financial crisis that began in 2008, claiming that a foreign agenda of economic terrorism successfully crippled the United States' economy.

Secret Weapon

Author : Mitch Weissman
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The spiritual battle rages on, and victims are strewn everywhere. No one is in sight, and the desperation settles in like an early-morning fog, keeping even the faintest light from penetrating. Then, for an instant, the darkness submits to the slightest whisper of a prayer. But this prayer is different from others. This prayer has been mixed with fasting. The secret formula has been released and the darkness retreats from the lofty positions it previously enjoyed. Fasting is the secret weapon God has given His children to engage and enrage the enemy with. We will be looking into this "top secret" weapon known as fasting. My hope and prayer is that it will not only awaken the warrior within but equip you in such a way that victory becomes a way of life for you as this weapon is wielded in your daily living.

Soccer Cats 3 Secret Weapon

Author : Matt Christopher
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Lisa Gaddy is a starting fullback for the 'Cats and she plays her position well -- except for one thing. She's small for her age, so her throw-ins from the sidelines don't go very far. Sometimes the ball winds up landing in front of an opponent instead of a teammate. She can't stop taking throw-ins (though one of her teammates thinks she should), but unless she grows three inches before the season ends, there doesn't seem to be any way she can improve. Or is there? The coach has an idea to turn Lisa's throw-ins into the 'Cats' secret weapon....